Harry Potter and his New Beginning

Hello everyone, it's your old friend the Quill of Gryffindor here!

It's been nine years since I posted the first chapter of this story. Hard to believe sometimes. It feels like only yesterday that I started writing.

This story is my longest piece of fanfiction, and one of the better pieces I have written. I desperately want to finish it, and I have promised you all that I would finish it. Life has gotten in the way, however. It has been such a long time since I was studying at university, and had the spare moments to actually write. I have not forgotten this story, however. I think about it often, about how I want it to turn out, how it will end...it might surprise you, but I have many sequels to this one floating in my mind.

I want to thank the readers who send me messages, to ask how the next chapter is progressing. It makes me so happy to know that there are people who want to see how the story ends...and I have no intention of letting you down.

I am currently in the process of rewriting this story, as my writing style has changed so much over the years. Not to mention that I have added a great deal more content to the chapters I have rewritten. They are longer, better written, better thought out, and hopefully more enjoyable for you to read.

So far, Chapter 1, 2, and 3 are rewritten and posted. I do recommend that you go back and reread them, as there is much more content than there has been previously (a few of them are over 20,000 words long by themselves).

For those who are still waiting for the story to finish, I want to thank you. I have no intention of letting you down. I will finish this story. But for now, while I get working again, why don't I offer you a sneak peek at the fabled chapter 16?

Chapter 16 Preview

"What the...!" Draco exclaimed, the sudden movement catching him off guard.

A shimmering blur of light shot through the castle wall, making them all jump at the sudden appearance. The strange glowing entity circled the room and the group several times, becoming more defined with each lap.

"Is that...a wolf patronus?" Neville asked in confusion.

The ghostly light did bear resemblance to a patronus, and had indeed taken the form of a wolf. The ethereal creature with shaggy silvery hair continued circling the room, its legs kicking and flexing as if it was running on solid ground. Finally, the entity began to slow down, before coming to a stop and sitting on its haunches in front of the group.

Harry and Hermione glanced at one another in surprise. They only knew of one person who had a wolf patronus, and that was Remus Lupin. However, they had both seen his patronus in the past, and it looked nothing like the creature now sat before them. If the wolf was not cast by Remus, though, then who had cast it?

"I wonder whose patronus it is..." Susan murmured thoughtfully, studying the translucent wolf sat carefully on its haunches. The Thief meanwhile, stared at the canine with recognition and surprise in his eyes.

"That ain't a patronus," the Thief retorted, before he was interrupted.

"I think it's a magical projection," Draco exclaimed, cutting off the Thief, "a true reflection of a person's spirit given form. I've never seen one cast before..." The eyes of the ghostly beast turned to face the young wizard and it nodded.

"You are correct."

The five friends froze as the disembodied voice spoke. They all stared at the wolf, uncertain if it was the source of the voice. The creature, however, did not immediately speak, settling for staring at them unblinkingly.

"Who are you?" Harry commanded, drawing the gaze of the projection. Before it could speak again, however, the Thief cut across.

"What're you doing here, Boss?" He asked suspiciously. "I told you I had the job well in hand..." a light chuckle emanated from the wolf.

"And I, of course, had every faith in you, partner," the projection replied, the mouth of the canine remaining closed, "I am not here for you." Its gaze turned to the five friends. "I am here for them." Harry and Hermione instantly became guarded.

"What do you want with us," Harry demanded, "and you still haven't answered my first question: who are you?" The wolf cocked its head curiously.

"Who am I?" The wolf repeated, chuckling lightly. "Why, I'm just an old friend of yours, Harry..."

I hope that peaked your interest in Chapter 16.

I will endeavour to finish my rewrite of the previous chapters as soon as I can, so I can post the next chapter and get closer to finishing 1st year.

As ever, I hope you continue to read and enjoy my work. I will catch you all again soon!

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