Before everyone rages at me for supporting this, and saying I didn't take the time to read the ToS, you're wrong, I did read it, and, as a counter argument to the "Kids read fanfictions too," Consider this... Should a kid be reading a fic that is clearly marked as "Mature" and 17+? A kid, usually around 6-12, reading something that is marked "M" and is usually hidden (due to obvious marking from the author of said story)? Really, you adults should have better monitoring systems on your kids. Maybe you should turn on site-logging on your browser, or go through the history on your browser, just to tell where your kids have been. And... Now that I can't write this as a Lemons fic without it being deleted, I may as well give up writing it. Because, honestly, where is it gonna go without the lemons? Anyone who has played Innocent Space knows what happens. Katida becomes a side character, rather than a main antagonist, and there's hardly any mention of her.

Greetings to the fine folk that moderate our site.

Myself, along with many, have been writing and posting on your fine site for years now, some of the better examples of up and coming writers out there are now suddenly finding some of the stories we've come to love at risk of being removed without the chance to even rectify our errors.

For some, that means the permanent loss of a story. While I don't have anything that I believe violates your terms of use, there are those out there that are never able to recover a story in its original form, this is something I find to be almost worthy of a legal action, as while we cannot claim ownership of a character, the stories are OURS and simply destroying them is something that is inexcusable.

It's quite easy to simply add an MA rating, additional filters or even a simple requirement for a free membership to read the stories presented here, and would cut down on hateful anonymous reviews and posts at the same time, so I have to question as to why such a thing, in all this time, simply wasn't added.

If you're worried about falsification of a registration then have an appropriate disclaimer and then there can be no dispute, you took your steps and the PARENTS didn't monitor their children, if that is even your concern. If it is more of a personal view or desire then please at least let people know and give them a chance to remove a story that you and yours find offensive, most people on the site are actually rather cordial when it comes to such requests.

While I cannot say for sure if this letter will even reach those that may be willing to listen, of if it's more akin to a wide spectrum purge in preparation for something bigger, please understand that you are going to be looseing a LARGE number of your writers, and thus your income from a lack of readers if there is not some level of action taken to help with this situation.

For those that may agree with this, please feel free to sign on and send this to the support server, maybe we can get some movement on this.





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