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Chapter 14 – The Final Showdown

Harry screamed in rage at the loss of Draco. He spotted the tunnel in which they had taken him. The Royals had their workers tunnel around Harry's safety precautions and kidnap the one person that meant more to him than life itself. With a fury that he didn't use very often, he sent his earth elemental ability into the very mountain to make it shake. He caused craters to fall and openings to appear where they weren't before.

"I want EVERY vampire in this mountain slaughtered to the last one," he hissed. "Send word that Draco has been taken and we are going to start moving out. I want an hour break for every four that they use. This will be so that everyone can rest. Make sure that everyone is accounted for. Have more elves come from Hogwarts and get me Albus Dumbledore IMMEDIATELY. I want him here. Send Dobby or Dingo to go and get him. It's time to end this once and for all. I want my mate back and we want the heads of the Royals on pikes as of YESTERDAY. We move out in one hour."

With that, Harry sat down and closed his eyes for a few moments to make sure that he could find Draco. He knew that he had to move and fast before they bit him. Once a vampire, Draco would never be the same. As of yet, there were NO light vampires. Harry wanted his mate back and he wanted him now. Scanning the caverns, he eventually found what he was looking for. With glee on his face that scared some of his team, Harry studied the area with keen insight to detail.

The vampires were amassing in the peak of the mountain for a final showdown. They knew they were being hunted and they were determined to hold their bastion of strength at all costs. The members of Harry's group made the calls and sent Dobby for Albus. They knew that if Harry called for the older wizard that he was going to strike and strike hard.

"I want all of my Generals here with me," said Harry through gritted teeth. "These abominations have made one fatal error. They have given me the direct route to the Royals. I want Bellatrix and Hermione at my right. I want Severus and Lucius at my left. I want Albus and Dan covering my back. Have the rest of the groups do a general clean up and wipe out anything that has fangs. I will pay one galleon for each set of fangs collected. The Royals are mine to kill."

Everyone nodded as they watched a furious Harry pace back and forth. Albus arrived and Dan filled him in on what was happening. The old wizard was equally as furious as Harry was. One by one the people that Harry requested joined him. Filius also joined the group as well as all goblins in the mountain. No one approached Harry unless they had to. The only ones that could safely get to him without having their head bitten off were Severus and Filius. Oddly enough, even Dumbledore was kept back from the furious teen.

"Let's move out," hissed Harry. "You all have your orders and I expect you to carry them out efficiently and quietly. When this is all said and done, you will all have earned a well-deserved holiday. Now let's kick some vampire ass!"

Yelling in agreement, the group moved out and everyone took their places. When they entered the new tunnel, they encountered some of the vampire guards. The fighting was immense in some of these fights. The guardians were fast, angry, and very hungry. They were also very adept at what they were charged with. A few of the forces of life were injured, and taken away quickly by the elves. Two lost their lives. The more that the Forces of Life lost, the harsher Harry became in his punishments for anything that had fangs.

Soon they came to a fork in the tunnel. Harry sat and closed his eyes and waited. He knew that before long, he would either get a vision or receive one from Luna.

"Go left Harry," came the voice of Luna through their Seer link. "What you want is to the left. Both of the Royals have Draco. So far, he isn't hurt. He is terrified, but not harmed. These two vampires are extremely intelligent. They know you will come for him. The right is a diversion."

Harry thanked her and they moved on again. They met more vampires and in short work, they slaughtered each one. Harry reminded everyone to collect the fangs of those they killed so that he could reward them later. No one questioned him as the light of fury was still in his eyes.

Four hours later, they rested. Harry sat and communicated with Luna. She assured him that they were very close. It was also suggested that the goblins send in another force of one thousand to assist in the final sweep of the mountain.

"Griphook," called Harry after thanking Luna. "We need one thousand goblins to go through this mountain and close all tunnels. We don't want anything else taking up residence in this place once we are done. This is the largest stronghold for vampires in the European and Asian continents. A lot of good it would do us to wipe out this nest if another on takes its place. I would like to see the extermination of this race of beings. They have finally pushed me too far and I want vengeance. Bella, I have a nice goblin made tiara in my vault that would look nice on your head if you get more vampire fangs than I do."

