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"Clare!" I called out to my blue-eyed best friend as I recognized her walking into school. She had been through a tough weekend and all I wanted to do was hug her.

Clare turned around and gave me a look indicating she wanted the exact same thing. She came down the steps of Degrassi and folded into my arms as I hugged her.

"He's an idiot you know." Clare's boyfriend, Jake, had broken up with her over the weekend. Apparently Jake had been seeing Clare's best friend, Alli, as well. One of the best and worst qualities about Clare is she is the most accepting person in the world. There were a million signs Jake was cheating, but when she found out it was with Alli…she was completely crushed.

She sniffled slightly before she pulled back. Her face tried to form a smile, but I knew her better than that, "I'm okay."

"Clare," I sighed, "No you're not, and that's okay. Want me to kick his ass?"

Clare giggled. I reached up and whipped a stray tear from her cheek, "He'd kill you Eli, but thanks."

I clutched by chest, "Ouch Edwards. No confidence in little old me? You know I'd kill anyone that hurt you if you asked me to."

She smiled, "I think another hug is all I need right now."

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the side of her head. "Will do Edwards, will do."

We hugged for a few short moments before Clare pulled back once again, "Walk me to class?" She asked. She batted her big blue eyes and I knew protesting would be a waste.

"Only for you." I held out my arm for her. She wrapped her small hand around my bicep and gave it a squeeze before we walked into Degrassi together. I walked her to her first period class, AP US History.

She groaned as she stood in the door way and noticed Jake was sitting in his assigned seat, right next to hers. "We could always take off?" I joked. Clare hated to skip a good lecture.

She shook her head, "It's better I just face it. Maybe I can get someone to trade seats with me."

I nodded before giving her another squeeze, "Offer still stands to kick his ass."

Clare rolled her eyes, "I'll see you at lunch."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

"Hey man." I took a seat next to Adam in art class. I was pretty glad we had art together considering I wouldn't even be in the class if an art wasn't required. I had no artistic talent.

Adam nodded, "Hey, how's Clare? I heard about Jake and Alli. Damn."

I shrugged, "For now she'll be alright, but I think we should take her out after school. Maybe to one of those chick flicks she wanted to see…what's that one called with the guy with the abs?"

"The Vow" Adam said almost instantly.

I raised an eyebrow, "Um…"

"I um…Katie wanted to-" I cut him off, "Whatever you say big guy."

"Should I text her and ask?" Adam asked as Dawes walked into the room.

I shrugged, "Let's just ask her at lunch."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

After class got out I decided it would be a good idea to check up on Clare. I knew she had not only experienced a class with Jake, but she had a class with Alli next so some cheering up may do her some good.

"Boo" I whispered as a wrapped my arms around Clare from behind. She jumped slightly before smacking me, "Eli!"

I chuckled and leaned against her locker, "So I have a proposal for you."

Clare smiled as she grabbed her Biotech notebook, "Yes?"

"Adam and I were talking in art and we decided the three of us haven't hung out in a while so I'm going to take us out to a movie. Everything is on me tonight." I smirked, proud of myself.

Clare knew better than that, "You mean it's on Bullfrog?"

I chuckled, "What can I say? Radio pays Clare."

Clare smiled, "Does this offer include gummy bears? I know we are in an economic crisis and all…"

"Don't I always by gummy bears for my little Clare Bear?" I joked.

She pushed me out of the way and began walking to her class while I followed her, "You know I hate when you call me that."

I nodded, "I just love when you get flustered." I wrapped my arms around her, catching her off guard. I whispered in her ear, "It turns me on…"

Mr. Simpson came down the hall and gave us a funny look, "Ms. Edwards, Mr. Goldsworthy you know the rules."

I instantly let Clare go, "Sorry Sir. She just can't get enough of me."

"ELI!" Clare shrieked before she began to blush, "H-he was just kidding sir I wouldn't- we wouldn't-" Simpson cut her off, "Just don't let it happen again agreed?"

"Yes sir." We both said in unison while I tried my best to hold in a chuckle. Simpson nodded and headed down the hall as Clare proceeded to beat me with her notebook, "I'm going to kill you Eli! Simpson thinks I'm a pervert!"

I chuckled and snatched the notebook, "Easy women! You shouldn't beat the guy that buys you gummy bears."

Clare was about to say something, but her body froze when she spotted Jake, with Alli. He leaned down and kissed her lips right in front of their Biotech class.

