Hey guys. This is my first chapter of New Emotions. This story has nothing to do with my other story, Kung Fu Panda: Reunion of the Enemy. This story will be written most likely in Tigress' POV. This is also the first time I will not be writing in script format, so sorry if the chapters tend to be short. Please REVIEW!

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At the Jade Palace (Tigress' POV):

It was sunset.

The Furious Five, Po and Master Shifu had just come back from Gongmen City. Po had defeated the evil Lord Shen there and now the gang had returned home. Master Shifu had given everyone a week break from training since they just had a very intense battle. Everyone was shocked that their master had given them a break, which was very rare, but no one disagreed, except for Tigress.

"Master Shifu, just because we have defeated one great threat doesn't mean there won't be more. We need to be even more prepared and more alert than ever before. We can't let what happen repeat itself." Tigress explained.

"Tigress, I understand your concern, but you and everyone else need to rest up. Everybody has been hurt physically and/or emotionally and we need at least one week to fix ourselves up that includes you Tigress." Master Shifu said.

"But-," Master Tigress was cut off.

"No buts Tigress. If I see you in the training hall without my permission, you won't be allowed in there for a month. Is that understood?"

"Yes master." Tigress muttered.

"Good. Now everyone rest. You do not have to wake at the morning gong. I will still be awake and see if anyone is to. You may sleep in if you like and do whatever relaxes you for the week. You all enjoy yourself and remember what I said Tigress."

They all bowed down and replied 'Yes master.' Everyone went to their rooms and finally had a blissful sleep, all, but Tigress.

In Tigress dreamscape:

"Return it, return it!" I heard Monkey say.

We were in Shen's factory. The rest of the furious five and I had planned to destroy it, but we saw Po. Why didn't Po listen to me? He is going to get himself killed. We were starting to get attacked by wolves. We blocked them and ran through the factory to stop Po from getting hurt. I ran as fast as I could, but the wolves slowed me down a bit.

I saw him running to Shen. I started to run faster. The four followed behind me. I heard Mantis say "We got them, go!" I kicked two wolves and ran rapidity.

Nothing will get in my way. Not even some over grown monkey who had jumped in my way. He growled at me and I gave him a small roar. He tried punching me, but I moved causing his hand to get stuck to the wood. I punched him and kicked him in the face with full speed. I heard Po say "Lookin' for me." I am getting closer. I saw him getting jumped on by many wolves.

I yelled "Po," hoping he would get away from Shen. I saw him climbing on the bridge. I felt a gorilla grab me from behind, not letting me run towards the panda. I yelled again "Po, get away from him!" He won't listen to me. He threw something at Shen, trapping him to the wall.

"No more running Shen!" Po yelled at him.

"So it seems," Shen replied.

"Now answers."

"Oh, you want to know so badly. You think knowing will heal you; will fill some crater in your soul? Well here is your answer. Your parents didn't love you." I saw's Po face fell. "But here, let me heal you." Shen said. He showed his weapon. I knew I had to run faster.

I ran faster than I ever had. I saw the weapon being lit and ran even faster. The weapon blew out its fireball and hit Po. I still ran and screamed. "NO!"

He flew past me. I fell to the ground. My entire world fell as I watch Po die. I was so close, yet so far. I let the stupid gorillas grab me.

(Tigress' room):

"NO!" Tigress screamed. She was breathing heavily. Tigress had put her hand over her chest trying to calm herself down. She stood up from her bedroll and started pacing around her room. He is safe. Po is sleeping across the room.

Tigress heard a voice outside her room.

"Tigress, are you okay" Po whispered not wanting to wake up the other sleeping warriors. Tigress walked to the door and opened it letting Po come inside her room.

"I am fine Po. Why wouldn't I be?" The feline asked trying to show no emotions.

"Well, I heard you screaming. What happened?" He asked.

"Nothing Po; jut a crazy dream is all." Tigress said.

"Okay I believe you. Just let me know if you want to talk about it. I am always here for you Tigress." He said.

"Thanks Po. Good night." Tigress said.

"Night Tigress, sweet dreams." Po said as he left the room.

And so she did…

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