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A score of emotions crossed Caroline's face at the mention of his name. Rebekah could see curiosity, fondness, worry, and sadness. It was easy to guess what each one meant. Stefan's fate was still up in the air, after stealing the coffins that contained their daggered family members. Klaus had been chasing after the younger Salvatore for almost two months, trying to find him and get his family back. No matter what, Stefan was hell bent on revenge against Klaus for the sins he had committed against them in Mystic Falls.

She thought back to the moment she had seen him again in the warehouse. It had been over eighty years for him, but it felt like only eighty seconds to her. Vampires didn't age, but she could remember seeing the toll of the years in his eyes. At first, she thought the worry was for her. That he had waited all those years and pined away like a lover in a play, to see her again. But she soon discovered all the changes in her former lover's life. The word doppelganger continued to haunt her.

"The twenties were Nik's favorite," Rebekah told Caroline, "mine too. Not that I got to experience much after it until now. But there was just something about the twenties. Everyone was careless and selfish, always chasing dreams and fun. It was like the whole world had turned into vampires."

The sound of brass and horns swirled through the air, curling in and out and around the dancers as they swayed to and fro with the music. The beads of her white dress swished with her movements, sparkling in the hazy glow of the speakeasy. Girls giggle and flirted over champagne, with men they would never bring home to their mothers. Skirts were high, hair was bobbed, and everything had an air of illicitness.

Rebekah adored it all.

She weaved her way through the room breathing the smell of blood and the bubbles in her champagne. It wasn't often that Nik let her out alone, but he had business to attend to and wanted her distracted. Rebekah didn't mind his secret affairs; it was the only time she got any freedom.

Nik. She chuckled to herself. It had been a year that she started calling him that. He hated it and always tried to get her to stop, but she refused.

"Klaus is too old fashioned," she had protested, "you must adjust to the twentieth century!"

He had frowned each time she used the new moniker, but he never said anything else about it. However, Rebekah did notice that he never made a habit of introducing himself as anything other than Klaus to anyone they met. Maybe he thought the name sounded more fearsome.

The dancers clapped at the end of the song and Rebekah watched as her witch friend took the stage. Although, Gloria wasn't really a friend. Witches weren't friends with vampires and Nik always stressed that they couldn't have friends. It was difficult to trust people when they were always on the run; first from Mikael, and then also from Kol.


It was a dirty trick she had played, letting Kol think she was dead, and she questioned her judgment every day. She missed him every day. She had often wondered if she could have run away from Klaus and Mikael and all their problems with Kol and lived a happy life. Either way she would have been running.

Sometimes she thought of Kol late at night, when she'd had too much to drink and one of her dance partners reminded her of her favorite brother. A man with floppy brown hair or a devilish smirk would lure her in, but their lips never tasted like Kol's their, hands never felt like his, their touches never ignited that same spark in her the way Kol's did.

She wondered where Kol was then: If he was alive, if he was happy, how long he mourned her death or if he still thought about her at all.

A couple heading in the direction of the front door caught her eye. A tall, dark tuxedoed man led a beautiful brunette from the dance floor, the woman clinging to his arm as she laughed. He looked familiar to Rebekah for some reason. It wasn't often that she crossed paths with someone twice. She stayed in her spot, listening to Gloria sing, and drinking her drink while she waited to see if the couple would come back so she could have another look at the gentleman.

"Guess who my eyes have just spied ladies," Gloria purred into the silver microphone. "Looking for a good time Mr. Salvatore?"

Rebekah's gaze followed Gloria's across the room to the man coming down the stairs to the dance floor. It was the one she had recognized before. Salvatore. That was where she had recognized him. He had been one of Katerina Petrova's playthings back in Mystic Falls. Stefan and his brother, Damon. And now he was a vampire? Her interest was piqued. Would that mean that Katerina was nearby? It could definitely make Nik happy if they found a link to that doppelganger bitch. Klaus still harbored a need for revenge against her all these years later. Killing off her family wasn't enough. Her time was still to come.

"Save me a dance Gloria," Stefan called back with a self-satisfied smile.

Rebekah had to get closer to him. She darted forward across the room and saw her opening. A waiter, with a glass of champagne walked past the Salvatore man. As Stefan reached out for it, Rebekah grabbed it off the tray, pretending to not notice him.

