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Kelsey awoke to see the sun shining through the windows. Today was the first day of summer vacation, and she was happy it was going to be warm. Her Mom and Dad told her they took today off, so they could spend it with her.

She finally had a mom. She knew her father would find her, and she just had to be patient. Her dad could do anything. He was the best; Parker was right.

As she lay in bed, she remembered the past year, and how Ken took her mother away. She remembered the three years when it was just her dad and her. He was a great father, but she always wanted a mother.

Her dad found her mom in California and brought her home in September of last year. Her mom didn't remember anything, but over the first few months her memories slowly came back. She was almost back to normal again, well, her mom's normal. To her every day was normal, because she didn't remember the time before.

She took out her journal and wrote about her thoughts. Her mom said she had one when she was little, and it helped her to sort out her feelings. She enjoyed writing in her journal, and she was happy that her teacher bought her one before vacation.

She thought about the weeks ahead; ten weeks of vacation. Ten weeks to spend with her parents, and during that time, they were going away for two weeks on vacation. She had heard about vacations from Michael, but her father never took her on one.

She looked at her clock, and saw that it was seven; time to wake up her parents.



Booth rolled over and looked at the clock, 6 am, Kelsey should be here soon. He ran his hands over his partner's body, and relished the thought that she was here with him. He was still getting used to the idea of having her in his bed again.

He thought back to that night when she told him she was pregnant. He moved his hands to her abdomen, and thought about his child growing there. The thought of his baby growing inside the woman he loved still amazed him.

He felt her move beneath him.


"Morning. You do know you can't feel it yet?"

"I know, but I love him, and can you please refer to him as he or she?"

"Although chromosomally, the sex was determined at conception, there is no way to discern the sex of the baby yet. Besides it could be another girl."

"I know; it doesn't matter to me, as long as he's healthy."

He leaned over and kissed her.

"When you were gone, I missed mornings the most, rolling over and touching you, like this."

He ran his hands down to her breasts.

"Booth, Kelsey will be here soon, are you sure you want to start this?"

"I locked the door, besides she always knocks."

His hands moved lower.

Wanna play with me?"

"Mmm, I always want to play with you."

She pulled him close and kissed him.


As they both lay sated in each other's arms, he heard a knock.

"Mommy, Daddy, can I come in?"

Booth pulled on his pants and opened the door.

"Morning Kelsey."


She ran to her mother and hugged her tight.

"Morning Mommy, did you remember that today is the first day of vacation? I'm going to miss school, but I think we will have fun over the summer. What are we going to do today? Is Parker on vacation too? Do you think he will come with us? Can we go to the zoo, or the museum? I like the museum too. They have great exhibits there, and my teacher told me that the Egyptian one opens today. I want to go see the pyramids. Can we? Please, can we?"

Brennan hugged her daughter tight.

"First we need to have breakfast, and then we will talk about what we are doing today. Ok?"

"Ok, but can Daddy make Mickey Mouse pancakes? He always makes them on special occasions, and I think the first day of vacation is a special occasion don't you?"

Booth answered her.

"Well I think the first day of vacation is for tickling talkative little girls."

He grabbed her, pulled her close, and started tickling her.

Soon they were laughing and playing on the bed.

They were interrupted by the sound of two phones ringing simultaneously.

Kelsey stopped playing and looked at her parents with tears in her eyes. She whispered.

"Please don't answer it."

"Baby, if we don't answer, they will just call back. Don't worry I'll tell them today is our day off."

Booth and Brennan picked up their phones. Kelsey listened to the conversation knowing that her day was not working out the way she planned. She knew that when both phones rang, her parents had to work.


Booth walked into the bathroom to talk.


"Today's my day off Cam. I'm not coming in."

"Oh. Are you sure?"

"I understand, let me call you back. We were taking Kelsey out for the day."

"I know, but I don't have anyone in place to watch her."

"I guess, but Cam it's the first day of vacation and she was looking forward to it."

"Ok. Let me call you back."

As she hung up the phone, Kelsey ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Booth walked out of the bathroom with a miserable look on his face.

"Bones, I have to go in."

"I know."

"We knew this could happen if I went back to being a field agent."

"I know."

"We need to tell Kelsey."

"I know."

"Bones can't you say something else?"

"It's a child."

She placed her hand on her abdomen, as the tears began to fall. Booth pulled her into his arms.

"That's why they called you. We can get this done, remember we're the best there is. If we get it done quickly enough, maybe we can still go to the museum. Come on, let's go talk to Kelsey."

Booth was surprised by her reaction, she usually didn't cry over victims, but since she came back from being abducted, he had noticed subtle changes. No one else saw them, but no one else knew her as he did.

"Come on Bones, she's upset. We need to talk to her."

Brennan pulled herself together, and got out of bed.

"I know. Let's go."

They walked slowly to Kelsey's room, regretting what they had to do.


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