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June (two months later)

Somewhere in between Blaine being released from the hospital, the joy surrounding him in Ohio, and the lack of desire to leave Kurt's family so soon, Blaine was able to convince Kurt—Burt and Carole were more than happy to back him up—to stay with his parents in Lima for the summer. No, Lima wasn't New York. They couldn't take daily trips to Central Park or spontaneous walks to get frozen yogurt, but Lima was where their family was. It didn't take much convincing once Kurt was reminded of just how much more time he would be able to spend around his quickly-growing niece. The only thing that was affected was their now nearly-nonexistent sex life.

Neither of them had any more obligations—Kurt had officially turned his uniform back into the airport shortly after he and Blaine made their way home from the hospital, and Blaine, as promised, had his office completely cleared out by the following Monday—which allowed them to be completely free for the summer. Blaine had enough money saved from his years working for the company that he didn't need to find a summer job to help them get by. He was able to provide for Kurt as well. For all he cared, Kurt could sit at home every day eating his fancy organic sandwiches and skip out on going back to work at all, but he knew Kurt wasn't one who would settle for that. Kurt deserved to be on Broadway, and Broadway is where he would be.

Being a co-owner of a rather popular insurance company resulted in the constant flow of money rolling into Blaine's bank account. They had officially started planning the trip to France that they had agreed on months earlier.

"Maybe we should wait to go to France for our honeymoon. Instead, we could travel across the country and finally start crossing frozen yogurt shops off of our places-to-eat-that-will-surely-make-us-gain-weight-but-that's-okay-because-we-love-each-other-just-the-way-we-are list," Kurt suggested one day as they sat on his bed and looked through various travel book such as the Eyewitness Travel Guide: France, Graham Watson's Tour de France Travel Guide, and In Love in France: A Traveler's Guide to the Most Romantic Destinations in the Land of Amour

"No," Blaine shook his head and tossed the book he'd just finished looking through to Kurt.

"Why not?"

"Because," rather than picking up another book, Blaine crawled across the bed towards Kurt and pushed him down into the array of carefully placed decorative pillows, "on our honeymoon, we'll be too busy having sex to enjoy the city." Blaine moved to bite at Kurt's neck as he gracefully crawled on top him.

"Blaine, we can't do this here."

"I beg to differ. Your parents went to dinner with Finn and Rachel. They won't be home for a few hours." Blaine shoved the books off of the side of the bed without a care where they landed and leaned in for another kiss.


"Are you sure you have everything?" Kurt peeked inside of the small bad Blaine was carrying and mentally crossed off his list. "You have your money, right?"

"Kurt," Burt stepped forward, "he doesn't need money. This entire day is on me."

"Yeah, I mean, it's cool that you're coming along, dude. It's like a guy's day at the field." Finn shoved a few chips into his mouth and Blaine chuckled. He wasn't sure he'd ever seen Finn go more than thirty minutes without eating something.

"Oh!" Kurt twirled around to face Blaine again. "What about sunscreen? You need that. I'll just run upstairs and-"

"Stop, love." Blaine reached his hand out to Kurt's elbow. "I don't burn. You can stop worrying about me, okay? I promise I have everything you told me to take."

"Okay. Well, have fun. I'll see you tonight." Kurt gave a Blaine a quick kiss goodbye before ushering them out the front door and into the summer heat. "I love you!" he called out.

"I love you, too!" the three men yelled back in unison, causing Kurt to giggle a bit. Having three men in his life who he knew he could count on for anything made him feel like the luckiest man in the world.

"These seats are awesome!" Finn exclaimed.

"Yeah, you can practically see the players' freckles. Plus, number forty-seven has a nice ass," Blaine smirked and stuck a nacho into his mouth.

Burt snorted beside him as Finn's face flushed. "I… uh, yeah. Um, wanna pass me the drinks?"

Blaine decided not to embarrass Finn any further and did as asked.

"So do you know when you're going to do it yet?" Burt randomly asked.

It didn't take long for Blaine to catch on to what he was asking. Finn on the other hand, was completely clueless. "Do what?"

"I want the moment to be perfect. I've had the ring with me since the doctor gave it back, but the timing hasn't seemed right."

"You, um, haven't changed your mind, have you?" Burt asked with a mix of caution and curiosity.

"What? No way. If anything, I want to marry him more than I ever have. I just want it to be special. Something he'll remember and want to tell our kids someday."

"Wait, are you proposing, too?" Finn asked, still out of the loop.

