Beautiful Sin

She took my wrists in her hands and raised them above my head, as she leaned down close to next to my ear. God she smells so good. It was something in between a sweet lavender and honey scent. So sweet and tantalizing. "I love you…" She whispers. Those three words... I know they are nothing but a lie… but every time… "I love you too…" I believe them, and every time I ask myself why do I give in to such a beautiful sin.

Yoruichi slowed her car to a stopped as she mentally cursed herself for making a right a couple of stop lights ago. So here she sat at the red light of a shady looking neighborhood. Getting paranoid she locked the doors of her car and sighed. "Damn it… I knew I should have made a left…" She sighed and slumped in her seat. Suddenly a loud thud on the hood of her car drew her out of her daydream. There leaning against the hood was a small framed girl, her hair was ragged and un-kept. Yoruichi leaned up in her seat to get a better look at her. She gasped as she realized the girl looked severely beaten. The girl slid off the hood and collapsed unto the concrete.

She placed her car in park and prepared to step out but she forgot she locked the door. In that spilt second the girl rose to her feet and began running across the street; down an alley out of sight. Just then a gang of boys carrying baseball bats and other blunt objects ran past the car and into the same alleyway. Yoruichi started to panic as she quickly unlocked the door, and began running down the alley. "That girl... they're after her…" Yoruichi thought to herself. She grit her teeth as the ex-high school track star put it in high gear after them. After a few minutes of jumping knocked over trash cans, down stairs and darkness, she finally came upon the gang of boys, encircling the young girl. She backed up against the wall having no other place to go.

A silver short-haired boy made his way to her and grabbed her forcefully by the wrist. "Where yah gunna run off to nows you lil brat?" He smacked her. She let a whimper escape her lips, but somehow refused to let the tears fall from her eyes. "Your gunna pay what chu owe… me and Aizen." He raised his hand again as the group heard a shuffle of footsteps behind them. They all turned around to see Yoruichi breathing heavily as she slowed down to a stop. The silver haired boy looked over to an emo looking blonde and nodded in Yoruichi's direction. Without another world he ran up to Yoruichi with a baseball bat. She quickly dodged his wild swing and hit him in the stomach. The boy dropped the bat and leaned forward. Yoruichi then took her knee and hit the boy in the head, kicking him backwards unto his back.

The silver-haired boy looked down on the blonde and shook his head; he then nodded to a raven haired boy with a sixty-nine tattoo on his left cheek. The boy took his chain and swung it around above his head. Yoruichi scowled and assumed a stance. The boy swung his chain at Yoruichi to which she dodged it and grabbed it. For a moment or two the pair played tug of war, but Yoruichi soon over powered him and yanked the chain away unto the ground. The boy then charged at her tackling her unto the ground. The two tussled about, but Yoruichi again gained the upper hand as she maneuvered him unto a choke hold. The boy flailed his arms about but soon grew tired and lost consciousness. She then dropped him against the cold concrete.

The leader of the other two pushed the young girl forcefully against the brick wall behind her. She hit the wall so hard with the back of her head that her whole world grew dark. Yoruichi watched her body slump down the wall like a ragdoll and instantly became enraged. She back fisted the boy, catching him off guard and then executed a spinning roundhouse kick upside his head, successfully knocking him out cold. She went over and kicked him to see if she would gain a response. When she found none, she rubbed her wrist, and walked over to the girl. She bent down and proceeded to push back her bangs revealing her pale Asian face as she cradled her. Her facial features softened as she took note of her busted nose and lip. She shifted, picked up the girl bridal style and walked out of the alleyway to her car. The girl moaned and shivered as Yoruichi placed her carefully in her passenger seat and buckled her in. Yoruichi pulled out her cellphone, dialed a number as she got into the driver's seat and took off into the night.

"Hey it's me Isane…"

"Yoruichi it's two in the morning…" the woman on the other end of the call yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"I know…" Yoruichi glanced over at the girl and continued speaking. "But I need a huge favor…"


"Can you stop by my house for a moment? And bring your medical supplies as well…"

"Yoruichi what's wrong?" Yoruichi heard the urgency in her voice increase.

"I'll explain when you get here… for right now, can you come over as soon as possible?"

Yoruichi heard shifting over the other end of the call as the woman, got up out of her bed. "Sure Yoruichi… I'll be there in less than fifteen minutes."

