Brand new fic everyone! Most of you probably know how much I love writing Klaroline, but I've recently been devoting some time to my new favorite crackship "Rebekol"!

I'm also really fascinated by the possible back stories of The Originals in general. I've taken some stuff from canon and tried to stay pretty close but I may deviate a little as the story goes on. I really hope you guys enjoy this, because I'm having fun writing it. I know this ship isn't for everyone :)

Oh and sidenote to all my Klaroline/The Perfect Unplanned readers out there: I imagine that this story is basically taking place in the world of Caroline is still in NYC with Klaus and her and Rebekah have become pals :)

I'm nervous about this. Definitely let me know what you all think! Ok *deep breath* here we go :)

p.s. shoutout to the lovely Sintiya aka SeleneD aka Call-Me-Katherine who helped me beta the very first part of this fic. Much love!

Rebekah was stupid for even mentioning it. But frankly she was annoyed with Nik and had started running her mouth and now Caroline was asking her a million questions.

"Klaus won't ever talk about his family with me. I thought waking all of you guys up was like the ultimate goal or something," Caroline said to her.

Rebekah had agreed to entertain Caroline that night on behalf of her brother. Which basically meant distracting her while he went off to do something bloody and violent that he didn't want his girlfriend to know about. Nik was stupid if he thought Caroline didn't realize it. Rebekah had learned that the girl was definitely smarter than she looked.

The truth was, Rebekah didn't mind hanging around the peppy blonde, although she'd never admit it. As it turned out Caroline had been the girlfriend Rebekah had always been looking for. She was no backstabber like the doppelganger.

"I just don't get what's so complicated about it," Caroline said, "I mean yeah you and Klaus have really bad tempers and are pretty awful sometimes, but I mean don't you want your family together?"

Rebekah looked at her seriously. "More than anything."

"So what's the holdup?" Caroline asked. Rebekah just shrugged noncommittally and popped some popcorn in her mouth. They were couch surfing that night. Watching cheesy teen movies. Typical girl things. Caroline tried another tactic.

"Ok fine. If you won't tell me about your brothers I'll just have to go track down Klaus on whatever horrible errand he's on," Caroline lifted herself up put Rebekah grabbed her by the arm and yanked her back down.

"Fine. What do you want to know?"

Caroline started small. "Which brother was your favorite?"

Rebekah took a breath. She knew that the obvious answer should be Nik. And it was true. Nik was her favorite brother. In spite of everything they had been through, he had always been there for her. But instead she told the truth.

"Kol," she said slowly, his name forming a melodramatic O on her lips.

Caroline folded her legs and tucked them underneath her, turning to Rebekah. "Ok. Kol. No idea who that is. Tell me about him."

Rebekah laughed and just shook her head. Caroline shook her arm. "Come on! Klaus never tells me anything about his history. Please give me something."

"I can't tell you secrets about Nik that he doesn't want you to know," Rebekah replied.

"Then don't tell me about him. Tell me about you. And your life. And Kol, I wanna know about Kol."

Rebekah looked at the vampire's expectant face. It was clear the girl wasn't going to let up until she got her way. How Nik put up with it was beyond her. Maybe it was Caroline's eagerness or the fact that Rebekah did kind of need someone to talk to about everything. So she began to tell Caroline her version of the original's history.

Rebekah ran down to the center of the village. It was three days past her fifteenth birthday. But it was this day that she was truly excited for. She had seen the horses in the distance and ran all the way back to inform the other villagers of their arrival. Her father was returning from across the great river; and he was bringing something very special with him. Her brothers.

When she was very young, only four years old, her father had sent some of her brother's to live in another village that was being set up across the river. Elijah and Kol had gone with them. She hadn't seen either of them since she was four. Elijah was her second oldest brother. He had been a man when he had left. She wouldn't know him at all. He had been in charge of everything over the river. He would be so old now. Rebekah wondered if he would have a beard or not like some of the other men in the village.

Kol was the brother closest to her. He had been eight when he left with them. She couldn't remember much of him, except that when he left, she had missed her favorite playmate. Kol was always getting into trouble though. Climbing when he shouldn't have, sneaking out at night, bringing home creatures from the forest. She remembered hearing her parents discuss him the night before. She had been sitting in her mother's lap as the woman tenderly brushed out her blonde waves.