Clare bit her bottom lip and I knew she was going to lose it, "Are they really going to date?"

I put my arm around her shoulders and turned her so she wouldn't face the classroom, "Like I said, he's a complete idiot Clare."

Clare shook her head, "No. I'm an idiot for not seeing he was cheating on me. But with her? I thought our friendship would mean more to her then some stupid boy!"

I nodded and smile sympathetically, "Clare don't cry please? I can't stand seeing you cry. He is a total idiot."

She nodded and whipped her tears, "I don't want to be late for class."

"If you need me or you feel like getting out of here, text me. I'll come up with some way to sneak you out." I smiled.

She smiled back with one of the most genuine smiles I had seen from her all day, "You're the best you know that. I'm so lucky to have you."

I wrapped my arms around her, picked her up, and spun her around. I know how much she loves when I do that. When I put her down she did something completely unexpected. Clare leaned up on her tip toes and kissed my cheek.

"What was that for?" I asked with a grin.

Clare smiled, "I'll see you at lunch?"

"I guess you will."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

As I headed to my class, late, I noticed the hallway wasn't completely empty. Jake was standing by his locker, grabbing a book. Jake and I had never really been friends, but I had never hated him. At this point I wanted nothing more than to beat his ass with his Algebra II book.

"Jake!" I called out.

He turned around and his eyes widened when he saw me, "Hey…Eli?"

I clutched my fists, "You son of a bitch. Why would you hurt her like that? Do you have any idea how much she loved you? Or is it too much for your jock strap head to handle?"

Jake stepped away from his locker, "Look Eli, I know I hurt her, but it's better this way. Clare wasn't the right girl for me. I saved her by ending it."

"You didn't save her by screwing her best friend on the side. Do you know what that will do to a girl like Clare?" I growled bitterly.

"Eli just step off okay? Clare and I are over, you can have her if you want."

I couldn't take his bullshit face for another second. I pulled my fist back and hit him square in the jaw. "Fuck you." I spit coldly before I left him, bleeding, in the hall.

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

I leaned against Morty as I waited for Clare and Adam. Luckily, Jake didn't say anything to Simpson or I would know by now.

I saw Adam and Clare walking out of the school, arm and arm. Clare had a smile on her face so I was glad to know Adam had probably cheered her up a little.

"Hey Eli." They smiled. Adam climbed into Morty, opening the door for Clare. I got into the driver's seat and Clare scooted closer to me. The best part about Morty was Clare, Adam, and I could all ride up in the front.

I squeezed her knee, "How you doing?"

Clare smiled, "Well a certain friend of mine may have told me Jake came to math with a bloody lip? You happen to know what happened?"

I chuckled and looked over at Adam, "Would you know who that friend was?'

Adam shrugged and put his hands up, "No clue…"

I smirked, "Sure…"

Clare smiled, "Well thank you," She looked at Adam, "Both of you."

Adam reached over Clare's face and we high fived, "Jake had it coming."

~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~ # ~

"So what are we watching exactly?" Clare asked as we stood in line for tickets.

I smirked, "Well seems as if we had a majority on The Vow…"

Adam glared at me, "I told you it was all Katie! She freaked out of a commercial and I remembered. Big deal…"

Clare giggled, "Whatever you say Adam."

We stepped up to the ticket counter and I pulled out my card, "Three to The Vow please?"

The girl working the counter smiled at me, "Aw it's a good one." She printed out three tickets, "That will be $21.50."

I handed her my card and she ran it, handing me my tickets and my card, "Enjoy the show."

"Thanks." We all smiled and we headed into the building. Clare went straight to the candy counter.

Adam and I exchanged amused looks before we followed up next to her, "Okay load up, it's all on me."

Adam and Clare got wild looks in their faces, "Anything we want…?"

I chuckled, "Yes, you've had a rough day, you deserve it."

They both began to order nachos and hot dogs and candy. I have never seen people eat more than the three of us so I wasn't exactly shocked, but the guy working the candy counter was. Just as they finished ordering, I cut in, "Oh and can we get three bags of gummy bears?"

Clare turned to me and smiled, "You're the best."

I paid as the two of them grabbed our food. We were told where our movie was playing and then we headed to theater 6.

"Dude's I gotta hit the restroom, I'll be back." As Adam got up, we turned our eyes and saw who was entering the theater, hand in hand. "You've got to be kidding me." Alli and Jake.

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