"Thank you Isane... I owe you big time for this." She hung up the cellphone and pulled up into her driveway. After parking her car in the garage, Yoruichi got out and got her passenger out of car. Carefully Yoruichi took her inside and shut the door with her foot behind them. After placing the girl on her living room couch, Yoruichi went to turn on all the lights in the living room and kitchen. She sighed and walked over and looked down at the girl sleeping on her couch. Just then the doorbell rang and Yoruichi walked over answered the front door. There stood the Six foot-one Isane Kotetsu.

"Yoruichi… what's this all about, you just moved here over a week ago." Isane loomed over Yoruichi as she tried to observe if she saw any scratches or bruises. "You don't look hurt…"

"I'm fine Isane but… she…" Yoruichi moved to the side to let Isane see the figure lying on the couch. Isane didn't wait for Yoruichi to finish as she made her way through the door and over to the girl. Yoruichi closed the door and watch Isane reach in the girl pockets to pull out her wallet, two golden rings and ribbons, placing it on the table. Yoruichi curiously picked up the wallet and looked through it. She found her identification and pulled it out.

"Shaolin Fon…" Isane stopped for a moment and looked back at Yoruichi with a curious look. "Her name…" Yoruichi showed Isane the card. She nodded and continued to work on her patient. Yoruichi placed the card in the wallet and put it back on the living room table. She then started to pace in front of the table carefully watching Isane work.

Thirty minutes later…

Isane closed her medical satchel bag, stood up and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Yoruichi finally stopped pacing and looked at her with a worried expression written on her face. "She'll be fine Yoruichi… Just let her sleep it off, okay?" Yoruichi let a breath of relief as she hugged Isane. She nervously laughed and waved off Yoruichi gesture of affection. "Now you care to explain why a high school girl is laying on your couch with bandages?" Yoruichi sighed and nodded as she made her way to the kitchen and Isane followed. She leaned on the counter and looked over at the girl.

"She was being chased by this gang of boys and I… well long story short… I rescued her from being beaten by them." Isane sighed.

"For once Yoruichi I'd like you to talk things out rather to resort to your many years of martial arts training. You might get somewhere." Yoruichi pouted.

"Yea well… she's safe now and that's what all that counts."

"I wonder why they were chasing her..." Yoruichi shrugged. Suddenly the girl moaned and started to twist and turn on the couch violently. Isane furrowed her eyebrows as to observe the girls reactions, while Yoruichi started to panic. Isane walked over and placed her hand on the girl's forehead, she was burning up. She opened up her bag and pulled out a small flashlight and shone it the girl's eyes. Her dilated pupils gave Isane the clue she was looking for. Again she reached in her bag and pulled out a needle and a small bottle.

"Isane what's going on?" Isane carefully drew the exact amount of the clear liquid out of the bottle and into the needle.

"She's having a withdrawal Yoruichi."

"Withdrawal? From what?" the girl shivered uncontrollably and violently.

"Looks like she addicted to Heroin…" Yoruichi stood there for a moment stunned as Isane carefully inserted the needle into the girl's arm. After a few moments, she slowly stops shivering and fell back unto a deep slumber. Yoruichi breathed a sigh of relief.

"What did you give her?"

"A lower, but more concentrated dose of it…"

"Why would you do that?" Yoruichi almost yelled.

"Yoruichi…. She needs it... coming off of this stuff is a process… You can't just stop taking it at a drop of a hat, she has to get used to it out of her system." Yoruichi let out a groan of frustration as she went over and sat on her recliner chair. She put her elbow on the armrest and leaned her head on her hand. Isane got up from her knees, grabbed her bag, and went to turn to out the living room and kitchen light. "Well Yoruichi… I've done all I can for a college medical student… You're going to have to handle the rest." Yoruichi waved.

"Thanks Isane…"

"No problem Yoruichi…" Isane then let herself out through the front door, as Yoruichi felt her eyelids grow heavy with sleep.

Next morning…

The girl awoke with a sudden start, to a blanket wrapped over her and a nice plush couch under her. She looked around her surroundings taking note of the nice expensive looking furniture and sunshine coming from the blinds to the patio windows. She rolled over and shifted under the covers. A light snore caught her attention; she looked over the blanket to see a caramel skinned woman sleeping on a recliner chair. The girl narrowed her as eyes as she tried to figure out where she knew the woman from. Suddenly flashbacks from last night entered her mind, and she swiftly pulled the covers off of her and sat right up. She looked at the woman who moaned and drooled a little. She found it hard not to laugh, but she managed to hold her tongue.

