/ / / / /

"And that's the plan." Hannibal waved his hand over the papers in front of him. "We'll head into Los Angeles tomorrow to finish things up there before Guatemala."

Once they were dismissed from the table, Hannibal threw Face a look that the conman nodded an affirmative to and as soon as B.A. was out of ear shot Face spoke.

"Don't worry, boss. I can get it." Face turned to Murdock. "I'm gonna need your help, though."

"What do I get to do?" Murdock bounced on his heels excitedly.

"Go find the laptop and we'll go over it after I'm done getting some other stuff together."

"Y'all better not be in there whispering about damned planes!" B.A. shouted from living room.

Murdock rolled his eyes, "They say I'm the delusional one! How exactly does he expect us to get there? Baird's Tapirs?"

"I can get the Gulfstream, no problem but I don't think I can get a live animal as easy, bud."

"What? You can't get something? Boss, think you might need to come up with some skill sharpening exercises for our dear Faceman." Murdock snickered.

"Tapirs, you said, Murdock? We will need ground transportation once we get there. Face, get on that will you?" Hannibal ordered while trying his best not to smile.

"And B.A.'s always yelling at me for egging Murdock on." Face said to Hannibal before he headed downstairs.

/ / / / /

The morning they were to leave Hannibal and B.A. had to meet with Amy Allen while Face and Murdock were supposed to get the Gulfstream… with whatever the hell this was. Hannibal rubbed the bridge of his nose when Murdock stepped out into the hotel breezeway wearing a black tank top and …

"Are those Bosco's?" Hannibal pointed at the jeans that were at least four sizes too big for the pilot and being held up by a belt that looked stretched beyond its limit.

"Peut-être. Peut-être pas. Maybe. Maybe not." Murdock waved a dismissive hand as he slid sunglasses on before handing Hannibal a C.D.

"Space Hamsters in my Blood? What exactly are you two doing?" Hannibal turned the case over in his hands.

"Boss, how have you not heard of DJ Urleman Fou? Well, maybe you're a little too old." Face emerged from the room and chuckled at Hannibal's irritation. "Seriously, David Guetta owes everything he is to Urleman Fou."

Murdock threw a hand up and huffed in a thick French accent, "Do not mention that name."

"Oh, what the hell is this? Wait, are those… fool, you got my damned pants on? I was looking for that shit yesterday."

B.A. took the C.D. from Hannibal and started laughing. "Hey man, what the hell's up with all these gold chains you got on in this photo? Looks ridiculous. There music on this thing? Please tell me there ain't."

Murdock looked offended at B.A.'s question while Face stood behind the pilot shaking his head, 'no'. "But of course there is music. I will give to you that copy for free. Enjoy it, yes?"

B.A. shook his head, "What time we supposed to meet Allen, Bossman?"

"About an hour or so. We should probably head out."

"Yeah, yeah we should, too." Face clapped Murdock on the shoulder, "Ready?"

"Allons-y!" The pilot grinned as Face burst out laughing.

"You went French just so you slip that in, didn't you?"

"I don't care if there is anything, ain't playing it in my van. Who knows what kinda weird assed shit he put on this thing." B.A. grumbled, looking at the C.D. as he and Hannibal moved in the opposite direction.

/ / / / /

"Tawnia! Sweetheart! Did Reg tell you I was coming? I know he said he was going to be out of town on vacation but he said he'd give you all the paperwork."

The blonde stared up at Face as he swept into the office and made a beeline directly for her.

"I'm sorry? Reg? No, he hasn't told me anything about you, Mister…"

"Barclay. Dwight Barclay. What do you mean, no? He assured me the G500 would be ready today. This is unacceptable. Do you know who this is for?"

"I'm sorry I don't. You said Reg was supposed to help you?"

"Reg was working on getting the G500 for my client, DJ Urleman Fou." Face pointed to the VIP area where Murdock lounged in a chair. "DJ Fou has a very important show tomorrow in France that he cannot be late for."

Face stepped closer to the blonde and took her elbow. "It's an event being held by President Sarkozy. DJ Fou has to be there. Reg assured me that you would be ever so kind in helping me if he didn't get it done before he left on vacation."

"Well, let me go see if maybe he left papers on his desk for me. I'm sure that's what happened." Blush crept up her cheeks as Face smiled down at her.

"Excellent." Face winked and she got even more flustered before heading off to look for the papers.

She would of course find them, along with one of DJ Urleman Fou's C.D.s. Face had sent Murdock in the day before to slip everything into place after Face had made sure that Reg Schultz was in fact gone on vacation.

Face glanced towards the lounge and gave Murdock a slight nod as Tawnia made her way back over.

"Y at-il un problème?" Murdock came hustling out of the room with an air of impatience.

"No, no there's not a problem at all. Tawnia was just getting the final paperwork ready for us."

