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To remind everyone of the quartette's civilian forms:

Ceres: Demeter

Pallas: Athena

Vesta: Hestia

Hera: Juno

Red Eyed Girl

Chapter 3

The Plague

Usagi cleared her throat, gazing at all the many faces staring at her. She picked out Demeter in the crowd. Demeter mouthed, 'the music box!' at her.

"Oh, right!" Usagi bent down, grabbing for the music box. She stood back up awkwardly. "Well as you know, the king of the moon gave this to my mother before he died. This is why I went to the moon. Let's have a listen."

Chibusa opened the lid and propped it on the podium. The melody allowed everyone to be quiet and calm. A few couples started to dance; some bobbed their heads to the music. The music stopped and Usagi closed it before it repeated. People applauded.

"We have also brought other things with us which are inside the museum," Usagi went on. "If you have any questions, you can ask my scouts. Please enjoy the museum!"

The city folk applauded and made their way to the museum. They gave Usagi praise for braving the trip to the moon and collecting the moon artifacts. Most people of Crystal Tokyo were reincarnated Lunarians and they recognized a few of the antiquities. To Chibusa's disappointment, however, no one could recall who Sailor Cosmos was when they saw her bust.

People came to visit the museum every day. Not long since its opening, word of the "Treasures of the Moon" museum reached beyond Crystal Tokyo. People from around the world came to see the museum for themselves. The popularity lasted for about a month. Then Usagi noticed that less and less Lunarians were coming to visit.

"Where is everyone?" Usagi inquired her friends while they were standing about the museum. They had served as tour guides since the museum opened. Neo Queen Serenity was still ill.

"What are you talking about, Usagi?" demanded Hestia, swinging her red back. "We're all here."

"I mean our Lunarian visitors," Usagi said. "They're not here today. They weren't here yesterday either."

"Well they've seen these things before," said Hera as she dusted off the bust of Sailor Cosmos.

A woman not of Lunarian decent entered the museum. Lunarians had the same build and hair as Neo Queen Serenity. This woman was short and stocky with red hair.

"Good day, milady," the woman said to Usagi.

"Good day," Usagi nodded. "It's good to see you. We've been having fewer visitors lately."

"My friend wanted to come but she was too ill this morning," the woman explained.

"What does she have?" inquired Demeter.

"A nasty cough and she feels weak," she said.

"How do you feel though?" asked Hestia.

"I'm fine," the woman said brightly

"That's how my mother started," Usagi said.

"Must be some king of bug," said Juno. "That may explain why nobody is coming."

"Perhaps she ought to go to the infirmary," Athena pointed out.

"Yes, I told her but she said she just needed some rest," the woman said and she came to admire the bust of Sailor Cosmos.

The sailor scout team usually held monthly meetings. To the surprise of Usagi, she was to attend a meeting early called by Ami.

"What is it, Ami?" she asked as she walked into the meting room and took her seat. "Are meeting isn't until next eek."

"This couldn't wait," said Ami gravely. She didn't go on any further until the other scouts piled into the meeting room.

"This past week," Ami told the others. "Ten people have been to the admitted to the hospital. They have the same symptoms as the queen."

"How is my mother?" Usagi asked.

"Her health is declining," Ami answered and there were gasps along the room.

"What can we do?" asked Ceres.

"I am doing everything," said Ami. "I don't know what this disease is."

"Any similarities in the afflicted?" asked Michiru.

"There is," Ami replied. "They are all reborn Lunarians."

Athena turned to the quartette. "The woman that came in today," said Athena, Sailor Palla's civilian form. "She wasn't a reborn Lunarian, was she?"

"No, she's a full fledged Earthling," said Hestia.

"Oh no!" gasped Luna and everyone looked to her. "Lunarian Fever! It's the same plague that wiped out most of the Moon Kingdom's population when the queen was a child!"

"Are you certain?" said Minako.

"It would explain why the non-lunarians are not sick," said Athena. "We would have to examine everyone to be sure. Those that are ill will need to be quariented."

"This won't be easy," said Makoto. "Most people will refuse to leave their homes."

"If they value their health," said Rei, "they'd have too."

The scouts nodded, realizing what they had to do.

The next week was very trying. The sailor scouts were sent to every household to remove the Lunarians, whether they are sick or not, to the infirmary to be tested. Some people were willing and others not so.

As Ami suspected, non-Lunarians were immune to the disease. Ami was able to confirm the disease as Lunarian Fever and it was spreading quickly. The Queen had drifted into a coma and the royal family feared that she would not make it. She was moved to the hospital so that it would be easier for Ami and the other doctors to treat her.

Ami was desperately searching to find a cure, but nothing was working.

"Please Ami," said Usagi tearfully. "You are the best healer Crystal Tokyo has. You must do something!"

"I am doing everything I can," said Ami. "I wonder how this outbreak started."

Usagi gasped and nearly collapsed in a chair.