She slowly got up, grabbed her wallet, rings and ribbons, and then looked to the front door. She looked back at the woman sleeping so peacefully and decided it was time for her to go. Carefully the girl made her way over to the door; she was one step away to grabbing the doorknob when the floor squeaked. She looked back the woman, who snorted but resumed snoring. She breathed out a sigh of relief as she unlocked the door and opened it. The sound registered to Yoruichi and she woke up. "Where do you think you're going?" The girl whipped her head around to find Yoruichi now standing up and stretching. The girl then bolted out the door. "Shit!" Yoruichi took off in hot pursuit.

The girl didn't get far in fact she was still on the front lawn. She looked around the peaceful quiet neighborhood, with all the nice houses and felt overwhelmed. Yoruichi ran outside and stood at her front door watching the girl's reactions. "Shaolin… come back inside…" The girl turned back to face the woman and narrowed her eyes.

"How do you know my name?"

"I read your I.D card… please come back inside…"

"NO! Your one of them aren't you? You work for Aizen!" Yoruichi raised an eyebrow to the girl accusations.


"Don't play games! I know you're working for Aizen! And I'm never going back there!" Yoruichi looked around as the girl was now causing a scene for her neighbors to enjoy. Yoruichi sighed fixing her face into a frown.

"I'm my own boss… Now get back inside… before I make you…" The girl stood there for a moment, silent before trying to bolt across the grass. Yoruichi already knew she was going to try and run and took off after her. She caught up and tackled the girl on the lawn and wrestled her for a bit. Somehow she wound up on top of the girl, sitting on her while the girl laid on her back. Yoruichi took her wrists and pinned them down on the grass. "SHAOLIN! Listen to me…" The girl stopped resisting and looked up at Yoruichi. "I'm not going to hurt you… and I don't work for Aizen whoever…"

"It's hard to believe you when you have me in a hold like this!" By now all of Yoruichi's neighbors were staring. She looked up and noted their curious stares before looking back down at the girl whose face was in a scowl. Yoruichi softened her look and sighed.

"Please Shaolin…" The girl slowly lost her scowl and sighed.

"Okay… fine… I'm sorry…"

Yoruichi let go of her wrists and stood up. She helped the girl up and shooed her back inside the house. She took one final look at her neighbors. "What? Don't yawl have better things to do then watch two girls tussle about on their lawn? Yah sick perverts!" With that Yoruichi slammed the door into her house. Once inside she looked over to the girl who now sat on the couch with her knees to her chest, starting at the floor. Yoruichi walked over and stood in front of the coffee table. The girl looked up at Yoruichi. Yoruichi reached in her pocket and pulled out her cellphone. "Call your parents…"

The girl's eyes grew wide with fear. "No! Please I can't do that!" She form tears in her eyes as she took the phone from Yoruichi. Yoruichi crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. "Please! I can't call them!" She started to cry now, the tears slowly sliding down her face.

"Why? Because they don't know that their daughter is addicted to heroin no less being chased by boys who want to either rape or beat her at two a.m on a Friday night?" The girl sniffed and looked at the phone. "I'm the one who knocked them out and brought you here Shaolin… after you were running from them and you hit the front bumper of my Range Rover."

"No… No no no no! You know what you've done?" Yoruichi blinked, confused. "Oh my god… Aizen is going to kill me… and then he's going to kill you… we're so dead… very dead…" The girl now held her head in her hands still crying. Yoruichi walked over and bent down in front of her. She pried her hands free and she took at her.

"Look… no one is going to kill you… or even me for that matter okay? They have to get past me first and I won't let that happen… got it?"

"But… you don't know them like I do…"

"And I don't care as well… Now please call your parents and we'll figure out what to do from there." She nodded and dialed the number. After a long minute the phone went to voicemail. She hung up the phone and gave it back to Yoruichi.

"They're not answering…" Yoruichi raised an eyebrow as she reached into her other pocket and pulled out her keys. She walked over the door that led to the garage.

"Come on… I'll take you home Shaolin…" She hesitated for a moment before reluctantly getting off the couch and following Yoruichi to the vehicle.

