Small disclaimer: I don't own Infinite Space or it's characters, just the idea for this story, and my few OCs in the story.

I hope you enjoy this story, as it is my first in over a year, or 2. So I guess school and college don't really count as excuses as to why I didn't write, so I'll just come out with the truth: I didn't feel like writing anything. I didn't have any new ideas, and I didn't have any motivation. The only reason I wrote this story is because I recently stated replaying Infinite Space, and actually found that I had made the right choices to rescue Katida, on of my favourites in terms of a pairing for Yuri. Kira is more of a family member. At least, that's my logic. Anyways, sorry if it's short, but... Well, on to the story.

Infinite Space: After Katida's Rescue

Chapter 1

It's strange what a woman can go through and still be happy. When I was younger, the Small Magellanic Cloud was taken over by an Empire named Lugovalos. I was taken from my grandfather, and Miss Nobelo and "broken". That just means that I feared to resist what was being done to me, for fear of getting hurt, which is usually what happened anyways. Then I was given to a despicable man named Trevor Desmond, who used me as a... *shudder* ...slave. I was a shadow of my former self, a broken husk, a timid weakling. By this point, I had given up hope of ever being rescued.

But then, the light came back. My savior, a man with white hair, and red eyes. And lots of muscles. And a scar, a scar that made him look all the more handsome. Yuri. He promised he would come for me, when I was but 15 years old. He took his time getting to me, but I can't hate him for it.

When he came, I didn't recognise him. He was a stranger. A possible slaver, a pirate, or worse yet... Let's not think about that.

But, all my fears were laid to rest, when he called my name. For some reason, my heart skipped a beat. He told me who he was.

Then he extended his hand to me. Asked me to join him in his travels of the sea of stars. I thought about it, only for a second. Then I took his hand. And said something that I will NEVER regret saying.

I told him I would come with him on his journey.

He sent someone he trusted back to his ship with me, giving them an instruction that I couldn't hear, as it was whispered to her. He gave me a room. One that, rightfully, should be given to someone better than me. Like a certain white-haired Captain(1). It had a bath, and a separate shower, something ancient called a "hot spring"(2), and a room filled with hot air that made me feel really light-headed(3).

The person he sent with me had brought me a big meal, seeing that I looked famished(4), and left the room, saying she'd be right outside the door if I needed anything.

I ate my meal, then explored the room some more. I found a really old looking handheld "game system", one that had a game called "Sea of Stars" in it, on a small table by the bed, and a large viewscreen with a bunch of videos, with a couch nearby. My rescuer sure had a lot of money. He must've looked for ages for these, or had a skilled engineer reverse engineer ancient technology.

I finished exploring the room, and went to the door. I then told the young woman waiting outside the door that I wanted to explore the ship, and asked if she'd be willing to show me around. She accepted.

She told me her name was Miserichorde Fierson, and that her husband and daughter both serve on the same ship, and that she hoped her husband came back from the outing unharmed. She told me her daughter, Kiyuri, was one of the few people who were in the science lab, and that when the Captain- she said Yuri's title with something like awe, and respect- came back with the person he was looking for, a professor named Gavriil Minas, who I knew was working(5) for That Despicable Man, she had high hopes that her daughter would be working with him. She then apologized for rambling and talking about her family.

I replied that it was okay, as the only contact I had for most of the ten years since the fall of the Small Magellanic Cloud was That Despicable Man.

After she had opened up to a complete stranger, I felt that I finally had a friend. It was all because of the one I loved.

I hope that satisfied anybody who read the story. Anyone who can spot the pseudo-reference gets a virtual cookie.

As for the author notes:

(1) She had a sneaking suspicion it was actually his before he gave it to her.
(2) She's actually talking about a Hot tub, or a jacuzzi.
(3) A sauna.
(4) Read absolutely ravenous.
(5) Really being forced to work for, in my honest opinion.

I'm actually thinking of making this a multishot, and a possible lemon. If I can bring myself to write that. If I can't, you're stuck with a multishot. I have a bunch of ideas for this story. One of which- oh wait. That'd be spoilers. I'm not a person who spoils things. I'll let you read on, without spoiling things. And as for reviews, please don't flame too hard. Constructive criticism, praise, even flames are welcome, as long as the flames aren't too hot. They should be just hot enough that I can fry eggs with them. XD