Title: The Ruptured Tendon
Rating: T for right now

A/N: I have a massive mental block for writing Magnum's POV for some reason, so I literally had to watch episodes on loop until I got something remotely close to it. If there's any blatant failure going on in it, please don't hesitate to say so - I really want to better my Magnum-voice

**This story is set somewhere around/between S1 and S2

I guess you could say I was being a little stupid when I volunteered to be TC's partner in a game of sand volleyball only two days after I injured my Achilles tendon chasing after an angry divorcee's car (it's a long story.) Sure, I was limping a little, but it was a beautiful day, with a nice breeze, and there were two very pretty girls wanting to show off their athletic ability, and really, who could refuse an offer like that? Not to mention, TC was as good a partner as they come, and even if we let the girls win, we'd still get to play a good game.

So I decided to play, despite my injury. The way I saw it, I'd faced much worse in Nam than a sore tendon, and if I could survive that kind of action, I could damn well hold my own in a game of sand volleyball.

I know what you're thinking, and yes, there is a reason why I'm trying to justify myself. If I just left it as "the girls were pretty and vulnerable and I got stupid" then I don't think I'd be able to live with myself, especially given how many weeks I'm going to be laid up for.

For what it's worth, we were really playing a good game, and had attracted quite a crowd. It was nice. The girls weren't just pretty – they were talented, and they were giving us good competition. It was about as enjoyable as I could've hoped, when all of a sudden, there were gunshots somewhere in the vicinity of the crowd, and then a bunch of screaming. One of the bullets made a sharp 'ping' as it struck the pole nearest me, and partially downed the net. I heard sobbing, and looked over into the crowd and there was a big guy on the ground, blood soaking his shirt. His wife was a mess.

The girls were screaming at TC and me to do something, and the crowd was frantic.

Somehow in the chaos, the shooter had hopped in a getaway car, but my main concern right now was helping out the poor guy who'd been hit. I turned to run towards him when my foot got tangled up in the net and I fell over.

As I hit the ground, I felt something distinctly go 'pop', and pain clouded my vision.

I've definitely felt worse in my life, but that didn't mean that my ankle wasn't hurting. I knew in the back of my mind that I'd only fall over again if I tried to stand up, so I watched helplessly as someone went to call an ambulance, and TC helped patch the guy up a bit. Once he'd been seen to, my buddy came running over.

"Thomas, are you okay?"

"Do I look okay?" I said wryly. "I think I'll need an ambulance, too."

To his credit, TC just nodded, but I knew that once this was all over, I'd never live it down.