After following the girl's directions Yoruichi pulled up in front of a house that look like it was falling apart. She raised an eyebrow and looked back at the girl, who held her head down low. "Are you sure this is it?" She nodded as Yoruichi turned off the engine. "Well let's go…" Both her and the girl jumped out and walked up to the house. Yoruichi knocked on the door and waited a few minutes. She knocked again and she heard shuffling behind it.

"Yah im coming damn it!" The door swung open with such force it created a small breeze. "WHAT?" An Asian male standing at about five foot ten answered and looked between Yoruichi and the girl. "What da fuck are you doing here?" He referred to the girl, she flinched.

"Hi sir are you Mister Fon per chance? Shaolin's father?"

"Yea? So? Who wants to know?"

"Yoruichi Shihouin… pleased to meet you…" Yoruichi extended her hand out to the man but he merely looked at it and then back at the girl. Yoruichi saw his facial features scowl and she continued to speak. "Well… uhm I found your daughter in a back alleyway with three boys who were trying to rape her, but I successfully stopped their attempt, and here I am bring her back to you sir." The man looked at Yoruichi, back down at the girl and he then slammed the door in their faces. The girl sighed and tried to turn around, but Yoruichi grabbed her by the shoulder. "Sir… your daughter is out here still…"

"So fucking what? Throw her in a dumpster for all I care…" He yelled through the door. Yoruichi stood there shocked at the harshness of the man's words. "She's useless whore and deserves to be out there dead in some alley somewhere… she ain't no daughter of mine… Now get da fuck off my property before I call the police…" Yoruichi stood there for a moment unsure of what to do. The girl's own father slammed the door in her face calling her a 'whore'. Yoruichi looked at the girl, who held an impassive face. She sighed and took her hand off her shoulder. The girl walked down the steps of the porch and down the sidewalk, trying to walk down the street.

Yoruichi ran up to her. "Where are you going Shaolin?" the girl stopped and looked up at Yoruichi.

"Why do you care? Huh? You don't have to look after me… I can take care of myself…."

"Clearly… by what you've shown me last night you got the moves…" The girl tried to turn away from Yoruichi, but she grabbed her yet again. "Shaolin… Come back with me… please…" She pleaded.


"Huh?" Yoruichi asked, so confused.

"Call me Soifon… Shaolin… is the name he gave me… Call me Soifon…"

"Well Soifon… please come back with me… you really don't belong out here on the streets…" Soifon looked at Yoruichi and her pleading eyes and sighed.

"Fine… not like I have anywhere else to go." Yoruichi escorted Soifon back to her car and closed the door for her before hopping in herself. She started up the engine before looking at Soifon's parent's house for one last time and pulling off.

They arrived back at Yoruichi's house and she again parked her car inside the garage. She got out with Soifon following close behind and they walked inside the home together. Yoruichi locked the door before turning back to Soifon. "Come with me…" Soifon nodded as she followed Yoruichi throughout the living room and upstairs unto the bedroom area. Once upstairs she went to the supply closet and grabbed a towel and a facecloth and handed them to Soifon. She then went over and opened a door leading to the bathroom. "Here… Take a long hot shower... I'll find some clothes for you okay?" Soifon nodded and went inside the bathroom; shutting the door behind her. Yoruichi stepped away from the bathroom to her room to find Soifon some clothes when she heard something odd. She went back to the bathroom door and leaned close to it. On the other side was Soifon softly crying to herself. Yoruichi held up her hand to knock, but decided against it when she heard the shower turn on. She then reluctantly went back to her bedroom to find some clothes for Soifon.

After about a half an hour Yoruichi came back and knocked on the bathroom door. "Soifon… I have some clothes here for you… their too small for me but I hope they'll fit you." The door cracked open as she took the clothes and shut it again. She came back out a few minutes later dressed in a black and yellow horizontal striped shirt and blue jeans. Yoruichi chuckled at the fact that she looked like a bee, but it enjoyed it either way. "Now you can lounge around and relax for today. I have to make a lot of business calls. I'll show you your bedroom a little later and the rest of the house, but for now… go downstairs and watch t.v." Soifon nodded. "Oh and Soifon?" Soifon became confused as Yoruichi embraced her. "It's going to be okay…" She petted Soifon as she sniffled. Yoruichi ended the hug and let Soifon go down stairs.

