By: Karen B.

Summary:. E/O 100-word challenge. Word: Line. Season Seven spoiler warning for 7.17

Disclaimer: Not the owner.

Rock on Supernatural!


Dean bent far over Sam, weaving in and out of his line of vision, snapping his fingers.

No response.

"Dude, come on," he said softly, lightly tapping a cheek.

Sam barely blinked.

Dean's cheek tapping turned into heavy smacks, his soft voice to screaming.


"Sam! Don't do this." He clamped his hands down onto Sam's shoulders and like a Great White, shook the hell out of him.

Hell wouldn't budge, and Sam's spiraling downfall only seemed to deepen.

Dean straightened. "Sammy, don't worry. If I have to dive to the bottom of hell's dumpster, I will bring you back."