Dora ran through the jungle. There was a huge mountain lion chasing her.

"Oh no," Dora said. "There's a mountain lion chasing us. What should we do? Backpack!"

Dora stopped running and took off her backpack. Beside her the mountain lion halted and waited for Dora to defeat him with whatever she had inside her backpack.

She took her backpack off. Her and Boots looked inside.

The purple backpack started singing. "Backpack, Backpack…."

"This is boring," The viewer sighed.

"Lets see. What can we use to distract a mountain lion? Will a fishing pole work?" Pause. "No, it won't. Will a strainer work?" Pause. "No, we're not trying to make juice. How about a T-shirt?" Pause. "No, we don't need clothes. What about a bracelet?" Pause. "Yes! A bracelet will work. Its shiny and pretty!"

The viewer sighed. Stupid Dora had stopped running away. Idiot. The mountain lion could claw her up, but instead it was waiting for Dora to defeat him.

Dora took out a bracelet, but before she could throw it at the lion, Swiper appeared.

"Oh no!" Boots cried. "Its Swiper!"

"Ooh, a bracelet!" Swiper said. "I'm going to steal it!"

"Oh no!" Dora said again as Swiper slowly inched forward, waiting for her to stop him. "Swiper's going to steal the bracelet! Help us stop him. You say, 'Swiper no swiping! Ready? Say it with me! Swiper no swiping! Swiper no swiping! SWIPER NO SWIPING!"

"Aww, man," Swiper said, snapping his fingers. He ran away.

"Are you serious? He just LEAVES?" The viewer yelled. "That's so stupid! You can't fend off bad guys with 'robber no stealing!'or something! This is stupid! This is what kids are watching these days?"

Dora threw the bracelet at the lion, who had been waiting patiently for Dora to fend off Swiper and give him the bracelet.

"Oh my, a bracelet! I'm gonna stop chasing you so I can look at this beautiful bracelet!" The mountain lion said excitedly.

"Yay, we did it!" Dora cried.

A bracelet… A BRACELET! Stupid Dora defeated a lion with a BRACELET!

"What was your favorite part?" Dora asked.

"When the show ended," The viewer answered.

"Mine too!" Dora gushed- Stupid Dora.