"Not a problem Harry," stated Griphook before using his portkey to go back to Gringotts. He returned in an hour with one thousand fierce looking goblins. All were very ferocious looking and ready to fight. Harry nodded at both Griphook and Ragnok and turned to study the tunnel in front of him. He could hear the King of the Goblins telling his subordinates what they were to do and how to do it efficiently.

"Harry," breathed Hermione in excitement. "Can you use your earth elemental ability to collapse some of the smaller tunnels? The more tunnels we eliminate, the less maneuverability the vampires have to get around us and close us in."

Luna appeared with Madam Pomfrey and Winky at that moment. Everyone looked in surprise as Ginny came to stand in front of her mate.

"You need us here," she stated bluntly. "It's easier on Luna to be able to tell you what she sees with you in the present. She is using more energy covering the distance to talk to you. I will protect her. I am proficient in the Sun Whip Spell. We can have our trio stay near you so that we are better protected. You have all the Generals here. It should be fairly easy to keep her safe."

Harry smiled at the red headed young woman with pride in his eyes. She was a quick study and even Bellatrix and Hermione raved about her skill. Harry nodded his head and the three women and the female elf joined their group. He assigned Albus and Lucius to protect the girls at all cost. Both older wizards nodded their heads in agreement at that proclamation. They wanted to keep the Seer alive at all costs. She was a valuable asset to the British Isles.

The group all gathered together into their formation and once more moved out. They made steady progress as they destroyed any opposing force they came across. Each person was able to pull the fangs from the dead vampire and pocket them. Each knew that Harry was the richest person alive. If he was offering a reward for vampire fangs, then they were going to cash in. Harry NEVER made promises he didn't keep. His goal right now was to rescue Draco and kill the Royals. Bella was trying to kill as many as she could. She knew what tiara he was referring to, and she wanted that prize.

They moved for another four hours before calling for a halt once more. They knew they were going further up the mountain. Thanks to the vampires, they were able to get up quicker than if they were climbing. As they were making better progress, Harry let each person rest while he took Hermione's suggestion and scanned the mountain for some of the smaller tunnels and closed them off by collapsing them. This took less effort on his part as he was able to cause a chain reaction in some areas of the mountain effectively shutting down more tunnels.

"Science," said Harry grinning at some of the others as the mountain shook with his work. "By knocking out certain tunnels, I was able to collapse some of the larger tunnels. By doing that, I was able to even catch some of the vampires waiting to ambush some of our other teams."

"Very clever Harry," said Lucius. "That shows just how much Slytherin you have in you. You are indeed truly cunning, clever, intelligent, brave, and loyal all in one. This will help us immensely in the long run. Once we have this hive knocked out, we can pass on the information to other continents so that they can wipe out their own Royal nests. This will prevent another episode of them taking over the world."

"Australia is already clean," said Luna with her eyes glazed over. "The African hive is falling as we speak. South America has been cleaned. North America is still working on locating their hive. Fortunately for them, the hive is nowhere near as large as this one and will be easy to kill once they find it. We shall have to tell them to look in Colorado for the hive. That's where it's being hidden."

"Excellent news Luna girl," said Harry nodding to Dingo who popped out with that information. "Now that we know that, we can finish here and if we are needed, we can send some of you to America to assist in eliminating that threat. The more hives we wipe out, the better chance the world has of getting rid of these monsters. We don't want another dark uprising. While we know that there will be some darkness in our world, we don't want to lose sight of the light in order to have the balance that is needed for the world to live in peace."

"Once more you are speaking with a level and wise mind," assured Albus. "You are proving to everyone what a capable and intelligent leader you are. I'm glad that we are working so close together to bring life back to the planet. Our lives will be so much easier once our world recovers from this ordeal. We have so much work to do without the constant worry of looking over our backs and wondering if we are going to be attacked again."

"Time will tell just how much we are successful," assured Filius. "The more of this hive we destroy the better it will be. I would much rather the dragon handlers use this mountain for the dragons rather than the vampires using it to feed off the world."

"That might be a great idea," said Harry. "I can enlarge some of the tunnels to comfortably house the dragons. That way, they can move in without us having to worry about the vampires trying to take control again. By me closing all of the smaller tunnels, we are successfully eliminating hiding spots. By enlarging others to the size of caves and such, we can ensure that sunlight gets to some of these places easier."