"Wait, too?" Burt turned towards his son.

"Oh, um… nothing. Never mind." Finn turned away and focused his attention to where the players were beginning to practice.

"Finn," Burt drew out his name.

"Rachel would like, banish me to a tent in the back yard without food or something, dude, and Kurt would probably skin me alive."

"What is so bad that your own brother would kill you?" Blaine laughed to himself.

"You're dating him. You should know how he gets if something doesn't go as planned." Blaine shrugged in agreement.

"Finn, just tell us. Blaine wants to propose to Kurt, so if something is going on, I think he deserves to know."

"So he is proposing," Finn attempted to change the subject but once again failed.

"Finn, please just tell me," Blaine began to beg, and Finn suddenly understood Kurt's description of the puppy dog eyes.

"I don't want to ruin anything!" But Finn took one look at Bert's stern expression and continued. "Fine. Kurt didn't go shopping with Mom and Rachel today. The three of them are setting up a nice dinner for him and Blaine. Mom suggested that you take her to that fancy restaurant again, the one Blaine gave you gift certificates for, because Kurt wanted the house to himself tonight." Finn turned his attention to Blaine. "He… He was thinking about proposing to you tonight."

Blaine's eyes went wide and his mouth suddenly became dry. Kurt had never mentioned proposing before, only being proposed to. Although Blaine had thought of a million unoriginal, silly yet romantic ways to propose, he suddenly found himself looking forward to seeing all of the clichés Kurt was sure to put into his own proposal. The ring he'd been carrying around for weeks no longer seem important. Being proposed to was suddenly something Blaine wanted more than anything.

"Are you okay over there?" Finn questioned with a hint of worry.

Blaine shot out of his seat. "I need to go. I need to go see Kurt."

Burt grabbed hold of his arm and pulled Blaine back into the seat. "Whoa there, Bud. The game hasn't even started. Just wait until it's over and then we'll take you home to see him, okay?"

Blaine nodded hesitantly. "How did you not know about this? Kurt tells you everything."

"They were afraid he would let it slip. Kurt knows how close the two of you have become since your dad left the picture."

"I guess they didn't think about keeping you out of the loop as well," Blaine snorted. He turned his attention to the game that was beginning to start, but no matter what he did, he couldn't focus on anything but the thought of Kurt.

Blaine was more than anxious to get home once the game was over, and he barely gave Finn and Burt time to see the final score before rushing them to the car. Traffic would only slow them down, of course, so being one of the first to leave would be the best solution. Finn rolled his eyes at Burt, who just laughed and followed closely behind Blaine. Burt had to admit that he like Blaine's enthusiasm when it came to his son. It was all the more reason to believe the two would be linked for life, and that time didn't matter when it came to two people who were as in love as Kurt and Blaine.

Blaine couldn't keep still during the ride home. His leg was constantly moving up and down—at least until Burt placed a gentle hand on his knee to get him to calm down—his fingers were drumming along the window, and his eyes darted every which way possible.

After what seemed like hours to Blaine—really just a thirty-five minute car ride—Burt finally pulled the car into the driveway. Blaine didn't give Burt or Finn a chance to say anything before he darted to the door and swung it open (he had passed the point of knocking a few weeks into their summer vacation).

"Kurt?" he called out, searching in every room and peeking his head around every corner? "Kurt, are you in here?"

"Hey! Hey, I'm right here." Kurt rounded the corner from the kitchen, drying his hands with a towel and stepped in front of Blaine. He gave him a quick kiss before pulling away. "You guys are home early. How was the game?"

"Hi." Blaine captured Kurt's lips again. "I love you." Another kiss. "I missed you."

Kurt giggled. "Did something happen at the game? You didn't get put on the kiss cam with Finn did you?"

"Ha ha. Very funny. I'd rather kiss you."

"Well, no one's stopping you," Kurt smirked and allowed Blaine to pull him close and reattach their lips.

"Something smells good," Blaine mumbled.

"That's dinner. I hope you didn't fill up on concession stand food." Kurt turned away and began making his way into the kitchen with Blaine following close behind.

"I didn't eat much of anything, actually. I was too anxious."

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "Anxious about what?"

"Just… the game," Blaine fibbed.

"That's silly. You knew they were going to win."

"I know, but that doesn't make it any less stressful."

Kurt strolled over with a spoonful of something Blaine didn't recognize. "Open."

