Hello there! This is officially my third story I'm working on. Sorry about the summary, here's the gist of the story: It's about a group of +Anima, and a 'normal' boy, and their adventures together. Throughout their travels they find themselves against impossible odds and learn that each one of them has a secret. Can they all remain friends, or are there going to be pairings, or what? How should I know, I'm only the author! In homage to the original +Anima series, the group size will be 4 (including the 'normal' boy).


Alright, let's give this another go. The first chapter has been completely rewritten. In order to avoid spoilers, I will not state most of the things I changed in this chapter or preceding chapters. However, I will say that I tried to avoid meddling with the more important parts of the story. The overall plot will not be affected, but some of the minor events will play out differently.]

We start the story following Tachine, a teenage girl that is also a fox +Anima.

The young girl walked through the forest, keeping a careful eye out for danger. She was no stranger to being in a forest, but this was her first time in this forest. As such, she didn't know which way was which. Not that it really worried her though. So long as she followed a straight line, the forest had to end at some point.

The girl's name was Tachine, and she was about seventeen or sixteen years old. Her long red hair was neatly brushed and well kept. While most people would likely not think of hair for having a practical purpose, she deliberately kept her hair long for a reason. It was the perfect way for her to hide the +Anima mark that resided on the back of her neck. Her blue eyes scanned the area thoroughly for danger. She would have been the first to admit that she may just have been being paranoid, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being followed.

At the moment, Tachine had fox-ears and a large bushy tail that was currently hidden underneath her clothing. While she knew it was dangerous to be in her +Anima form, Tachine wasn't all that worried. The most obvious part of her +Anima form was her large bushy tail, and right now that was well hidden underneath a heavy robe. The robe itself was almost pure-white, and closed via a sash around the waist. It was nothing fancy, but it hid her tail well. Since her fox ears were rather small, she could still be mistaken for a human at a distance.

After a few minutes of walking Tachine was startled to find the forest abruptly open up into a large clearing. Next to the edge of the forest was an aged trail that must have been used for decades. As Tachine looked around, she suddenly recognized a perfect opportunity. A young man with a rather muscular build, brown hair, and two green eyes was walking down the trail in Tachine's direction. He clearly hadn't seen Tachine yet, so she quickly re-entered the forest and got back far enough to be out of the man's line of sight.

Tachine gave a slight grin to herself as she gently brushed her hair with her hands, trying to make herself look appealing. Fortunately for her that wasn't all that difficult. She took quite good care of her body, and her body rewarded her for that. She wouldn't call herself the most beautiful girl in the world, but . . . well okay, maybe she would have. She certainly had a body that got most men's attention, to say the least, and she knew how to use that to her advantage.

She couldn't see the man anymore, but she had paid attention to his overall speed. She used that to predict when he'd be just about to her spot. As she waited, Tachine had to calm her nerves a little. This had to go right the first time. But Tachine wasn't that worried. This was something she was experienced at. She brushed her hair one last time, and immediately froze as she brushed her hand against her fox ear. Whew, she had almost forgotten about that. She quickly forced her +Anima traits to recede, they would only get her in big trouble if the man saw them.

Once she knew the man had to be close, Tachine made her move. She broke out into a sprint towards the trail, and forced herself to look worried. As she exited the forest she inwardly grinned. She had predicted the young man flawlessly. The man flinched as he turned to face Tachine, who faked both exhaustion and relief as she stopped running. She spoke carefully, but fluently. "Oh, thank god! I was starting to think I'd never find the way out!"

Tachine then deliberately stopped speaking, put her hands on her knees and bent over, forcing herself to breathe heavily. She also deliberately forced her knees to shake slightly, to imitate the trembling a person does when they have just about reached their limit. It was important that the boy thought Tachine was exhausted, that would help keep him from realizing what was really about to happen. And it was clearly working. The boy immediately raced over to Tachine and gently grabbed her by the shoulders to help steady her. "Hey, a-are you okay?"

Inwardly, Tachine grinned. Outwardly, she allowed herself to give the boy a tired smile. "Y-yeah, I'll be alright. I-It seemed like a good idea to take a shortcut through the forest, I-I didn't think I'd get lost so easily."

Tachine allowed herself to take another big breath. It wasn't necessary, but it gave her an excuse to look downward at the man's waist. And there, hanging from a leather strap, was her target. She almost had to stop herself from squealing with joy at the size of the bag. This guy was rich. But he wouldn't be for long.

