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After Paris

By Gun Brooke


Part 22


Andy walked up the stairs, her feet heavy and with an uneasy feeling permeating her heart. It wasn't because of the interview. That had been both necessary and quite lovely in many ways. She was going to hide in the bedroom and call her mother.

The bedroom was already prepared for them, the covers folded down, new water bottles on the nightstands, and the light at a calm and cozy level. Andy sat on the foot of the bed and dialed her mother's number, willing her hands not to tremble.

"Honey! I've missed you the last few days." Ginny Sachs sounded pleased and even a little emotional.

"Hi, mom," Andy said, trying to sound matter-of-fact.

"I can understand that you've wanted to lay low since those images surfaced." Ginny lowered her voice. "Is this why you're calling? I have already seen them, and so have your father, which you can imagine didn't go down well."

"I hadn't thought so, no. And no, it's not why I'm calling. Well, not entirely." Andy pinched her thigh to make herself focus. "Miranda and I gave an interview today. And exclusive."

"Oh, yeah? Which magazine, or paper?"

"None. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Portia was here too."

Ginny was quiet for a moment. "You have an interview to a nationwide talk show host?" she asked huskily.

"Yes. Are you upset?"

"Me? Not at all. But, I'm glad you warned me since your father won't be pleased, putting it mildly."

"Will it make things very hard for you, mom?" Andy wiped at silent tears. "I can ask Miranda to stop it from being broadcasted if that's the case."

"No, no, no. You need to set things straight. Think of your career. Of your happiness. Your father and I am at a crossroads, so this might actually shine a light on where our marriage is going." Ginny sighed. "I suppose it is better to put everything under a microscope."

"Is that my fault? You and dad?" Andy hoped not. How could she live with herself if she knew for sure that it was her choice to be with Miranda that destroyed her parent's life.

"Listen to me, honey," Ginny said firmly. "My marriage with your father is between him and me. In no shape or form can any couple blame the kids for what state their relationship is in. Am I making myself understood?" The words were stern, but Ginny's voice gentle.

The mattress dipped next to Andy and Miranda's arm went around her waist, pulling her close. "Is that Virginia?" she asked quietly.

"Yes." Andy buried her face into her lover's neck. "I ca-can't…please…" She gave Miranda her cell phone.

"Virginia? It's Miranda. Yes. A little upset. Been a long day and she took care of a situation regarding my girls so brilliantly this morning, but I think it took a bit of a toll on her. I shouldn't have had her do that alone." Miranda put Ginny on speaker.

"I know my daughter pretty well. She'll stick up for you and your girls any time. I understand she worries about me and her father, but I tried to tell her there's nothing she can or should do, but live her life and be as happy as humanly possible. For Andy, that means being with you and the twins. If Richard can't accept that, it is truly his loss."

"And Andrea's," Miranda pointed out. "She loves him, no matter how badly her reacts to who she is very deep inside."

"Yes, of course." Ginny sighed. "And there is always a chance he'll come around, but I don't want her to put her life on hold while he struggles with his demons."

"I couldn't agree more." Miranda kissed Andy lightly on the lips.

"Mom." Andy pressed her forehead against the side of Miranda's neck. "Are you saying I should just ignore him?" This went against her entire upbringing while she idolized her father.

"Yes," Ginny said firmly. "Nobody has the right to tell you about how you should live your life. Not me, not your father—not even Miranda."

Andy flinched. "She would never!"

"Well, in a way we are doing that right now, honey," Ginny said. "We are telling you to disregard your father."

"Yeah, I suppose." Andy pressed her lips just behind Miranda's ear and the way her lover shivered sparked similar feelings in her. "Okay, mom. I'll talk to you again tomorrow. Hopefully dad won't give you too much grief."

"He won't. I'm going to stay with Aunt Claire for a while. I think Richard needs space—and I need time to think without having him nag at me." Ginny paused. "Talk to you tomorrow, honey. Let Miranda spoil you some."

"Mom, don't encourage her. She's far too good at that." Andy found it easier to smile.

"Good. Night, night, sweet girl." Ginny made her trademark kissing sound. "Goodnight, Miranda."

"Goodnight, Virginia."

"Night, mom."

As Miranda turned to place the disconnected phone on the nightstand, Andy began unbuttoning her own shirt, exhausted, yet wound up as if she had downed a gallon of Mountain Dew. She watched the way Miranda moved, stretching her arm out to place the phone it is cradle. The mere thought that Andy could observe Miranda at her heart's content, whether clothed or naked, still blew her mind. Everything about Miranda was amazing and she didn't think she'd ever stop feeling that way. Her creamy skin, so smooth after having been meticulously tended to by dermatologists and massage experts, seemed to glow from within in the dimmed bedroom lights. Understated jewelry glimmered in her earlobes and around her neck. Miranda rarely wore bracelets unless she was dressed to kill for a function. Normally she favored watches, either dainty or large and quite masculine. The idea of Miranda wearing anything masculine was suddenly very sexy and Andrea inhaled deeply and let out a trembling breath.

