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It was a beautiful morning. Birds were flying happily and children were playing with their friends.

But it was a bad morning for Sawada Nana. Why? She couldn't find her child, Sawada Tsunayoshi. Usually Tsuna would greet her at this time and help her with cooking, but he didn't greet her this morning. Finding it weird, she tried to find him only to find an empty bedroom. Of course, she panicked; she was his mother after all.

"Tsu-kun, where are you?" There was no voice that replied her. She was getting really worried, so she hastily grabbed a phone and called her husband Iemitsu.

"Iemitsu answer the phone!" She hissed into the phone hoping Iemitsu would hear her, but her husband didn't answer the phone. At the same time, she heard a sound from door. Her eyes widened as she ran to it and opening it.

"Tsu-kun!" She shouted with glee unknowing that it wasn't Tsuna. The person in front of her wore a suit, he was holding a gun at his hand. When she realized this, she stood shocked while her eyes showed fear.

"Goodbye, Sawada Nana." A loud bang was heard from Sawada's house.

He didn't know about this.

He didn't know Nana was trying to call him. He set the silent profile on his phone because there was an important meeting and now he was hearing the news of the death of his wife and his missing son. He wanted to forget all about this. He wanted to repeat the time when his wife was still alive smiling happily at his son, but he knew it was impossible.

He really wanted to die now. He joined the mafia to protect his family, not because of the fame and money. If because of his association with the mafia was the reason for his beloved's death, then where had he gone wrong?

Sawada Iemitsu couldn't answer the question.

Nono wanted to know what was happening here. His CEDEF, Sawada Iemitsu, had suicided because of the guilt of Nana's death and the missing of Tsuna weighting on him. He already found the new leader of CEDEF, but he couldn't help but frown when he knew one of his best friends was dying with his family. He needed to find information about this. At that time, his right man entered the room.

"Timoteo, I found the culprit. It was the Estraneo family!" And his hand clenched really hard.

Reborn, the number one hitman worldwide, had been ordered by Nono to find the son of the Sawada family. The clue that had been given to him was his name, his age, and his birthday, and of course his situation. He found himself pitying the boy because his family was already dead. Even if he found him, the child would enter an orphanage, and he knew that the chance of him still alive was really tiny.

But he still needed to find this child because it was a direct order from Nono. He wore his suit, and patted his pet, Leon.

"Let's go, Leon."

"Mom, Dad, where are you?"

A child no older than 4 years old was crying loudly. He had brown big eyes, red lips, and brown spiky hair that defied gravity. He wore red sandals, a shirt with a panda drawn on it, and blue pants.

He didn't know anything. When he woke up, he found himself in a dark room. His hands were tied, as well as his legs and he couldn't move. He heard a crying behind him, in front of him, and from many other directions as well. It was a children cry and he knew he too was already crying hard.

He hoped there was a person that would help him. His father is strong, right? So, maybe his father could save him from this nightmare.

He was scared. His heart was beating fast and his head was spinning, too. He felt his intuition telling him that he will suffer if he stayed in this place. He tried to move his hand to no success and before he could try again, he saw a shadow of person in front of him.

His expression became happy at the first before it turned into horror. A man in front of him was holding an injection, and by the look in his face, every conclusion just promised death.

"Prepare to suffer." A long agonizing scream could be heard from distant lands.

He didn't do this, right?

He stared to his hand. They were covered in blood, fresh blood. He looked around for water to wash his hands, only to see countless corpses around him. He couldn't help but start trembling in fear.

"This is not true, right? Father, Mother, save me!"

At age 4, Sawada Tsunayoshi already became a killer.

Reborn didn't believe this.

He already found the Estraneo base. It was located at a deserted place, but it couldn't be called a place, not anymore. Blood covered many unidentifiable bodies and the building was already destroyed. He walked carefully, trying to search for any survivor.

In the middle of the search, he heard a muffled cry. He approached that sound and found a boy no older than 4 years old who was covered in blood. The boy was trying to stop his crying by covering his mouth with his both hands. When Reborn touched him, he jerked and his big eyes stared at Reborn.

His caramel eyes showed fear, sadness, regret, and… emptiness. He pitied the boy and he knew that this was the boy he was searching for.

"Do you want to come with me?" Reborn held out his hand.

"To … To where?"

"To a place that will make you stronger."

The boy stood silent for a while before giving a curt nod and grabbed Reborn's hand. His eyes turned slightly amber and Reborn gave him his rare smile before carrying the boy away.

Really, because of this boy, he had to break the order that Nono gave him. His curiosity about this boy won over his respect to Nono. His intuition telling him to hide this child from anybody, including Nono, and he knew that his intuition was always right.

"Leon, let's go. This will be a long journey."

Leon nodded and crawled towards his master's hat. Reborn smirked as he walked into the forest.

"This will be interesting."

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