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Po strolled through the Hall of Warriors, admiring the architecture of the grandiose room. He walked absent-mindedly up to the pool at the front. The petals floated on the water's surface, undisturbed, and reflect in the water was the golden dragon. Since Tai Lung had been defeated, the scroll had been replaced in the jaws of the beast.

But that day, something nagged at Po's senses. A sense of emptiness, that something wasn't finished, and it disturbed the panda.

"Is something on your mind, Po?" The soft tenor-baritone of Master Shifu softly echoed throughout the hall, and he turned round, happy to see his teacher.

"Yeah," Po replied, "Something doesn't seem right. It seems to have to do with the Dragon Scroll."

"Really? Things should be right."

"But it doesn't feel like it."

"What doesn't seem right, exactly?"

"It's like this weird emptiness, like something isn't finished. Ever feel a sixth sense?"

"Yes, sometimes. It seems to happen right before a vision."

"That's the feeling I have."

"Po, if you continue to have this feeling, or if something happens, let me know right away, with no further delay because of anything. The only reason that it should be delayed is if you are busy saving the valley when it happens. Got it?"

"Got it."

"Good. Let's go."

"To where?"

"To dinner. Aren't you hungry? We're going to your father's restaurant tonight." Without waiting for an answer, Master Shifu turned around and walked out, forcing the Dragon Warrior to follow.


The Furious Five and Shifu were seated at a table in Mr. Ping's restaurant. Upon their arrival, there had been a hub-bub over their presence by fans and the like, and soon it seemed as if the entire Valley was packed into the restaurant. Po and his father were in the kitchen, and Mantis and Monkey were cracking up the crowd gathered around the table with jokes.

"Hey Tigress, knock knock!" Mantis pressed, an evil glint in his eye.

Tigress' eyes flicked to the insect master, "Who's there?"

"Boo." Crane, Monkey, and Viper raised their brows, wondering whether Tigress would take the bait, or if she had even heard of the joke.

"Boo who?" A snigger drifted from the crowd.

"You big baby, I only said boo."

And the entire crowd roared with laughter. Tigress' face turned crimson, trying to kill Mantis with her glare. Monkey fell out of his chair, heaving hysterically, "I can't… believe… she fell… for that!" Shifu just shook his head, chuckling softly.

Just then, Po and Mr. Ping appeared, confused at the scene before them. They elbowed and excuse me'd their way through the gathering, arriving at last at the table, "What's happening here?" queried Po.

"Tigress fell for the boo-who joke. Who knew she was so soft inside?" The already angered tiger looked as if she would squish the praying mantis at one more prod. Mantis merely smiled at her, then cowed when she raised a fist. Po eyed her nervously as he distributed the bowls of noodle soup to his teammates.

"Okay, everyone spread out, autographs and interviews later!" Mr. Ping waved his stubby wings about, and the crowd complied. Po sat down, batting away the fans that lingered behind him. He set his own bowl down, and instead of gorging like he usually did, he merely sipped the broth.

"Is something up, Po?" Tigress asked in concern, noting his lack of appetite.

"Something isn't right." He answered.

"What isn't right?" Tigress inquired further.

"Something with the Dragon Scroll. I think there is still things to be done in terms of the Scroll."


"Yeah. I told Master Shifu about it. He told me to report to him if something happened. He also said that he feels the same way I do right before he gets a vision."

Tigress' brow shot up, "Then he was right. Tell him if anything happens, okay? Last time he got a vision, he almost got killed in Gongmen."

"Okay, okay, I get it. Thank you for your support."

"Anytime, Po."


Po tossed and turned on his mat. It was now night time over the Valley of Peace, but peace did not reign in the panda's mind. Po was afraid to go to sleep, but he needed to anyways. Besides, how was he to train and fight and protect if the only thing he wanted to do was flop down and snooze?

Eventually, growing tired of his insomnia, Po got up and went to the kitchen. He rummaged around the shelves until he found what he was looking for: a tin of tea leaves. The panda was just setting up the pot when he heard a voice, "What are you doing?"

Shifu stood in the doorway, frowning at the warrior. Po glanced over his shoulder at the red panda, then turned back to the tea, "I can't go to sleep, I'm making some tea to help it."

"Tea is always good to keep inner peace. Is there enough for me?"

"Certainly." After a few minutes, Po handed Shifu a cup, then poured himself one. "Is something up with you, Master?"

"No, though I am concerned about you." Shifu smiled albeit seriously, then his face suddenly fell back to a frown, "Po?"

The panda seemed to be frozen in time, tea halfway to his lips, eyes wide and unfocused, not breathing at all. All he could comprehend was Shifu's fading voice, and the darkness enclosing his mind. Then, with an exhalation, Po went limp, and fell to the floor with a great thud, spread-eagled.


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