"The boy is a terror," Mikael, her father, had said, " He's wild. I'll send him with Elijah. He has a way with the boy."

Her mother, Esther, nodded. "If that is what you think is best my love."

"I'll send Niklaus with them as well. Get him out of my sight."

"No!" Her mother said quickly, her hands stilling. "He will stay here." Mikael gave his wife a long, displeased look. "I am already losing two of my children. I do not wish to lose any more."

"Very well," Mikael conceded and the discussion was over. The next day, Elijah and Kol had left. Rebekah had hugged her brother's tight, kissing their cheeks. Elijah ruffled her hair and smiled at her.

"Do not worry little one, we shall meet again," he had told her.

Kol smiled at her. "You are just jealous because I get to have the adventure and you have to stay here."

Rebekah frowned at his smug attitude and poked her tongue out at him. He had laughed and ran off after his brother. That was the last time she had seen him.

Another few years had gone by and her baby brother Henrik was born. She adored him immensely and always helped her mother to care for him. Niklaus loved him too. She had grown rather close to Niklaus as she grew. There weren't many other girls in the village and none close to her in age. She fell into an odd gap. Her brothers and family were her only friends.

"I do not understand why you are so excited," Niklaus said bringing her back to the present, "I have no wish for father to return."

Rebekah put a consoling hand on his shoulder. Things had never been easy between her father and Niklaus. Yes Mikael was scary, he had always frightened her in a way, but he especially harsh to Niklaus. Rebekah didn't understand why he was so much meaner to him while she was growing up. Perhaps that was why Elijah had been so eager to leave. He wished to live in a place free from their father's tyranny.

"Well I am excited to see Elijah and Kol," she replied with a smile.

Niklaus grinned back at her. "Yes I am excited to see them as well."

The riders came up and immediately jumped from their horses. Rebekah recognized Elijah immediately. He was definitely older, but no beard. His muscles were thick and chiseled from years of work in the new village. His brown hair was long, down to his shoulders. He still bared the same smile she had known when she was little.

He gave her a huge grinned and strolled over to her.

"Is that little Rebekah I see?" He hugged her tightly, spinning her around once. Rebekah giggled as he sat her back on the ground. "You are practically a woman now."

"I turned fifteen only three days ago," she replied.

"Yes. She is quite the woman," said a voice behind him. It was Kol. There was a small intake of breath from Rebekah as she took him in. He was completely unlike the little boy she had played with. He was tall and fair. His arms were skinny but lean with muscle. Unlike Elijah, Kol's brown hair was shorter, curlier, but still beautiful. He mouth was twisted into a lazy grin, his eyes sparkling.

For some reason his expression intimidated her. She had remembered what her father had said about him. Wild and a terror. He stepped toward her, stilling grinning that grin, and took her hand. He placed a small kiss on her knuckles, looking into her eyes.

"So lovely to be reunited with you once again sister."

They all sat around a fire that night, in the open air, and had dinner together as a family. It was the first time they had all been together in the same place for many years. Everyone was laughing and talking, even her father was in a good mood. Rebekah sat hear Niklaus, like she always did, and listened to Elijah tell stories about life across the river.

Elijah's stories had Rebekah laughing and smiling. She was glad her brother was back getting so that she could get the chance to know him better. It was also clear that Niklaus was glad to have him back too. Poor Niklaus only had her to grow up with so far. Finn was always so quiet. And he was always with their mother. The witch powers in the bloodline had passed on to him when he was born.

Just then Kol came and sat next to them. Rebekah felt nervous all of a sudden. She didn't know why. Maybe it was the way he had treated her earlier. Where Elijah had been warm and happy, Kol had been sarcastic and cool. She looked down into her bowl and concentrated on her food.

The boys talk soon turned to fighting and teasing, they started getting a little vulgar. Kol most of all. Rebekah found that she was soon bored because she could not join in. It was one of the downfalls of having all brothers. She looked over at her mother, who was in deep conversation with Mikael. No doubt her mother had missed him while he was gone.

Rebekah stood up and went inside to her room. Her room was all her own, she considered herself lucky in that. The only time she had had to share it was when Henrik was a baby. Her father had built the small hut for all of his daughters, but it turned out that Rebekah was the only one he would ever have. Her walls were covered in drawings that she and Niklaus had done. She looked at them. They always made her smile. Of course Niklaus was the better artist. There were pictures of their family and of flowers and the river and the coastline.

