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Daryl was laying in their bed, above the blankets, completely naked. Winter was curled up into him. His left arm was under her neck and his left hand was combing through her hair. Her head was on his chest and her eyes were shut. One of her arms were around his waist and the other was tucked up into his side. Daryl was staring at the ceiling with his right hand under his head. He was frowning as he thought about his brother. Winter sighed and brought her leg over his. Their sex fluids wetting his skin.

" Do you want to talk or do you want the silence?" Winter asked.

" Don't know." Daryl answered.

" Do you want my opinion or do you want to handle this alone?" She asked. Daryl sighed, continuing to comb through her hair.

" I'm thinkin we should just stay here forever. Rick and T-Dog can bring us food." He said, making her laugh softly.

" Yeah, that sounds really good. We don't have to think about anything when you're inside me." She said.

" Not true. I have to think of a lot of things so I don't get off right away." Daryl said. She smiled and started to rub his inner thigh. His dick was spent and hanging soft between his legs but he knew if she kept touching him like she was doing, he was going to be getting hard again. " I don't know what to do with him. He's dangerous."

" Do you think he could change? Do you think he could want to help us?" Winter asked.

" No. He has too much hate in him. He hates Rick. He hates T-Dog and he hates you. He's pissed at me cause he thinks I'm choosin you over him. Don't trust him with you. I think he'll come after you."

" I don't want you to pick me over your brother." Winter said. Daryl's hand's tighten in her hair.

" I'd pick you over anyone, any day. Don't doubt it." He said, roughly.


At dinner Winter sat on Daryl's left side while Rick and Mason sat across from them. Winter's right hand disappeared under the table a second before Daryl felt it glide down his inner thigh. He lifted his leg enough for her to rest her fingers under it. He gently let his leg down, trapping her fingers between his leg and the bench. Her thumb started to slowly make circles against him. He felt his tension leaking away with every stroke. His left hand came to rest against her leg.

" I reckon we have two choices when it comes to Merle." Daryl finally spoke up. " We either gonna keep him locked up or push him outside of the compound. He ain't stable enough to walk around free here." Daryl was aware that Rick, Mason, and Winter were staring at him but he didn't look up from his tray. He was pushing his food around.

" Are you sure about that, Daryl?" Rick asked. Daryl sighed and looked up at him.

" Yeah. He's too full of hate. I ain't gonna be able to trust him to not hurt the group," He glanced sideways to Winter before he cleared his throat and looked back at Rick. " or Winter. He'll come after her to get to me and I ain't gonna let that happen."

" So you want us to keep him locked up then, that is what you are saying?" Mason asked.

" I'm sayin I'm gonna give him the choice to stay locked up or not. He don't want to be locked then he is out of here. That is just the way it's gonna go. We'll pick him up some supplies, give him a car and send him on his way. No weapons, can't take the chance on that. He will just have to find them on his own." Daryl said.

" And who is going to tell him this?" Winter asked.

" Me. Plannin on goin there after dinner. He's gonna be pissed but I don't care." Daryl said.

" Are you sure about this?" Winter asked. Daryl nodded while he stared down at her.

" He lost his rights when he worked with that asshole to take you away from me. Ain't no one ever gonna take my woman away. He's lucky I don't just beat his ass." Daryl said. Winter bite her lip to keep from smiling. She brought her head to his shoulder and nudged against him. Daryl sighed and pressed his lips to her. He gave her a short kiss then started to rub his chin against the top of her head. " You best be in this for the long haul, Girl. I ain't lettin you go anytime soon." He whispered into her hair. Winter smiled and sat up to look at him.

After dinner, Winter decided to go outside to her brother's grave while Daryl went to talk to Merle. T-Dog came with her but was giving her space. She sat down beside the grave and the let the events of the past few months wash over her. She was surprised at how calm she was feeling knowing Nick was in the ground just six feet below her. It gave her a sense of peace to know that he was finally buried and not just wandering around inside his room at their old home.

" Winter?" Carol's soft voice made her close her eyes.

" What?" Winter asked.

" Can I talk to you?" She asked. Winter's shoulder's dropped as she opened her eyes.

" It's still a free country." She said. Carol sat down beside her, making Winter tense up. The two women were quiet for a few minutes before Carol sighed and started to speak. " I can't tell you how sorry I am for everything."