"May I suggest that we move out?" asked Albus. "We do need to get to Draco and we need to kill the Royals before they hurt him or anyone else. It's bad enough that we lost a few people already from some of our other groups. We don't want to lose too many more to this ridiculous war. I want all of our teams to finish this so that we can go home."

"Then lets finish this," hissed Harry through gritted teeth. "I want this done and I want to go home. I have things I would rather do than to slaughter idiotic beings that should have known better than to piss me off. I want Draco back and I want us back in the castle so that we can work on rebuilding our community. I want those that have been hurt to be healed and made better. I also want all of these stupid beasts dead."

With that, Harry beckoned to Hermione and Bellatrix and he headed into the tunnel. The rest of the group quickly gathered their belongings and followed him into the heart of the nest. They knew that Harry was a man on a mission. Very few had his power range and very few had his drive. However, each person that was with him was someone that meant something to him. They knew he trusted them to get the job done. He wanted the heads of the Royals on a pike and he wanted their bodies burned.

The group headed further into the tunnels. Every now and then, a battle ensued and Harry would let loose with some of his elemental abilities to stop the attacks. He also periodically used his earth elemental abilities to collapse some of the tunnels. Luna was with him the entire time guiding him to where he needed to be. She knew that he needed her guidance to finish this campaign against the dark creatures. Ginny stayed by their side using her hexes and spells to keep some of the smaller vampires from sneaking up on the group. She was as observant as she was vicious when it came to protecting those that were in her care. She was competing with Bella for fangs.

"That tiara will look just a good on my head as yours," teased Ginny when asked. "Why should you get all the fun and good rewards?"

This caused all of those in the group to chuckle appreciatively. Ginny was a force that was growing by leaps and bounds when it came to decimating the dark forces. Her temper matched her hair and she used the fire that was in her to fuel her passions.

Soon enough the group made it to the summit of the mountain. They rested when they needed to and slept when they were tired. Harry and Luna would take some time every so often to check on the other groups. So far, the casualties were few. There were some losses, but for the most part, the teams were efficient and deadly in what they did against the dark forces. Remus took his werewolves and made a clean sweep of some of the groups of the vampires that were trying to put up some resistance. The goblins were just as efficient as the werewolves when it came to wiping out the pockets of defenders.

Harry stiffened as he knew he was near the entrance to the Royal chamber. He knew that beyond the next few curves in the tunnel that they would enter the chamber and come face to face with the most powerful of the vampire forces. He also knew that Draco was there as well. Harry quietly stopped the group and let Luna pass on the necessary information to the rest of the group. He centered himself and prepared to do a number of different things. With a deep breath, he turned to the group and gave the final instructions.

"Hermione, Bellatrix, Lucius, and Severus, I want you four to head right for Draco and rescue him from their clutches," he intoned in a soft voice. "Albus, Filius, Ginny, and Dingo, you are going to cover my back. Those of you with the weapons, use them at will. Be careful that you don't hit your own comrades. We want to wipe out the enemies as much as possible. Those of you that can use a wand, shield the areas as I want holes made in the mountain top for natural sunlight to flood into the nest. Others are to collapse as many entrances to the tunnels as you can so that our fanged foes can't escape from the final onslaught. If there are any of you that want to back out, now is the time. Once we go in, the only way out will be through this tunnel or the holes we make in the mountain top."

No one moved. Each person in this team was loyal to the fullest. Harry was totally in charge of this mission and they knew it. With a final nod, Harry got into position with his team members and closed the distance to the Royals.

As soon as he walked into the cavern, he was met by the attacking vampires. He knew that the four he sent after Draco would do their jobs to the best of their ability. He also knew that others would cover them until the blonde was back into the safety of the group. He also knew that once Draco was with them that he would join the fight and guard Harry's back. It was now or never for the Forces of Life on the Eurasian continent. They knew that they had to end this once and for all. The threat in their areas had to end and the nests had to be exterminated. This is what many of them had trained for.

As Harry walked in, he let loose with all of his elemental abilities. It wasn't long before fire, ice, wind, earth, and lightning was flashing around the cavern. Some of the vampires were encased in solid globes of earth or ice. In those instances, the non-magical people would use swords or other bladed weapons and decapitate the vampires so that they wouldn't escape or cause more problems for those that didn't feed on blood. In other instances, the vampires were caught in balls of flames or water and killed. Those in the flames were already dying and those that were in the water were taken care of with either a well-placed sunlight potion or a sunlight spell.