"Did you draw all these?" A voice said from behind her. She jumped and turned around. Kol was standing there, leaning against her doorway.

"No. Most of them belong to Niklaus. I drew the flowers though," Rebekah replied.

Kol stepped forward, into the room, and walked over to look at the drawings. He hummed in approval at the sight of them, touching one with his finger. It was a lonely little bluebird sitting upon a branch.

"Niklaus did this one as well?" Kol asked.

"No. That one is also mine."

Kol smiled at her. "I like it."

Rebekah smiled back. She turned and took a seat on her small bed. "Do you draw?"

"No," Kol shook his head, "there was not a lot of free time for things like that across the river."

"What do you like to do then?"

Kol smirked, walking over and taking a seat next to her on the bed. "Annoying Elijah mostly."

Rebekah laughed at his response. "Yes that I could tell."

Kol's eyebrows rose. "You could?"

"Of course! The way you were baiting him earlier. He was so very annoyed."

"Yes well, it's just so easy. He always rises to the occasion," Kol laughed. Rebekah found she liked the sound. She felt more comfortable around him now. His eyes sparkled in amusement as he told her about all the times he had caused Elijah trouble.

"Do you remember what you said to me the day you left?" Rebekah asked him.

"Farewell sweet sister, I will miss you so?"

"No," Rebekah giggled, " you said I was jealous because you were going on the adventure and I wasn't."

Kol nodded. "Ah yes, now I remember."

"So did you?"

"Did I what?"

"Have an adventure?"

A sad look crossed Kol's face. The smile he had worn drifted away. Rebekah suddenly felt bad for asking. She didn't know her question would make him feel sad. She had only wanted to encourage more stories from him. It was evident to her that he loved to talk.

"No, I did not have an adventure." Kol rose from the bed then and headed toward the door.

"Kol!" Rebekah called after him. He turned and looked at her. "I'm very glad you are home."

Kol gave her a small smile and left her alone in her room.

Over the coming weeks, Rebekah got to know her brothers even better. Elijah was serious and moral but still enjoyed a good laugh. Kol on the other hand was as mischievous as they come. He was wild, just as her father had said, but not a terror. Rebekah couldn't see anything that was terrible about him. She spent most of her time with him, now that Niklaus stayed around Elijah more often. But she wasn't sad.

Kol would take her into the woods. They would run amongst the trees, chasing one another, until their hearts were bursting out of their chests. Rebekah would hide in the woods and Kol would have to come find her. Then he would chase her until she was caught. Kol always found her so quickly; much more quickly than Niklaus or Henrik ever did.

Rebekah was behind a tree. She could hear Kol's footsteps on the forest floor.

"Come out come out wherever you are," Kol called.

Rebekah snickered silently and quickly cupped a hand over her mouth to the cover the sound. She peeked around the side of the tree and didn't see Kol anywhere. What had happened to him? She listened out but all she could hear were the birds singing above.

"Gotcha!" Kol yelled enveloping her in his arms. Rebekah screamed and broke free, running off into the forest. She ran laughing, with Kol following behind. Suddenly he leaped forward and she felt her feet fly away from her as she headed toward the ground. She fell face down into a patch of soft green grass, with Kol on top of her.

"I got you!" Kol declared victoriously, rolling onto his back. Rebekah sat up and grabbed a handful of leaves, throwing them at him.

"Only because you cheat!"

Kol grabbed her hand in his. "No sister mine, you always give yourself away."

He smiled and Rebekah laughed, twinning her fingers with his. She laid out beside him on the grass. It was a rather beautiful place that had stumbled upon. An area of the forest where the trees let the sun shine through.

"This is lovely here," Rebekah mused.

"Yes it is," Kol replied.

They laid there together, staring up at the sun, holding hands. Rebekah looked over at her brother. He was so handsome, she thought, definitely the most handsome of all her brothers. His looks were elf-like and fair. Kol glanced at her then, watching her stare at him, he raised a hand to her face, brushing his thumb against her cheek.

He asked her, "what are you thinking?"

"Nothing," Rebekah said, turning her gaze back towards the sky. She felt Kol's hand squeeze her own. She hoped that things would always be just like this.

Three years later…

Rebekah was sound asleep in bed when she felt a hand clamp over her mouth. She almost screamed until she realized it was Kol. What was he doing here? It was a full moon that night and the villagers had gone underground so that they would be safe from the wolves. She was in the female's cave, stretched out next to her mother and the other women of the village. Kol should be with her brothers and father in the men's cave.

