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Elena jumped awake, 'Damon' she thought immediately. It took her a second to realise he was there beside her, fast asleep wrapped around her. She listened carefully to his slow heavy breathing, he was fine. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

The next time she woke up it was just after 4am, she rolled over and saw Damon was lying on his stomach looking comfortable. Gently she brushed his hair with her fingers. She was so worried about him being in pain that she could hardly sleep. He seemed fine though but she couldn't help but worry.

It was six thirty when she next awoke. Her hand felt around for Damon but she couldn't find him. She sat up quickly and clicked the light on. He wasn't beside her. Feeling paranoid Elena rolled across the bed and checked he hadn't fallen out onto the floor. She quietly got up and walked into the living area but found it empty. She checked the bathroom, she crept to Jenny's room and peeked in but Damon was nowhere to be seen. She didn't like to go into the spare room in case she woke Stefan up the only other room was her office. As she approached the door she heard the sound of her printer spring to life. Elena opened the door to find Damon sitting at her desk, he looked up from the computer as she entered.

Damon frowned "Sorry, did I wake you?" he asked

Elena shook her head. "No, what are you doing? It's six thirty…"

Damon grinned "Christmas shopping."

"What?" Elena said

Damon flashed his bank card. "Well I didn't have time to go shopping did I?"

"You didn't have to get anyone a present, you have the perfect excuse!" she smiled

"But I wanted to." He shrugged. He pulled the sheet that was fresh from the printer and folded it. He tucked it into an envelope and sealed it. Next he scribbled a name on it and stuck a bow on the front.

Elena shook her head, he was sweet.

"Are you done yet? Come back to bed…" Elena said

Damon raised an eyebrow and smirked. She flushed.

"Not for that." She said quickly "You're not well enough."

"Sure I am baby." He said

"No…as tempting as that would be… you can't over work yourself." She reasoned

Damon sighed dramatically.

"How about a shower then?" he asked "you can join me in case I overdo it reaching for the soap…"

Elena twisted her mouth, considering

"Hmm… you're right. I better get in with you, just to supervise…" she grinned

She walked into the bathroom and started up the shower. Damon followed a moment later and locked the door behind them. They both undressed and got under the hot spray. Damon closed the distance between them by kissing her. She responded immediately, opening her mouth and caressing his tongue. She could feel his erection twitching against her stomach and the selfish part of her wanted to tell him to lift her against the cold tiles and take her now but she resisted. He was recovering from major surgery, she just missed him a lot, she was horny but that wasn't his problem.

Damon broke the kiss and reached for the shower gel. He opened it and squeezed a dollop into his hand. Elena gasped pleasurably as he began to wash her body, he spun her around so she was facing the wall and he lathered the gel into her aching breasts, slowly pulling at her nard nipples and circling and squeezing then. His touch was sending electricity to her core and everything below the waist clenched deliciously, then his hand trailed south. He pulled her tight against his wet body as his hand slip lower, she whimpered when she felt his steel erection against her bottom. She needed it bad, she was on the verge of asking him to fuck her when his fingers came into contact with her clit. He circled it slowly then he dipped his fingers inside her, Elena moaned quietly when he worked them in and out of her for a while before he finally began rubbing her bundle of nerves. In no time at all she was cumming with a gasp of his name.

It was incredible but now she was really wanted him. He was so good, she craved him. Since their accident with the condom she'd been on the pill and now she wanted him properly.

"Sit down." She said and Damon raised his eyebrow but obeyed. He sat on the shower tray, the hot spray falling down over him.

"I'll do all the work, you'll be fine." She said to Damon trying to convince herself more than him

She dropped down to him and positioned herself on his lap. "I need you so bad." She groaned as she lowered herself onto him.

They both cried out at the union. Damon's hands gripped her hips and she grabbed his upper arms as she began riding him hard.

"God I've missed you Elena." He whispered

She was lost in the sensation, her head thrown back as her pleasure built. She moved herself as fast as she could on his rock hard cock, God she loved this man… that special feeling only he delivered began unrolling in her stomach…

"Give it to me baby!" Damon rasped in her ear and she came violently around him

"Cum inside me…" she begged as her orgasm tore through her

"AH!" She felt him spurt hard inside her as she continued to contract around him.