"Please," he said, annoyed. "Help yourself."

"Oh I always do," she replied, turning to face him.

He was handsome, with shiny brown hair, a crisp jaw and mahogany eyes. Cocky, to be sure, but Rebekah had always been drawn to that type of man. The ones who had too much ego for their own good.

"Careful Mr. Salvatore," she said approaching him. Rebekah leaned in close, noticing the drop of crimson at the corner of his mouth and placed her lips near his face. Her hand rested on his shoulder and her tongue darted out to swipe at the spot of blood. "You're still wearing your date. She's lovely."

She pulled away then and turned to go, but Stefan caught her arm and gently dragged her back toward him. His eyes met hers, the cockiness gone, replaced with excitement and wonder.

"Who are you?" He asked.

Rebekah didn't answer; instead she raised a finger to her lips, and slipped out of his grasp, swaying her hips as she walked up the stairs and away from Stefan Salvatore.

Later that night, she was dancing her with future meal. She had kept a close eye on Stefan, trading secret looks with Gloria from the stage. Over the course of an hour, she watched Stefan charm the ladies and impress the men, making his rounds through the bar and enjoying himself unabashedly. He reminded her of Nik in that way. When Nik wasn't menacing over enemies or obsessing over doppelgangers, he knew how to have a good time and provide everyone around him with pleasure and entertainment. Before they had gone into hiding, their family had hosted some rather legendary events and parties.

Rebekah missed that time. It seemed the last hundred years and been eating away and both her and Klaus.

A loud ruckus of laughter boomed near the dance floor, with Stefan in the thick of it. Rebekah rolled her eyes, deciding it was time to bring the Salvatore's curiosity back to her. It was a trick she had learned from Nik to manipulate information out of someone. People were always less curious about your interest in them if they were distracted by their interest in you.

She left her dance partner and strutted over to Stefan and his cronies.

"Sorry to crash the fun boys but some of us came her to actually hear the music, not you."

"I am so sorry sweetheart," Stefan said to her; a bit of his southern drawl slipping into his speech, "are we offending you?"

The men laughed and Rebekah smirked, stepping toward him.

"It would take a lot more than a baby face like this to offend me," she said, tracing the line of his jaw with her white-gloved hand. The men and Stefan let out a chorus of "ooh's" at her saucy retort and she turned back to the dance floor. Her point was made. A few steps was as far as she got before Stefan took her by the arm again and turned her around. It was all too easy.

She faced him and heard him clear his throat, dropping the cocky act he had held up in front of the men.

"Hey are you ever gonna tell me your name?" He asked.

"Sure," she replied, "when you earn it. Now do Gloria a favor and stick a sock in it."

Rebekah returned to her dancing, without a second look at Stefan. She didn't need to see him to know that she had him. He was putty in her hands.

She went back to the same club the night after that and then again the night after that. Stefan was always there too. They didn't speak to each other, but Rebekah knew he saw her. She knew that he would watch her as she danced with man after man and drank her fill of liquor. It was the cat and mouse game they played, each trying to make the other break the silence and walk over. Rebekah was much too stubborn to give in though.

On the third night, she had been there almost an hour and hadn't seen a sign of Stefan. She couldn't help pouting as she danced to Gloria's tunes. Perhaps he had grown tired and moved on. Perhaps she missed her chance.

"May I cut in?"

Her lip twitched up as she heard a familiar southern-tinged accent beside her.

"Not likely pal," her dance partner replied, swinging her away.

Stefan stepped forward again, clapping his hand over the opposite man's shoulder and making eye contact.

"It wasn't a request," Stefan compelled, and the man left. Stefan didn't hesitate taking Rebekah's hand and wrapping the other around her waist.

"Compelling a dance. That's not very gentlemanly."

Stefan grinned. "I never claimed to be a gentleman." The mischief in his smile sparked something in Rebekah. "You know I've had to watch you dance with all these men over the past few nights and wonder why I can't even get you to tell me your name."

"I told you Mr. Salvatore, you have to earn it."

"Well you already know my name," Stefan said, "it hardly seems fair."

Rebekah smiled. "I never said I played fair."

Stefan pulled her closer then, their bodies pressing together so suddenly her breath hitched. He pierced her with a hot gaze, sending a warm rush between her thighs. "Neither do I."