Her eyes widened, trying to silently ask him why he was there. Kol raised a finger to his lips. A bloodied finger. It was then she noticed that Kol was sweating and shaking. She sat up quickly.

"What happened?" She whispered. Kol sat back slightly and revealed his torn shirt and bloodied torso. Rebekah suppressed a gasp. He need medicine and bandages fast. But all of those things were back in their houses.

"Rebekah, help me," Kol whispered.

It would be dangerous to sneak out tonight of all nights, but she had no choice. She looked back at her mother, who was still fast asleep, and then took Kol's hand, standing him up and leading him out of the cave.

The moon was full and provided good light, but that wasn't a good thing. It meant the werewolves were out hunting, feasting on any piece of flesh they could find. It was a little less than a mile from the caves to the village. Rebekah and Kol ran as fast as they could, but Kol was slowed by his injuries. He groaned as branches tore at his stomach. Rebekah winced at every sound. She could hear howling in the distance. She hoped the wolves had not picked up their scent. If they could just make it to the village! They wouldn't be completely safe there, but it would be better than being out in the open.

Finally they came out of the clearing. Rebekah took Kol into her room and shut the door. She didn't dare light any fires, the light would certainly give them away. She stripped Kol's shirt from his body and looked at his wound. It was bad. Three long gashes on his right side. Rebekah gasped in horror at the sight.

"Not a wolf," Kol reassured her, "I fell from a tree."

"I don't understand why you were out in the first place," Rebekah chided.

"I wanted to see them," he replied.

Rebekah scowled. "Bandages and medicine are in mother's room. I'll have to go there to get them."

She left her hutt and made her way two doors down to her mother's room. It was were Ayanna and Esther kept all of their herbal remedies. Even though she wasn't a witch, Rebekah had been studying their healing practices. Because of this, she knew exactly was Kol needed. She gathered the supplies in her arms and ran back to her room. There she found Kol, attempting to light a fire. She dropped the supplies in the bed and ran to him, grabbing his hands away.

"What are you doing?" She yelled in a whisper, "are you stupid? They'll see it and know we're here."

"It's so cold," Kol said.

"Well you should have thought about that before you went and did something this ignorant," Rebekah glared at him.

She began to clean his wounds. Kol hissed at the pain of the medicine. Rebekah couldn't help but think that it served him right for sneaking out on a full moon.

"I take it this isn't the first time you've done this," Rebekah said.

"Can I ever lie to you?" Kol smirked. He was trying to be charming, but it only served to annoy her further.

"Kol its dangerous. You could have been killed."

Kol put his hand under her chin and forced her eyes on his. "Sister mine, its sweet that you worry about me so."

She jerked her chin away and continued her work.

"I can't believe you would do that after…just…only last month," Rebekah's words faltered as the tears formed in her eyes. It was only last full moon that Henrik and Niklaus had foolishly snuck out to see the wolves change. Henrik had not survived the night.

"It was just a little adventure, no harm done," Kol said.

"Father almost killed Niklaus for sneaking out," Rebekah said.

"Father hates Niklaus."

"He hates you too."

Kol frowned at her. "Why are you being so mean?"

"Because I don't want to lose anyone else," she shouted, a tear falling down her cheek. She felt like she had lost so much in the past month. Not just Henrik, but Niklaus too. She feared everyday that Mikael would change his mind and kill him. Their mother had been silent and sad ever since the incident.

Kol reached up and wiped the tear from her cheek. "I'm sorry to have upset you," he said.

Rebekah sighed. She couldn't stay mad at him for long. And she was thankful that he wasn't permanently injured. Once the wounds were clean, she applied a gray poultice, and wrapped his torso in bandages.

"You'll have to hide these from everyone and you'll need them changed again tomorrow evening. I suppose I can find some way to steal some so that mother won't notice," Rebekah said.

Kol smiled at her. "You always take care of me."

"Don't ever forget it," Rebekah replied, giving him a small smile of her own.

She took the extra bandages off her bed and set them aside. "I don't think we should try to go back tonight," she said, "there are only a few hours until dawn. We can stay here. Mother and father will just assume that we came back early in the morning."

