This is kind of a prologue to what may turn out being my first attempt at smut :O Shocking, I know. The reason that it's so short is because I don't want to lose my thread or tone by writing too much at once. Anyway, please enjoy and drop me a review whether you like it or you didn't.

Putting on the spacesuit was giving River the shudders. Never mind that it had been years since that very fateful day by the lake, quite how many she'd lost count. Trying to fight the flashbacks that were forcing their way up through the cobwebs of her mind, she picked up her diary, hastily scrawling a few words.

Off to The Library. Would be far more excited if I could see a certain someone before I left but as usual, his timekeeping fails to impress. However, the possibilities of exploring a vast deserted planet certainly don't fail to impress. Maybe he'll be there anywI don't need a man around to have an adventure of my own. I've spent enough of my life waiting.

Checking over her entry, scanning the lines far more quickly than a human could, she failed to hear ever so soft footsteps coming up behind her. In fact, her usual sharp senses didn't detect anyone approaching until a pair of strong arms were wrapped around her waist and a slightly stubbly chin was brushing against her cheek.

'I always get worried when you play dress-up, Doctor Song' the words whispered in her ear made River's heart flutter but her pride was certainly greater than any other emotion so she tried to sound as though her knees hadn't gone weak when she replied.

'It's Professor Song, actually. And it's wrong to tell lies- you love it when I play dress-up' turning round to face her husband, River felt a little thrill of delight shoot through her. His always gorgeous (to her) face was slightly rugged and he looked as though he hadn't shaved in a couple of days. She liked him like this, more carefree. After all, she had always loved a bad boy…

'Mm, I do…' his smirk was wide, making his face hold even more attraction for her 'Although I think I prefer that rather wonderful catsuit to this. Or perhaps the Cleopatra dress' his eyes swept her body, resting on her what would have been her ample cleavage had she been wearing the dress in question 'Although, I'm sure I can find some way to have fun with this...'

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