They had been dancing and next thing Rebekah knew, she was pushed up against the wall in one of the back hallways of the club, Stefan Salvatore's lips at her throat. He sucked at her pulse point, nipping at the skin of her clavicle, and her nipples hardened under her dress. Sex had not been on the menu that night, but something about the man was just too appetizing to resist. If Stefan were still connected to Katerina, it would probably anger the woman that Rebekah had screwed her play thing. Two birds, one vindictive stone.

Stefan's hands hiked up Rebekah's beaded dressed and she grabbed his face, crashing her lips to his. His kiss was like fire, consuming her in a way that she had never felt before. It was strange. Maybe it was because she had never taken many vampire lovers before. Most vampire men she met were friends of her brother, and too intimidated by Klaus's wrath to make any move toward her.

Stefan sucked on her bottom lip and his hand slid up her thigh to her center, wet and hot and ready for him. She shuddered as he ran his hand along her slit, which earned another of his boyish smirks. Stefan's fingers worked inside of her, stroking her walls and clit until she felt the rush of orgasm over take her. Rebekah ripped her mouth away from his and cried out as Stefan continued to milk the orgasm from her.

The ripples subsided and Stefan pecked at her lips as her leg slid down his body.

"Rebekah," she breathed with a smile. "My name is Rebekah."

"Nik was so distracted with his current obsession that he didn't notice me sneaking out every night to see Stefan," Rebekah said to Caroline.

"Can you teach me that trick?" Caroline asked. "I love him but sometimes I'd like to go shoe shopping without him going along. He hates it anyways, I don't know why he bothers…"

Rebekah smirked as Caroline babbled about Nik annoying her on shopping trips. Typical, overprotective Nik. He hardly ever let his little blonde girl out of his sight, unless it was with Rebekah. He didn't trust anyone to protect her. Rebekah knew that he didn't even fully trust Rebekah with her, except for the fact that he knew deep down how much Rebekah had come to care for Caroline as well. It surprised her even.

Rebekah didn't let herself care about other people, besides her family. It hurt too much. That had been proven time and time again. Feelings were temporary. Everything had an end point. But she remembered her nights with Stefan, and how whatever was happening between them felt like something that would last forever.

Klaus had been gone one night-some all-night spell casting with some witches trying to find a way to put down Mikael-so Rebekah spent the night at Stefan's flat. It was small and sparse, a true bachelor pad, but Rebekah had enjoyed getting the glimpse into his life.

They laid in Stefan's bed, wrapped in white sheets, the smell of sex and blood fresh in the room. Stefan brushed back her blonde waves and traced the line of her nose with his fingertip. A warm feeling wrapped around her heart as his eyes stared into hers.

"You're amazing," Stefan said, "you're the most amazing woman I've ever met."

Rebekah smiled. "Stefan…"

"I love you."

Rebekah froze. The warmth she had been feeling only moments ago sucked away in an instant. It wasn't a conversation she was expecting to have. Stefan had prided himself on flipping his switch, and not showing emotions. The emotion switch was tricky with vampires. They would shut it off, but without warning, emotions would leak back in one by one.

Love. Stefan said he loved her. Was it a game? Could vampires truly love? She had never seen any evidence of it. Vampires were too selfish too love, too volatile. They craved, they lusted, they obsessed, but they did not love.

But she had loved Kol hadn't she? She knew that she did. She knew that as sure as the sun would rise in the east. And Kol had loved her. He never said it, but he had never had to say it. They knew each other inside out. Kol always knew what she was thinking and feeling before she could say it. They had been together through so much. Even after decades apart, she knew that Kol could sweep back into her life and it would be as if nothing had changed. Even apart, they would always be a pair.

"How can you love me Stefan," Rebekah said, "you don't know anything about me."

"I know that you're incredible," Stefan replied, "I know that you're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on. I know that you're a pain in the ass, but that I'd rather fight with you than make love to any other woman walking this Earth."

"But Stefan—"

He cut her off, slipping his hand behind her head and pulling her face close to his. Their noses touched and Stefan's brown eyes bored into hers.

"Rebekah. I. Love. You."

He reached to kiss her, but Rebekah flashed off the bed, to the other side of the room, pressing herself against the wall.

"You can't," she said gathering her things from the chair. "You can't love me."

Stefan got up, wrapping his sheet around his waist.