Kol stretched out on Rebekah's bed. She rolled her eyes. Of course he would take over her bed. It was so like him. He was spoiled beyond belief. But it was her bed. She shoved him over lightly and he made room for her. The two of them laid next to each other, their sides touching.

A wolf howled in the night. Rebekah drew a sharp breath and closed her eyes, trying to calm her fears. Kol's hand found hers and he laced his fingers between her own. The feel of his hand calmed her. It was familiar and comforting. It was something they had been doing ever since they had been reunited. During the bad times, when father yelled at them or their brothers fought or one of them was just having a bad day, Kol's hand gave her a renewed sense of strength. She turned her face toward his.

"Promise me you won't sneak out anymore."

"Promise me you won't hate me forever if I do."

Rebekah sighed. Kol was never one to give in. "Well I guess you're just lucky since we aren't going to live forever."

He grinned at her and turned on his side to face her; the side without the wounds. He ran his hands up and down her arms. Goosebumps rose on her skin at the contact.

"I'm lucky to have you," Kol said, "if it weren't for you I'd probably be bleeding to death in the caves right now."

"You wouldn't wake mother or father just to save your life?"

Kol shook his head. "And suffer the same punishments Niklaus did? Never."

Rebekah brushed his brown curls from his eyes. "Then why even stir trouble?"

Kol smirked. "I can't resist it. Things are so dull otherwise."

"I don't mind things being dull sometimes," Rebekah admitted, "I wish things could go back to they way they were. Before Henrik died, before Elijah and Klaus were always fighting over Tatia. I don't even understand why they are so enamored with her."

"She is beautiful, sister."

Rebekah gave an unladylike snort. "I suppose."

Kol cupped her cheek in his palm. "Not as beautiful as you though."

Rebekah smiled but her smile faltered. She realized that yes, now Kol may see her as the most beautiful girl, but one day he would notice someone else. There were other girls in the village near his age who were quite beautiful. She had noticed them giving her brother sultry looks as he walked by. She hated it. She hated them. She hated the fact that one day some other girl would come and take her brother away from her.

"Why do you make that face," Kol asked noticing her scowl.

"Just thinking about the girl you'll marry one day," Rebekah said.

Kol laughed. "Why do you think she'll be ugly?"

"No," Rebekah said, "I'm sure she'll be very beautiful. But she will steal you away from me."

Kol shook his head. "Never. No one could ever take me away from you."

Rebekah gazed up into her brother's eyes. Her own had adjusted to the darkness and she could just barely make out his face. His eyes deep brown eyes stared into hers with some unknown emotion. The tiny room suddenly felt electric and she noticed that Kol's hand had stilled on her arm. In fact he was gripping it now, strongly. She wanted to tell him that he was hurting her, but another part of her didn't want him to let go.

Her heartbeat accelerated in her chest. She stared down at his mouth. His perfect mouth. There was no characteristic smirk there now. His pink lips hung slightly apart. Rebekah could feel something welling inside her. Something unfamiliar, but a feeling she knew plenty about.

She didn't know who moved first, but suddenly their lips crashed together. Rebekah felt Kol's hand slip behind her head, fisting in her hair, holding her face closer to his. She opened her mouth slightly and his tongue darted in, cascading with her own, her nerves firing all at once. She felt exhilarated and alive. More than she had ever felt before. Rebekah had never kissed a boy before and couldn't imagine anything ever being this good.

But then she realized that this was no boy. This was her brother. Kol. Her brother. She should not be kissing him. His hand slipped from her head and she immediately pulled away. She could feel the loss immediately. Her eyes flicked across his face, searching for the horror that would surely be there. But she found none. Only tenderness and wonder. Her head began to move back and forth.

"No, Kol. No," she said. She didn't know what it was she was saying no to. She couldn't make herself move away from him.

Kol's eyebrows knit together, but he nodded, wrapping an arm around her and cradling her into his chest. Rebekah tried to breath and take comfort in his arm's but she couldn't. She felt restless all of a sudden. Her mind and nerves would not quite. She took slow deep breaths and listened to the sound of Kol's heartbeat as she tried her best to fall asleep.

Rebekah did eventually fall asleep. She woke up late the next morning. Kol was gone from her bed. Her mother came back into her room.

"Still sleeping Rebekah?" Esther asked her.

"Yes," she replied with a stretch, "I came back early this morning because I couldn't sleep."