"Andrea?" Miranda had turned toward her again and now looked slightly glassy-eyed at Andy's blue lace bra.

"I want to go to bed." Andy gently ran her fingertips along Miranda's cheek. "With you."

"Well now." Miranda colored faintly at her cheekbones. "I certainly hope you are not going to invite anyone else to our bed." She smiled and tilted her head.

The fact that Miranda said "our bed" so effortlessly and naturally, made Andy shiver. "I want to undress you."

"I'm not stopping you." Miranda slid closer, kicking off her Prada heels. "Do go on." Her breathing grew faster, but it was the only sign of Miranda's arousal so far.

"Oh, good." Her hands unsteady, Andy struggled with the tiny buttons at the neck of Miranda's blouse. After opening them, she pulled it up over Miranda's head, disheveling her hair some. "I'm sorry," Andy murmured and smoothed down the s-shaped forelock that had always captivated her.

"No matter." Miranda pushed her fingers on both hands into Andy's hair and pulled her closer. Her blunt nails lightly grazed against Andy's scalp, making her shudder and bite into her lower lip. Miranda looked at her with darkening eyes. "At this point, you could shave my hair off and I wouldn't care. You say you want me. I will raise that by saying I need you." She leaned in and bit gently at the soft skin on Andy's neck.

Moaning at the sensation of Miranda's sharp teeth teasing her skin, Andy arched against her. "You're so amazing. Have I told you that?" Andy cupped the back or Miranda's neck with one hand and held her firmly in place with the other. "You drive me right up the wall and all I can think of you between my legs, doing whatever you want with me."

"Jesus." Miranda pulled back, searching Andy's eyes for the truth, or something that may not be found in eyes at all. Andy met her gaze, recognizing the arousal in the blue orbs.

"I need more of you. I need to remove more clothes," Andy said, clattering her teeth from sheer desire.

"By all means. Let me assist you before one of us self-combusts." Miranda unhooked her own bra and then Andy's before she pulled the shirt off Andy's body. Whimpering as she spotted Andy's naked breasts, she nudged Andy back onto the pillows, stalking in between her thighs. "Are you wearing any panties?"

"Yes. Of course. Yes." Out of breath, Andy was aware of how wet she was getting and how destroyed the delicate lace would be unless she removed them. Without hesitation, she kicked the panties off. Moving her hands over Miranda's naked back, she unhooked her bra and tossed it into the shadows next to the bed. "Ah. There. Finally." She drew Miranda in and wriggled lower, her mouth greedy for the different textures. Shoving Miranda's pencil skirt up, bunching it around her waist. Tearing at the thin, lace panties, she removed them just as deftly.

"Andrea, oh, God, Andrea." Moaning, Miranda pressed her head back into the pillow as she restlessly shifted on the covers. "Touch me. I'm already so wet. I can't—I can't wait…"

"Neither can I." It was as if Andy needed complete confirmation that this part of her life was working. She was here, in Miranda's house on the Upper East side, and Miranda had repeatedly stated the Andy belonged here with her and the twins.

She slid her hand in between them as she nudged Miranda's thighs apart. "God, you're hot." Andy bit gently into Miranda's left earlobe as she ran gentle fingertips through the damp curls between Miranda's legs. "So damn beautiful. I won't…I mean, I can't let you go."

"Likewise. You're stuck with me, Andrea. Come here." Miranda rolled them, ending up between Andy's thighs.


Miranda blew along the drenched folds between Andrea's legs. If anyone had told her only a month ago that she would indulge in mind-blowing, loving sex with her former assistant, she would have fired them for being delusional and cruel. And yet, here she was, sliding her sweat-soaked body against Andrea's.

"Ah!" Andrea called out and crossed her ankles behind the small of Miranda's back. "Gorgeous, gorgeous…"

Miranda ran her tongue along Andrea's engorged inner labia. "I'm going to make you mine. Now," Miranda murmured. Flicking her tongue in featherlike strokes against Andrea's protruding clitoris, she hummed and felt, rather than heard, moans from Andrea when the tremors travelled through her lanky, yet so curvy body.

"Now," Miranda said huskily, using gentle fingers to part Andrea's folds. So wet, Miranda moaned at the sight before leaning closer. "Like this, darling?" She placed two fingers at Andrea's opening while flattening her tongue against her clitoris.

"Yes. Take me. Do…that…T-take me…" Shaking now, Andrea moved restlessly under Miranda, undulating and pushing herself firmly onto Miranda's fingers. The scent of sex surrounded them, mixed with their respective perfumes. Miranda's elegant signature scent from Givenchy, Andrea's, simpler, fewer notes, but fresh and vanilla based. Miranda inhaled greedily. Then, the now so familiar flutters inside Andrea told her that her lover was about to come. Determined to feel every part of it, Miranda gently sucked the clitoris into her mouth, pressed a third finger into Andrea, and placed two fingertips against the other puckered opening. Massaging Andrea from behind, she thrust her other fingers in and out, curling them upward to find that spot that sometimes made Andrea scream.

