This is not an original story. In fact it is one of my first. I really liked the storyline, but I was a new author. That meant that technically, I stunk. Thanks to people like Poa, Lucky47, and yes BrickRoad, hopefully I've improved. So I thought I would digitally re-master and re-release this… much like an aging rock group would their one hit.

So if you ever read the original, most of this will be really familiar. There will be some new content and a lot more details but the story is basically going to be the same. Since this was written before season 2, we didn't know about Sarah's dad. And since his story is central to this and differs dramatically from the show, I'm not going to try and fix that. So this story will remain very much AU. If this is well received well, I'll probably do the same to Fake Relationship.

Just a note. This is probably the chapter that will change the most from the original story. It covered a lot of ground. Maybe some of that could be told at a calmer pace.

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The Promise Kept


Chuck and Sarah walked hand in hand towards the apartment. Of course, Chuck had never been there, before today didn't even realize that Sarah had an apartment in Washington. With each step that they took Chuck could tell that Sarah was getting a little more tense. Her hand was even starting to sweat. Finally he decided to ask her about it.

"Sarah, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," she replied but she really wouldn't meet Chuck's eye.

Sarah wasn't a good liar. Well, that wasn't exactly true. She was a trained, expert liar… except when it came to Chuck. "Come on, Sarah," he said softly. "Something's wrong. Tell me."

"Okay," said Sarah as she took a big breath. "I'll tell you. Here's the real deal. I haven't been back here in a while, well over a year. The last time I lived here things were a lot different in my life. We hadn't even met yet. I just remembered that there are some pictures hanging in the apartment that you might not like. They are of Bryce and me on vacation in Cabo."

Chuck looked at her. Fortunately this time she would meet his eye. "Why would that bother you?" he asked. "We can take them down, can't we?"

"Yes," Sarah said with a sigh. "We can take them down. I know that I'm being a little ridiculous. It's just that I wanted this night to be perfect for you. I know that you're pretty sensitive to Bryce. And there really isn't anything wrong with that. But I didn't want anything to spoil this first night. I didn't want to push any reminder of me and Bryce in your face. I'm feeling a little guilty about that as it is. Now virtually the first thing you are going to see is a picture of Bryce and me looking like a couple."

"Come on, Sarah," Chuck said with a small laugh. "I think that you might be underestimating me a little here. For one thing, you and Bryce were a couple. I know that you two were together for a while. You even thought that you loved him. I'm long over that. Of course there would be some evidence of that relationship, right? So what? Besides, how bad can it be? You're fully clothed in all of these pictures, aren't you? Is there a shrine to his manhood in there or something?"

That broke a lot of the tension and Sarah joined his laugh. "No," she replied. "They're not those kinds of pictures. I'm pretty sure Bryce knew that if he ever asked to take that kind of picture the next couple of weeks or so wouldn't be very pleasant for him. He would have gotten very used to sleeping on the sofa. And he took the shrine with him. I think that he has a special suitcase for it."

"That's good to know," Chuck said in a teasing tone. "At least now I know something not to ever ask for. I don't like sleeping on the sofa."

"Two things," Sarah said, mimicking his teasing tone. "First, you're far too bashful to ever ask me for anything like that. We both know it. Second, you're not Bryce. You're at an entirely different level… the level where I can't imagine you honestly asking for something from me and not getting it. Here's a bit of friendly advice going forward. You might want to keep that in mind when you ask me for things. Ever hear the phrase be-careful-what-you-wish-for?"

Chuck was relieved when he heard Sarah's teasing response, very embarrassed, but relieved. "Umm," he said, more to change the subject. "You do realize that I have had a couple of girlfriends in my past? There may be a picture of two floating around someplace as evidence."

"Two more things," Sarah said, still using her teasing tone. "First, do you really think that I'm not aware of and haven't fully investigated this topic? I've already researched the background and current whereabouts of every single girl you've ever dated. And second, just to get this on the table, if you think you're the jealous one between us you haven't seen anything yet. I'm completely prepared to kick the ass of any woman who I see looking at you the least bit provocatively."

Chuck wasn't sure how serious she was being… and he didn't really want to find out. But at least the tension was gone. That lasted for a few minutes. But he noticed she was tense again as she unlocked the door. As soon as they were inside the apartment, Chuck turned to Sarah and grabbed her hands. "Okay, Sarah," he said softly but firmly. "Tell me what's really wrong. Are you having second thoughts?"

