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"Face, wake up. There are men outside." Murdock whispered in his ear.

"Mmm, come on, buddy. We're fine." Face sighed sleepily.

Last week the pilot had sat straight up out of sleep and started yelling about ammonia. Face knew hearing the word from Murdock wasn't good but in his half-sleep panic he'd moved forward against his lover's body instead of ducking around, resulting in him getting a black eye. Murdock's restlessness and agitation were pretty constant after that. He'd go to bed with Face but rarely stayed long after the conman had fallen asleep.

'This isn't good.' Face tried to pull Murdock back into bed but when his hand connected with leather instead of skin he was wide awake and sitting up. Face looked out the window and saw a shadow move across the backyard.

"Shit." He started throwing on his clothes and grabbed his gun out of the nightstand as Murdock took off out of the room to warn the others.

"What are we gonna do, Boss?" Face asked checking the clip in his gun as they came together in the hallway.

Murdock looked at Face, "What happened? You didn't get a call."

Since their escape they'd skirted trouble with MPs four times, always preceded by Face's cell phone ringing. The first time it'd happened he wasn't quite sure what was going on till he looked at the caller ID and saw a picture of a red, female demon and the name El Diablo. 'Nice, Murdock.' He thought when he answered the phone. Charissa had used the drop phone he'd given her to let him know when the MPs were coming then hung up. This time there hadn't been a call.

"Smith! We know you're in there. You and your men need to come out. You've got one chance and I don't even want to give you that." A voice boomed in front of the house.

Hannibal's eyes narrowed.

"Is that Decker?" Murdock hissed.

"Shit." B.A. grumbled. "It figures he'd be the one to come down on us."

"Relax, boys. Not like I haven't taken care of him before."

Their first tour in Iraq they'd had the misfortune of meeting Colonel Roderick Decker, someone Hannibal was already acquainted with from previous dust ups. The two men had never liked each other and Decker would go out of his way to give them grief whenever he could.

What had happened between Murdock, Hannibal and Decker that day in the Officer's Mess was stuff of legend and the rumors had flown all over base that Hannibal knocked Decker clean out for running his mouth about the team. B.A. and Face knew it wasn't just them as a whole but Murdock in particular. The pilot would get all twitchy anytime anyone asked him about it but would never say what it was outside of the four of them.

"Bossman, please tell me you have a plan." Murdock moved quietly into the living room to peek out a window. "There are at least 10 around the front porch."

"B.A., get the AT4. We're gonna let Decker know we're home." Hannibal smiled.

"Me! Me! Please, oh please let the retard pilot introduce Decker to our little friend." Murdock started off with a joking beg before his voice turned into a Tony Montana snarl.

Face tried not to cringe at hearing the term Decker had used all those years ago as Hannibal handed the pilot the recoilless launcher when B.A. returned.

"No way, Hannibal. You're crazier than that fool if you let him launch that thing." B.A. said.

"I couldn't think of anyone better suited to the task." Hannibal looked at Murdock, whose ear to ear grin was more than a little manic.

"B.A., Face, once Murdock lets them know we're not playing nicey nice, head out the back to get the van out of the garage. We should be able to make enough of a hole to get us out of here."

B.A. nodded in the affirmative and started out when Murdock's whistling halted him.

"Hell no." B.A. shook his head as the pilot started putting words to the whistle.

"OH NO! The fight's out. I'ma 'bout to punch yo...lights out. Get the FUCK back, guard ya' grill. There's somethin' wrong, we can't stay still." Murdock threw B.A. a wink as he put the launcher on his shoulder. "Move bitch, get out the way. Get out the way bitch, get out the way."

"Ludacris!? This ain't karaoke night, fool!" B.A. tried to be outraged as he looked from Murdock to Face, who had his own huge grin plastered on. But it was just too ridiculous watching Murdock gleefully rap as he got ready to mess Decker up good. B.A. laughed and followed Face to the back of the house and waited for the show to start.

"Decker, I'd say it was nice of you to drop in but it's late and I was trying to get my beauty sleep." Hannibal yelled out the window.

"Smith, give it up. You're completely surrounded."

"Why are you in such a hurry? It's been so long since we've chatted. How's the wife? Kids? My boys' are good. Actually Murdock was so excited about your visit he made you a present." Hannibal shouted before turning to Murdock and giving the go ahead sign. "Have at it, Captain."

"Let's get this shit started." Face looked out the window, counting MPs that were in the back.

As if on cue the blast came from the living room and smoke started to fill the house. Face and B.A. watched as the MPs started running to the front of the house. Once clear they threw the back door open and started running across to the garage when gun fire came from the roof.

"Fuck." Face hissed, pulling up his M16 to take a shot at the sniper but there was too much smoke coming from the front of the house and he missed.

When shots rang out again B.A. stumbled and Face took his arm to keep the big man from hitting the ground.

"Get that asshole off that roof!" B.A. limped towards the garage as Face turned and aimed true the second time and the sniper lurched out of view.

"I got ya', Bosco." Face grabbed a hold of him as they made their way inside.

Face flung the door open and got B.A. in the back then started up the van.

"Let's get the hell out of here. I'm tired of Bakersfield anyway." Face gunned the engine and roared through the doors of the garage.

Hannibal and Murdock ran into the back of the house shooting at the MPs who started coming through the now big hole where the front door used to be.

"I don't think I'll ever forget the look on Decker's face when his car exploded. Good job, kid." Hannibal clapped Murdock on the back before throwing open the backdoor when the van slammed against the house making it shake to its foundation.

"Someone call a cab!?" Face screamed as Hannibal and Murdock jumped in the side door.

"Boss, B.A. took a hit in the thigh." The van flew around the side of the house; roaring passed the MPs. Murdock climbed over the front seat pushing Face nearly into the steering wheel as he pressed against him, laying dusty, hot kisses against the back of the conman's head before practically crawling out the window as he whooped and yelled as they flew by a belligerent Decker who shot at them.

"Causin' confusion, Disturbin' Tha Peace. It's not an illusion, we runnin' the streets!"

Face held onto the wheel with one hand and tried to pull the middle finger flipping, rapping pilot in the window.

"Come on bud, I gotta get us outta here!"

Murdock slid back in the window and into the back as Hannibal moved passed him to the passenger seat.

"Hannibal, don't leave me back here with this crazy fool. I already been shot, ain't that enough?" B.A. yelled as Murdock slid into the seat next to him, tying a tourniquet around the big man's leg.

Hannibal glanced back then looked at Face. "Keep driving, kid. I've got a plan."

All lyrics belong to Ludacris.