"Tawnia!" Murdock removed his sunglasses and took her hand, bringing it to his lips before he turned to Face and smirked, "Elle est attirée par vous. She is attracted to you."

Face rolled his eyes. "Evidemment. Obviously."

"Si elle savait ce que vous me laisser faire? If she knew what you let me do?" Murdock ignored the look of confusion on the woman's face as they conversed around her.

"Peut-être plus. Perhaps more." Face calmly responded causing Murdock to laugh as he patted Tawnia's hand.

"Is something wrong?" Tawnia asked concerned as her gaze bounced between the pair.

Face smiled brightly. "Not in the least. My client was just telling me that he finds you very attractive and would be honored if you would escort him to France for the event."

Murdock placed another kiss on her hand as Tawnia's eyes got wide.

"Oh, I am so very flattered but no, oh no, I couldn't. I'm a married woman."

"Such a shame." Murdock tsked as he released her. "I will be in the salon." He put back on the sunglasses as he headed off for the lounge.

/ / / / /

"You have the money ready?" Hannibal asked as he got out of the non-descript car parked next to Amy Allen's VW in the Metamorphosis building parking garage.

"Hello to you, too. Yes, it'll be ready." Amy said as she threw folders in and grabbed a bag out of the backseat of her car.

"Will be ready?"

"Yes, later." Amy looked up at Hannibal defiantly.

"You want to come to Guatemala, don't you?" He glanced at B.A., who shook his head.

"It's my brother, Mr. Smith. I'm going. You'll get your money. I promise."

Hannibal heaved a sigh, "B.A. can you help me with this stuff of Ms. Allen's?"

"But I have…" Amy's eyes widened as Hannibal pulled a syringe out of his pocket the minute B.A's back was to him. As soon as B.A. leaned into the car, Hannibal stuck him with the needle.

"Man, she ain't got no bags in…" B.A. turned back around but didn't finish his sentence before he collapsed against Hannibal.

"What in the hell is going on?" Amy spluttered as she watched Hannibal maneuver an unconscious B.A. towards the car.

"Open this for me. B.A. really hates flying."

"You do this every time?" She asked as she opened the door and Hannibal got B.A. inside.

"It's the only way to get him on a plane." Hannibal walked to the driver's door as Amy stood immobile on the other side. "Ms. Allen, are you coming? We're running late."

"Aren't you afraid you're going to give him brain damage or something? What about some kind of therapy to get him over his fear? Wouldn't that be safer?" Amy continued as she got in.

"The only thing that would help his fear of flying was if we got rid of Murdock and I don't foresee that happening anytime soon."

"Murdock? Wait. He did something that caused you to have to knock him out," Amy pointed into the backseat where B.A. was now snoring, "every time you get on a plane and you're going to let him fly us to Guatemala?"

"We'll be fine. Murdock is the best pilot I've ever known." Hannibal reassured as Amy continued to panic.

"Yeah, well, if actions speak louder than words then Sleeping Beauty back there is screaming. You got another one of those syringes? I may need it for myself."

When they got to the airfield Face was waiting for them on the tarmac.

"Everything go smoothly?" Hannibal asked as Face helped him get B.A. out of the car.

"Of course."

"Even with Murdock and the whole…?"

Face laughed as he shifted B.A.'s weight in his arms. "Oh, DJ Urleman Fou went over brilliantly."

"DJ who?" Amy questioned as she followed them to the jet. "Are we just going to leave the car there?"

"Someone will take care of it." Hannibal answered as they started up the steps.

Once inside they buckled B.A. securely to the seat farthest from the cockpit.

"Is Murdock ready to go?" Hannibal closed the outside door then took a seat.

"Boss, he's been ready since you said Guatemala. It's been over eight months since the job in Mexico and even then all he got to fly was that busted ass Barcenas AG plane." Face grinned as the intercom came on.

"Welcome to Àwoucha Safaguaü Air. Your Captain this morning, H.M. Murdock would like to remind you to please make sure all big, grumpy Baracians are stored properly before takeoff for everyone's safety, especially the pilot's.
Flight time today is a little under 5 hours. There will be no refreshments on the flight, mainly because Face wouldn't stop earlier when I asked. All hunger complaints need to be lodged with Templeton Arth…"

"We got it, bud. Sorry!" Face laughed as he sat down across from Amy, "Let's get this money situation taken care of before we get too busy in a few hours."

"Here's the bank information." She handed Face a slip of paper and watched while he worked on the laptop.

"Transfer's complete, boss. We're good to go."

"Told you I'd have the money. Now, what are we going to do about finding my brother?" Amy asked.

"We?" Face looked to Hannibal, who just shrugged as he lit a cigar.

"I've got the perfect place in the plan for you, Ms. Allen."