Chuck's heart sank as he watched her throw her keys on the table in disgust.

"See," Sarah said in frustration. "I knew that's what you would think. This is all my fault. It's what I have coming to me for treating you so miserably for so long. But let's get one thing straight between us. Maybe this sounds demanding, maybe even a little unfair. I'm giving you a pass this one time but you are never to think that again. Do you understand? Never. I realize that it's taken me far too long to commit to us. You have every right to be angry about that. But I have committed. I wasn't kidding about wanting to get married tomorrow. We're together now and will be for the rest of our lives. I'd appreciate not being questioned on that ever again just like I'll never question your commitment. That's going to be sort of a hot button for me… and I've known to be a little fiery. So fair warning. If you do, we're going to have our first fight as a couple. It's going to be a barn burner. And you're going to lose. Are we clear?"

Chuck looked at Sarah closely. She was clearly only half teasing. "Okay," he said with a smile. "I get your point. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was questioning you. I'm not. I sure don't want to fight, especially if I'm destined to lose. But if that's not the reason then tell me why you're so jumpy."

Sarah paused for a long moment. "I'm scared," she finally said. "I know how stupid that sounds to you. For one thing, I'm not supposed to be afraid of anything. I know that you've been looking forward to this for so long. And so have I. I just don't want to disappoint you. I don't think I can live with that."

Now Chuck was definitely concerned. "Come on, Sarah," he said firmly. "Tell me what's really wrong here. How do you think that you could possibly disappoint me? That's pretty silly. Name me one man you've ever been with whom afterwards said he was disappointed. If you're not up to it, we don't have to do this tonight."

That actually got Sarah laughing. In fact she was laughing so hard that she couldn't talk for a while. "I'm not talking about sex, stupid," she finally said. "I'm thinking in slightly bigger terms. I'm talking about our life together. I've never been a wife before. I've never been a mother before. I don't know how to act in those situations. I've been trained to do a lot of things… but not that."

"Oh," Chuck said with an audible sigh of relief. "I thought…"

"Yea," Sarah said as she started laughing again. "I know what you thought. For the record, I have absolutely no concern about disappointing you when it comes to sex. I'm willing to practice and practice until you're no longer disappointed… or able to speak."

"Wow," Chuck said. "That sounds great… and umm, scary at the same time."

"I know," Sarah agreed as they continued to laugh. "Chuck Bartowski, what am I going to do with you? Seriously. If you think that you're going to walk out of this apartment alive without us making love multiple times, you're just wrong. Terribly, horribly, almost comically wrong. I don't care if Beckman calls with a mission."

"Well then," Chuck said as he joined her laughing. "We'd better turn off our cell phones. Our luck isn't exactly the best. Otherwise we might get a call that messes up the mood."

"I'm way ahead of you," Sarah agreed as she leaned on him and they continued the silly giggling. "That would sure mess up the mood. Even thinking about General Beckman is giving me the willies."

"With my luck, I'll probably fall in the bathroom, hit my head on the tub, and be knocked unconscious," Chuck said while laughing uncontrollably. "I'll be lucky not to wind up brain damaged."

"I think that you should hold off on going to the bathroom until after the first couple of times," Sarah said while giggling as she hugged Chuck. "There's no sense in taking any chances."

After a moment of holding Sarah in his arms, Chuck turned a little more serious. "Don't worry about that other stuff," he said as he softly rubbed her back. "I know that you think you have to be perfect at everything. That's just you. But no one is trained to be a wife or mother. Just like they're not trained to be a husband or father. It's sort of a learn-as-you-go thing. But there is no one in the whole world that I'd rather learn with than you."

"That was very sweet," Sarah said as she reached over to kiss him. "But here's the deal. I want to be perfect at this. You're right, that's kind of who I am. But it's also what you deserve. Because you've been perfect. I feel like I've been letting you down for the past year, like I have some making up to do. So I'm sorry if that bubbles to the surface sometimes or gets in the way. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make you happy. And I'm not just talking about in bed." Then she kissed him again playfully. "But don't misunderstand. It certainly includes in bed."

That got Chuck laughing. "Okay," he said. "I think I get it. Lots and lots of sex." Then he got a little more serious. "Let's make a deal," he said. "The past year has been hard, for both of us. Maybe we can forget about all that uncomfortable history and just enjoy the present."