"Ah I see," her mother said. Esther glanced to the side of Rebekah's bed where the discarded supplies lay. Rebekah quickly tried to think of an excuse for why they would be there.

"Your father has been informed that Kol snuck out to see the wolves last night," Esther said, "it appears he was injured and came back home to heal himself early this morning."

Rebekah gulped and nodded. Understanding the unspoken words her mother had said.

"You'll want to hide those. Kol's bandages will need changing and care later," Esther said gesturing to the supplies on the floor. Rebekah nodded quickly and with that her mother left her room.

Rebekah got up quickly and hide the bandages and medicine away under her bed. She then combed out her hair and changed her dress. The one she was wearing had a bit of blood on it. Hopefully she would be able to get the stain out. It was one of the only dresses she had.

The sun was high in the sky and it was well afternoon before Rebekah emerged from her room. She decided to seek out Niklaus and spend some time with him that day. The truth was, she wanted to keep clear of Kol. As soon as she awoke she remembered their kiss. The memory brought butterflies to her stomach. She could still feel the imprint of his lips on hers. But she had to forget about it. She had to forget how much she enjoyed it. She was embarrassed that she had enjoyed it so much.

Elijah told Rebekah that Niklaus had gone to the woods that afternoon. She walked to one of their usual places and found him carving into a bit of wood.

"I take it you're the one who told on Kol," Rebekah said as she approached.

"Are you angry with me?" Niklaus asked.

"No. Kol was hurt and needs to understand what he did was dangerous."

"I'm sure after the lashing father has given him he will," Niklaus said. Rebekah winced at the thought of Kol being whipped. "I had to tell him. He's been so angry with me ever since…"

Niklaus let his sentence trail off. Rebekah new what he meant. Ever since Henrik. She knew Niklaus blamed himself for their brother's death, even though she insisted it wasn't his fault. But of course he wouldn't listen. Rebekah put a comforting arm around her brother. Niklaus smiled back at her. This was what siblings were supposed to be, she thought. Not kissing and holding one another in bed through the night.

"Well, well, it looks like every one has turned on me today," Kol said coming up behind them.

Rebekah turned and saw Kol, sneering at them, his white shirt hung loose from his body and was lined with blood.

Niklaus spoke. "Kol, I know you're angry with me…"

"Angry with you?" Kol laughed, "angry doesn't even begin to cover it."

Just then Kol lunged at his brother. Rebekah jumped out of the way as the two fell to the ground and grappled with one another. Kol swung back and punch Niklaus across the jaw but Klaus flipped the boy over and threw his own hit to his face.

"Stop it!" Rebekah shouted.

It was no use though. The boy continued to wrestle on the ground, throwing and dodging punches. It seemed like Kol had the upper hand for a moment when suddenly Klaus flipped him over. Rebekah hadn't even seen him grab the knife but there Niklaus's was, sitting on top of Kol, holding the blade at his throat.

Rebekah screamed and ran forward, tugging onto Niklaus's arm.

"Please, please stop," she cried.

The boys glared at each other, breathing heavily. Niklaus released him with a growl, throwing his head against the ground. He stormed off into the woods, away from Rebekah and Kol.

Rebekah looked down at Kol. His lips was bleeding and she could already see the edge of his jaw turning purple. He sat up, spitting blood from his mouth onto the ground.

"Are you alright?" Rebekah asked, though clearly he was not.

"What do you care?"

She was hurt by his words. "I care. Of course I care."

"I find you out here with that traitor," Kol sneered, "I got twenty lashes because of that basterd!"

"You got twenty lashed because of yourself!" Rebekah cried.

"Oh I'm sorry! I wouldn't want to insult your favorite brother," Kol spit again, "tell me do you let Klaus kiss you too or does it go further than that when you're with him?"

Before she could think twice Rebekah pulled her hand back and slapped him across the face. She glared down at him.

"Don't ever talk to me like that again," she snarled.

Then she stood up off the ground and ran back toward the village.

Rebekah didn't go back to the village. She didn't want to be found at the moment; by any members of her family. Instead she went to the beach. It was a bit of a far walk, but she needed it, she needed the time to think and decompress. She needed to salt air to clear her mind and assemble her thoughts. Watching the tide roll in and out soothed.

It was there that Kol found her hours later.

"I thought you might be here," Kol said coming to sit on the sand beside her.

"How did you find me?"