Sounds of cast spells reverberated off of the walls while explosions took place filling the cavern with sunlight. Harry was standing in the middle directing his magic to where it needed to go. He noticed that Bellatrix and her group had reached Draco and with their usual efficiency, they rescued the blond and had his wand back in his hand. With fury, the five of them rejoined the main battle and began to eliminate anything that had fangs in their mouths.

Harry watched back and forth for any sign of the Royals. He knew they were more intelligent than any vampire due to the fact that they were able to hide such a large force with no opposition for well over a year if not more. It took some time to accumulate this many vampires in once section. Harry assumed that they had been feeding off of the local wildlife as well as the yeti and other humanoid creatures in the area. At long last, Luna whispered in his mind that his targets were in front of him. He looked to where she was directing and saw both the King and Queen looking at him with something that looked like blood lust on their faces. The fighting on both sides pulled back as if some massive mental message were sent. Harry stood in the center with Draco on his right and Albus on his left.

"We shall enjoy drinking your blood," hissed the queen. "We used your mate to draw you here. You have enough magic in your blood to keep us alive for centuries. Once we clean you of blood and magic, we can concentrate on the rest of you and sustain our race for many years to come. Welcome to the last day of your life. The sun is going down and we are stronger at night."

"You may be stronger," acknowledged Harry. "That doesn't make you better. You fed on us. You caused the world to descend into darkness. Now it's time for us to take back our world from creatures of the night such as you. We will win this fight because you are like animals with no sense of self right. You also have no sense of when to quit. We have eliminated over ninety percent of the nests on the Eurasian continent. Australia and South America have over ninety seven percent clearage of any and all vampires. As you and I converse, the African continent is cleaning up the last of their nests. North America will soon be swarmed with wizards and vampire hunters to clean out its last vestiges of beasts like you."

The king hissed angrily at Harry, but Harry never lost his train of thought or control on his power. He knew that one small mistake could end his life and that of many more in his group. He could feel the other groups coming along the passages to the summit. He knew that those groups would make sure that nothing got out of this cavern that wasn't supposed to leave.

"When we are done with you, there won't be a single vampire left on the planet," stated Harry with conviction. "My team and I will ensure that we hunt out and destroy each and every vampire that we find. There will be no mercy shown to any of you as there was none shown to us when you caused the plague that you have. We will find you and make sure that none of you have teeth in your mouth or a body left to use. YOUR heads will be used as a trophy for those that want to try and take over the light. We will use all vampires AND your allies as proof that those of us that live in the life will live as they should. Your dark creatures that can't speak will be allowed to go free. They were used by you. HOWEVER, the dementors are now part of the stonework of Azkaban. Any other dementor found will be used to enhance the prisons around the world. All werewolves that want to return to the light are being allowed to do so while those of them that don't are being tested upon to find the cure."

"Where is all of this getting you?" asked the King. "We will still destroy you. You will not leave this place alive. We have more knowledge of this place than you do. We will win. The longer you stand there bragging means the less sunlight that you have to work with. We already feel stronger as the sun is descending. What are you going to do when your precious sunlight is gone and we are in OUR element?"

"The same thing that I do with all other nests," returned Harry nastily. "We will eliminate you and ensure that you die. MY personal goal is to have both of your heads, and I intend on accomplishing that today. It doesn't matter to me if the sun is up or not. WE WILL WIN. YOU WILL LOSE!"

With that, both sides of the war went into action. Harry was handed a potion by Dingo to keep his magical reserves up. From there, he let loose with everything that he had. Vampires were dying by the dozens with his onslaught. The Royals began to head towards Harry. In their minds, the prize was too much of a temptation to resist. When they headed for him, Luna called out her warning and Harry turned his attention to them with interest.

Upon seeing what the Royals were up to, Harry pulled in his magic and waited. He knew that the others were more than able to take care of themselves. They had trained for almost two years on how to attack hives and to make sure that they were proficient in their duties. Harry and the Royals circled each other. Both sides were waiting for the other to make the first move. They knew that they wanted their sides to win.