"Rebekah I—"

She flashed in front of him again, causing him to jump, and held her fingertips up to his lips.

"Goodbye Stefan," she said. "This is goodbye."

When Rebekah came downstairs that morning, Klaus was at the breakfast table. It turned out to be a good thing that she had spent the night in her own bed, not that she had done much sleeping.

"You're awake," Klaus said. "Good. I need to talk to you."

"I'm not in the mood Nik," she said as the maid filled her cup with coffee.

"I'm not surprised, considering you've not spent a night at home in over two weeks."

Rebekah pursed her lips, letting out a huff of breath. "So, who am I killing for flapping their lips about me to you?"

"Where have you been Rebekah?"

"Out. Dancing. At Gloria's."

"All night? If memory serves, Gloria does shut down her club after a certain hour. Where have you been going after?"

"This isn't the middle ages, Nik. I don't have to answer to you."

"You will when you live under my house and protection," Klaus growled. But Rebekah stayed silent. "Fine," he said, "keep your secrets. I'll find out soon enough."

Rebekah toyed with the idea of killing all of the humans in the house, just to punish the one that had given her away, but she knew it would only annoy Klaus more. Besides, what was the point? It wasn't as if she would be seeing Stefan again. The thought brought a fresh prick of tears to her eyes.

The night before she had missed having the man's arms wrapped around her as she slept. Even though she was an original vampire, stronger than most beings in existence, she had felt safe in the arms of Stefan Salvatore. Secure. It was a feeling she couldn't ever recall experiencing before.

Stefan was unlike any man she had ever met. He was handsome and vivacious. Ruthless and fun loving. Whenever she was with him, she felt like she could be happy. Like happiness was something that was actually allowed. He treated her like no other man had ever treated her. To Klaus she was a weakness that always needed to be looked after, or a slave to do his bidding. To Kol…she didn't even know what she was to Kol to be honest.

Damn him! It always came back to Kol. Even though she had let him go, he was still there.

But in moments with Stefan, feeling him move within her, dancing with him late into the night, drinking from him, as they would come together, she never thought about Kol. She never thought about the things that had consumed her when she was with Kol.

Whenever they had been together, there always seemed to be a dark cloud hanging over them. She could always taste the bitter edge to his kisses and feel doubt wrap around her along with him. Kol was never a certain thing. He would love her sometimes and hate her sometimes, help her and betray her.

With Stefan, she felt freedom. She felt hope for a future. She saw all the things she had wanted as a human and remembered them. She remembered what it was like to smile a real smile and feel it all the way down to her bones. It was scary and exciting, not because it was forbidden, but because it was something that she could lose.

If she hadn't already lost it.

As she thought about it all, she came to a conclusion. She put on a new dress, ironed her hair into perfect waves and rouged her lips and cheeks. Tonight would be one last hurrah, if nothing else. Nik could go to hell. Tonight, for once in her life, she would choose herself.

Rebekah walked into Gloria's and scanned the room, looking for Stefan. She spotted him, talking to some other girl in a cheap red dress and scuffed heels. He couldn't possibly be serious. A more insecure woman might tuck tail and turn, but not Rebekah. She was a god damned original vampire. No one would two-time her and get away with it.

Shoulders back and chin high, she strode over to the two-some and yanked the woman around by the shoulder.

"What's the big idea?" The nasally woman screeched.

"Leave," Rebekah compelled her through clenched teeth.

The woman walked away and Rebekah turned to Stefan, who looked at her, without a lick of emotion on his face.

"Compelled her to go away so you could get my attention," Stefan said, "not very lady like."

"I never claimed I was a lady," Rebekah replied, remember the conversation they had the first night they danced. "Stefan, I'm a nine hundred year old vampire. I'm an original vampire from which all vampires are born. I've been on the run for most of my life and I don't care about people." The words came pouring out like the Niagara Falls. It was the most she had ever said to any one all at once in her nine hundred years of existence. "Stefan Salvatore, I love you."

She knew her heart would be pounding her chest if it still could pound. Her nerves prickled, waiting for his answer, hoping that he hadn't decided to take it back. Finally, Stefan grinned, cupping her face with his hands. "Rebekah, I love you."

She smiled, glad to hear him saying it back to her again. "There is so much you don't know about me and if you ever find out, you might change your mind. But if you do change your mind, just know that I will kill you."