"I waited in your room for a while. My dressings needed a change."

"Do them yourself," Rebekah snapped.

"I did," he said lifting his shirt, "quiet poorly."

Rebekah spared him a small glance. It was true. The bandages hung sloppily from his body and the poultice he had applied was spread all around. She would have to redo it again later.

"Rebekah I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what I said, I didn't mean it."

"Then why would you say it?"

"Because I was angry at Niklaus and I was jealous that you were there, comforting him when I wanted you with me."

Rebekah turned toward him. "I'm his sister too."

"I know but..." Kol raised his hand to her face, brushing his thumb across her lips. He was thinking of their kiss, she knew it. She could feel the blood pooling in her cheeks and hoped he didn't notice. Kol brought his face close to her leaning in so that their foreheads touched.

"I feel like you are mine Rebekah. Mine in a way that you'll never be his or any other man's."

Rebekah couldn't help gasping at his words. She had never seen him look so serious before. Except for last night just before he kissed her. She longed to lay her lips on his again; to feel his breath exhale into her own lungs. Wasn't she just thinking last night that she never wanted to him to leave her side for another woman? If he cared about her in this way, why should she hide her own feelings?

Slowly, she tilted her head forward, and let her lips brush his. She felt him lean closer into her, wrapping one arm around her waist and pulling her in. The gulls in the sky cried out, their voices echoing against the sea. They seemed to be telling her no, no; but she didn't want to listen. Finally, she pressed her mouth fully onto Kol's, let the taste of him invade her senses.

The next few weeks were filled with stolen moments. Kol would sit near her at meals, brushing his hand against hers, giving her secret looks. At night he would slip into her room, once their brothers were asleep, and hold her the way he did on the full moon. She quickly got used to the feeling of Kol's fingers brushing through her hair as she fell asleep. She would lie against his bare chest, tracing the outlines of his muscles, enjoying the way he shivered under her touch.

It was all so new and thrilling. She'd always felt like her and Kol lived in their own world, away from everyone else, but now it was even more certain. They shared this secret that no one else knew or could ever know.

"Rebekah, what is going on," Niklaus said one day, entering her room.

"Good morning to you too brother," she replied at his sudden intrusion.

"Don't play coy. Tell me what is going on with you and Kol."

Niklaus's eyes were fierce. Rebekah felt her breath catch in her throat. He didn't know. There was no way he could possibly know.

She shook her head. "What are you talking about?"

He strode forward, grabbing her by the arms and holding her tight. "Rebekah. I know there is something between you and Kol. I can see it. I can see it in the way her looks at you and you at him."

Rebekah could feel the tears begin to well in her eyes. If Niklaus knew that means that everything would be over. She jerked away from his grasp.

"I suppose this means you'll tell father as usual," she spat.

"Of course not!" He growled. "He would kill both of you. But this must end Rebekah. I can't—"

"What?" Rebekah said, her voice getting louder.

"I can't watch both of you ruin yourselves like this."

"Ruin ourselves? Niklaus I—"

But he held his hand up and stopped her again. "This is not right Rebekah. I've noticed and I believe Elijah suspects as well. If we know then it won't be long until mother and father find out as well."

Rebekah looked at her brother. She knew he was only looking out for her, but he didn't understand. Yes it was a risk, but she knew she could never live without Kol. She would never survive having him so near yet so out of reach. Niklaus was right though. They were all on thin ice with Mikael.

"I understand," Rebekah said solemnly.

"Good," Niklaus replied, leaving her alone then.

Later that day, Rebekah went to their spot in the woods to meet Kol. She would have to tell him that Niklaus knew. He would be angry. She wasn't looking forward to that. Kol emerged from the trees, a huge grin on his face. He ran up to her and grabbed her by the waist, picking her up and spinning her around. Rebekah laughed. He set her down and buried his face in her neck, inhaling her scent.

"This is always the best part of my day," he said into her skin, "being with you."

"Kol I have to tell you something," she said pulling back from him slightly.

"What is it sister?"

"Kol I—" she hesitated for a moment, wanting to hold on to his smile just a bit longer. "Niklaus knows."

She watched the smile leave his face and the light drain from his eyes. "Did you tell him?"

"No of course not! He says he figured it out."

Kol cursed, grinding his teeth together. "I suppose he'll run straight to father."

"No! He said he wouldn't tell only…only he said this must end."

