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Red Eyed Girl

Chapter One

The Princess

Crystal Tokyo healed after its battles with the Black Moon, Chaos and other enemies. It was a thriving city and many former citizens of the Moon Kingdom had been reborn during the reign of Neo Queen Serenity. It was what the former queen had wanted for her people. Though there were some were sent to other places on Earth and at other times. Neo Queen Serenity did not know where or when all the people from her former home had arrived on Earth. There were where they needed to be and this was something that she did not think of. The queen had a kingdom to rule and a teenaged daughter to bring up in her footsteps.

There was a problem. The young princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, also known as Chibiusa, was not as humble as Neo Queen Serenity had been in her younger days. Young princess Serenity followed her mother's wishes and did her best to please her and to keep her kingdom safe. She was happy being a princess. Small Lady on the other hand, was different. As a child, she didn't wear pretty gowns. Just a simple blue dress and she was a normal kid. Though she had the dream of being a lady, she didn't learn anything about how to rule a country. Before learning how to be a princess, she learned how to be a sailor scout and fight in the name of love and justice. She learned at the young age of eight how to fight. Now that Usagi was thirteen, she didn't want to be called Chibiusa or Small Lady. She was Usagi and insisted people call her by her real name.

She didn't have the powers of Sailor Chibi Moon. When she called upon the powers of the moon, she became Sailor Neo Moon. She took her title as a Sailor Scout seriously.

Of course, when she wasn't fighting crime or battling monsters, she would enjoy time out with her friends, the quartette. They would sometimes return to the twenty-first century to enjoy how things were in history. On occasion, young Usagi would drag her love intrest Helios to join them. King Endymion took the young priest under his wing and taught him everything he knew. It kept Helios busy.

They were about to do just that, when Neo Queen Serenity reminded her of an "important" meeting she had to intend.

"Usagi Small Lady Serenity you can't take off now," Neo Queen Serenity said. "You are meeting with important leaders around the world."

"Please Mom, can't you just call me Usagi?" Usagi groaned. "You know I'm not small."

"I don't know," teased Hestia. She was the civil form of Sailor Vesta. "Five foot even is kind of small."

Usagi glared at Hestia. Hestia liked to tease Usagi.

"And that is why you are about to learn," Neo Queen Serenity said gently. "I'm sorry, everyone. You will have to 'hang out' later. Chi—Usagi needs to attend this meeting. It's time you've learned how to be a lady. Actually, I think it would be best if yoru friends join us, too."

Athena, the civil form of Sailor Pallas smiled. "I don't mind going, milady."

"Oh please don't call me that," murmured Usagi. "I suppose if I have to."

"Helios," said Neo Queen Serenity. "The King wishes to see you."

"But Dad's been training him nonstop!" Usagi exclaimed. "Can't he have a break?"

"I'll be fine," said Helios, squeezing Usagi's hand. He looked at the queen. "I'll go see King Endymion at once."

He took off, but not before waving goodbye at Usagi.

Usagi and her friends wore their royal dresses and sat during the dull meeting as Neo Queen Serenity spoke about technology and safety procossions. By the time the meeting was over, it was too late for Usagi to hang out with her friends. She was told to say goodnight and then retire to bed.

She had scarcely done so she heard a knock on the door. "Chibiusa, can you let me in?"

It her was her father.

Even though Endymion's younger self had been the one to give her the nick name, Usagi still didn't liked beign called that.

"Only if you would stop calling me Chibiusa!" she snapped.

"Sorry," said Endymion, opening the door. "For the longest time since your last visit to the past, you liked being called Chibiusa."

"And now I want to be called by my real name," said Usagi.

"I'll try to remember," Endymion promised.

"Thanks," said Usagi.

"I'm sorry you weren't able to be with your friends today," said Endymion. "There will be other times."

"I know," Usagi groaned, walking to her vanity table. She paused and looked at her dad. "Hey, you and Mom didn't plan this charade have you?"


"The meeting!" Usagi said. "Mom called all those people over here so I can meet with them while you train Helios to do who knows what!"

"The meeting has been scheduled for weeks," Endymion explained. "You just forgot about that."

"So you and mom aren't scheming to keep me and Helios from spending time with each other?" Usagi demanded.

Endymion grinned and folded his arms, deciding to play along. "I don't know…should I? Just how close are you two getting? Do I have to have the 'talk' with you?"

Usagi's cheeks went red. "Dad, no, please! You guys already told me!"

"But the way we told you was the 'kid' version," Endymion said. "We haven't told you the 'preteen' version yet. I think now it's time, right. I'll go get your mother. Maybe I should have a chat with Helios too!"

Endymion turned to the door and Usagi let out a shriek. She jumped and grabbed her dad's arm.

"No, please! Don't Dad! It'll embarrass me! You know Helios isn't like that, c'mon. I'm sorry, okay!"

Endymion laughed and turned around. "Just kidding."