The man politely asked Tachine if she needed help. Tachine faked looking down both sides of the trail, trying her best to make it appear as if she was lost. "I-uh, I got lost in the forest. Can you tell me which path leads where?"

The man nodded before telling her the name of two separate villages, pointing down the path to show which way led to which village. Tachine gave an exaggerated sigh of relief. Now she had to only set up the final part correctly. "Thank you. I-it's really important I get to"

Tachine stated the name of one of the villages the man had mentioned. It was a reflex of hers, and in reality she couldn't have cared less which village she had said. What was important was the next part. "-within the next few days. I-uh, I'd pay you for your help, but I don't have any gillah."

While the young man gave her a kind smile, stating it wasn't a problem, Tachine persisted. "You don't have any idea how much that helps me. I just, I have to be able to repay your kindness. Is there anything you want?"

Before the young man could answer Tachine gave him a tired-yet-sly smile as she gently placed a hand on the startled man's chest. "Anything?"

The young man's face immediately turned scarlet as he realized what Tachine was hinting towards. Tachine continued to give him an innocent look, and waited for him to look around. Of course he was going to look around, all men did that when she asked that question. Tachine's current theory was that they were looking to make certain no one else was hearing this, and if so then they possibly may have taken that chance. Of course, that was exactly what Tachine wanted them to do. She wanted them to take their eyes off of her for just a moment, and the instant that the young man looked to his right Tachine made her move.

She quickly grabbed out a dagger that she kept hidden in the right sleeve of her robes, and in one fluid motion she quickly cut the pouch off of the startled man's belt, kicked the man in the stomach hard enough to upset his balance, turned around, and finally she sprinted back into the forest. About seven seconds passed before Tachine heard the man's angered voice reverberate through the air. "THIEF!"

Of course, Tachine was long gone by that point. She had waited until she knew the trees blocked the man's view of her, and immediately changed direction to throw the man off of her trail. She continued to run for almost a minute before she stopped, breathing heavily. She was physically fit of course, but her heavy robes really weighed her down when she had to run. For a little bit of time Tachine waited with her back to a nearby tree, listening closely for footsteps in case the man managed to follow her. Once she was certain she didn't hear any, Tachine let out a large sigh of relief.

"You bitch!"

Tachine only had time to turn her head before the man's fist struck her in the side of her head. She let out a cry of pain as she lost her balance and fell to the ground. She quickly looked up in shock to find the angered man glaring at her, cracking his knuckles.

"Think about this for a second. It's not winter, so there's not much in the forest right now that's pure-white. Those robes can be seen almost a mile away."

Tachine could only blush at her own stupidity. It made sense now. Her robes had made it so much easier to steal during winter that she hadn't bothered to think about why. But it didn't matter right now. She quickly got back to her feet, but didn't move fast enough to avoid the next punch from the enraged man. Tachine fell face-first from the force of the hit.

"That is for your little trick earlier! How dare you do that to me! I"

The man abruptly cut off, and Tachine gulped as she tried to figure out why. It was only when she felt a hand brush her hair away from her neck, revealing Tachine's +Anima mark to the man, that she realized just how much trouble she was in. She cringed as the man spoke silently, his voice filled with malice. "+Anima."

Tachine cringed as the man's hand clenched in clear anger. She had to move quickly! After slapping the man's hand, which had still been lying on her neck, Tachine quickly got to her feet and began backing away. The man's green eyes seemed to glow with his anger, and as he spoke he was visibly shaking with rage. "I was just going to leave it at that, but not anymore. I hate thieves, but the one thing I can't tolerate at all is a +Anima!"

As the man grabbed out a knife, Tachine felt herself freeze up. All color drained away from Tachine's face as the man began walking towards her. She tried to snap herself out of it, but she couldn't seem to move.

In the end, it didn't matter. As the man brought back a hand to strike, both he and Tachine were startled as the man's hand made a strange jerking motion. The man immediately looked at his hand, and to Tachine's surprise the man seemingly tried to grab the air around his hand. It was only when he appeared to succeed in grabbing thin air that Tachine was able to see what was going on. It looked like the man's hand was caught in a small lasso made entirely of string. The string was so thin that it was hard to see when it wasn't reflecting sunlight.