"Chibiusa! Are you all right? Perhaps you have become infected." Ami took out a syringe, ready to draw blood.

"No, if I were," said Usagi shakily, waving her hand away.. A sick realization had come upon her. "Then I would have caught it by now. I think I know how this plague started…The things we got from the moon kingdom…they're all infected!"

Ami's eyes widened. "Of course! That will explain how the breakout started. Good thinking, Usagi. We have to sanitize everything right away."

"We don't have to burn them, do we?" Usagi said.

"No, we just need to clean them very thoroughly. Before anyone else visits the museum."

"I'll get my team on it right away," said Chibiusa.

Usagi and her scouts vigorously cleaned every artifact in the museum. Hestia came to a dusty old tome to clean.

"The ink is about faded and some of the pages are missing," she said with a frown, flipping through the pages. "Whose idea was it to bring this?"

"Um, mine," Athena said hesitantly.

"An incomplete book?"

"It's the moon kingdom's history," Athena insisted. "I really hadn't got a chance to look at it though." She took it from Hestia's hands and turned to the first page. It was hand written, with fancy penmanship. She cleared her throat and read the title page to everyone. "Evander's Medical Journal."

"Evander, who's that?" said Ceres.

"I'm not sure," said Athena. "I've never heard of him…have you, Usagi?"

Usagi shook her head as she and the others crowded around Athena. Athena skimmed the first few pages of the book.

"List of herbs and alchemy reagents," she murmured, "potion recipes. List of diseases."

"Diseases!" exclaimed Usagi and she took the book away. "Does it have anything about Lunarian Fever in here?"

"Well, it's hard to tell," said Athena. "The ink is faded and it's well, written in Lunarian. I can just tell that they're recipes by way it's written. It's similar to Ami's medical journal."

Usagi's fell as she looked at the faded words she couldn't make out. "Mom never taught me their language."

"Maybe Luna might know," Ceres suggested.

"I'll go talk to her," Usagi said. "The rest of you finish cleaning."

Usagi left her friends in the museum and searched for Luna, finding her in her parent's room with Artemis and Diana.

"Hello, Usagi," said Luna. "How is your mother?"

"She isn't better," said Usagi. "But we've made progress. I figured out that the things we brought from the Moon Kingdom had the virus. While cleaning them, we found this. It belonged to the Moon Kingdom's Healer. We thought maybe the cure would be in here but it's in Lunarian."

She opened the book and set it on the ground so Luna could read it. "I don't remember much Lunarian, but I can't seem to find anything on the disease in here."

Usagi groaned. "Then what do we do?"

"Evander was the one who cured the disease in the moon kingdom," said Luna. "If we find him, he can do it again."

"But what if he's one of the Lunarians sick?" Usagi said.

"I don't think he is," said Luna. "Lunarians reborn in Crystal Tokyo retain their memories. I would have recognized him."

"So if Evander isn't in Crystal Tokyo," Usagi murmured, "he was reborn somewhere else."

"Precisely," said Luna. "By using this book, we can pinpoint his whereabouts."

Usagi looked at the book and tightened her fingers. "I will go find him."

"You cannot go alone," said Luna. "I will recognize his energy and face."

"But I…I need to do this," Usagi insisted. "I was the one who went to the moon. I brought the infected stuff here. I have to fix this!"

"This isn't your fault, Usagi," Artemis said, coming over to Usagi.

"Yes it is," Usagi said. "We're wasting time talking about this. Let's go find Evander before someone dies!"

"Very well," said Luna. "Pack what you will need and meet me in the meeting room. We will have to alert the others."

Luna gave an explanation of the mission she shared with Usagi to locate Evander. The quartette offered to come with them but Usagi turned them down.

"I need you guys to stay here," Usagi insisted. "Take care of the sick. Make sure nobody else visits the museum until it is safe."

"Fine," groaned Hestia, folding her arms. "Just watch out for yourself, okay? You don't know what you'll be facing out there. Monsters. Werewolves. Vampires. Crazy people."

"Oh dear," Athena whispered.

"I'm sure I'll be able to handle it," said Usagi confidently. "Come on Luna, let's go."

Luna jumped to Usagi's shoulder and Usagi walked to Sailor Pluto's outstretched arm. From there they went to the gates of time.

Sailor Pluto waved her garnet rod over Evander's book.

"Have you got a lock on him?" Usagi asked.

"This individual has a long lifespan," said Sailor Pluto, surprised. "I've never sensed something like this before. I am trying to pinpoint the best time to find him. When he is at his best moment."

Usagi bit her lip and looked around. Her travels to the past weren't usually this complicated. She just told Sailor Pluto where she needed to go and Sailor Pluto would open the gate.

"This should suffice," said Sailor Pluto and she handed the book back to Usagi. The gates opened, sending out a gust of wind.

Holding the book close to her chest, Usagi jumped into the unknown.