Vocaloid POV: Rin Kagemine

10th Song – Didn't See that Coming

I saw Miku walk out of the room. After hearing the door shut, I turn and looked at my brother who seemed deeply sucked into his scribbling.

"Can't you tell me already?" I pout.

Len looked up to me with an annoyed look, "Alright, alright already, just give me a sec," After a few moments he put his pen down and slouched back into his chair. He pushed the notebook over to me.

"Tell me what you think," he said.

I looked down at Len's neatly scrawled characters.

A fallen angel lost in the city,

Meets a beautiful woman clad in black,

looking into her eyes it fell in love instantly.

But love between angel and human is sin

But the desire is so great,

The angel was willing to sell its soul to the devil to have a chance with her...

There was a lot of crossed out words here and there as if he was changing his mind while he composed this idea. I looked it over again and I could feel Len's nervous stare poking me.

"Relax okay!" I practically shout.

"Fine!" he barked looking aside. He crossed his arms and furrowed his eyebrows.

I lazed back in my chair and lift my chin a bit looking like a evil mastermind. Well, because I am, of course.

"My dear brother, why is the angel defined as an "it"?" I said waving the notebook about.

"Because," he began, "Angels are genderless spirits. Even though people establish genders for them, they are defined as asexual," he had a squiggle of a frown across his face. Oh how cute.

"You know what I'm thinking...?" I teased leaning forward, dropping the notebook on the table.

Len leaned back on his hair as I inched forward into his face, "I don't think I want to know..." he mumbled.

"Of course you do~" I cooed tracing my finger under his chin, "...let's make the angel a female..."

I saw my brother facepalm, "Rin!"

"Yes!" I stood and looked up. I was on a roll, the ideas wouldn't stop flowing, "And she left a relationship with another male angel. And and!" I point toward Len, "When the angel trades her soul, she becomes a man! And the woman dresses in black because she is a sinful woman. The black she wears symbolizes the fact that she has cause an angel to sin. Oh ho ho! This is brilliant! I am brilliant!"

I heard clapping.

I looked and I saw Len was smiling as he clapped. I gave him a wide smile as I did a little curtsy.

"As crazy as you are... it sounds perfect. It's kinda of a dark theme for the holidays. But who cares. This sounds awesome," He took the notebook and wrote in my suggestions.

"Now! For the actors..." I began taking my seat once more.

"Isn't it obvious," Len began already writing it down, "You'll be the angel, and I'll be the human form you take."

"Soo... that leaves Miku as the sinful woman,"

I saw Len accidentally draw a line down the page, "W-what?"

"Oh come on! Have you imagined anybody else?" I pressed.

"But you have to act like you're in love with her!" he cried.

"But she will fall in love with you..." I explained.

"W-well, fine! I guess, I have no other choice then," I saw that he tried to look upset, but he was obviously thrilled at the thought.

I can't believe, I never realized. I can't believe that after all this time, I had never known. My brother is in love with Miku. He told me that one day, how it just happened. That he had always felt close to her, and enjoyed being around her. But just one day, it just hit him. He just realized;

Oh. I like this girl. I like her a lot.

That is what he told me. He kept it to himself and never told me until the time we got into that big fight. Yes that day. That day when we came home and spilled our guts to each other, that is when he told me that he was in love with her.

And to think all this time I was cheering her on to be with some random guy I haven't even met face to face... Miku has shown me pictures of him that she took on her cellphone. And he is drop dead gorgeous—but my brother can top any man hands down! I can't believe he felt insecure and thought I wouldn't switch to his side when he noticed that I was cheering Miku on for Kaito.

Silly, silly, Len.

Miku is one of my closest friends. If Len, let's say, gets married to her, well, she'll become my sissy-in-law. I see no problem with that. And our family is rich. So her family doesn't have to worry about us caring about fame because we are already financially stable.

It's perfect.

"Well, Rin, we should already leave it there for now," I snap out of my thoughts and see Len packing up, "We should get going,"

"Yeah!" I practically bounce off my seat and pick up my handbag, "You gotta get something really nice for Miku this Christmas!" I sang.

"I know that, I know..." he pouts as his shoulders his book bag.

We both walk out of the clubroom and Len closes the door behind him. The hallways after school looks really empty. I twirl a bit and looked back at my brother. As our eyes met he smiled.

"Len! Len! Len!" I chant as I run back and cling to his shoulder.

He sighed with a smile as he closed his eyes, "What is it this time, Rin?"

"I want you to help me think of a present for the guy I like..."

He looked at me with a tilt of his head, "What? You mean the pink heart guy?"

I clasp my hands together and squint in a squee-ish smile. Len tells me when I do that, I look like an excited kitten, "Yes! He's so cute, his voice makes me melt!"
Len huffed, "Hai, hai..."