Their kissing quickly became more passionate, until Sarah finally broke it, grabbed his hand, and led him to the bedroom. "I'm all for forgetting the past," she said as she gently pushed him on the bed. "Starting fresh would be best for both of us. I'm grateful that you're willing to do that. But it's put up or shut up time for me. There is one thing that I just can't let go until I've made it right." Sarah began to slowly unbutton her shirt. "That day after the beach," she said. "I was such a bitch."

"Don't ever call yourself that," Chuck immediately protested. "I'm serious. That's a hot button word for me. Please. You're so not a bitch."

"Okay," Sarah said as her shirt slid to the floor. "That's sweet of you to say. But however you would characterize it, I acted unacceptably that day. I led you on and then shot you down at the worst possible time. I didn't mean for it to happen like that. I had every intention of spending that night in your bed. I thought that I could do it. Trust me, I wanted to. You'll never know how much. That simply wasn't fair of me. I've felt horrible about it since that day. I think about it almost every night. I swore to myself that I would make it up to you as soon as I got the chance. Well, today's that day."

By this time Sarah's skirt had joined her shirt on the floor. After she made a big show of rolling her stockings down she was down to just her bra and panties. Then she sat on Chuck's lap, grinned at the look of amazement in his eyes, and pressed her lips to his. "I don't have a bikini here," she mumbled between kisses as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra and allowed it to slide to the floor. "We'll just have to pretend." Then she took Chuck's hand and guided it to her breast. "Here you are," she whispered between intense kisses. "I think we're fundamentally back to where we left things off that day. So whatever you had planned next, please feel free to proceed. Fair warning. If it wasn't sex, we have a big problem. I'm on fire."

"It wasn't sex," Chuck said. "Not really." Then he responded to her distressed look. "Don't worry," he quickly said. "Frank said that we see sex differently. I know that you want to make up for the past year by seducing me in a ton of creative ways, that somehow exciting sex would pay me back for how you think that you've let me down."

Sarah's face showed her concern. "I'm sorry," she quickly said. "I didn't mean anything…"

That got a laugh. "Oh my God," Chuck quickly interrupted. "Don't apologize for that. That's not what I meant at all. Trust me, I'm looking forward to your creativity more than you can possibly imagine. Please feel free to seduce me anytime you'd like in whatever way you can think of. It's just that I wasn't going for sex that day. I was going for a lot more. I was going for us making love. So that's what I'm going for today."

Sarah nodded. "I'd like that," she said. "I've been dreaming about it forever. But I'm afraid that you're going to have to take the lead this time. It will be a first for me. I don't know what to do."

"I know," Chuck said. "It will actually be a first time for me too. That's what makes it so exciting. Don't worry. We'll figure this out together."

"I'm nervous," Sarah admitted between kisses, her voice no more than a whisper. And indeed, her hands were trembling a bit as she reached over to unbutton his shirt. "I've never felt like this before, not even close. It's incredible."

"I know," Chuck said with a smile. "Incredible doesn't begin to describe it. It's possibly the best, most intense feeling in the world. We're both nervous and on fire, but let's try to relax and just enjoy this, okay? It's the only first time we're ever going to have."

Sarah returned his smile with a nod as she reached down and unbuckled his belt. "I'm still nervous."

"Don't worry," he said as his smile turned into a grin.

"I'll be gentle."


On the flight home, Sarah snuggled as tightly to Chuck as federal regulations regarding only one person per seat would allow. It was ironic. She had spent the last few months worried that she had set her expectations of Chuck in bed so high that she could only be disappointed. Not only didn't that happen, she was blown away by how different making love was than just sex. Her expectations didn't even come close to how magical that first time was. It was so intense that after a while she couldn't tell where she ended and he began. They were just one. And the rest of the night was pretty special as well. After all, she had committed herself to make sure that he had the most exciting night of his life. Apparently he had made the very same commitment.

Normally Sarah hated the six hour flight across the country. Today was a notable exception as six hours of snuggling didn't seem quite long enough. Casey was on the same flight but had strategically picked a seat well out of sight. In fact, he flew coach to not have to be subjected to the happy couple.

About an hour into the flight the captain began his routine announcement. "Good morning, folks. This is Delta flight eight nine nine six and our destination is Los Angeles International Airport. The current weather there is sunny and sixty eight degrees. We have reached our cruising altitude of twenty eight thousand feet. I'm expecting a smooth ride so I'm going to turn off the fasten seat belt sign. Feel free to move about the cabin with the exception of seat Six B."