Blaine took spoon into his mouth and internally melted at the taste. "Oh my gosh, Kurt. That is delicious."

"Yeah?" Kurt grinned, happy to have Blaine's approval. "It's a recipe I've been meaning to try for awhile, and I decided tonight would be the perfect time. I wanted to have everything done and set up by the time you got home, but Rachel had to leave because Elizabeth was getting fussy, and Carole went with her to get ready for tonight."

"It's okay, sweetheart. I'll be happy to help. What can I do?"

"You can take the plates and silverware outside and set them on the table if you'd like." Blaine watched Kurt move around the kitchen for a few minutes, in awe of the flawless way he carried himself from one place to the next, before picking the plates up. Just before he made it to the back door, Kurt caught up to him with a tray of the pasta he'd been making and two wine glasses. "Okay, we're ready now."

Blaine leaned over to kiss his cheek before nudging the door open. Once he stepped outside and looked up, he nearly dropped everything in his hands. He knew Carole had recently renovated their backyard, but he'd never seen it lit up at night. There were candles lining the short stone path leading to a small patio and quiet music filled the yard. The large table was removed from the middle of the patio and replaced by a smaller table and two chairs, perfect for a dinner for two. The beauty of everything surrounding him—the freshly-cut grass, the vibrant green plants, and the romantic ambiance—only helped to make him more nervous for what he believed was to come later on.

Blaine didn't realize he'd zoned out until a warm body moved close to his side. "Do you like it?"

"Kurt, this… this is too much."

"Come on. Let's go sit before our food gets cold."

They made their way to the table where a bottle of wine sat chilling in an ice bath and Kurt lit the candle in the middle. Blaine didn't have the chance to pull his chair out before Kurt was there doing it for him.

"Why, thank you, sir," Blaine beamed.

"My pleasure." Kurt distributed some of the pasta on each plate and poured two glasses of wine before taking his own seat. "So," he began, leaning forward, "I have some important news to tell you."

"Really?" Blaine was intrigued. "Do tell."

"Well, you know how I sent an audition tape in to that new musical opening in the fall?"

"The one I helped you record last month?"

"Yes, that's the one. Well, I gave up on the part because I hadn't heard anything back from them, but they called me earlier today." Kurt bit his lip to hold back a smile and Blaine leaned forward. "They said that they loved how unique my voice was and as long as I can come audition in person, the part is mine!"

"Kurt, that's outstanding! I knew you could do it!" Blaine shot out of his seat to give Kurt a bone-crushing hug before turning back to his food.

"It's just a small part, but it's a start! I'll have one solo, and I'll be doing what I should have done years ago!"

"I'm beyond proud of you. I hope you know that." Blaine reached across the table to take Kurt's hand. It was a little difficult to cut their pasta like that, but neither one of them wanted to let go.

"I couldn't have done it without you. You never gave up on me."

"I never will."

They finished the rest of their meal and moved on to the dessert Kurt had stashed in the house (raspberry lemon cheesecake). Once finished, Kurt stood and pushed in his chair before extending his hand to Blaine.

"May I have this dance?"

"I'd be honored." Blaine stood and wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist, burying his face in Kurt's collar.

"Is it okay if I become sappy on you?"

"A little sap can be good."

"I just want to thank you for everything you've given me these past few months."

Blaine pulled back just enough to look at Kurt. "What do you mean?"

"You came into my life when I least expected it. I wasn't looking for a boyfriend. Someone to fall in love with. Someone to be goofy with. Someone who would make me feel like a teenager again. I'd convinced myself I was content. I had a steady job, and I kept in touch with my family. I was in New York, somewhere I'd been dreaming about for years. But then you came along, and you changed everything.

"You bumped into me that day, and it's like nothing else mattered anymore. You became my entire world, and as scary as that seems, I love it. You made me feel special and wanted. You were the one who taught me how love could feel, and what it's like to be able to see a future that includes more than just me. You were everything I never thought I wanted. You're intelligent and compassionate and romantic."

"I think you're the romantic one," Blaine interrupted and looked all around the backyard. "I mean, look at this. I could never compete with what you've done." The music was still playing softly in the background; it had changed to a new song, something Blaine didn't recognize, but it was still more romantic than anything he could have chosen.

"But you did, Blaine. You made my first Valentine's Day I shared with someone else something special. You made Valentine's Day what it is supposed to be. You showed me how much you loved me. You cared for me. You did everything possible to make sure I had a wonderful time, when all it really would have taken is snuggling up on the couch with you while we watched Bewitched reruns and ate takeout.