Stefan chuckled and placed his forehead against hers. "That's my girl."

They were seated in a booth, drinking from the stupid girl that Stefan had been charming earlier in the night. Rebekah felt heated and alive, her confession of love brining her new empowerment. She removed her fangs from the woman and looked over at Stefan, seeing the fever in his eyes. Anticipation coursed through her for what they would get up to later that night. He kissed her, trailing his perfect lips down the column of her throat. Between her lust for him and the blood, she was close to letting him take her right there on the table, for everyone to see.

"What's this?" Stefan asked pulling away to touch the necklace at her neck. "It's beautiful."

It was her mother's necklace, a sliver charm hanging from a silver chain. It was something she wore every day, never taking it off for even a second.

"A witch gave it to me," she told him. "Supposedly it's magical."

"And is it?" Stefan asked cupping her chin.

"It brought me love didn't it?" Rebekah smiled and kissed him again, their lips melting together.

Their kisses were interrupted when a hand wrapped around her arm and pulled her away from Stefan. Her lips separated from his with a sudden pop.

"It's late Rebekah, we're leaving."

Klaus. He had followed her. How long had he been there watching her and Stefan…waiting.

"Get off me Nik," she demanded yanking her arm from him.

"Who is this guy?" Stefan asked, standing away from the booth.

Rebekah ran forward to hold Stefan back, before he could do something to provoke her brother's temper. "Stefan don't he'll kill you. Nik's a lot stronger than he looks."

"So this is the famous Stefan Salvatore I've been hearing so much about," Klaus said. "You're right, he does have funny hair." Rebekah glared out him. Now she knew it was Gloria who had been the one to out her to Klaus. "Let's go Rebekah I'm bored."

"Go without me then. I'm not your girlfriend," Rebekah spat. She was tired of Klaus's controlling attitude.

"No you're my sister," Klaus replied, "Which means you have to do as I say."

He twisted her toward him so that she was facing Stefan. Klaus was being kind, or so he thought, giving her a chance to say goodbye.

"Sister?" Stefan repeated. "Well then I take it you're the one who I need to impress to truly gain Rebekah's favor."

Klaus paused behind her, letting out a slight chuckle. "Well you can certainly try."

"I'll take that challenge. Why don't you stay, have a drink, and I'll see what I can do to make this night more interesting for you…Nik? Was it?"

Stefan held out a hand and Rebekah held her breath. She could see what he was doing. Using his Salvatore charm on her brother. It was a gamble. She waited, wondering if it would work.

"A drink," Klaus said, "and you'll be lucky if I don't decide to kill you when it's done."

"A drink," Stefan replied, "and if you do I'll sharpen a stake myself."

Rebekah was truly amazed by the end of the night. Stefan had managed to win Klaus's favor. Her brother had been utterly riveted by Stefan's devious, ripper ways. It only made her more confident of her decision to love him. As she walked home with Stefan that night, she began to fantasize in the way that women do when they first fall in love. She imagined Stefan by her side through the years, travelling and seeing all the world had to offer. She even imagined a time when they no longer had to run, Mikael would be gone, and Klaus would give them his blessing to live their lives how they pleased. It all seemed so fantastical, and yet so reachable. That was what Stefan inspired in her. That was why she loved him so much.

At dawn, she crept from Stefan's bed dressing and gathering her things. Maybe Klaus would warm up to Stefan, but she didn't want to jinx it by lingering to long with her lover. Before she returned to the bed and sat down next to Stefan, watching him for just a little while longer, tracing the lines of his Adonis form with her fingers. She wondered how long she would have to wait until she could convince Stefan to give up the dingy old apartment and live with her. Then again, perhaps she would come here. She wouldn't want to be in the small town house with Klaus always nearby. With a woman's touch it could be a nice home.

Rebekah leaned forward and kissed his lips then left him with a whispered promise to see him again later in the day.

She strolled down the street, sighing and smiling as orange and pink beams of light began to stretch across the dark sky. For the first time in a long time, she felt like everything was as it should be. Miserable days were at an end for all of them.


She turned, oblivious to the voice and the fact that a stranger was calling out her name on a darkened street. But it wasn't a stranger at all calling for her attention.


The orange light of a new day stretched across his face was pale with shock, his eyes flashing wide.

"Rebekah," he said, "You're alive."

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