This time was no exception, but Andrea had time to cover her face with a pillow. Convulsing, whimpering, and then breaking into tears, Andrea trembled so hard, Miranda had to hold on tight to her as she moved face to face. She kissed Andrea, gentle, soothing kisses, even if her own body was on fire and ready to go off at the slightest touch.

It took Andrea about ten minutes to calm down, shivering from aftershocks of the great release she had just experienced. "If feel rather silly, but it was…enormous." Andrea hid her face against Miranda's neck.

"No need for feeling silly, darling," Miranda said and pressed her lips to the top of Andrea's hair. "In here, we can do what we want. Nothing is forbidden as long as we both want it. Agreed?"

Andrea pulled back and gazed up at Miranda. "Agreed. We might just go missing in action for days on end if you keep making love to me that way. I won't let you out of here even to go to work." She smiled and Miranda's heart picked up speed again. Perhaps it was her own naughty mind that pictured Andrea tying her to the bed and being relentless…

"And now it's your turn." Andrea ran a hand down Miranda's back and squeezed her buttocks, going back and forth. "You were inspired to play with my ass. Perhaps you would like some of the same, hm?"

"Oh, God." Miranda's mouth dried up instantly, but her panties were so wet, perhaps it would even out. "A-anything you want, darling." She managed to wriggle out of her underwear.

"No. Anything you want, Miranda." Andrea began kissing her, moving from her lips to her jawline, down Miranda's throat, aiming for her right nipple that looked—and felt—rock hard.

"Andrea! Yes. Like that…but harder…" Miranda let go of Andrea and shamelessly lifted her breasts for her to feast on. "Bite me. Put your mark on me. I'm…I'm yours. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes," Andrea said, her voice low and trembling.

"Tell me you know it!" It was suddenly so important to hear the words. Miranda whimpered when Andrea gently closed her teeth around the left nipple.

"I know you're mine. And I'm yours. Nothing will come between us, no matter what." While she spoke, Andrea ran a hand down Miranda's abdomen and pushed three fingers in between her folds. "And I can tell how much you want me. How much you're mine. Did I ever tell you how much I wanted to do this, dreamed of it, got myself off when fantasizing about touching you like this?" Andrea murmured the words hotly in Miranda's ear while she rubbed around the clitoris in smaller and smaller circles. "I would ogle you when nobody else was in the office and especially from behind. You have an amazing ass." Andrea shifted her grip, now massaging the clitoris with the heel of her palm, her fingertips just reaching her anus.

Miranda cried out, sharp and without being able to stop herself. Quickly, she tugged at the same pillow Andrea had used to muffle her cries and bit into it. When Andrea found a rhythm that went from palm on clitoris, thumb entering her, and fingertips that penetrated her just so, Miranda knew she was done for. She would never grow tired of this, of Andrea, of having her live with her and see her every day. Never in a million years could she love someone like she loved this young woman, nor had she ever been on the receiving end of the love and affection radiating from Andrea.

Crying out into the pillow again, Miranda arched off the bed, and now it was her time to cry. She futilely wiped at her wet eyes on the bedsheet, but Andrea simply took her into her arms, rocking her.

"I know exactly how you feel," Andrea murmured. "It's overwhelming isn't it?"

"Which part?" Miranda managed, her voice throaty.

"I suppose the combination of it all," Andrea whispered. "The sex, yes, for sure. But, for me, it's the love and the sex. I know it's not smart to tell someone right after they sent you into orbit like this, but I love you. Very much." Andrea nuzzled Miranda's wet cheek. "Am I shocking you now?"

Miranda thought she ought to have been shocked and had it been anyone else, even the father of her children, she would have recoiled and reciprocated by initiating more sex rather than saying something. Now, she got up on her elbow and ran her thumb along one of Andrea's eyebrows. "I love you, Andrea. More than I can say, and perhaps more than you will ever know." It was the truth. Simple as that.

Andrea gasped softly and then flung her arms around Miranda's neck, hugging her tight. "Who knew there could be so much love?"

"I didn't. Not this type of love." Miranda snuggled down into the bed, tugging at the covers since the evaporating sweat was starting to cool her off and she was shivering. Andrea rummaged around with the pillows and managed to place one so Miranda could be on her shoulder without any limps going to sleep.

"You're the best thing that ever happened to me," Andrea murmured.

"Darling…" Miranda pressed her lips to Andreas's temple. "Go to sleep. I'm going to do the same." The Book would have to wait until tomorrow, so did the mess with Marissa Geller. Right now, Miranda was exactly where she needed to be and she could use some quality sleep as well.


Continued in part 23