The Hyrulian Valhalla Saga: Side Stories
By Queenie Z

The Greater Good

Twilight blinked when he saw the face of the visitor at his doorstep. "Light? Hey, what's up?"

The younger Hero had a grave look on his face and an old book in his arms. "…There's something I've gotta show you, Twilight."

Confused, Twilight moved to let him in. "Oh, uh, of course… what is it?"

"That's the thing," said Light, coming inside and closing the door behind him, "I don't know. I don't know what it is or what it means, but — " He sighed, kneeling down beside a low table and laying down his book - a green tome which Twilight recognized as the Book of Mudora. "…I can't explain it; you'll just have to see for yourself."

With a frown, Twilight knelt beside Light as the latter opened the book of histories and prophecies, flipping backwards to find the right pages. "I never had the time to read this all the way through in life," explained Light, "and it took me a while to catch on. Take a look at these few pages."

He stopped at the beginning of a section detailing the dark thief Ganondorf's ravaging of Hyrule in his search for the Triforce. Twilight knew this story already - though it never occurred in his time, he was well-versed enough in Hyrule's alternate histories that he could almost recite it by heart - so he skimmed the passages that detailed Ganondorf's betrayal of the king, his breaking into the Sacred Realm, and his subsequent sealing. When he finished, he shook his head.

"I don't see what you're talking about," he said.

"It's what isn't there that bothers me." Light placed his finger on the book. "It says that the ancient sages sealed away Ganondorf when he claimed the Triforce… but the Hero of Time isn't mentioned once."

Twilight placed his hand on his chin. "Well, that isn't thatodd," he said. "History tends to get our stories wrong, after all."

"But when you think about the other histories, it doesn't make sense!" Light used his fingers to demonstrate on the table what he was talking about. "There are three parallel histories that we know of - mine, yours, and Wind's - and in mine and Wind's, Ganondorf took the Triforce and was sealed in the Sacred Realm." He looked back at Twilight with a serious expression. "So how come Time was remembered in Wind's history, but not in mine?"

The elder Hero's eyes widened a little. "That's…"

"And that brings us back to what we've been wondering all along," continued Light, "how Ganondorf got the whole Triforce in the first place."

"Hold on," said Twilight, holding up his hand, "Sky and Mini said that was a fluke in time, like how Ganondorf got his Triforce of Power in my time."

Light's face darkened. "All I'm saying," he said, "is that there's too much we don't know about my era. Nothing adds up, and Sky and Mini's explanation raises more questions than it does answers."

"Are you calling them liars?"

"No! That's not what I'm…" Light stopped himself, looked away, then spoke again. "…Look, I came to you with this because you know Time better than all of us, and he's the missing piece in all of this. I thought you could help me figure it out."

Twilight shook his head again. "There's nothing he's told me about Ganondorf's sealing that he hasn't told you. I can't help you with this one. Sorry."

"That's okay," sighed Light as he shut the book and stood with it. "I'll see if Sashasrahla knows anything."

As Light walked back towards the door, Twilight turned his gaze downward. When a sudden, disturbing thought hit him, he inhaled sharply. "…Do you think… something happened with Time that we don't know about?"

Light stopped. "…I can't say." He opened the door and walked out without another word.

Once he knew he was alone, Twilight gulped. The more he thought about what didn't add up, the more he began to dread the possibilities - first, that Sky and Mini would ever deliberately mislead the rest of them, and second, that Time may have been involved in changing yet another history without even knowing it.

He stood, his fingernails anxiously digging into his palms, and left his house to see Sky.

"We need to talk?" asked Sky, immediately growing concerned at Twilight's seriousness. "Why? Is something wrong?"

"I don't know," said the younger Link curtly as he looked off to his right. "That's why I'm here."

"Tell me about it," Sky replied, "I'm listening."

"It's…" Twilight bit his lip. "…It's about Time. I think."

"Is he all right? What happened to him?"

Twilight shot a distrustful glare at his predecessor. "That's what I was going to ask you." He tensed up as he continued. "…Light showed me the Book of Mudora. Time's not even so much as mentioned in that history, even though everything until Ganondorf's sealing happened exactly like in the others."

Sky's eyes grew big for a short moment. He quickly regained his composure, however, and put a hand on Twilight's shoulder with a small smile. "…Even I can't answer that for sure, Twilight. All I know is that a fluke in the timestream — "

"Fluke in the timestream my ass!" cried Twilight as he swatted away his hand, "You're telling me it was just a 'fluke' that Time was forgotten? That Ganondorf just magically ended up with all three pieces of the Triforce? Maybe I'm not as smart as you about this, but even I know that's a lousy excuse!"

"Twilight, I don't know what to tell you, I — "

"You can start by telling the truth!" Twilight pointed at him angrily. "You and Mini have been hiding things from Time and the rest of us, haven't you!?"

Sky frowned. "You're losing your temper over nothing. Calm down."

Suddenly, Twilight grabbed a hold of Sky's tunic by the collar, nearly lifting him off of the ground and giving him a good shake.

"If something happened to Time," he growled, "and you've been keeping it from him…" He shook him again. "How could you do that to him!? Don't you think he's been through enough!?"

Gripping Twilight's wrist firmly, Sky narrowed his eyes, an anger he seldom expressed silently forming behind them. "You need to back off, Twilight," he spat, "I mean it."

"Shut up! He's my family, and so help me if you've been lying to him all these years — "

A hand shot up, took Twilight by the chin, and spun him around, pinning him hard to the wall and causing the younger Hero to cry out in pain. Sky held him in place with another hand pressed to his sternum, and he stared into his face with the same intensity that had once struck fear into the hearts of demons.

"I'm responsible for the well-being of every single one of you," he snarled, "and I will do whatever it takes to protect it. Do you want to taint this place, Twilight!? Do you want to tarnish the happiness you've earned in death!? Do you want to give Time one more reason to regret everything!?"

Twilight's eyes widened in terror, saying nothing as Sky continued.

"I love Time just as much as you do. He's just as much my family as he is yours. And that's exactly why you need to drop the subject and never speak of it again!" He tightened his grip on Twilight's face. "Do you understand!?"

Nodding furiously, Twilight found himself regretting his questioning. If the truth was something so terrible that the normally gentle, loving Sky was willing to protect it this ferociously… perhaps things really would be worse if he continued down that rabbit hole.

At this, Sky's expression softened into one of sadness. He gently let go of his successor, then pulled him into a warm embrace. "…I'm sorry," he said. "I just want to keep this a place of happiness. You all deserve that much." He paused shortly. "…It's for the greater good."

Speechless, confused, and terrified at the thought of a secret that could change everything, Twilight returned his embrace with shaky arms, burying his face in Sky's chest. "Yeah," he mumbled. "For the greater good."

Maybe some questions are better left unasked, he thought, and some secrets are better left untold.