The man appeared to be just as confused as Tachine felt. He held the string in a different way, apparently trying to see it better. "Is this string?"

"Good guess."

Tachine flinched before she looked around, trying to find the source of the voice. It clearly belonged to a male, but it didn't sound like the speaker was very old. It sounded calm and confident, and after a bit of looking around Tachine finally located the source standing on the branch of a tree almost directly in front of her.

It was a boy, a boy with pale skin. While Tachine could have guessed just from the voice that the boy was young, what she had failed to predict was just how young the boy was. He couldn't have been more than thirteen years old! Still, the boy had a very determined look on his face. His bright red eyes casually switched from staring at the man to staring at Tachine repeatedly.

The boy's clothing was . . . well, rather bizarre. It wasn't complicated at all, it was just a shirt and a pair of shorts. The boy's shirt was a grey color, almost right in-between the colors white and black. But the bizarre thing about his shirt was that it was several sizes too large. It looked like it was supposed to be a t-shirt for a tall and wide man, but because of the boy's small stature, the sleeves of the shirt reached about halfway up his forearms. The neck of the shirt was large enough that the boy's shoulders were almost slipping through it. To top it all off, the shirt was clearly meant for someone taller than the boy. The bottom of the shirt reached his knees.

The boy's shorts were hard to see underneath the shirt, but from the little bit that Tachine could see of them, they were clearly a dark color if not black. In complete contrast to the large shirt he wore, the boy was both short and skinny. That fact was only exaggerated by the boy's large shirt, which made him look almost dangerously skinny and ridiculously short.

All of this only took a few seconds to register. The final thing that Tachine noticed about the boy was the fact that he was carrying a rather large pack on his back, and that the boy appeared to be holding the other end of the string that was around the man's hand. The man gave a slight grin before he jerked his hand forwards, but he and Tachine both flinched when the string didn't break. The boy simply chuckled as he leaned against the same tree that the branch the boy was standing on was attached to.

"This is my string. It won't break from such a weak-"

With a slight grunt the man whipped his hand forwards. Tachine saw the string that the boy was holding went slack, so she was quite certain that it had broke. At this time, the man gave a dangerous look to Tachine, reminding her of the much more urgent situation she had to deal with. But as the man tried to advance, the boy spoke. "You don't want to do that."

The man gave the boy an annoyed grunt, and addressed the boy without ever taking his attention off of Tachine. "This +Anima stole from me. Believe me runt, she deserves this."

While the man tried to move again, the boy sighed as he reached into his pack. "I'd look down if I were you, 'sir'."

As he spoke, the boy grabbed a knife out of his pack. The man turned to face the boy, and soon raised an eyebrow. "You don't want to fight me kid. I'm . . . what the hell do you mean 'look down'?"

The boy simply gave a slight grin before he swung his arm forwards, making a chopping motion with the knife in thin air. About halfway through the swing Tachine heard a strange sound nearby, and the man gave a cry of shock as a white blur appeared to erupt from the ground beneath his feet. What happened next took a few seconds to register. The white thing enveloped the man and launched into the air, taking the startled man with it.


It only took a few seconds for the action to slow down though, and once it did Tachine was able to identify the white blur. But . . . that was strange. It looked like rope, yet it was pure white. The man was now hanging from a tree-branch several feet above the ground, trapped within a net made of the bizarre pure-white rope. For a while, Tachine continued to stare at the trapped man. The man himself swore as he tried to get out, but it didn't look like he was making much headway.

"That's what I meant."

Tachine flinched at the unexpected voice. She turned to find the boy had climbed down from the tree, and was now standing about five feet away from Tachine and looking up at the man with a slight smirk on his face. Now that they were standing close to each other, Tachine was shocked to realize it wasn't just the shirt that made the boy seem small. While Tachine was about average height, she stood almost a head taller than the boy did. As the man swore and cursed at the boy, the boy merely chuckled before bending over and picking up something near his feet. Tachine was surprised to find the object was the same knife the man had threatened her with.

"This is a neat-looking knife."

Without another word the boy put the knife into his own pack of supplies. The curses from the man caught within the trap intensified, but the boy startled Tachine when he gave her a friendly smile. "Hi. My name is Acyr. What's yours?"