Soifon went downstairs and sat on the couch. She looked around and found the remote, turning on the big sixty-two inch television screen mounted on the wall. As she watched the shows that played across the screen she began to get lost in her own thoughts. "This woman… doesn't even know who I am.. no less what I've done… and she took me in.. just like that… JUST LIKE THAT? No there has to be a catch to this… I mean look at this house… it's HUGE! Everything in here is at least a grand a piece… And she just decides to let a druggie stay in it" Soifon looked up the stairs where she could faintly hear Yoruichi handling business on the phone. "I mean to not say I'm ungrateful… I've haven't had a hot shower in weeks, but all of this is so… fishy… That or the lady is crazy…"

Back upstairs Yoruichi held a phone conversation with two of her best friends…

"Yoruichi are you nuts?"

"Kukaku… you know I don't have a lot marbles in my brain, but I know I've got far more than you miss pyro techno freak…"

"Ohhhhhhhh she's gotcha there Kukaku." The male voice snickered.

"Shaddup Kisuke! Anyways… Yoruichi what you planning to do with this kid? You're not thinking about keeping her are you?"

"Actually yes I am…"


"What Kukaku?"

"The kid is a druggie… no less has been on the streets for how long? Plus even her own father turned her away… I say you should turn her in the police and let child services handle it."

"Kukaku I can't do that…" Yoruichi sighed and took down her ponytail as she paced in front of her bed. She then fell backwards unto it and relaxed.

"Uhm Yoruichi yes you can… if you can beat up three boys senseless you can easily take your butt up there and turn her in."

"Kukaku I don't want to do that to her… she's probably already been through that… She needs somewhere stable and someone to care for her."

"And that someone is you apparently?"

"It could be…"

Kukaku sighed impatiently. "Kisuke you talk some sense into her…"

"Well I think it's a swell idea…"

"Wait what?"

"Yeah! This will solve two problems in one… Yoruichi is lonely moving down here in Karakura city… it be nice to have someone around and to care for and on the other hand Yoruichi could help the girl get off the street and live a normal life. Which sounds like a win-win to me."

Kukaku sighed again obviously irritated with the two. "Fine… fine… I'll just say this... if something get stolen Yoruichi, all I'm going to say is I told you so."

Yoruichi squealed with delight. "I knew you guys would see it my way. Now how do I gain custody of her legally?"

"Well Yoruichi if I may… you're going to have to take her up to family services and defend your case about how you're a better provider than her parents and then go to court and finalized it as you being her legal guardian."

"Sounds easy enough…" Kukaku scoffed at Yoruichi. "What? If you saw the house she came from Kukaku you'd think the same."

"What it look like?"

"A run down shack… No joke…" Her friends laughed for a moment before composing themselves.

"Welp I've gotta go miss princess… I'll call you later to see how you're holding up with the kid."

"Alright Kukaku Imma go too. I have a bunch of other phone calls to do about her."

"Okies Yoruichi calls me if you need anything."

"Will do Kisuke…" Yoruichi ended the call as sighed and dialed numbers again, this time for business and not pleasure.

Yoruichi spent most of her day on the phone schedule things like meeting up with a family counselor in order to get Soifon in her custody, a doctor at the clinic to treat Soifon and her addiction, and over all school information so she could enroll. Time slipped by Yoruichi and before she knew it it was seven in the evening. She got up off her bed and made her way downstairs to find Soifon still watching TV eating a bowl of cereal. She looked over at Yoruichi and looked apologetic. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to go in your cabinets but I was hungry and I…" Yoruichi shush Soifon and chuckled.

"It's okay Soifon… This is your new home… do as you please…. I'm sorry I lost track of time and didn't come down to cook you anything. I'm so used to living alone and all…" Yoruichi rubbed the back of her head nervously. Soifon turned her head away and blushed. "I'll order us a pizza if you like?" Soifon looked back at Yoruichi and nodded. Yoruichi couldn't help but smiled at the reaction. Soifon was all too cute to her, now that she was cleaned up and not screaming or covered in blood. She went over the kitchen and grabbed the phone once again and ordered pizza. After she was done with that she sat down next to Soifon and began watching TV. The show called deadly women had been playing.

"You like this show?" Soifon merely nodded as she took another bite of her cereal. "Why?"

