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Summary: Charlotte Sands lived in Portland for a few months and works for a small newspaper as a journalist. With a string of murders happening recently, she is not only the next victim in this case but she somehow manages to catch the eye of a certain Grimm detective.

Pairing: Nick/OC

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Chapter 1

"Hurry up I was supposed to drop this off awhile ago," Alexia Peterson said.

"I'm coming and besides I can't help it I hate the cold," Charlotte Sands grumbled.

"It'll be in and out I promise," she said.

Charlotte could only roll her eyes as they walked up the street. Charlotte is only 5'6 tall with blonde/brown hair mixed in together. She had a mix of blue-grey eyes and her hair was shoulder length with side bangs on the right side of her face. She works for a small newspaper in Portland for almost two years now.

She and Alexia, mostly known as Alex became friends when she moved here three years ago for her internship at the paper. They instantly clicked and acted like sisters more than friends. Alexia works for the police department as another homicide detective during the day and today was her day off. However, Alexia had a hunch it wouldn't last since she was called in today while the girls were having a shopping day. She has shoulder length blonde hair with a hint of hazel/green eyes and was the same height as Charlotte.

"Okay, here we are;" Alexia said.

Both girls walked into the police department and headed inside. Charlotte shook her hair that was wet from the rain that was coming down. They headed up the few flights of stairs before they reached the floor.

"I'll wait here," Charlotte told her friend.

"Okay, I won't be long, I promise," she said.

Charlotte nodded as she sat on a bench nearby. She let her eyes roam the hallway as she looked around the room. She twitched her lips as she stared at the ground while she waited. Her black boots were tapping lightly on the floor as time passed either slowly or quickly she couldn't tell.

"Done," Alexia's voice said, making her jump a bit.

"That was quick," Charlotte noted.

"Yeah well, I did have to point out some things that didn't make sense to this case," she said.

"What's it about?"

"Going all journalist mode I see."

"Hey, I can't help it. Part of the job, remember?" Charlotte said.

"Well, the case is about a young man who was found by the river a few days ago. Supposedly, he was a victim along with a string of other murders," Alex replied.

"Strange," she said.

"Tell me about it," Alex said.

The girls headed outside and they walked down the street. Charlotte couldn't help but have a chill going through her body. It's karma she guessed coming back to her when she decided on wearing leggings, boots, and a dark black and white plaid shirt along with her jacket.

"Hey, you alright?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, of course I am why wouldn't I be?"

"Well for one thing, you look nervous or anxious, I can't even tell," she said.

"It's just my next assignment I have to do for work. Staying overnight in the woods for twenty four hours to see if anything happens in those woods," Charlotte said.

"Weren't you supposed to be writing about the murders?" Alex asked.

"That's my next assignment I'm afraid. Besides, I don't think that nothing to worry about you should know and you better not worry about it," she said.

"Nah, no worries," Alex said, waving it off dismissively. "It's just that you're going to be out there by yourself, I don't know if that's a good idea I'm sorry but it's a cop instinct feeling you know how it is."

"Don't worry, nothing's going to happen," she said.

Charlotte got home later that evening and she locked the door for the night. She looked around as she tossed her bags on the couch in the living room as she slipped her boots off. She put on the TV and decided to head into the kitchen.

When Charlotte got into the kitchen, she was going over to the fridge when she heard a creaking noise. She stopped short as she stood frozen in her spot. The noise continued to creak as she looked around slowly.

"H-Hello?" she called out.

She didn't hear anything after that. Her breathing became heavier as she wasn't convinced herself that whatever that noise was, it wasn't going to go away.

Charlotte decided to grab something nearby and take a look around her house. She didn't want to call the police yet. Not if there was nothing to worry about.

Reaching for the baseball bat she kept nearby, Charlotte started to walk slowly around her house. She first checked the outside of her house and saw nothing. Then she made her way back inside the house and explored the rooms carefully. She took extra caution when she looked in the closets.

"Just a figment of your imagination," she said to herself.

She was about to head downstairs when she heard a loud crash coming from her living room. She gasped as she heard something on her steps. She looked around and grabbed the house phone quickly before locking herself in a nearby lien closet.

Charlotte took calming breaths before she dialed a number and waited for someone to pick up.

Alex sighed as she tossed a bunch of folders on Nick's desk. She couldn't get a weird feeling that was going through her body off. It could be intuition but she had a bad feeling something was going to happen but wasn't so sure what.

"Anything troubling you?" he asked.

"I can't find anything, "she replied.

"Is that it or is there something else bothering you?"

Alex sighed before she sat on the edge of the desk. "It's just that Charlotte is prepping to go out of town on assignment and I know she's my best friend and she can take of herself, I just have a weird feeling," she replied.

"Maybe she just left. I'm sure whatever it is, she can call you or one of us," he said.

"You're right, but I don't think she hasn't met any of you," Alex said. Her cell phone started to ring and she excused herself to answer it. When she saw who it was, she stepped away from the desk and picked up.

"Char, I thought you left," she said.

"Well, not exactly. Alex, I think something's in my house."

"Did you get a good look?" she asked as she flashed Nick a worried look.

"No, I'm in my closet."

"We're on our way, stay put," Alex said as she hung up.

"What is it?" Nick asked.

"We got to go. Get Hank and the other cop cars there, something's happening at Char's house," Alex replied as she ran out of the station.

When they got there, they saw nothing out of the ordinary on the outside. Alex, Nick and Hank moved quickly towards the house and knocked on the door. When Nick pushed the door open, they could see a smashed vase, a coffee table flipped over with magazines on the floor, a lamp on the floor in pieces and the TV was still on.

"What the hell?" Hank asked.

"I'm checking the kitchen," Alexia said.

"Char? Charlotte?" Alexia called out as she ran into the kitchen.

"I'm checking upstairs," Nick said.

He ran upstairs with a gun in his hand. He looked around to see if there was anything or anyone in the house that was probably hiding or already left the scene of the crime.

"Hello?" Nick called out as he looked through the rooms.

"Is anyone there?" a faint voice asked.

Nick ran over to the lien closet and opened the door. He saw a girl with a panicked look on her face. There were scratches on her face and her shirt sleeve was ripped with another huge scratch on her arm. He couldn't believe this happened to someone so pretty like her.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I don't know, I tried to fight them off I really did," Charlotte said, in a panicked voice.

"We're going to the hospital, you're going to be fine," he said as he helped her up.

Charlotte didn't know what to do or say when the dark haired man helped her. All she knew was that she couldn't get those vicious red eyes out of her head.

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