Finally the Royals moved and headed for Harry. They were met with all four of the major elements. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water blasted out of Harry and hit the two with enough power to blow holes in some of the sides of the mountain top. He lifted his right hand and encased the King in a block of ice. When he was sure that he was secure, he turned his attention to the queen. She was more formidable than the King and Harry wasn't going to make any mistakes in thinking that one small error wouldn't be the end of it for him. He watched her as she spread her wings. She was going to try and make an escape. Harry lifted his hands and closed all of the entrances off with a block of ice.

"You are NOT going anywhere," he hissed. "We are going to finish this right here and right now. We have finally found you and there is no way in hell I'm letting you out of my sight unless your head is detached from your body and in a display case."

"You are starting to tire human," she hissed right back. "I can feel your power draining from you. All I have to do is keep moving and you will eventually wear yourself out and I will feast on you. All I have to do is play the waiting game."

"HE may be running out of steam, but I'm not," stated Albus walking forward. "I have just as much animosity against you as he does. Even if I don't win, there are many others that would take my place and keep going at you until you weaken. The more WE play with you, the more YOU tire. Your subordinates are all dead or dying. Your husband is encased in ice. It's just you now. What are you going to do about that?"

With a signal behind his back, Harry gave the one signal that every witch and wizard was waiting for. As one, they lifted their wands and flooded the cavern with the Sunlight Spell. The queen shrieked in agony as she was caught in the light. While not as powerful as the actual sun, it was still enough to kill her. She fell from the ceiling where she was flying and crashed to the floor.

Harry gave the signal a second time and once more the sunlight flashed around the cavern and covered every dark corner that was there. With a quick twitch of his wand, a fiery rope flew out of his wand and circled her neck. With a pull, her head came completely off and was quickly encased in ice. The ice surrounding the King was starting to melt with the light. Harry looked at Bellatrix and Draco.

"One of you has a serious score to settle with these two," he plainly stated. "The other is the best of the best with dealing with these creatures. He is yours to play with. I want it drawn out and painful for him."

Draco and Bellatrix grinned at Harry and moved forward. They nodded to one another and soon spells were flying at the King of the vampires. He screamed in agony as they tore him apart piece by piece. Harry watched with unsympathetic eyes as the two members of the Black family summarily destroyed one of the two leaders of the vampires.

When they were done, Harry looked around to the others. He was tired and many could see the fatigue in his eyes.

"Those of you that want to stay here and clean up this mountain are more than welcome to stay," he said. "I can't tell you not to, nor will I. I want to go home and certain members of my team are coming with me. According to what I am picking up, there are still about two thousand vampires in this mountain. We still need to send teams to different parts of the world to help others eliminate their threats."

"YOUR work is done," said Albus with a gentle but firm conviction. "You have already done more than you need to. We can send help to others as THEY request it. We can still send out teams to eliminate any vampire nests that we find. For now, it's time for many of us to take a rest. Bellatrix, may I ask you to find out who wants to stay and clean out the rest of this nest? Harry needs to go home and settle into the routine of just being a leader for Scotland rather than being both leader and vampire slayer."

"I would be honored to lead the teams to finish cleaning up this mess," she assured both Harry and Albus. "The two of you go home. Between Hermione and me, we can wipe out the rest of the pests in this nest."

"I didn't know you were so poetic," smirked Harry as the others grinned or laughed. "I know you will do your utmost best to finish this. Good luck to you and happy hunting. Dingo and Dobby, I think that some of us are ready to go home. I could use a bath, some hot food, and some down time."

"You is going to get it Master Harry," said Dobby holding out his hand for Draco. "We is seeing you at home."

With that Draco and Dobby popped away. Winky grabbed Albus and they too left. Dingo grabbed Harry and Filius and popped back to Hogwarts.

Draco was given the task of explaining to everyone that was still in the castle what transpired. Harry had the elves of Hogwarts fill up his tub with hot water before he stepped in and sunk down to his chin. Hours later, Draco found him sleeping with his head in a floating device to prevent him from drowning. With a smile, Draco climbed out of his dirty clothes and joined him in the scented hot water. It wasn't long before he too was sound asleep in a floatation device to prevent him from drowning.

