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Anna opened the letter with shaking hands. She wasn't all that sure why her hands were shaking. Her heart skipped a beat when she read the contents of the letter. He was asking her to meet him at the Thames, in front of the houses of Parliament. Again she wasn't sure why her heart skipped a beat, for she knew he would have contacted her again. Anna didn't trust her mind or heart now. They seemed so different now, both wanting complete opposites.

Nikolai stood quietly beside the Thames. The night was also quiet, without any wind or even the Moon. It was as if the night was concealing in itself some evil deed that the wind or moon could suddenly uncover. Even the Thames grew silent, not that it was ever loud (not in these times anyway), it just seemed to dissolve out of one's mind, until you saw again the reflection of the Houses of Parliament in it's fluxing current. And it was in this dark and gritty night, that Nikolai was waiting for Anna. And she came. She seemed so out-of-place in this sinister and murky world of wickedness, that her appearance immediately caught Nikolai's eye.

She came, like an angel in the dark. She shone light into the darkest corners in my mind and she filled it completely, making everything else a vague dream. But I am not complaining, for this sensation was all that I ever wanted.

He just stood there, like a lost traveller, who had wandered throughout this world. A traveller who only followed his mind but almost never his heart for most of his life, until he finally broke inside, and went with his heart alone. He fitted into the criminal streets of London but he didn't belong there. He is so different and yet fits so perfectly with me.

Anna came up to him and leaned against the railing beside Nikolai. For a while they just looked out on the river. But soon enough they exchanged glances. They looked at each other, mesmerized. If heaven existed on Earth, then this was it. They never uttered a word, never drifted into their own deep thoughts, never let their eyes part. Perhaps they were opposites, perhaps they didn't belong to each-other's worlds, but they belonged to each other at least. As if one couldn't exist without the other. Black couldn't exist without white, dark without light, night without day, earth without sky, plus without minus. All these things couldn't be without the other because they could only be characterized by the other.

They didn't need words to tell one another what could only be told by eyes. They breathed simultaneously because they didn't need to breathe separately. They didn't pay any attention to the world around them because it wouldn't have made a difference.

And it started raining. In a glorious London-style bucketing type of rain. The evil-looking streets suddenly became hospitable and the eerie tension became a pleasant calm. The rain washed away all the worries of this world and left the two of them to themselves.

Nikolai and Anna didn't even notice at first that they were getting drenched. But once Nikolai needed to brush away one of Anna's strides oh hair that fell onto her eyes he suddenly noticed that it was wet. His eyes darted about slightly and then his lips suddenly curled into a smile and he chuckled slightly. Anna looked around with a puzzled look until she understood that it was pouring.

His eyes met hers again. This time the stare was one of those that a lover gives his beloved, trying to figure out his or her thoughts. It was times like these that lovers lived for. When you knew that everything else didn't matter, unlike the first time when you ignored the rest of the world. When you understood the fact that you could throw away all the way of your life just to be with this other person for a few more minutes.

Nikolai reached for Anna and gently kissed her. She returned the favour. This was the first time they kissed that year after not seeing each other for a few years. And this was all they needed for now.