Tachine responded almost automatically with her own name. She was still trying to figure out what had just happened. Had Acyr . . . did he just save Tachine? Fortunately for Tachine, Acyr gave her the answer. "I've been following you for the last few minutes, and I saw your little trick with him. I thought you would appreciate a little help."

Tachine dumbly nodded in reply. While the man was still shouting insults towards the two of them, both Acyr and Tachine ignored him. After a few seconds Tachine finally managed to shake off her shock, and she spoke to Acyr. "I'm certainly not complaining, but . . . why are you helping me if you saw me steal from him?"

She didn't expect the kind smile that appeared on Acyr's face. When Acyr responded, his voice was gentle yet firm. "I felt that his retaliation for the crime was too harsh. For me, stealing from someone doesn't give them the right to kill you."


Tachine immediately flinched before she looked up again. The man had apparently given up on trying to get free, and he now was giving Tachine a murderous glare. "She's a +Anima!"

Tachine immediately looked at Acyr. She knew well how that simple fact could change a friend into an enemy in just a few seconds. If Acyr was going to turn hostile, Tachine couldn't let it catch her by surprise. In fact, she almost expected it. So she wasn't surprised to find Acyr's stance stiffen slightly. It was quite clear to Tachine that Acyr wouldn't have saved her if he had known that, so Tachine wasn't going to wait for Acyr to get over his shock.

Tachine quickly turned herself around and broke out into a sprint, racing out of the clearing. While she was still exhausted from trying to flee the other person, she wasn't going to just let herself get caught. Unfortunately, she had already reached her limit. It only took about twenty seconds of running before Tachine felt her limbs protest her decision, and according to the burning sensation in her limbs they also were begging her to stop. Instead she forced herself to continue running, and managed to do so for about five more seconds.

But as she raced by a rather large tree, Tachine yelped in shock when the ground underneath her erupted. It wasn't long before Tachine found herself caught in a second net-trap and hanging about twenty feet off of the ground. She could only curse her own luck. Just how did Acyr predict where she was going to run? How did he keep setting up these traps with only a moment's notice?

Tachine weakly tried to struggle, but she could only cringe as her body fiercely protested the movement. Her legs felt like they were on fire. Even if she could break out of this net, that was a twenty-foot drop to the ground, and she just didn't have the energy to deal with that. This was it, she was caught. It was over.

"You know"

Tachine cringed as she heard Acyr's voice from a little bit behind her. She turned her head, and found Acyr standing on a branch and standing about three feet away from him. But what really surprised her was the amused expression on Acyr's face. "He already said that you were a +Anima before I caught him in the trap."

It felt like Tachine had been struck by a lightning bolt. "Wait, you knew? Why would you help . . . wait, are you also a +Anima?"

The boy smiled again before grabbing a part of the net and forcing it to swing over by him. As the boy swiftly cut a hole into the net, he spoke to Tachine. "That depends. Do you need one of those marks to be a +Anima?"

Tachine nodded. She wasn't certain, but she thought that she saw Acyr sigh before he shook his head. "Then no, I don't have the honor of being a +Anima."

As Tachine tried to get out of the net, Acyr soon helped her by grabbing her hand. It felt so strange to Tachine. Why was Acyr helping her if he wasn't a +Anima? It just didn't make sense to her. Fortunately for her, she didn't have much time to think about it. Well actually, it was kind of unfortunate. It was clear to her that Acyr had set this trap up so he could simply stand on the branch he was on now to get to the hanging prey.

But he had made a mistake. When Tachine shifted most of her weight onto the branch, both she and Acyr gave cries of shock when the branch snapped. Luckily the fall wasn't that far of a fall. While the landing was painful, Tachine was able to get to her feet with only a little bit of trouble, which was mainly from how exhausted she was. Acyr soon stood up as well, wiping the dirt off of his shirt. Tachine was surprised when Acyr gave a slight blush as he looked up at the tree. "I can't believe I didn't think about that! Just because the branch can hold my weight doesn't mean it can hold the combined weight of two different people! I'm such an idiot!"

While Acyr spoke very harshly about himself, to Tachine it didn't look like Acyr truly meant what he was saying. It seemed more a way for him to shake off his own embarrassment. Tachine herself gave a slight chuckle even as her limbs almost gave way. She was exhausted from her ordeals so far. "I'm still really impressed. How did you set up these traps so fast? How did you correctly predict where he would be standing and where I would run off to?"