"Did you know that I still get butterflies every time I see you? I still feel shivers running through my entire body when you kiss me. I still uncontrollably smile when your name pops up on my phone. I feel like a love-sick teenager, but I don't care. Maybe that's how I know this is so right. You're everything to me.

"You are the banana to my split." Blaine's laugh cut Kurt off and they both took a few seconds to smile at one another. "You laugh now, but just wait. It's going to get a lot cheesier." Kurt wound his arm tighter around Blaine. "You are the stripes to my zebra. You're the sparkle in my eye and the light of my life. You're the stars in my night sky and the milk to my cookies, You're the harmony to my melody. You are the fire to my fly and the prince to my charming. Blaine, you are the beat of my heart," Kurt let out a shaky breath as he lowered himself on one knee in front of Blaine, "and the love of my life. You're my best friend, my lover, my soul mate. You're someone I never want to live without. I want to wake up next to you every single day for the rest of my life. I want that happily ever after with you, and I know it's possible. I want our forever, so, Blaine, will you make me the happiest man alive and become my husband? Will you marry me?"

Blaine nodded and barely got out a "yes" before tears started falling from his eyes, almost making his vision too blurry to see Kurt's wet cheeks, too. Blaine pulled him up for a kiss and felt Kurt sliding a ring on his finger. There were many ways he had imagined one could propose. There could be hidden rings or romantic restaurants; grand gestures or exotic locations. But what he had here with Kurt was far beyond any dream he could ever have for his own proposal. It didn't matter that they were at home; they didn't have a well-known chef cooking their meal; that the ring wasn't hidden in a glass of champagne or popping out of a flower. What mattered was the love that they shared and the intimacy of the moment. Apart from one thing, Blaine couldn't have asked for anything more in that moment.

Blaine pulled away, his lips instantly aching to reattach themselves to Kurt's. "I have one question for you."

"What is it?" Kurt's rubbed his thumb across Blaine's cheek and brushed away a few of the tears.

Blaine reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring he'd been carrying with him, holding it up for Kurt to see. "I found this ring in a little shop in L.A. and thought it was perfect for you. I've been carrying it around with me for months waiting for the right moment to ask you to accept it, but it looks like you beat me to it, and I wouldn't have it any other way." His eyes moved to the ring on his left hand. It was then that he noticed the small infinity symbol etched into the ring and chuckled. "Our forever?"

Kurt nodded. "Yes. I thought it was perfect."

"It is." Blaine held the ring he'd purchased for Kurt in the palm of his hand and Kurt gasped when he noticed the infinity symbol etched onto the one Blaine was holding. It was slightly different, but the resemblance was shocking. "I guess we had similar thoughts."

"I guess we did."

Kurt rested their foreheads together and they were so close he swore he could hear Blaine's heart beating through his chest. "Kurt, will you accept this ring so we can begin our forever?"

"I would love to." Blaine slid the ring onto Kurt's finger and smiled at how incredible it looked on him.

They continued dancing to the slow music in the background, occasionally sharing kisses, but mostly just enjoying being wrapped in each other's arms. They were content to feel their hearts beating against each other, somehow synchronized as if this new chapter of their life combined them, making them a single entity.

"You knew, didn't you?" Kurt broke the silence with a smile.

"Finn let it slip, but even if he hadn't, I still would have known. Deep down, this is what I've always wanted."

"Thank you for swinging that door open and dumping my coffee on me."

"Thank you for agreeing to go out with me after I swung the door open and dumped coffee on you."

"I don't think my heart let me have much of a choice."

"Tonight has been perfect, Kurt. Thank you for making this something special."

"It's not over yet. We have the house to ourselves tonight and there's a surprise waiting for us upstairs." Kurt grabbed Blaine's hand and slowly led him inside.


The weeks after their engagement went by entirely too quick and before they knew it, Kurt and Blaine found themselves back in New York. They'd ultimately decided to end the lease on Kurt's apartment—it was far too small to accommodate Kurt and his massive wardrobe, let alone Blaine and his many possessions—and upgrade Blaine's one-person apartment to a suite that was a bit larger but still in the same complex. It easily held the two of them, and the new apartment was a place they could see themselves beginning their lives as not two people, but a couple destined to be with one another for the rest of their lives.

"Blaine, you will do fine. The kids already love you." Kurt straightened his fiancé's bowtie and turned him around, nudging him towards the front door.

