Story Information:

Title: When the First Love Dies

Pairing Focus: Kaito/Miku

Genre: Drama/Romance/Action

Setting: AU

Author Notes:

Hello Everyone! This story is written in 1st POV from various vocaloids. Seven different stories that all interlace with each other. I will mark who's POV it is at the beginning of the chapter.

In this fanfiction, the vocaloids are normal breathing people. The Kagamine twins are related to each other. Meiko's last name is Sakine from the young Meiko version, but don't be confused, she is the same Meiko.

The vocaloids VY1 is called Mizuki Yamaha and VY2 is Yuuma Yamaha. The last name Yamaha I added from the "Y" in VY1 and VY2 that stands for Yamaha. Their appearance is after the winning mascot contest images. Yuuma is one of the main characters in this fanfic, simply because I luvs him. :3

Miki is actually "SF-A2 Miki" everybody else should be recognizable if you know them... I didn't add all ALL of the vocaloids. But I will see how it goes as time goes on. As of now I'm trying to focus the story on the most popular ones, namely ones produced by Crypton.

The setting of this story is in a fictional place called Vocaloid City. And the school there is called Vocal High School. Whatever, call it lame, I'm just making it simple for myself. The plot itself however is going to be very well detailed...

This story's title and the lyrics in italics are taken from a song called, "When The First Love Dies" I highly suggest that you watch the video before reading this story to get the same feel given off in this story. Miku sings this song...

As for the pairings in this fic, I will let the plot slowly decide for me. Don't get me wrong. I know what I'm doing with these pairings, and I'm doing it on purpose...

I am firstly writing this for my own enjoyment, and I'm just sharing it for others to read. I can receive suggestions. But I won't necessarily take them. The pairings that are created are based on the favoritism of the plot . I am warning you, I love crack pairings and the characters tend to have more than one love interest. Even Kaito/Miku isn't a final pairing. You have to be into this story for the drama. If you strongly wish for just one paring to happen that doesn't seem to happen, don't bash me. Just leave and go for another story...

That's all, my chickies, I hope you enjoy reading this as I did writing it...

- Zerolr -

Vocaloid POV: Miku Hatsune

Thank you, farewell
This painful, unrequited love
If my feet stops, I might remember it
That's why
Thank you, farewell
Because I won't cry
That's what I thought, and then, softly,
The snow falls down
If I touch it, it would've melted away

1st Song – Arigato, Sayonara

It was cold, I remember... So so cold, but I remember barely feeling how cold it was. My heart stopped beating. His blue eyes met me from across the plaza as he smiled. I smiled back while my fingers played with the tips of my bangs. I bit my lip looking down, I couldn't look into his eyes anymore...


I looked up, he had walked up to me, I swear, I felt like everyone in the plaza disappeared. Everyone except him. I felt a tingling in my fingertips as I lost all sensation of touch.

Was this part of my love sickness?

Or was it actually the cold?

I couldn't tell...

"Kaito..." I whispered. I dared myself. I dared to say his first name... I need to show him how I felt. That it was okay, that age didn't matter. Nothing mattered.

For me, love is war...

I saw his eyes go wide for a second, and then they softened, a beautiful cerulean color.

"Hatsune," he said, his smile was bittersweet, "Please call me by my last name, Shion..."

I felt a knife stab me, it was far worst than the chilly December wind that blew. I decided not to give up. I need to tell him, I need tell him how I feel. It's now or never. I looked away I felt my eyes wanting to sting with tears.

"Hatsune, I'm sorry," I heard him say. I could tell that he was worried about me, "I didn't mean to sound rude," he began, "We barely know each other after all, and I am very much older than you. As strangers I don't want others getting the wrong idea about us... okay?" He sweetly tilted his head to the side as he tried to catch my averted eyes.

But he didn't get it. That is exactly what I wanted. But for some reason, as I tried to talk but the right words wouldn't come out.

"I'm sorry I called you out, in such a weather..."

"It's okay..." I took in a deep shaky breath.

Come on, Miku, you can say it just tell him...

I tug my grey peat coat tighter around myself as I shivered.

"You okay?" he asked, "Hold on..."

I saw him take off his long blue scarf and wrapped it around me. He had a smile that brighten the air around me in a soft white color. He was practically angelic. I know it was just me seeing things this way... but that is the only way I can see it...

"Believe or not, scarfs can really keep you warm, you should start wearing them," he said as he carefully finished securing it around my neck. I felt his gloves brush against the skin of my neck as puffs of steam from our breaths entered the atmosphere.

"Thank you..." I smiled. I can feel myself tremble from nervousness from the inside.

"I won't keep you waiting any longer, I know it's cold... I reason I called you out here, is to tell you that I can't keep seeing you anymore..."

"Huh?" My eyes go wide, I don't want to believe what he is saying, "What do you mean?" I cry out. I need to tell him! I need to do it now!

He took both of my hands in his and looked into my eyes earnestly, "Please, don't be upset, it's not in a bad way... It's me,"

"But I don't want to stop seeing you... you mean so much to me!" I cried.

I saw him take a step back, he eyes as they looked at me were wavering. He pursed his lips and I would of killed to find out what was going through his mind...

He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath.

I wonder, did he figure it out? Does he know? What is he thinking? And why can't I still talk? What the hell is wrong with me?


I looked up at the sky. It had just started to snow. The first snow of the winter.

Kaito looked up as well and he raised his open palms to catch the falling snowflakes. Looking down our eyes met at the same time.

"Hatsune, let's just text each other okay?"

My face just lit up.

"Nnn!" I nodded energetically.

"Do you still have my phone number?" he asked smiling a bit.

"Yes I do!" I knew that my cheeks were red, my face felt so hot.

I head him sigh, before he spoke again, "It's not that I don't ever want to see you again, it's well... I have a lot of problems right now, and I don't want you to be tangled into them. You have your studies and your friends, I don't want to get in the way of that."

"Is that really everything? It isn't me?" I asked. I needed to know what somehow I'm not the one being a bother to him.

I heard him laugh, it was a soft chuckle in that warm voice of his. I just blushed even redder, while I puffed my cheeks. Did I say something silly?

"Of course it's not you!" he explained, "Like I said before, it's me... silly old me..." He placed a hand over my head.

I puffed my cheeks and slapped his hand away.

"I'm not a child!" I cried.

He placed his hands on his hips and he looked at me and smiled, "I know, trust me I know..."

He looked at me I couldn't tell what the look in his eyes met.

"Good bye, Hatsune Miku,"

His voice sounded somewhat cold, somewhat distant... and at the same time, kind of sad.

"It's not really a goodbye," I added, ever the optimistic, "Because we'll still keep in touch remember?" I pulled out my cellphone and waved it in front of him as emphasis.

He smiled and just said, "Yeah, you're right I guess..."

And with that he walked off.

I just stood there in the middle of the plaza where I had waited for him as he walked off. And I just watched him until I couldn't see him anymore...


Chapter 2 Preview:

I push open the door of my favorite bar and walked down to my usual table and sat down. It was already occupied by two people; my sister-in-law Meiko Sakine, and Haku Yowane, a fellow drinker we met at this bar.

Meiko moved aside as I sat next to her.

"Hey, hey," why do you look so miserable?" She looked with concern the way an older sister would for her younger brother.

I just sighed and ordered some drinks.

Haku had her head resting sidelong on the table and was just looking up at me.

"I saw you talking to someone at the plaza..." she said in her dreary voice.