Sarah suddenly snapped into agent mode. That was Chuck's seat. She quickly looked around the cabin for possible threats. Chuck continued reading his magazine oblivious to anything being wrong.

"The passenger in seat Six B has asked me to send a message to the passenger in seat Six A," the captain continued. "Sarah, will you marry me?"

As what he was saying sunk in, Sarah turned to Chuck who was holding a box with a diamond ring. He had his normal huge grin on his face. Naturally the plane erupted in raucous applause as Sarah threw her arms around Chuck.

"How did I know that you would come through with something romantic?" Sarah asked as he placed the ring on her finger. "But where did you get this ring? You haven't been out of my sight since you got here."

Chuck wouldn't tell Sarah how he got the ring, telling her, "that's going to be my only secret." Sarah always suspected Casey but every time she asked he would claim ignorance. Naturally, Chuck having a secret from her drove Sarah crazy. She tried on more than one occasion over the years to get Chuck to reveal his secret, even going so far as to dust off some of her seduction training moves. Even though Chuck always enjoyed the attempts, he held firm. Apparently seduction didn't work so well when the guy knew that he was going to get lucky if he spilled the goods or not. So Sarah didn't find out the truth until Chuck toasted her at their silver anniversary party. That's when he finally told the story of his proposal and confessed that he had bought the ring a couple of months before and had been carrying it around with him praying for the chance that finally came.


Once they arrived in L.A. they went directly to Ellie's. Devon and Ellie had only two weeks to go before their wedding so it was a fairly hectic time. Ellie had asked Sarah to be one of her bridesmaids. Sarah had agreed, how do you turn down a request like that? But she always felt awkward about it, thinking that she really wasn't part of the family and that Ellie had only asked because of Chuck. Chuck and Sarah arrived at the apartment just before Ellie and Devon were due to finish their shifts.

Chuck clearly was in the mood to drag her into his room and continue last night at the apartment, which was pretty impressive when you realize how many practice rounds Sarah made him perform. "Do you think we have time for some of that creative make up sexy seduction stuff you're always promising?" he asked while pulling Sarah in for a quick kiss. Then he reached down and unbuttoned one of her buttons. "I think you may be wearing far too many clothes for what I have in mind."

If Chuck was in the mood, Sarah was several times that. She was clearly having an internal debate about how long a quickie would take. "I'm afraid not, sweetie," she finally sighed with a definite gleam in her eye as she refastened the button. "As much as I admire your enthusiasm, I just saw Ellie's car pull up. But don't worry. When we get back to our hotel room I'll be creative in any way you can dream up including wearing as few clothes as you deem appropriate."

If Chuck was tempted to simply blow his sister off and just head for the hotel, he didn't get the chance.

When Ellie walked in the door, her eyes immediately lit up as she saw Chuck and Sarah. "Hi guys," she said as she hugged Chuck. "How was your trip?"

"It actually went a little better than expected," Chuck replied with a wry grin.

Ellie knew by the looks on their faces that something was up. She just didn't know what exactly. "Did you get your dad's issues taken care of?" she asked as she moved to hug Sarah.

"All but one," Sarah said coyly. "I do need to talk to you about the wedding though."

The color instantly drained from Ellie's face. "Oh no," she said. "Sarah, it's only two weeks away. Please tell me that you can still be in the wedding."

Now Sarah felt guilty for teasing her. So she just held up her left hand. "Oh, don't worry, Ellie," she quickly said. "It's nothing like that. I was just hoping that you might return the favor."

It took a long moment for Ellie to figure out what Sarah was saying. But she finally did. "Oh my God," she whispered to herself as her eyes widened.

Then she really realized what it meant. "Oh my God, Sarah," she said with tears flowing. After a moment she threw her arms around her. "Oh my God, Chuck. Oh my God."

Chuck took great pleasure in poking fun at his sister's excitement. "Since when did you get so religious?" he asked her with a laugh.

Ellie was not to be detoured. "Since I'm going to have a sister," she said excitedly still holding Sarah in her death grip. "We have to go shopping. We have to go to a club. Do you want to go to a movie?"

Sarah really had no choice but to participate in the long embrace. But suddenly she discovered that she was enjoying it as much as Ellie was. "I want to do all of those things," she said softly into her ear as she returned her embrace. "I'm looking forward to it. I've never had a sister either."

Devon was a few minutes behind Ellie. "Look," she shouted to Devon as he entered the apartment. "Sarah's engaged."