She shrugged. "I don't know I just like the way they actually show women who are mass murders and what they've done. You usually hear about guys killing people, but it's different to see women doing it I guess..." Yoruichi hummed out of interest and began watching the show as well. After more minutes of waiting to doorbell finally rung and Yoruichi got up to answer it. There stood the pizza man and right behind him Isane. Yoruichi paid the man and took the pizza from him.

"Hey Isane! What are you doing back here?" Isane made her way inside as Yoruichi shut the door behind them. Isane stood by the door noting Soifon's curious stare. "Oh Soifon this is Isane… When I brought you here, she took care of you and made sure you were okay." Soifon put down her bowl of cereal and formally bowed. Isane and Yoruichi looked at each other very confused.

"Thank you Miss Isane…"

"Uhm… oh you don't need to thank me…" She blushed at the compliment and Yoruichi opened the box of pizza and gave it to Soifon. "Uhm… I'm just here to check up on her and make sure I give her dosage of 'it' if she needs it." Yoruichi nodded.

"Soifon... do whatever Miss Isane tells you to." Soifon nodded as Isane walked over and started doing standard routine of checking on a patient. She finally finished and handed Yoruichi a small black case.

"Here… this is a bottle of what she needs and some needles. Whenever she feels either dizzy, gains a major headache or has a slight fever with chills, give her the exact dosage I've written down inside okay?" Yoruichi nodded as Isane waved goodbye to Soifon. "Goodbye Soifon… you're a wonderful patient." Soifon bowed once again and Isane made her way out the door. Yoruichi placed the case on the kitchen counter in plain sight in case she would need to use it. She looked at the clock as it read nine thirty.

"Come on Soifon…" She grabbed the tv remote and turned it off. "I'll show you to your bedroom…" Soifon got up an followed Yoruichi up the stairs and to a room right next to hers. The room was painted orange , a twin size bed, small tv and chester drawers next to a closet, whose doors were mirrors. Soifon went over to the bed and picked up a bumblebee stuffed toy. Oddly enough she liked it. "You can have that if you wish, underneath your pillow is a tank top and pajama shorts. Sleep tight… we've got a lot to do tomorrow."

"Like what?"

Yoruichi stopped for a moment. "Like buying you some more clothes… you can't wear my old ones forever… I'm sure you would like to wear whatever your style preference is." Yoruichi went and closed the door behind her, leaving Soifon alone in her new room. Soifon looked around for a moment observing it, until she decided to change. After change she turned out the light and climbed under her covers with her new toy. Se snugged it for a moment before breathing out a sigh of relief. For the first time in years Soifon actually felt safe and at home. "Okies maybe this isn't so bad… she's super nice.. she cares about me… and she's even given me my very own place to stay to no cost. Jeez… I wonder what she does for a living? I should ask her tomorrow." Soifon yawned and let her eyes close as she drifted away to sleep.

Yoruichi laid in her bed sleeping peacefully until a knock on her bedroom door drew her attention. "Come in…" She yawned and sat up at Soifon entered to bedroom.


"Hmmmmmm?" She rubbed the sleep out her eyes and blinked to wake herself up.

"This is going to sound weird… but… tonight… can I possibly… sleep in here… with you?" Yoruichi yawned as she looked Soifon holding the bumble bee teddy against her chest ever so cutely. How should she say no to such a cute sight? She lifted her covers and Soifon climbed under them. Soifon scooted closer to Yoruichi. Yoruichi blushed and she basically cuddled right behind Soifon. "Thank you…"

"Mhmmmmmmm…" Yoruichi fell back asleep until about an hour later when Soifon disturbed her sleep once more. This time she started to shake controllably with chills. Yoruichi instantly sat up and looked at Soifon with concern. She reached over and felt her forehead. Soifon had gained another fever. "fuck…" Yoruichi got up and went downstairs to the case on the kitchen counter. She got the amount of liquid into the needle and speed walked up the stairs back to Soifon. By nows, she had kicked all of the covers off of her and was twisting and turning in pain. "Shhhhh… give me your arm…" she took Soifon's arm and applied the dosage to her system. After a few moments Soifon began to calm down and go back to sleep. Yoruichi gathered the covers together and made sure she had the bumblebee before climbing back into bed.

For what seemed an eternity, Yoruichi laid there lost in thought as she stared at Soifon sleeping peacefully. Eventually she decided to snuggle up to Soifon and go back to sleep for the night.