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Chapter 1

It had been three months since I had seen Edward. Three painful months in which I tried everything to keep from merely thinking his name. God knows I tried everything to keep the pain at a minimum. Charlie was too wary to try to get me to do anything, so I was left to myself.

One particularly rainy morning I made breakfast for Charlie like always. He had always been a simple man, but for our mutual benefits I made pancakes. He mocked a groan, hoping for anything—just a reaction of any kind—from me, but there was nothing. He ate quickly without complaint, then looked at me carefully before he walked out the door.

"Please, Bella. Do something today, anything. For me." I avoided his gaze and walked upstairs. Charlie sighed and left quietly.

But his words rang true, and they hit home. I hadn't truly done anything since Edward had left me broken in the forest. Sure, I had kept my grades up; in fact, they were higher than they had ever been. But even I felt like I was overcompensating. The entire house was meticulously clean.

As I walked up the stairs, I began panicking. I really didn't have anything to do today, and idleness would just make me think of him. I threw open the door to my room in search of something to occupy myself with and, in my hurry, tripped over a loose board in the floor and hit my head on the corner of my bed, knocking myself out.

When I awoke, it was dark. Blood pooled around my head and I smelled it with unfaltering certainty, the stench pounding through my brain and causing me to roll over and promptly empty my stomach all over my bedroom floor, sick mixing revoltingly with blood on the hardwood.

And then I heard Charlie's arrival. The slam of the front door brought a shred of sanity back into my bleeding head.

"Bells? What's for dinner? Do I need to go to the diner?"

I was too weak to answer him. I pleaded silently in my head. Please, Daddy. Please help me.

He hung up his belt and clomped up the stairs. Through my pain-filled haze, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. He had forgotten to take his boots off. Again.

"Bells?" He had reached my door and, seeing the light off, pushed it open. He stepped forward but quickly stopped when he stepped in a puddle of wetness. He instantly turned the light on and saw the small pool of blood around my head. "BELLA! Oh my God!"

I struggled to stay conscious while Charlie called an ambulance. They were at the house quickly, and I screamed and retched again when they lifted me from the ground onto a stretcher. My blood began to stain the sheets. I watched wearily as the paramedics worked at a frantic pace. It couldn't be that bad, could it? I had only hit my head.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was unloaded quickly. Yelling voices swirled around me, disturbing my peace of mind and filling it with a pounding pain. I cried out.

The last thing I saw before I succumbed to unconsciousness was the familiar aged face of Dr. Gerandy. I had never seen him look so concerned.

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