" I wish you would have came to me before you said anything to anyone." Winter said.

" I should have but I was raw and emotional from what Philip did to me." Carol said. Winter turned her head so she could look right at her.

" You can't do this forever. You can't play the victim for the rest of your life. I'm sorry you had such a tough time, I am. I'm sorry about Ed and for what he did to you. I'm sorry about Sophia, God knows how sorry I am about her but you went to Philip out of your own weakness, the same as me. I went to him to talk about my brother because I thought he understood me. I was weak too but we have to kick that shit to the side now. There is no place in the world for that. I know you look to Daryl as your protector. I know you told him because you wanted to protect him and I can't fault you for that but next time, if you have a problem with something you think I'm doing, come to me." Winter said. Carol nodded.

" I just wanted,"

" It doesn't matter what you wanted. What you did was caused a lot of pain between Daryl and me." Winter took a deep breath and looked away as she shook her head. " I'm sorry that Philip attacked you. He used us. He saw the weakness in us and played into that. I can't fault you for everything. I just need some time to get over the grudge, okay? Just give me some time." Winter said.


Daryl was tight as he walked into the room his brother was being held in. Merle looked up at him and smirked. Daryl was holding a tray of food. He walked over to the bed and set the tray down before walking back to the middle of the room and sitting in the chair he had left there. He took a hold of the cross bow straps and stared at his brother as Merle started to eat.

" You gonna let me out of here?" Merle snapped. He used his biscuit to swept up some of the mashed potatoes he had.

" Only way you're gettin out of here is if we take you out of the prison. You can't be trusted to be freed." Daryl said. Merle looked up from his tray.

" What are you gettin at, Boy?" He spit out.

" I'm sayin you either stay here, locked up in a cell or you're out there in the world. You want to walk around free, do it outside of the walls but you stay here, you're locked up." Daryl said calmly.

" Are you fuckin shittin me!" Merle shouted, flunging his tray to the floor. " You ungrateful little prick! After everythin I have done for you! After all the times I took care of you, this is how you treat me! You got a woman fuckin you so you think you are in charge! Fuck you!" Daryl shook his head and stood up.

" You have 24 hours to make up your mind." Was all he said before he turned away. He walked out of the room with Merle screaming, cursing, and demanding Daryl to obey him. Daryl shut and locked the door then went off to find his woman.


Winter sat on her knees, behind Daryl, rubbing his shoulders hard as he unbuttoned his shirt. He hadn't said a thing when he came to collect her from the grave. They walked back to their room in silence as well. There were times when she needed him to talk and times when he needed the silence. He felt luckly to have a woman who understood his needs. She wasn't pushing him or offering him comfort. He sighed and dropped his arms to his side. He closed his eyes and let his head come down so he could just enjoy her touch.

Winter moved around to the front of him. She straddled his lap and continued to rub him. She kissed his forehead then nestled her mouth against his head. He sighed again but didn't open his eyes. He let her push his shirt off. A few seconds later he felt her hands come to his belt. She worked quickly to undo it then open his pants. She reached into his boxers as she slipped off his lap. She came to her knees in front of him, leaning into his lap. He squeezed his eyes shut as she brought her mouth to him.

She fastened her mouth on the head of his penis, making him suck in his breath. She moved down his length as her hands came to rest against his hips. His hands moved behind him. Daryl planted his hands flat down on the mattress and let his arms support his upper body. He tilted his head up to the ceiling and groaned loudly. Not only did she understand his need for silence, she also understood just what he needed in the bedroom. He stayed like that, with her small head bobbing slowly up and down him, until he thought he'd lose his mind. His stomach hitched and his muscles tense. He laid down flat on his back and moaned out to her. Winter slipped off him, undressed then climbed on top of him. He held her hips as he guided her down. He loved the feeling of her body as it took him in. His hands came up and into her hair. He kissed her hard.

They whispered they loved each other. He whispered how he'd protect her. She moaned and whimpered his name. His hips rose then fell in the rhythem they both loved. And when they were done, when they were spent and tired, he wrapped his arms around her and held her against his chest. She sighed deeply then placed a gently kiss against his chest.

" Ain't ever gonna let you go." He whispered.

" I'm going to hold you to that." Winter whispered.