Kol's head snapped back to her then, his brows knitted together. "And you agree with him?"


Kol shook her once, "Well which is it Rebekah?"

Rebekah let out a hard breath. She could feel the tears again, but she tried to hold them back. "Please Kol, please just hold me."

Kol shoulders dropped and he folded her into his chest. She closed her eyes and just let herself feel the warmth of his embrace. They stood like that for a while. Just holding on to each other. Rebekah knew it was over. It had to be. Their love was wrong and sinful. There was no other choice.

"I felt like I wanted to die that night as I went to sleep," Rebekah told Caroline, "it was the first night in many weeks that Kol wasn't there in bed with me."

Caroline blinked at Rebekah, absorbed in every word of her story. Rebekah had been worried about judgment from the girl, but she hadn't seen any evidence of that yet. Then again, Rebekah hadn't even begun to reach the worst parts of the story.

"So what happened?" Caroline asked. "Obviously that wasn't the end."

"No, that wasn't the end," Rebekah said, "that night I was ripped from my sleep. My father came to my room and dragged me out of bed. I was so frightened. He wouldn't tell me what was happening."

"He found out?"

"That's what I kept thinking. He brought me into my parent's hut. My brothers were already there. My mother too. I looked at Kol and thought the worst."

They were all seated around the fire. Mikael stood before them, a dark look in his eyes.

"You know everything I do is to keep you all safe and alive," Mikael told them, "everything is for your own good."

Rebekah was just waiting for it to come, waiting for Mikael to lash out at her and at Kol. To possibly kill him, maybe both of them. Would their mother stop him this time as she had so many times before? Mikael drew the blade from his belt and paced in front of them. She knew it was coming. She wanted to run, but there was no use. Her father would catch her and punish her all the same.

"After losing Henrik, your mother and I can't bare to let anything else happen to our children," Mikael said slowly.

Rebekah was confused. She had never understood the way Mikael's mind worked. She never believed that Mikael truly loved any of them. If he was so concerned for them, why was he always threatening them and beating them? Why was he standing before them now brandishing a blade? Suddenly the man lunged forward in a blur of motion, quicker than the human eye could process, and stabbed Niklaus in the stomach. Rebekah cried out as she watched her brother double over in pain. All of their eyes went wide in fear. Blood spilled from Niklaus's mouth as he dropped to his knees and crumpled to the ground.

Niklaus's lifeblood dripped from Mikael's blade, a self satisfied look on her father's face face.

"At least I get to kill you once boy," he said to Niklaus's dying body. Rebekah felt the tears spill down her cheeks. She tried to move, to run, to do anything, but she couldn't. Her mother was there, with her magic, holding them immobile. Tears glistened in Esther's eyes. She looked on pleadingly, silently begging Esther to stop all this.

Mikael went to Elijah next, running him through, and then Finn. Why? Why was this happening? What had they all done to deserve this? Had Mikael's hate grown so strong that it had taken him over? It had never been a secret the contempt he bared for Niklaus and even Kol at times, but the rest of them he always seemed to tolerate. She watched each of her brother's fall to the ground and their eyes close for the final time. By now her body was shaking with sobs.

She felt Kol's hand find hers quickly as Mikael approached him. But this time she felt no comfort from his touch. No strength. Kol turned his head toward her. He looked into her eyes, saying all the things that he never got to say. Rebekah understood. She hoped he knew how much she loved him, how she would spend eternity searching for him in the afterlife if there was one. She kept her eyes on his, unable to watch Mikael's knife pierce his body. But she saw him wince as it happened, she heard the groan escape his lips.

A violent sob escaped her throat as she watched him fall down and bleed to death in the dirt. Her body shook in agony as Mikael stood in front of her. He placed his hand on her shoulder, forcing her to look at him. She was scared to die, there was so much life left for her to live. But as she looked around at the dead bodies of her brothers on the floor and she couldn't think of much to live for.

"My sweet girl," Mikael said, "my Rebekah." He wiped the moisture from her face, smearing a bit of blood across her cheek.

She took a deep breath and then felt the silver blade slice into her flesh. Cutting through the seams of her skin and letting her life pouring out of her belly. She felt the pain of it down to her bones, gritting her teeth as it went deeper and deeper into her. Mikael stepped forward and lowered her gently to the ground, cradling her in his arms.

"Don't worry," he said, "this will all be over soon."

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