My muse has failed me on my other story, but got me thinking about this. So I will write this until my muse gets me back on track.

Horses are my muses, maybe I have been working the horses in the wrong order and that is why I can't get over the hump on the other story. I am sure I will get back to it, but for the time being I hope you like this one.

"Hey ya Bones?"

"Hello Booth, What are you doing here?"

"Have you not looked outside?" She looked at him with a blank stare "Bones we have a winter storm in full force out there, they are sending everyone home and I am here to make sure you get home."

"I can take care of myself, Booth?"

"I know you can, but it would make me feel better to take you, Okay?" He grabbed her coat off the coat rack and walked up and grabbed a hold of her elbow. "Come On, Chop Chop."

She stood and slipped her arms into her coat then turned to face him. She watched him pick up her bag and straighten up before he held out his arm while she moved past him towards the door. He fell in beside her as they left her office, his hand finding its way to the small of her back.

As they pulled out of the covered parking onto the snow covered DC streets, Booth slipped the SUV into 4-wheel drive. The streets were crowded with people trying to get home. As they passed through the streets it was becoming more and more a game of avoid the obstacle, in this case being either cars stuck in snow drifts or cars left abandoned in the roadway, due to the ever worsening conditions.

They themselves had a couple of close calls with people traveling to fast for conditions and losing control when they tried to maneuver. "Booth, I am beginning to think we should have stayed at the lab."

"We will be fine Bones."

"Booth, I think you should stay at my place when we get there, I have that extra room and you have clothes there, so logically there is no reason for you to drive all the way home. If you are concerned about pipes you can have a neighbor use the key in your fake rock to go in and set your faucets at a trickle."

She glanced over at Booth and noticed he had a worried look on his face. "I think your right Bones, thanks for the offer." He glanced momentarily at her to give her a smile and she was turning her head back forward when it happened, out of no where a small car slid out of control in front of them.

She braced herself "Booth!" He snapped his head back forward and attempted to maneuver the SUV, the small car clipped his front bumper on the passenger side causing the SUV to lose traction. The airbags deployed slapping both occupants in the face. When the bags deflated Booth was heading towards the front of a very large truck and as hard as he tried the SUV didn't respond on the slick streets.

"Brace yourself Bones."

Everything went into slow motion Booth could see the glass shatter and could feel his body being tossed forward, his forward momentum being stopped by his seatbelt and the steer wheel being slammed into his torso and pinning him painfully to the seat. But he saw something else, he could see Bones being tossed forward like a ragdoll, her seatbelt also catching her but he watched something strike her and toss her back against her seat and then all went black.

Booth came to with flashing red lights and voices he didn't recognize. He slowly lifted his head. "Hey Buddy, hold on, we are going to get you out of here."


"You have been in an accident; we are going to get you out, just hold on."

"Accident?" something clicked in his brain. He turned his head and grimaced at the pain shooting up his neck "Bones … Bones" His mouth hung open as he looked over at her and saw her head lulled to the side away from him, he could not see her face and try as he might he couldn't move to get to her. "BONES!" He stared in horror at the object that was lodged in the midsection of her body.

"Sir, sir we are going to cover you and your wife with a blanket while we cut the car away from you."

"Is she…?" he couldn't finish his sentence.

"She is still alive. But we need to get her out you two out of here."

Booth reached for her as the blanket came down over them. He could hear the metal of the car crunching and screeching against the force of the jaws of life. Booth felt her being pulled away from his hand. "Hang on Bones" he breathed out as blackness overtook him.

"Dr. Hampton 3204 stat….Code Blue Room 4405 Code Blue Room 4405."

"Dr. Connor he is coming around."

"Mr. Booth … Mr. Booth can you hear me?" Booth eyes opened to slits "What the hell happened, Oh my God I hurt. Where am I? Hospital … accident. BONES … AAARRRGGGHHHH!" Booth screamed out her name as he tried to sit up, the pain that tore through his body at the movement was more than his body could handle and it pushed him back in to unconsciousness.

"What do we have?" Dr. Scranton asked as they rolled in the second gurney from the accident.

"Female, approx. 30 to 35 years of age, passenger in head on collision, airbags deployed on impact prior to the head on. She is impaled with what appears to be a metal strip off the truck they hit and was unconscious upon arrival. Her BP is 90/palp, Respiration is 9, pulse is 120, and we have dumped 2 bags of saline into her. She coded once in the ambulance, but has held somewhat stable once we got her back," the Paramedic was yelling his assessment as they were running into with the gurney to the trauma room.

"Get me an X-ray of this and book an O.R., NOW PEOPLE." Dr. Scranton yelled out "We need to get her into surgery."

Brennan was sitting at her desk when she looked up and saw a woman enter her office. "Can I help you?" Brennan asked as she turned and stood to face the woman.

"Temperance don't you recognize me?"

Brennan studied the woman closely "You do look like someone I should …. MOM?" her eyes opened wide in disbelief "Mom is that really you?"

Christine smiled at her daughter "Yes, sweetheart it is me. I wanted to talk with you a while." Brennan felt like a small child again and hurriedly rounded her desk and fell into her mothers waiting arms. "Oh Temperance I have missed you."


"Booth, look it is my mother." Happy excited tears ran down her face.

"Bones come with me." She saw the protective look in his eye


"This isn't right, something is wrong. Bones please come with me."

"No Booth, my mom." Her eyes pleaded with his

"Booth, I will take care of her." Christine's soft eyes watched him. "I want to help her."

"No, you're dead. Bones, your mom is dead and if we are talking to her…" He tried to reach for Bones and the closer he seemed to get the further away she seemed to be "Bones please come to me I can't reach you."

"I can reach you Booth," She squeezed his hand and smiled at him. "I will come back later, I want to talk with my mom."

Booth could feel a pull on him; he was being pulled away from her. "Bones, promise me … Promise me Bones, promise you will come back to me."

"I promise Booth" he heard her say and then she was gone.

"We need to get him into surgery or we are going to lose him. He is bleeding from somewhere and we need to find it and shut it down fast. Call up and tell them we are on the way" Dr. Connor ordered as they started to move Booth towards the elevator.