This was how Minerva and Narcissa found the boys later. Petunia was bringing up their dinner when she spotted the two witches. Both smiled at her and beckoned her over. She gave a smile when she saw both boys sound asleep floating peacefully in the warm water.

"I'm sure one of you can put a warming spell on this for them," she enquired. "This way, the food is there for them when they are ready. I had the elves make their favorites."

Minerva pulled out her wand and waved it over the food.

"I'll get some of our guys to come help them get out of their tub in about an hour," she assured the two women with her. "I say let them sleep for a while longer. It can't hurt anything. They are in no danger of drowning and knowing Dobby and Dingo, they have the water staying fresh for them to relax in."

Laughing the three women left their quarters and informed the men of their job for later. With a nod, the two men made it upstairs to help the boys out of the water and into bed. No one would forget that these two teens were the predominate leaders that helped stop the threat of the night creatures. Harry led by skill, democracy, and as much by doing as by saying. Draco supported his mate with every ounce of Malfoy and Black blood that he had. Everyone that lived in Harry's region knew that these two men are what kept them alive for the last two years.


One year following the takeover of Mount Everest, saw the citizens of the British Isles prospering under the banner of Harry Potter. Albus was doing well with ruling England, but he was aging fast and everyone knew that Harry would be the first total ruler of the Isles. He had the most backing and the most prestige for the spot.

Harry and Draco were married on a clear May afternoon. Many of their family and friends were there to show the love and support to the union of the two wonderful young men. It wasn't long before many other weddings took place and people were starting to prosper and flourish.

The goblins had razed many cities to the ground so that the earth could take back her spot. If the cities weren't needed, they were eliminated. Shoots of trees, farms, herds of animals, and many other things that people needed to survive was allowed to take over and replenish the earth of its natural resources.

Parties were still trained to do missions to wipe out vampire threats. Within the year of the fall of Everest, Africa and the Americas were finally free of their vampire threats. Everyone knew that there were still vampires out in the world, but they also knew that Luna and Harry would always find them and send out parties to eliminate them so that they weren't subjected to another night like the one that had happened years before.

Harry got word that Ronald was flourishing under his new name and placement in the world. He finally was able to do something useful for himself and make a life that got him the renown that he wanted when he was Ronald Weasley.

Draco and Harry waited while Luna and Ginny were pregnant for the second time. So far, Harry had a little girl with Luna and Draco had a son with Ginny. Lillian Rose Potter and Andrew Draconis Potter both came into the world kicking and screaming. Now it was Ginny who was expecting for Harry and Luna was expecting for Draco. Each knew that Ginny was carrying a boy for Harry and Luna was carrying a girl for Draco.

Two months later, Alexander James and Bethany Marie Potter were born. Both children were fawned over just as much as the previous two. Alexander had Ginny's hair and Harry's eyes and Bethany had the trademark Malfoy heritage.

Time went on. Many people came and went from the different colonies around the planet. Albus was the first to die of natural causes such as old age. He passed on the mantle of leader for his section to Harry who took it in stride. Others passed on as was the natural way of life.

Draco passed on when he was near two hundred years old. He was able to live long enough to see new cities being built to accommodate the new population growths. When he passed, many people from around the globe came to give their respects to the one man that was the pillar of strength to Harry.

A few years later, Harry was sitting in his rooms. He had long since passed on the leadership roles to his children and grandchildren. All were flourishing under their spots in what they did. With a sigh, he turned and saw members of his party waiting for him. Draco was standing there with Tom, Albus, Minerva, Severus, and his parents. What made Harry the happiest was seeing Lily and James waiting there for him with the rest, and with Sirius grinning by their sides. With that, Harry knew it was his turn to go. With a smile on his face, he went down to his favorite place near the Great Lake by Hogwarts. While sitting there in the spring sun, he fell asleep. His great grandson found him there a few hours later with a happy smile on his face. In Harry's hand was a letter.

My love and my family tell me it's time for me to join them in the next adventure of my life. I know that I'm leaving my legacy in good hands as many will remember that even though the dark took over, that life preserved. Blood status turned into something of a myth as everyone with magic mingled and married those that didn't and so forth. It is with a happy thought that I can look back and know that I made a difference in the world. We will all be watching out over you all. I love you all, but now is my time to go.

Lots of love

Harry James Potter