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I just wanted to point that out so others won't think that I ditched Roomies.

It really is stupid of me to start yet ANOTHER story when I haven't finished the others yet. Especially since I can't find the time to update or write new chapters. However, I just needed a break from those other stories. I keep trying to juice out ideas and it's totally frying my brain. I'm working on the new chapter of Roomie & Marceline's Date (the latter is harder because I go with the flow, and right now the flow is constipated bro).

Here is a story that I wanted to get off of my chest. I finished reading "Spanking Shakespeare", and boy did that give me inspiration!

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Living the life of a fearless adventurer isn't easy. Okay, so maybe I'm not exactly an adventurer…yet. Oh and maybe I do have just a couple of fears, but that's beside the point. Right now, I have to make a decision that can affect both my reputation and my life; pursuing the girl of my dreams.

Yeah, maybe she is kind of out of my league. Fine, maybe she's really out of my league... Let's just say if she was in Major League baseball, I just wouldn't be playing all together. Yeah, that's how much better she was than me. I know I really didn't have any hope with her, but her being all sweet and junk just keeps rekindling the flame that persistently blows out. If she was a Princess, I'd be a guard. I'm not even good enough to be a butler or maid. Although the jobs are still poor, at least I'd get to be around her, but no. I'm stuck standing at the front door of the glorious castle she'd be sure to stay in. Glob, I am a helpless case.

Who's this girl that's got me coming up with horrible metaphors and comparisons? Cue the drum roll please. No drum roll? Okay, guess I'll just spit it out then. Bonnibel Peebles. Bonnibel Peebles is the object of my affection, and because of this my years in high school will be horrible.

-Marshall Lee-

"Unfortunately today, you'll be writing an essay. Don't get swamped until you hear the prompt. I just wanna know your life and how it goes!" Marshall Lee's suspected psychotic English teacher, Mr. Goose explained in rhymes. Most of the kids groaned and bombarded Mr. Goose with questions, asking him to make himself clearer. Marshall Lee understood what Mr. Goose wanted; an autobiography of current events. He already had in mind what he wanted to write, so he got down to business. He had wanted to get this off his chest forever, and this prompt would do just that. Without planning ('cause planning was for uptight sissies), he began writing:

My name is Marshall Lee, although most of the ladies only call me Marshall. I'm mad hot, extremely charming and my personality is out of this world. Because of all of this, every girl loves me…well except one. This exception mocks my whole existence. While every other girl fawns over my jokes and laughs uncontrollably, she scoffs at me and rolls her eyes. I'm pretty funny. No, no, I'm extremely hilarious. For some odd reason the glares and attitude from this one girl pissed me off to no end. What have I done to her? Why does she hate me? These questions kept me up countless nights, and I've yet to come up with any answers. So now in search for said answers, I've gotten to know her; from a distance of course. The girl can barely stand to be around me let alone talk to me. I had to find out some way (no I was not stalking!).

So as my constant surveillance of her continued, I've noticed small things, like how her cute little nose scrunches up when she's near the color orange. I once heard her say how much she hates orange "just 'cause it was a knock off red." I also noticed how much she hates being corrected, such as when someone informed her that orange was actually made out of red. I noticed how she always pushes her hair out of the way even though it cascades right back to where it was like a puppy that kept coming back for attention. I found out who her best friend was (Bonnibel Peebles) and her love of Rihanna. I found out how she sings under her breath when she thinks no one is listening. I learned of her failed relationship with Ash, and her disgust of him. As time went by and as I became interested in every little thing she did, I began to notice something about myself. My name is Marshall Lee, although most of the ladies call me Marshall, and I may totally be in love with Marceline.

Marshall Lee reread his passage over and over, debating whether he should turn his confession in or not.

"No, no, no." he thought as he erased the confession quickly. After that, he put his pencil up to his mouth, deep in thought. Yeah, Marshall wrote, but never some deep crap like that. He was funny, and funny he was. He never tried to take life too seriously, and that confession he just wrote was doing just that. So yeah, maybe he has come in tune to his feelings, but he still had no idea to approach Marceline. The girl couldn't stand his guts. How would she react to a full out love confession? Love was for wussies anyways. Marshall smirked as an idea came in mind.

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, I was in love with this girl. Second, something I did –that I have no recollection of—caused her to hate me. Third, I'm positively and absolutely sure that this line is so overused.

-Marshall Lee

"This is going to be an interesting year." Marshall thought as he reread his new confession.

I hope you liked it honey boo boos.

Gahh I'm digging this story right now.. I just gotta figure out a title for it!

Since Roomies is my baby, it needs to be taken for a nap (metaphorically speaking). This right here is my little toddler and he needs to be watched constantly. It Couldn't Get Worse is the rebellious teenager who just won't act right! Marceline's Date is the unwanted child who's just left in the corner to die.