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(Valley of Peace: Tigress POV):

The enrage Tigress walked to Amon and stood in her signature position.

"Let's finish this, just you and me," Tigress said.

"Fine, this will be fun," Amon said while getting ready to fight. "Ready?"

"I am always ready," Tigress said attacking him after her statement.

Tigress threw a punch at Amon's face, but he quickly grabbed her wrist, and moved to the side. Before she could touch him, he did a couple of round kicks to her stomach. After the kicks, he threw her backwards, sending her a few feet away from him. She recovered quickly and ran full speed at him again. She leaped into the air and spun. Then she let her right foot slam on his head and he fell backwards. While he was down, she kicked him as much as she could before he grabbed her foot and threw her on one of the small shops.

Amon ran at her and grabbed her by the collar of her training vest. She kicked him in the face, but he did not let go of her collar.

"You actually think you can win?" Amon said trying to destroy her sprit.

"I don't think, I know," she snarled.

"You think that the all mighty Tigress can win just because you are an 'expert' at Kung Fu and the unofficial leader of the furious five, but you can't win. You won't win. You act like you are so tough, but in reality, your weak," Amon said with his deep and eerie voice.

The feline growled furiously. She put both her feet on his stomach and both hands on his arms. She flipped him over by digging her feet into his gut and using her hands to throw him back. She land on the ground swiftly.

"I am not weak," Tigress growled and ran towards the cloak man again.

Amon quickly recovered and moved to the side where Tigress was running towards. She noticed this right before she was about to run into the wall. She stopped and unleashed her claws. She was getting tired of him.

She leaped at him and scratched her claws against his face, making the hood fall down, revealing his appearance. He was a snow leopard like Tai Lung, but different looks. He had numerous of burnt marks around his face and a big scar across his right eye. He was going to get another scar from the one Tigress just gave him. He had arched eyebrows and red eyes, which was odd, considering nobody has red eyes. Blood now dripped to the floor from his wound.

"Well, now there is no use in hiding my face in the shadows. I hope you feel bad about what you did to my face," Amon said.

"Look, can't we just get over everything? It has been years since this incident," Tigress said tired and sore.

"No, why should I forgive someone like you?"

"Because we have to let go of the past and worry about the future," Tigress said.

"Fine," Amon said, but wasn't really fine.

In the shop that that they were in, was a blacksmith's shop. A shop filled with amour, swords, knifes anything with weaponry. His tail managed to find a knife. As he and Tigress shook hands for 'ending' the battle, he grabbed the knife with his tail, and cut her leg.

Tigress groaned in pain and collapsed on the floor. She held the wound on her leg and growled.

"I can believe you actually fell for that. I guess that flabby panda has made you a softy," Amon said with a smirk.

Tigress growled again. The pain was unbearable. Blood was gushing from the wound making the warrior weaker.

As she was down on the floor, the necklace started to glow, but since it was under Tigress shirt, nobody could tell. She could feel her wound healing though, making her feel stronger. The blood had evaporated from thin air. She sighed in relief, but stared at the wound in confusion. Then, something amazing happened. Tigress started to glow. She was a bit off the ground against her own will. As she was being lifted, she started to feel all the elements of the world in her, earth, air, fire, water. The feeling was intense, as well as the scene.

A few minutes later, the glowing had stopped and so did her floating. She felt like a completely new person, a stronger, powerful warrior, even more than she already is. She smirked proudly.

"What just happened?" Amon asked confused rubbing his hand behind his head.

"Why don't you come and find out," Tigress said.

Amon did as she asked. He grabbed her arm, but she grabbed his. She threw him across the store; she then released a great amount of fire from her foot towards him. The feline then released an air ball towards him, making him fly even further from where he was already sent. He did not give up though. He charged at her and kicked her in her stomach, but during the impact, she grabbed his foot and threw him up in the air. She bended some rocks from the ground and aimed it at him. She leaped up in the air where he was and knocked him back to the ground.

"Impressive," Amon said.

"Thanks," Tigress said nonchalant.

The two continued to battle at what seemed hours of excellent kung fu and bending. Amon was getting weaker and weaker and easier to overpower while Tigress was still strong and full of energy. The battle was soon coming to an end, much to Tigress' relief.

Tigress threw a kick at Amon with fire coming out of her leg. He fell to the ground. She bended some water and threw it at him, freezing his legs and arms so his motor abilities wouldn't work. He growled in frustration. He tried to move but nothing was working.

"Ugh!" Amon screamed in frustration.

"Don't try and break free, you'll just wear yourself out," Tigress said.

"I have to!" Amon said while trying to break the ice, but the feline just made it the ice stronger.

"Looks like we won," Tigress said smirking.

"No one wins till someone is dead," the enemy said.

"Well that's not how it works here. You'll be sent to prison for eternity and get the same punishment and restriction that Tai Lung received," Tigress said walking away.

Tigress walked away, feeling proud while Amon still struggled to break free from the frozen water. She walked towards Po to see if he was alright. He was still in the shape he was in before.

"Po, are you alright?" Tigress asked coming down to the floor where he was laying down.

"Still the same, just the blood has stopped coming from the wounds," Po said.

"Here, let me help," Tigress said. She started to bend some water and started to heal Po's wound. At first, it hurt him, he kept moving around, but then it finally started to feel good.

"Ah, that's better," Po said. "Thank you."

"It's my pleasure."

"Oh and great job capturing Amon, he looks hilarious trying to break the ice," Po said laughing a bit.

"Yeah he does, that reminds me," Tigress said freezing the ice even more.

"Oh come on!" Amon said. "I almost broke this darn thing!"

"Yeah, will that would defeat the purpose of it wouldn't it," Tigress said while Amon growled.

The gang finally came towards Tigress and Po. Yuan and Lì came out in the front.

"I am so glad that you guys are okay," Tigress said hugging her young ones.

"So, you aren't mad?" Lì asked.

"Oh no, I am furious, but you guys did help out a lot, so the punishment won't be as bad," Tigress said.

"Aw, well I guess we kind of deserved that," Yuan said.

"Yeah, you kind of did," Po said smiling.

"Hey, what are we going to do with Mr. Cranky Pants over there," Monkey asked pointing at Amon who is still struggling.

"Mantis, go head and knock him out, Crane and Viper will tie him up with these chain, I'll freeze it again so he can't escape. Crane, Viper and Mantis will take him to Chor Gum Prison. Monkey, will you look over Yuan and Lì, I have to talk to Po, for a minute," Tigress instructed. They did as they were told. After Tigress had frozen Amon's chains, she walked over to the Sacred Peach Tree.

(Sacred Peach Tree: Tigress POV):

The two warriors walked towards the tree slowly, for they were in no hurry. When they stopped, they stood there for some time, looking over the valley they had just saved a few minutes ago.

"So, great job today, you did amazing today," Po said on her victory.

"Thank you. Po, can I tell you something?" Tigress asked now facing the Dragon Warrior.

"Of course," Po said.

"Po, I realized something over the last few weeks," Tigress said walking closer to Po.

"What is that?" Po asked not knowing.

"What I have realized is a new emotion which I have never had before, and you are the only reason why I have this emotion," Tigress said smiling for the first time in days.

"What is the new emotion? Po asked.


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