Devon smiled at the news. Perhaps he wasn't as enthusiastic as Ellie, but he probably could be forgiven for that. "Congratulations," he said. "I would hug you but you seem to be occupied at the moment. You might want to loosen up the grip a little babe. She looks like she's turning blue. Who are you marrying anyway?"

Responding to Chuck's look, Devon grinned. "I'm just kidding," he quickly said as he put Chuck into a bear hug. "That's awesome."

Naturally once Ellie processed the news, Chuck and Sarah had to do a lot of arguing to talk her out of the idea of a double wedding. Finally they were able to convince her that it was too close to change their plans and that Sarah would feel badly about stealing Ellie's thunder.

But right after Ellie got back from her honeymoon she spent every day with Sarah planning her wedding. Truth be told, Ellie actually enjoyed it more than she did planning her own wedding. Not only was it a great time to bond with her new sister, the pressure of her own wedding was off.

Finally the big day arrived.

For rather obvious reasons, Sarah didn't tell Chuck that she really didn't care for Morgan all that much. It wasn't that she hated him or anything. The fact of the matter is that they were both a little jealous of the affection that Chuck clearly had for the other. But even Sarah had to admit that Morgan actually looked surprisingly good in his tux. Anna wasn't exactly attracted to the tuxedo wearing crowd. And perhaps she wasn't in the best mood anyway. Putting on a dress suitable for attending a wedding held inside a church wasn't high on her list of good times. But even with that she really made no attempt to hide the fact that she was clearly looking forward to unwrapping this bearded present that fate had delivered to her sometime later this evening.

Naturally, his main function as best man was to keep Chuck from hyperventilating and to keep assuring him that Sarah would actually show up. And for rather obvious reasons he didn't share this with Anna, but this was one of the days he had dreamed about since he was a teen. Today he was going to walk down the aisle with Ellie. If he was at all disappointed that she was just beginning to show a little from being three months pregnant, he did a good job at hiding it.

Other than Chuck, of course, the most nervous of all the wedding party had to be Casey. And actually Casey grudgingly was starting to admit that he was enjoying being part of a family. He was even obviously very moved when Sarah asked him to walk her down the aisle. But today he was a wreck. It was funny that the man who could face flying bullets without fear was so unnerved. Naturally Morgan spent the day amusing himself by taunting Casey with all of the different ways he could screw up.

Chuck stood in the vestibule of the church greeting guests as they arrived with Morgan by his side. Chuck was very surprised to meet General Beckman's husband. He had always pictured a small, henpecked man… with a nervous tic. He was actually tall and quite handsome. It was the first time he had ever seen the general out of uniform.

"In plain dress," Sarah would later correct him giggling. "If you ever see her out of uniform, I fear that we'll be visiting Frank again. Only this time it will be you on the coach. And that wasn't her husband. She's not married. He's a rather famous agent who she's been rumored for years to have had a thing with. Frankly, I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. I still can't believe that she would actually come to a public event with Roan Montgomery."

Director Graham and his wife showed up a few minutes later. Chuck noted with a fair amount of amusement that the general and director sat on opposite sides of the church, about as far away from each other as they could possibly be. Finally Frank and his wife arrived just minutes before the ceremony.

"Well, Chuck," Frank said with a big smile as they hugged. "I see that you won. I thought that you would insist on a real wedding."

"You don't actually win with Sarah," Chuck corrected him with a laugh. "We compromised. We're going to spend a couple of nights in Vegas. Then we're going to Washington and spend the rest of our honeymoon in Sarah's apartment."

"Give me a call if you get the chance," Frank said. "I know that you're going to be busy, it being your honeymoon and all, but we would love to take you to dinner."

"I'll talk to Sarah." Chuck replied. "But I'm sure she'll be excited."


In the bride's dressing room, Ellie was trying to calm Sarah's nerves. That was no easy task since Sarah was really anxious. Just like Casey, here was a person who had faced scores of men shooting at her without breaking a sweat. But she was now clearly on the edge of panic. She asked Ellie what time it was about one thousand times. Finally, Ellie decided to tell Sarah a story to calm her down.

"I'll never forget that day when Chuck came home from Stanford," Ellie said softly, hoping that her voice was soothing. "He had just found out about Bryce and Jill. I could tell that he was down but he wasn't crying. He just had sort of a distant look in his eyes. Then he whispered, "what's wrong with me", more to himself than to me. I told him that Jill just wasn't the one. I told him that the one was still out there somewhere and there was no telling how he would find her. I told him that the only thing to do was to keep looking. That the one was out there somewhere looking for him as well and if he stopped looking for even a moment, he might miss her."