She stopped moving and fell forward onto him, her head rested in the crook of his neck as she caught her breath.

"You're incredible." He said adoringly as her ran his fingers up and down her spine.

Elena was so content; she smiled against his skin and kissed his neck gently.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" she said suddenly sitting back.

"No." Damon said quickly

"Oh God I did, didn't I?" she cringed

"Elena. Don't fuss, I'm perfect. You're perfect…"

"I just want you better, I only fuss because I love you." She said quietly

"I know you do and trust me I love you for it." He smiled

They finished up in the bathroom and Damon was getting dressed when Elena came into the bedroom.

"will you let me do something for you?" she asked sheepishly

"What would that be?" he smiled

Elena smiled shyly "Can I dress your wound?"

Damon rolled his eyes and she took it as a yes.

"Lie down." She said. She slipped her work glasses on.

"Those are very sexy." He said

"Hardly." Elena said

"No they are." Damon said "You've got that sexy doctor thing going for you."

"No I don't" she said pulling up his shirt. She climbed onto him and straddled his knees "I'm a plastic surgeon not a doctor, trust me if I saw you in front of me with a bullet of a knife in your stomach I wouldn't know what to do…"

"Yes you would Elena Gilbert, you're amazing. My Wonder woman."

She smiled at his comment and observed his stitches. "These are good, really tidy, whoever stitched you did a really good job, I'm impressed…"

She opened her tube of antiseptic cream and rubbed it gentle into his skin.

"Where did you get all this stuff." Damon asked as she opened the wrapper on a large bandage dressing

"I'm a mother Damon. I'm always prepared." She smiled

"So do you think I'll have an ugly big scar that you'll have to fix for me?" Damon winked

Elena half smiled "You'll have a scar but I'm sure it will be as beautiful as the rest of you." She inspected her handy work and then placed a kiss on his middle. "There." She pulled his shirt down.

Damon sat up "Thank you." He kissed the corner of her mouth.

"Let's get some breakfast and then wake jenny up for present time." Elena said

"Something smells good!" Stefan yawned half an hour later.

"Maple bacon and pancakes." Damon said happily.

"Merry Christmas!" Stefan said as he walked closer.

Damon set down the spatula and hugged Stefan quickly "Merry Christmas, Stef. Good to have you with us."

Elena poured Stefan a coffee and smiled widely at the scene in front of her. She could get used to this.

"Well is it Jenny time yet?" Damon asked "can I wake her?"

"Yes." Elena smiled "I don't know who's more excited…" she said to Stefan as Damon rushed off to get the baby.

As soon as everyone was fed they made their way to the tree and sat on the floor. They helped Jenny open her gifts and laughed and took photos as she played with the wrapping paper and bows.

"This is a little something for you." Damon said to Elena passing her an envelope and a wrapped box. She looked at him questionably "I had Stefan get the wrapped one." He explained. Smiling she ripped open the box and gasped. Inside was a beautiful charm bracelet. She fingered the charms, it was beautiful, and she especially loved the letter charms E, D and J.

"Damon I love it!" she said wiping her eyes. "It's beautiful."

She then opened the envelope, inside was a voucher for a spa. "You deserve a break after all the stress lately." Damon explained

"This is too much." Elena said

"No, you've been amazing through all of this." Damon said honestly. Then he handed Stefan his envelope. "This is yours Stef."

Stefan ripped open his envelope and Elena watched his face drop. She wondered what it said on his letter.

"NO WAY!" Stefan shouted, his eyes not leaving the page.

"What is it?" Elena said sitting up on her knees

Damon was laughing at Stefan. "Two tickets brother."

"What is it?" Elena asked again and when no one answered she took the page from Stefan's limp hands.

It was an email receipt from Ticketmaster for a band Elena had never heard of.

"I cannot believe you Damon!" Stefan said excitedly "How much did that cost?"

"Who cares?" Damon laughed "We always said we'd go someday, so I thought let's do it."

Elena listened and laughed as the brother's talked animatedly about their road trip they were going to have to make for it.

"Damon, this is your present." Elena said eventually as she handed him his gift.

"YES!" Stefan and Damon both called as Damon tore the paper off the games console.

Elena laughed loudly at their reaction.

"Best Christmas ever!" Damon called before he kissed Elena in thanks, and Elena had to admit he was right.