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Temporary Distraction

Booth tried to think fast, so Kelsey wouldn't be too disappointed. What could they do to make up for Brennan's absence? The more he thought about it the angrier he became. Didn't she understand how badly her daughter needed her? Childhood passed so quickly, and a parent had to treasure every moment. He lost so much time with Parker because of Rebecca's issues, that when Kelsey was born, he promised he would be there for her. He knew work was important, but his family was more important.

"Kelsey I have an idea, how about we go to the mall and have a picnic for dinner. We can bring a blanket, and stop and get food from Mario's. I know you love that place."

Kelsey started to laugh.

"A picnic?"

"Yeah, it will be fun. We can bring a Frisbee, and your ball and glove. Come on; help me pack up the stuff while I call in the order."

"But a picnic is for sandwiches, Mario's sells Italian food."

"Well I decided that I want Italian tonight, and I think a picnic would be fun. Besides there aren't any rules when it comes to picnic foods, so we can eat what we want."

"Ok Daddy, I think it will be fun. Can we leave Mommy a note so she can find us when she comes home?"

"Yes, we can. I'll also call and tell her where we are."

He saw a smile brighten her face, problem solved, for now. Eventually he was going to run out of ideas. They went into the house and Kelsey helped pack the picnic basket. He watched as she occasionally looked at the door with a longing in her eyes. He hoped Brennan would come home in time, but he knew she wouldn't.

"Kelsey, do you want to write the note and leave it on the table?"

"Sure Dad."

Kelsey quickly wrote her mom a note and taped it to the table, and then followed her father outside to the car.



Brennan finished at the crime scene, and followed the body to the lab, forgetting about her family waiting at home.

Cam met her there, but since there wasn't much tissue on the body, she decided to finish working on the body in the autopsy room.

"Dr. Brennan, do you want to go home? We can start this later. I know today was your day off, and this can wait until tomorrow."

"Not yet, I just want to check this one thing. The bones had an unusual substance on the posterior, and I want to be sure I collect it correctly. It may give Hodgins a clue to the identity of the murderer."

"Ok, if you need anything, just call, and by the way, Hodgins went home for the day, but Angela's still here to start the facial reconstruction."

"Ok, thanks Cam."

Brennan continued to work, collecting evidence, as Angela came to take photos of the body. Although they were collected at the scene, she preferred to take her own. She could almost see the child's face in the beaten and mangled body. She hated this part of her job, and on occasion, she had to remind herself of the wise words of Dr. Goodman. "You are the best of us, Miss Montenegro. You discern humanity in the wreck of a ruined human body. You give victims back their faces, their identities. You remind us all of why we're here in the first place - because we treasure human life."

"Bren, are you going home?"

"Not yet, I'm almost done."

"But Booth and Kelsey are waiting for you. Jack called and told me Booth picked her up already."

"I know; Booth called me. He took her on a picnic. They're ok. I don't need to be there, Booth knows what to do. They always have fun together."

"But don't you want to be there?"

"Well sure, but I need to finish this first. Can you hurry with the reconstruction, so we can get a name? I can almost see the child, but we need the reconstruction to find a name."

"Yes, I will start now. It may take a while, the skull is damaged and I'm not sure if I can do it from the pictures. I may need the bones for this one."

"Well I'm still collecting evidence, so they won't be ready until tomorrow. See what you can do."


Angela knew when she was being dismissed. Brennan wasn't ready to talk about Kelsey, but she also knew when Brennan was avoiding something, and this was one of those times. She walked to her office to try to give the small boy a name.



Brennan didn't answer her phone, so Booth left her a message. As they arrived at the Mall, Booth realized tonight was a concert. They ate dinner while listening to the sounds of a new Jazz group from the area. Kelsey liked to music, and had a wonderful time. By the time they headed home, it was late, and she was sleepy. Booth had to carry her into the house, noticing that Brennan still wasn't home. He helped her put on her pajamas, and read her a story, still thinking about what Brennan was missing. He would talk to her tonight about the possibility of hiring a nanny, at least for the summer.

Kelsey was asleep before he finished reading, and as he walked out of the room, he heard her sleepy voice.

"Daddy, please ask Mommy to come in and kiss me when she gets home?"

"I will, Baby. I will."

She turned over, and fell asleep as he quietly closed the door.



Brennan looked up from her work realizing that it was after nine again. Everyone was gone and she was alone in the lab. How did time get away from her? She also remembered that today was supposed to be Kelsey's first day of vacation, and she felt regret that she had missed it.

She walked into her office and turned on her computer, searching for a book on parenting. She had to think of a way to fix the problem she created. Maybe she could learn to be a better mother. She decided to talk to Angela tomorrow, and see if she had any ideas. She could do this, if she read enough, and talked to the right people, she could figure it out.

She also decided to call her dad as soon as this case was over. He always had time for her when she was little, maybe he could come and stay with them for a while, and help her. She ordered two books and turned off her computer, determined that tomorrow, she would do better.



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