Hiya! Allasai here ^.^. I had a sudden inspiration hit me out of no where yesterday :3. I couldn't find the right category to place this, so its here for a reason -_- ha, so yeah, this is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I hope you enjoy! Ashbringer OUT!

Dark foreboding waters crashed against the tiny rowboat as the darkened and dull sky boomed over head with the insistent threat of lightning. Frigid and pitch black waves crashed and drenched me as I reached the rotted docks.

The docks creaked ominously as I shifted my weight precariously on the decayed planks of wood. I made my way to the foot of a fleet of never ending stairs, so it had seemed. The rough hewn stone stairs were eroded and shown signs of time, seeing many walk it's path.

I climbed the perilous stairs as the bitter and harsh wind tore through my seemingly thick layers. My own steps causing the stairs to deteriorate and crumble more so than ever. I climbed for what seemed like years, the feeling of dread weighing heavily on my soul with each heavy footstep I took.

I reached the top of the stairs to see the darkened and eerie prison before me, long abandoned and long forgotten. I walked into the entrance as a loud crash of thunder shook the very foundations of the old prison.

I shuddered, however, it was not from the bitter wind that caused my chill earlier. No, it was not from the cold at all...it was the cold tentacles of fear wrapping around my heart firmly and unrelenting.

I walked past cells and the stench of mildew, rust, and rot filled my nose. I let my eyes wander, almost fearful of what I would see. In one cell, I saw water stains and moss...and scratching in the walls...tally marks to count days before execution.

I walked to another cell and opened the rusted gate forcefully, the hinges screeching in an unholy banshee's wail. The floor was covered with the signs of old blood and the metallic smell still lingered in the air, coating the back of my throat.

Nausea racked my body as I finally realized what type of prison this place was now. Gangsters, Mobsters, Murders were held here, awaiting the day they would die, by their own hand or by time itself. This prison wasn't just a prison where the living occupied it...it was also a prison of the dead. Alcatraz.