As we nearly exited the building I remembered, "Oh Len! Lemme go to the bathroom and freshen up a bit. Since we're going straight to the downtown I can't let anyone see me like a mess."

"You look fine! Rin! Riiin!" he cried as I dashed away to the ladies room.

I busted the door open and walked up to the mirror and looked at myself. An entire day at school of walking and fussing and bumping into people wears down the appearance you know? If I'm going downtown I might as well check myself again. Because you never know who you might run into.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not vain, or selfish. Maybe a little prideful, but hell, that's the average personality of the teenage girl, am I wrong? Every girl want to make sure she looks beautiful. Speaking about every girl...

After reapplying my lip gloss, I check my phone to see if I have any replies from Mii-chan. She texted me that she wasn't able to come to school today, and I was worried. For the pass few days; she seemed very distracted.

I texted again asking where she was.

Maybe we can meet up and shop together! Ouuu! That would be so fun~ we can both poke fun at Len together. I looked down at my phone thinking of her.

She used to like Len a lot in middle school, I remember. She told me about it after we became friends. I kept it a secret from Len and Miki one day confessed to him in the spring under sakura trees. He shot her down. I didn't understand it then, I even felt a bit upset.

But now I know. He likes someone else.

Miki got over it. I asked her once if she still liked him. But she told me, that the feeling was gone. She told me that she really didn't like him for who he was, but what he symbolized. I didn't understand her. But then again, Miki says a lot of things that I don't understand.

I know that I abuse my brother's kindness. I know. And I hate it when people point it out to me...

We hit like ten different downtown shops and Len was teetering from all the things he carried. But not all of the stuff were mine. Jeeze... he bought a couple of stuff too. I even convinced him to buy condoms.

Cue in my devilish smile.

Ugh... but like I said. I hate it when people accuse me of abusing him.

"Ah... look, well if it isn't the brother man-slave! Grow some balls, Len. You gonna let this bitch boss you around?"

I literally snarled at him.

Keine Ron. I hate him with a passion. Keine is a half. Chinese from his mother's side and Japanese from his father's. I only know because he brags about it half to death. He's tall, wearing a black long sleeve shirt with a graphic t-shirt over it. The tee was designed with a Chinese motif. Black skinny jeans and lace-less slip in sneakers. His hair was black and long, braided loosely and tailed it over his right shoulder. He's a junior just like Miku.

The tips of his fingers fiddled with the tail of the braid as he returned my snarl with a dirty look.

"Fuck off dickwad!" I barked.

Len carefully put down his stuff before placing a hand on my shoulder, "Relax, Rin."

I slapped his hand off my shoulder, "NO! I don't care if they're your friends, friends don't make fun of you and they don't get away with calling me bitch!" I zing a venomous glare at Keine, who didn't even flinch.

Yes. They are Len's friends. As much as we were attached to each other, Len and I have our own social groups. I would hang out with Miki, Miku and a couple other girls like Yuzuki Yukari. She's a sweet girl with purple lilac hair. But I'm getting off topic...

Point is, my group of friends are a girly, rather friendly group of chicks. But Len often hangs out with more tougher, and in Keine's case—foul-mouthed people. It's as if Len wants to throw away that righteous good-boy shota persona he had in middle school.

Shota-oji-sama. The Shota Prince. That's what everyone called him.

Oh and I forgot to add, that there is someone else standing next to Keine. Matsuda Ppoiyo. This guy is like his sidekick or something. He doesn't say much, but I can always find this guy hanging out with Keine. Light blue hair with white highlights, wearing a blouse and a designer tie, pants and sneakers. He looked rather indifferent as he sucked on a blue lollipop.

"Okay, okay, I'll get him to apologize," Len said in a calm voice. But it wasn't doing much to relieve my seething anger.

"Yo, Ron, that's not cool. You don't get away with calling my sister a bitch." He walked up to him and pointed at me,"Go apologize," Len said in a steady voice.

I saw Keine toss his head aside, "I'd rather burn in hell,"

Len punched him, and Keine fell back. He looked up at Len shocked. I just puffed up and crossed my arms. All I have to do now was just wait.

"I said apologize. Now." he demanded.

Matsuda looked down at Keine, pulling out the lollipop from his mouth, "Just do it, man. You asked for it."

He stood up and walked up to me. Len and Matsuda stood from where they were and watched. I looked aside, avoiding his unnerving stare to give him a sense of inferiority. It seem to have worked, since he huffed in annoyance when finally came up to me.

"I'm sorry, alright?" He hissed.