"What if that's not enough? What if I suck at being a teacher? What if I can't take care of the kids? What if one of them gets a bloody nose or a paper cut or they have some kind of crisis and breakdown? What if-"

Kurt placed a finger against Blaine's lips, effectively silencing him. "First of all, they're not fourteen, they're four. The biggest crisis they'll have is misplacing a toy or having to wait for snack time."

"Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about snacks!" Blaine shrieked.

"No, you didn't. We put goldfish and juice boxes in the cabinet the other day, remember?" Kurt had gone with Blaine the previous week to make the small space Blaine had rented out a bit more kid-friendly. Posters of cartoon characters were tacked onto the walls, tables and chairs were brought in, cubbies were lined along the wall, and school supplies were purchased for each student. Kurt thought getting everything settled in advance would ease Blaine's worries, but he'd clearly been wrong.

"Secondly, I've seen you with Carla. You don't have to worry about not knowing what to do. This is just your nerves speaking. So," Kurt leaned forward slightly, just enough to peck at Blaine's lips, "don't let some silly apprehension keep you from enjoying your first day as New York's newest, finest, best preschool teacher, okay?"

"I only have eight kids, and Carla is one of them."

"You aren't in it for the money or the attention, though. You're doing this because it's what you want to do."

"Will you come with me?"

"Sweetie, I would love to, but I have to be at practice in thirty minutes."

"Right. You're a big Broadway star now."

"Now quite. The show doesn't even open until next month. I'll be home for dinner, though, so be thinking about what you want me to make." Kurt began inching them towards the front door. "I love you, and just relax today, okay? You'll do wonderful."

"I love you, too." Blaine gave him one last kiss before descending the stairs of their apartment.


By the time Kurt's opening night rolled around, Blaine was a well-loved preschool teacher to an additional four students. According to the parents of his new students, he came highly recommended. Each of his original eight students loved their first day of preschool with Mr. Blaine so much they couldn't stop talking about him for days. So, when four more students asked to be a part of his class, Blaine knew it was better late than never.

Having twelve students, twelve little lives to watch after and take care of from eight to twelve every Monday through Friday, would have terrified Blaine at one time. However, he loved his job and couldn't imagine a better way to spend his mornings. He'd fallen in love with each child, and the joy they emitted when they learned something new was infectious. He loved their desire to learn and grow, and he saw a little bit of his younger self in each one of them.

Now wasn't the time to be thinking about the children or tomorrow's lesson plan or work at all because it was finally the night he would see his fiancé being the next hit Broadway Star.

"Excuse me, I need to see your pass before you're allowed backstage." A rather hefty body guard stepped in front of Blaine when he tried to walk through the set of double doors leading to the dressing rooms.

"My fiancé is in the show. I was just going to wish him good luck before it starts."

"No pass, no entry," the man said again, rather forcefully.

"He's with me, Robert." Kurt slipped out from behind a curtain and pulled Blaine past the bodyguard and into a dressing room about halfway down the hallway.

"Remind me to ask for a pass before we leave tonight." Blaine closed the door behind them and held up the small bouquet of Daisies for Kurt. "These are for you."

Kurt smiled down at the pure, white flowers in Blaine's hands and took hold of them. "You remembered my favorite flower."

"A few things stick."

"Thank you. They're beautiful and they'll look wonderful on my vanity." Kurt sat them down in front of his lit up mirror and turned back to Blaine. "I can even dry them and keep them here until they kick me out of the show."

"Or I can keep bringing you fresh flowers instead."

Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck. "Not if you can't get backstage," he winked.

"I think you can fix that."

Kurt swiveled around and rummaged through a drawer, pulling out a lanyard. "Ahah! I found it." He held it out for Blaine to take. "Next time Robert or anyone else gives you any trouble, just show them this. I meant to give it to you last night, but things have been a little hectic and I forgot."

"This would have been nice to have." Blaine slipped it around his neck. "Thank you."

"So, I would be happy to keep you back here with me, but you're a tad distracting, love. Would you mind taking your seat in the front row so I can finish getting ready?"

"Only if I can give you a good luck kiss first."

"That much is expected." Kurt captured Blaine's lips in his own and the two shared a passionate kiss, one that was a little too short for either one of them to be content, but necessary if Blaine ever planned on leaving Kurt's dressing room.

"Break a leg. You're going to do amazing tonight." Blaine began backing out into the hall.

"I love you!" Kurt called after him.