"So thank you," Ellie said as she hugged Sarah as tightly as she could without messing up the look that they had worked all morning on. "Thank you for looking for him until you found him."

"I have to tell you something," Sarah said as they hugged. "I know that I'm nervous. But it has nothing to do with marrying Chuck. I don't want you to think that. I couldn't possibly be looking forward to this any more than I am. I'm excited to join your family, to have a sister. I just don't like to be the center of attention."

Ellie tightened her grip a bit. "Not half as excited as we are to have you," she said.

They stayed in their embrace for a few minutes. Finally when Sarah asked again about the time, Ellie responded, "Oh my goodness, it's show time."

"I have no idea what that means," Ellie quickly confessed with a laugh in response to Sarah's amazed look. "Chuck told me to say that. I'll see you in a minute, sis."

As Ellie left to take Morgan's arm and walk down the aisle, Casey turned to Sarah. "I know that this is a dad thing," he said softly. "And I know that I'm not your dad. The last thing that I want is to say some icky sweet thing that is going to make us lose our lunch. But I do want you to know how proud I am of you. Not only that, how happy I am for you. You found out what you wanted and made it happen. No one deserves this more than you two kids."

"Thanks, John," Sarah said as she hugged him… for perhaps the first and last time. "Don't get me crying or I'll mess up my makeup."

They could hear the classic music start playing. "Well," Casey said as he extended his arm. "Like the lady said; it's show time."

As Sarah and Casey were walking down the aisle, Morgan was stunned at how beautiful she was. So there was time for maybe one last barb. "How did you get so lucky?" he whispered to Chuck.

Chuck considered the question without taking his eyes off of Sarah for a second. "I have no idea," he finally replied.

But it was Casey who had the best line of the day when the preacher asked, "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?"

If Casey was nervous before, that was long gone now. He made sure that the entire church could hear his answer.

"The greater good."

There were only nine people in the church that day who understood what Casey meant. Everyone else just thought that he was nervous and misspoke. But all nine who did understand were deeply moved. After all, it was so very true. Casey could tell by the look in Chuck's eyes and the almost imperceptible nod that he was one of the nine.

Isn't it funny how love works? A year ago you couldn't possibly have picked two people that the world would say were less suited for each other. Chuck Bartowski was the shy underachieving nerd who repaired computers for eleven dollars an hour. Sarah Walker was the beautiful but cold and deadly super spy who thought that love was for suckers. But today none of that mattered. At the alter it was simply Chuck and Sarah, two lovesick people taking the next step in their storybook love affair that had begun almost exactly a year ago. They held hands as they said their vows to each other and became husband and wife.


It was a warm early spring day at Arlington National Cemetery. The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom and the city looked glorious. Since the cemetery was a famous tourist attraction, a young couple holding hands as they pushed a baby in a stroller was not uncommon at all. Like most six month old babies, she was far more interested in the toys hanging from her stroller and not at all impressed by the majesty of the shrine. Her father spent a second to make some playful faces at her before he picked the baby up out of the stroller. Like most babies are wont to do when daddy picks them up, her eyes lit up in recognition and she smiled. Before her father handed the smiling baby to her mother he took a moment to kiss then both lovingly.

"I'll be right back," Sarah said with a broad smile.

"I'll be waiting," Chuck replied with an equal smile.

Sarah made her way to her dad's gravesite. As usual, she had to count the headstones to find the right one.

"Hi, Daddy," she said clearly. "I'm back. Remember, I promised to bring you your first grandchild?"

There may have very well been tears in Sarah's eyes as she held the baby facing the headstone. But this time they were definitely of the happy variety. Why wouldn't she be happy? Her life was simply perfect. Perfect husband, perfect daughter, perfect life. And the funny thing was that every day it got a little better. And best of all, that trend showed no sign of ending anytime soon. "Well, Daddy," she said.

"This is our Kate."

The End


I hope you enjoyed this retelling. I wrote that last scene some four years ago. But it just struck me how much I wished that the show would have ended this way, with a thirty second flash-forward into the future showing Chuck and Sarah happy and with a family. Oh well, I guess that's what fan fiction is for.

If there is enough interest, I may do the same sort of re-mastering thing to Fake Relationship. Of all my stories, it is unquestionably the most popular. Which is funny since it is fairly angsty for almost the whole story. Go figure.