"Not cool, Dad," Usagi pouted. "Not cool."

"I'll leave that to your mother," Endymion said. "Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for coming to the meeting. I'm proud of you."

"You are?"

"Yeah, I know it's not easy to sit through those boring things," said Endymion. "But it's important to keep in touch with the other kingdoms. One day your mother and I won't be around, and you'll have to rule Crystal Tokyo yourself."

Usagi heaved a heavy sigh.

"But I'm sure you won't be all alone," Endymion said. "You'll have the quartette and Helios will be there to assist you."

"I know," said Usagi. "But right now…I just want to have some fun. I do good work as a Sailor Scout. Isn't that enough?"

"For now maybe," said Endymion. "But you have a lot of hats to wear, Chibiusa."

"Don't' call me that!" cried Usagi. "It's old."

"Sorry again," said Endymion. "It's hard to call you by your real name these days. I still like calling you Chibiusa. You know I still call your mother 'Meatball Head' to this day?"

"No way," Usagi said.

"Yeah, when we're alone of course," Endymion said. "You are doing well. I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work, all right? Your mom didn't want to be a princess either, and was difficult for her. Did you know about the Princess School she went to?"

"Princess School?" Usagi inquired.

"Yes, some kind of institute for girls to learn manners and stuff like that. She didn't do very well. The one thing she could do was the discus. She couldn't dance and kept slurping her soup."

"Yeah, I believe that," said Usagi. "So what happened? Was she thrown out?"

"No. The countess of the school was actually being controlled by the Negaverse. It was a ploy to find the Moon Princess. Ami and Makoto were captured and turned into wax figurines."

"AAd that left Mom to save the day with Rei and Minako?" Usagi asked. "Did you help Mom?"

"Well, somewhat," sighed King Endymion. "I was brainwashed by the Negaverse at the time and I was trying to get the crystal from your mother."

"But you didn't, right?"

King Endymion shook his head. "Your mother confused the monster by asking it for tea…in the wrong manner and she was able to stop it."

"What about the girls? Did anyone get their certificate or something?"

"I don't think so," said King Endymion. "But your mom decided to be her own kind of princess instead of going to a seminar. Eventually she became the refined ruler we know today. I hope you can be like her someday."

"But I'm already refined," Usagi said. "I'm graceful and polite."

"All of that's important," agreed Endymion. "But there's more to it than that. I'll let you go to bed now."

After the King left his daughter's room, Usagi returned to brushing her hair and getting ready for bed. She went over her father's words about the queen and the kingdom. As much as Usagi loved being a teenager and having her freedom, she began to realize that she had big shoes to fill. Her parents wouldn't be around forever and she couldn't rely on them to run the country. Soon it would be her responsibility.

"Maybe I was a little grumpy with Mom," Usagi groaned, laying her head over her vanity chair. "Gosh darn it…why does Dad always have to be right?"

She tried to ignore it and just turn in for the night but her mind wouldn't let her rest. Grunting, she crawled out of bed and walked to her parent's room. She woudlnt' be able to fall asleep until she apologized. She paused she heared them talking.

"You are so good with Chibi-Usa," Neo Queen Serenity was saying to her husband.

Usagi rolled her eyes at the mention of her nickname.

"It's a shame that…Nevermind"

"What's a shame?" inquired the king.

Neo Queen Serenity let out a long sigh. "My father. I hardly knew him."

"I see," King Endymion said. "You told me he died when you were very young. Something about an illness that inflicted most of the kingdom. You also came down with the disease."

"And our healer was too late to save him," Neo Queen Serenity said. "Chibi-Usa will never know her grandfather. I've got nothing of his..."

"You have your memories," King Endymion reminded her gently.

"My memories," Neo Queen Serenity murmured. "I have so little."

"What do you remember?" King Enydmion asked.

The queen paused a moment to reflect on her hazy memories. Usagi heard her sit on the bed and sigh.

"He'd read me a story before I went to sleep," she answered. "He was the story-teller between my two parents. After I learned how to walk he'd teach me to dance."

"Similar to my relationship with Usagi," said King Endymion.

"When he got sick," said Neo Queen Serenity sadly. "He gave me a music box. I kept it hidden under my bed because the healer ordered anything touched by an infected person needed to be destroyed. I wish I still had it. It's the last present he gave me."

"You never mentioned this music box before," King Endymion said and Usagi heard the bed shift as he sat down. "Was it destroyed?"

"I told nobody about it," said Neo Queen Serenity. "It was still under my bed until the attack on the Moon…but after that…so many things were lost. I doubt there's anything that can be recovered."

Neo Queen Serenity's voice broke and sobs replaced her words. Not wanting to listen to her mother cry, Usagi rapped the door once and walked in.

"Hey, Mother, I just want to apologize for how I acted earlier today," said Usagi. "I was being a…teenager. Please don't cry."