Acyr flinched before looking at Tachine weirdly. After a moment, a look of revelation appeared on his face. Tachine wasn't expecting the meek smile Acyr gave her. "I see, you think this was planned. If you want an honest answer, it wasn't."

While Tachine flinched from her shock, she was more surprised when she suddenly found herself back on the ground. This time, it was simply because she was too exhausted to stand anymore. Fortunately, with Acyr's help, Tachine was soon resting with her back to a tree. As she rested, Acyr spoke again.

"I trap animals to get food. The trap you got caught by was made . . . two days ago, and I was hoping more for a small animal. The trap the man got caught in has been there for months. I was actually thinking of taking it down soon, so when I saw him walking towards you - and, unintentionally, my trap - I waited until he was above it before I intervened. As for you hitting this one . . . well, I didn't even expect you to run away like that. Don't get me wrong, it only makes sense that you'd feel like you were in danger now that I've had time to think about it."

So it was just coincidence? Well, Tachine guessed she could accept that. She was surprised when Acyr offered to get her some water to drink, although that didn't stop her from accepting that offer. Acyr got her to grin when he told Tachine to stay where she was as he got the water. She simply agreed to stay there, and Acyr immediately sprinted out of sight. But in her head she was almost laughing. 'Stay where she was'? Tachine was almost dead from exhaustion! Where exactly did Acyr think she was going?

Tachine didn't know how long she waited for Acyr to come back, although she must have waited for at least an hour. For most of the wait, Tachine just forced herself to relax. Fortunately it wasn't that hot of a day out, and Acyr had made certain to put Tachine in the shade. The burning in her limbs was countered by the cool breeze. In fact, by the time Acyr finally came back with a large white pouch filled with water, Tachine's limbs were no longer burning.

Not to say that she didn't want the water. She gulped mouthful after mouthful of water from the small opening in the pouch, although she was surprised to find the water was a little warmer than it could be naturally. Once she got her fill, she handed the practically empty pouch back to Acyr, who drank his fill before dumping the rest of the water on the ground nearby.

It was a little bit longer before Tachine finally had an acceptable amount of energy. She was surprised, and a little bit touched, when Acyr sat next to her and began talking. It wasn't long before the two of them managed to have a full conversation, and Tachine was soon explaining to Acyr how she had been abandoned at the age of seven, and had soon become a +Anima, and had been a thief ever since.

In return, Acyr startled Tachine when he revealed that he had no idea what his past was. He only remembered the last year of his life, and he hadn't left the forest since that time. She was even more surprised when Acyr admitted that he was going to leave the forest soon so he could try to figure out what had happened to him, but had been having issues building up the courage to do so. But what startled Tachine the most was when Acyr asked if he could travel with Tachine. After a few seconds of thinking, Tachine smiled and told Acyr that he could. It wasn't like she was planning on going anywhere in specific anyways.

The topic soon changed to Tachine asking how Acyr kept track of all of his traps. Acyr smiled as he explained that there was a clearing nearby with a massive tree right in the middle of it. He explained that whenever he made a trap, he tied a string from the trap to one of the tree's branches and rigged it so the string was slack when the trap wasn't sprung, then went taut as the trap sprung. He then would follow the string back to the trap, get whatever he caught, then reset the trap if it would work again or demolish the trap if it was too damaged by whatever it had caught.

When Tachine asked Acyr how many traps he had set up like that, Acyr laughed and offered to show Tachine the clearing. Intrigued at his offer, Tachine accepted, and it wasn't long before Acyr was leading her through the forest. The walk to the clearing didn't take too long. It probably hadn't even been a minute before Tachine saw the clearing. But the instant she saw the clearing, Tachine was completely startled.

She knew what to expect, of course. Acyr had already explained that she'd be seeing a tree with some lengths of string attached to its branches. What she hadn't expected was the sheer number of strings. There had to be at least a hundred lengths of string attached to that tree! Tachine could only stare in shock at the tree. "Each one is connected to a trap?"

Acyr smiled at Tachine before he nodded. "Yeah, every single one. Like these two here"

At this Acyr reached forwards and lightly strummed two taut strings. The strings let out a slight hum as they slowly came to a stop, during which Acyr finished his sentence. "Are from the trap you got caught in and the trap the man got caught in."