I finally looked at him, narrowing my eyes, I lift my chin bit giving him a cold skeptical stare, "I don't think you mean it," I pointed towards the ground, "Get down on your knees and say it like you mean it," I snapped.

He grabbed my hand I used to point down, and my eyes were wrenched wide. He pulled me close, "I mean it, because I like you," he whispered his voice dragging to a low tone.


What the fuck did he just say?

"Let go of me, Matsuda!" I hear Len shout.

Keine broke off from me and both of us look towards Len and Matsuda. He was grappling Len and had Len's arm twisted and placed against his back.

They planned this. The both of them. I looked at Keine, I only have nothing but oodles of hate for him. He would never be able to come up to me in a normal way. So he'd though of a way to cause a conflict that would place him in a close proximity to me. Matsuda would be next to Len to hold him back in case he would step in and stop Keine.

I gotta hand it to them... that was pretty damn slick.

I cross my arms and start tapping my foot. Out of the corner of my eye, I examine Keine.

Okay. So he's got a pretty face.


And he's three years older than me.

Oh. That's right. My biggest turn on is older men. Which is why I was so crazy for Miku to be with that Kaito guy at first. Damnit. I didn't know if I should be pleased or annoyed. It's not like I can forget how much I hate the guy just because he asked me out. Che, come on now. I'm not so swallow-minded.

After receiving a nod from Keine, Matsuda let Len go.

"What the hell!" Len barked at Keine and shot a dirty look to Matsuda.

"It's alright," I called out to my brother, "I forgive you," I said directing myself to Keine.

He continued to stare at me. It's like he wanted to eat me alive with his blue eyes.

Len walked up to Keine, "What was all that about? Why did you grab my sister's hand like that?"

"I don't get on my knees for just anyone," he began, "They have to be someone that shares the same feeling as I do." He stared at me, "It's only then that I will do anything for that person."

Len gave him weird look, and caught his wandering glance. He looked back at me.

What the heck is he talking about?

I look back at my brother and pushed up the end of my lip, while I rolled my eyes.

Like hell, if I know. Let's just leave.

Len turned back to Keine, "Look, Ron, we'll talk later okay?"

"Sure..." He said with a sigh.

They both did some hand gesture as Matusda walked up to join the two.

"Yo... Len, looks like you came up with something for the skit."

OH yeah... Matsuda is in the drama club and happens to also be in our group. He sleeps through it every damn day. I don't even know why he comes to drama club. He even brings in a small pillow and just fuckin sleeps through it all.

"You noticed?" Len asked.

"Yeah," he replied twirling the lollipop around in circles, "I couldn't sleep today, and I saw you taking notes in your notebook."

"Well," Len scratched the back of his head, "It's kinda in the wood works right now, I'll tell you about it tomorrow."

"A'ight," He stuck the candy back in his mouth, and turned around.

"See ya, Len," Keine said as he followed Matsuda.

"Yeah," he replied.

We both stood as we watched him walk away. I flick out my cellphone, "I'm going to call Miriam to pick up our stuff."

Miriam is our "Nana", our caretaker. She's a woman in her thirties that looks much younger than what her age tells. Her mother took care of us when we were babies, and when she died due to cancerous tumor, she naturally took her place. In many ways we both regard her as our mother.

But we could never tell our real mother that.

"Alright," Len said checking over the bags to make sure the were all there, "Let's just take this all outside the store and wait for her there...

"Ughh... Len! Miki hasn't texted me back!" I whine.

"Now that's weird," he said, "Let's just hope she comes to school tomorrow."

I nodded back at him, "Yeah, but what if she doesn't?"

Len smiled at me, "We'll stalk her,"

I laugh. My brother is the best.


Author Notes

Yes ppl, I was referencing "Alluring Secret - Black Vow" in the first part of the chapter. It's a good song. The Nico chorus version got me all emotional. I'm such a baby...

It's beginning to be challenging to write first person perceptive. I almost always write first person omniscient. And if this story was so, you would have known a lot more things by the tenth chapter, trust me...

I'm trying not to drag the plot, but I can't stop it. This story is walking out on it's own. The ending however is slowly becoming clear. It's isn't obvious yet. But I know the points I need to hit in order to be able to wrap it up. And there is a lot to go... TT_TT

Chapter 11 Preview

As much as it bothered me, I can't seem to just pick myself up and just admit to her, to them, that I have forgotten it. Even though I have a legitimate reason. Even if I say so now, I feel like I'm going to get slapped for keeping such ignorance to myself for so long.

I'm telling myself to just live with never knowing, but it's killing me. It seems like I can't keep it to myself. And I'm wondering lots of things... Like what exactly did Gakupo tell her? She's not scared of an older man having thoughts about her? What does she think of me? Does she have thoughts of me too?"