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Driving down the highway felt longer than it should have. Although I was driving was driving faster than the law permitted, there was nothing that would stop me from fulfilling my mission. I continuously looked through the rear view mirrors to keep an eye on Edward in the back. He kept a black expression on his face but his eyes showed a spark of hope. It seemed that every time I would look at him he would show a small smile, but it would disappear as quickly as it had appeared.

After finally arrive in Seattle, I felt a weight had been but on my shoulders, and it would not go away until I found my niece. I remembered where the Abandoned Railroad was from when I was just a teen. I was the place the guys and I would go to. Since we were in a pretty populated city, speeding was not an option. That would get the local police involved with their sirens, giving up our advantage point, the element of surprise. As anxious as we all were, we could not compromise the position that we were in. In would take up two hours, depending on traffic, to get there, but the safety that Bella had at the moment was more important that anything.

As we closed the distance between us and our destination, our adrenaline was running high. We had been in situations like this before, but this time it was different. This time, it was one of our own. We also had an outsider with us. Anything could happen at this point.

I parked down a three blocks from completing our mission. We stayed in the car for about ten minutes to make sure that no one was in the area before this all went down. I turned around to face Edward to tell him what was going to happen even though he probably already knew.

"I going to need you to stay with the car in case someone happens to come by," I started and continued once Edward looked me right in the eye. I could finally see how anxious he was to have Bella back, as much as the rest of us were. "I pretty sure you know what's going to happen, but just to clear in confusion, we are going to get here out as safely as we can but if we have to…"

"You'll kill him," he finished for me.

"So you understand?" I asked.

He nodded showing full understanding. I looked at my team, signaling that it was time to go, and we got out of the car. We slowly jogged down the block to the old warehouse. When we got to the door that was rusted over with age and water, we tried to open the door as quickly as we could as to not make as much sound. Surprisingly, the door made no sound like it had been oiled recently. We walked in swiftly and made sure to close the door after ourselves to block the light that would come in. The place looked exactly as I had remembered. The stairs were to the left leading to the upper level and the open space that was the main level. I signaled Ziva to take the upper level, Tony to the left and Tim to the right. I went down the middle with my gun cocked and the safety off, slowly walking and making absolutely no sound while survey the area, looking specifically for areas where someone could hide.

Walking further toward the back of the warehouse, there was a doorway with a light coming from under the door. Before I could get within a few feet of the door, it busted open. There was Ari standing in the doorway with Bella leaning against his chest holding a knife toward her neck. She had absolute fear in her eyes.

"Well, Gibbs," Ari started, "I finally got you where I wanted. Who knew all I had to do was find you daughter? It's funny really."

"What I find funny is that she isn't my daughter."

"What do you mean? Her pictures were all over your house. She even looks like you."

"My daughter died years ago. You were too late in your decision to kill her. But I bet I can pull this trigger faster than you can move that hand you have that knife in."

"Who said I was going to use a knife, Gibbs," Ari asked.

He dropped the knife and pulled out a gun. After showing it off a little bit, he put it up to Bella's temple with his finger ready to pull the trigger.

"Now Gibbs, who do you think is going to win that bet of yours," Ari said while starting to laugh maniacally.

I saw him slowly start to squeeze on the trigger. Before I could pull the trigger, a gun shot rang out through the building.