Tachine could only stare around in shock at the sheer number of strings, but after a few seconds she was surprised as she saw a taut string right next to those two. While she waited for Acyr to speak about it, she soon realized Acyr didn't see it and decided to point it out. "What about this string?"

When Acyr turned and looked at the string, Tachine saw Acyr flinch. "What? But I was just over there! It . . . it must have sprung within the last minute. Alright, come on."

Without another word Acyr sprinted towards the forest, running parallel with the taut string. Tachine was right behind him. As they followed the string, Tachine noticed that something seemed off about Acyr. While she understood that Acyr must have been worried about the trap breaking, it just felt like he was running a little too fast for someone worried about a trap. But as the two of them suddenly reached a break in the trees, Tachine forgot about the oddity almost immediately.

The forest was next to the ocean, apparently. There was a slight beach in between them, perhaps ten or twelve feet in length. But the ocean wasn't what caused both Acyr and Tachine to freeze in place, and it certainly wasn't what caused Acyr to cover his mouth in horror.

Acyr had caught something in his trap alright. But it wasn't a fish. It was a person. The boy looked to be about Tachine's age, maybe a year or two older. He wore a loose-fitting dark-blue shirt, along with a nice blue pair of shorts. The boy's hair was a bizarre dark-blue color and quite short, not even reaching his ear. His overall frame was skinny, and he looked to be average height. But what really got their attention was the fact that the boy was face-down in the water and wasn't moving. Around the boy's lower half was a mess of white rope.

Tachine almost felt her heart stop. The boy must have gotten tangled in Acyr's trap, and had eventually drowned. Acyr looked completely horrified, and Tachine was caught off-guard when Acyr began shouting in a panicked voice. "WHAT? But HOW? It can't be! HOW CAN SOMEONE BREATHE WHILE THEY'RE DROWNING!?"

Wait, what? Tachine immediately raced out onto the beach, and looked carefully at the boy floating just twenty feet away from shore. And she couldn't believe what she saw. The boy was face-down in the water, and yet just as Acyr had said, the boy's chest was still rising and falling. It was such a bizarre sight that Tachine had to do a double take. How could someone actually breathe while they were face-down in water?

Tachine abruptly got her answer when she noticed quite a few long tentacles coming from the boy's waist. "He's a +Anima! He can breathe underwater! Okay, crisis over."

Tachine almost laughed when she heard Acyr give a large sigh of relief as well. So at least for now, this wasn't a life-threatening situation for the boy in the water. He looked like he was unconscious, but that could have been caused by him exhausting himself while he tried to get out of the trap. What was more, one of the tentacles had actually managed to reach the shore. This was perfect, they could simply pull him right to shore and get him untangled! But as Tachine reached for the tentacle, she was surprised when Acyr immediately commanded her to stop. While startled, Tachine obeyed, although she immediately turned to face Acyr.

Something wasn't right here. She didn't know what it was, but something wasn't right here. Was it how shaken Acyr looked? No, she guessed that made perfect sense considering Acyr just thought he had killed someone by accident. What was more, this was so sudden . . . no, that just wasn't it. As such, Tachine simply asked Acyr why he told her to stop.

Acyr took a deep breath, clearly to help himself calm down. Tachine waited as patiently as she could, until Acyr finally answered. "Those are the tentacles of a box jellyfish +Anima. If you touch those, you are going to be in for a world of pain."

While Tachine didn't really believe that, she waited for Acyr to give her a better idea. When that better idea was for Acyr to pull the kid in using the rope from the trap that was still twenty feet from shore, she decided that there was still something off. "First off, he's surrounded by the tentacles. It would be more dangerous to swim out there and get tangled up, if the sting is as bad as you're trying to make it sound, than it would be to just get a slight sting on the hand. Secondly, and this is partially related to the first one, don't be a baby about it. I've been stung before, it's no big deal."

Acyr got Tachine by surprise when he flinched, but she didn't let it slow her down. As she bent down to grab the tentacle, Acyr spoke up. "What? You got stung by a box jellyfish before and just shook it off?"

Tachine rolled her eyes as she reached for the tentacle. Just before she grasped it, she spoke again to Acyr. "Actually that sting was from a bee, but a sting is a sting nonetheless."

Here's a little fun fact: the sting of the box jellyfish has been described as being branded with red-hot iron, and that's just what the scars look like.

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