Neo Queen Serenity smiled and wiped her eyes. Her father was looking at her and Usagi could tell he knew she heard them speaking. Usagi looked away from him and back to her mother.

"Oh no, dear," Neo Queen Serenity said softly. "You didn't upset me. I understand you still want to have fun and be with your friends. I was a teenager once before."

"You sure?" Usagi said. "I feel kind of rotten."

"Yes," her mother said. "Don't worry."

"I thought the meeting would be boring," Usagi admitted. "But there were some…interesting parts in there. Quite informational."

"I'm glad."

"Well, uh," Usagi mumbled, "good night then." She walked to her mother and kissed her cheek. She paused and then kissed her father. He winked at her before she left the room and she was grateful he didn't say anything about knowing she was outside of the door, listening in.

As Usagi left her parents' room she was pondering her mother's words about the Moon Kingdom's king. The queen never spoke about her parents and now she understood why. The Moon Kingdom had suffered two great tragedies: a sickness that took their king and a war that took their queen. Great people of the moon died in both cases. Usagi wanted to do something to make it up to them. The Moon Kingdom may be in ruins but wasn't there something she could do? She was about to open her bedroom when it hit her. An excavation. Surely there were some great relics on the moon that she could bring back to Crystal Tokyo. She turned back around and woke up the asteroid senshi. They weren't very happy to be woken up.

"What's this about?" Hestia grumbled, pushing her red hair back.

"We're going to the moon," Usagi announced. "We'll do an excavation and bring back whatever we can salvage from the moon."

Demeter was the civil form of Sailor Ceres and the closest to the princess of Tokyo. She sighed and shook her head. "Usagi, I'm sorry, but the moon is gone. There's nothing left. No one has been there since the fall."

"My mother has," Usagi said curtly. "Queen Serenity saved them from a fight and brought them to the moon. Yeah, it was a mess…but surely we can clean it up."

"I don't like getting my hands dirty," Athena complained.

"Come on you guys!" Hera, the civil form of Sailor Juno exclaimed. "We haven't played done a mission in weeks! My skills are rusty. Even if there's nothing to bring back, it could be lots of fun. I don't mind poking around an old ruin. There might be tons of treasure to bring back…"

"I suppose it could be information," Athena pointed out.

"Could be fun," said Hera.

"Could be disappointing," said Demeter.

"Could be tiring," Hestia yawned.

"It could be dangerous," said a voice behind the girls. They gasped and found Helios behind him.

"Helios," Usagi began. "I just…"

"Which is why I'm coming with you," he said. "I can heal you if you get hurt."

Usagi ran and embraced him. Small patches of red appeared on his cheeks. Hera laughed.

"Right, then let's get going," said Hera.

"What, we're going now?" Hestia gasped. "In the middle of the night?"

"We can't go during the day," said Usagi. "We'd have to pass it by my mom first and have it excused. Some protocol thing…"

"And you don't want to do that because…?"

"I want this to be a surprise!" Usagi exclaimed. "I heard my mom mention something about a music box that her dad gave her. It's very important. I want to at least see if we can get that."

"Well all right," Hestia groaned. "Let's hurry."

The group went outside to transform. They stood in a circle and began calling on their powers.

"Moonlight Rose Power!"

Ribbons of pink, red and black swirled around Usagi. She had the fuku of an eternal sailor scout, with pink puffy round sleeves, the bands connected to them red and white. The vest was deep rose red with gold lines. In five layers, the mini skirt was pink, red, white, black and gold with a long gold ribbon with a rose. Her white boots had pink, red and black stripes. The white gloves each bore a gold stripe with a red rose in the center where the bands were pink, red and black. Her red choker had a gold diamond with a gold moon and her earrings had red roses connected to gold moons. The most beautiful addition to her new transformation, were her ethereal blue, yellow and pink butterfly wings made with spiritual energy. They enabled her to fly and move like a real butterfly.

For the asteroid senshi, their fukus were nearly the same except that their two layered skirts were with a layer of gold. The short back bows were elongated into ribbons. Their choker gems were replaced to match their brooches. Like Sailor Neo Moon, their foreheads were bore no tiara but symbols. Ceres' forehead was a yellow curved line, much like a question mark with a horizontal line through it. Sailor Pallas' symbol was a blue cross with a diamond on top. A red flame was emblazoned on Sailor Vesta's forehead and Sailor Juno's mark was a green cross topped with an asterisk.





Helios was in the form of Pegasus so he could travel to the moon. Once the group was transformed, they called on their power again to teleport. But when they left, their departure did not go unnoticed. There was a surge of power that was felt, a loud rumble like and earthquake. The citizens woke up and saw a brilliant flash of light speed toward the moon.

In another time and place, a bright shooting star shot across the sky. A preteen girl laying on her roof listening to her I-pod gasped she saw it. She smiled and sat up, her long bronze hair falling around her. "I wish to make a new friend."