"Love you, too!" Blaine disappeared around the corner, leaving Kurt to get ready for the night that would surely change his life.

The Next Summer (July)

"Something smells fantastic!" Blaine wandered into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes as he shuffled towards the counter and poured himself a cup of fresh coffee.

"I thought you might enjoy a pre-travel breakfast." Kurt held a piece of bacon up to Blaine's mouth which he eagerly took a bite of.

"Are you sure your first priority wasn't for me to get turned on by the idea of you making me breakfast while wearing nothing but your underwear?" Blaine took a seat at the table and watched Kurt move around the kitchen as he finished up.

"Are you saying you're not the least bit turned on?"

"Quite the contrary, actually." Kurt sauntered over with a plate in his hands and set it down in front of Blaine. "French toast. How appropriate."

"Going to Paris for our honeymoon is so cliché," Kurt giggled. He took his place next to Blaine and they began sharing the stack of French toast on the table in front of them.

"We've already lived through so many clichés, so why not add a few more to the list. Plus, how many tourists are going to be able to say that their husband is fluent in the native language?"

"Aimes-tu quand je parle français?"

"Oui?" Blaine answered hesitantly.

Kurt laughed and took their plate to the sink once they were finished. "Are you ready go to, Mr. Anderson-Hummel?" He extended his hand for Blaine to take and carried their suitcases to the taxi.

They reached the airport in no time. Kurt hopped out and grabbed their suitcases from the trunk while Blaine paid the driver. They entered the all-too-familiar airport, but Kurt froze in place before he could make it too far inside.

"Are you sure you're okay? We don't have to do this," Blaine asked, concerned. Then, to lighten the mood, he added, "It's not too late to stow away on a cargo ship or something."

Kurt laughed, but nodded his head and gave Blaine a reassuring smile. Neither one of them had been on a plane since the plane crash; instead, they had decided to drive wherever they went which happened to be limited to Ohio and back. Up until now, driving hadn't been an issue. However, they couldn't very well drive across the ocean to France.

"I mean it, Kurt. We don't have to get on that place if you're not ready."

"I should be the one asking you if you are ready. You're the one who almost..." Kurt couldn't bring himself to say the word, but Blaine knew what came next.

Blaine pulled Kurt's chin up so he could look him in the eyes. "The probability of that happening again is slim. I am ready for this, but I don't want to push you. I know what happened affected you just as much as it affected me. There's no rule that says we have to leave for our honeymoon the day after we get married. If finding a cruise to France would make you more comfortable, we'll do that."

Kurt took a deep breath and gave Blaine's free hand a squeeze. "Let's go."

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely." Kurt grabbed hold of his suitcase again.


Kurt and Blaine checked their bags, went through security, and carried out all of the other shenanigans that came before one was able to board a plane. A few hours later they found themselves soaring over the Atlantic Ocean on their way to what was said to be the most romantic city in the world.

Blaine's arm was wrapped around Kurt and Kurt rested his head on Blaine's shoulder. They looked out at the vast, expanse of ocean before them, watching the last little bit of land disappear over the horizon.

"You okay?" Blaine asked nervously. He was surprised when Kurt actually smiled.

"I'm better than okay. I was just thinking."

"About what?"

Kurt nuzzled closer into Blaine's side. He was so close, Blaine could feel his warm breath against his neck when he spoke again. "This is kind of where it all began, you know. Almost two years ago, you bumped into me on a plane and I think that's where my life really began. Before you, I was just a body going through the motions of everyday life. It seems to all fit together like a puzzle, and this plane ride feels like the last piece that needed to be put into place. Our lives as two separate people are finally complete, and now we can begin our lives as husbands."

"I love you so much, Kurt Anderson-Hummel."

"I love you, too, Blaine Anderson-Hummel." They shared a short, yet passionate kiss before returning their focus to the ocean below them. There wasn't much to see, but the uneven water still held a beauty unlike anything Kurt had ever seen. Maybe everything was more beautiful when his husband was by his side.

Blaine's thoughts almost mirrored Kurt's, but he would never quite understand how Kurt was able to find everything so imperfectly perfect. Maybe it was something only he and his mom had shared; something he could pass on to their children. But Blaine could understand just how beautiful Kurt was.

It may have taken twenty-six years to find each other and past mistakes to understand what love was once they found it, but what they had couldn't even be compared to the happiest of fairytales.

Blaine held Kurt close and let his eyes shut as they finally began their lives together, as one.

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