~Oz the B-Rabbit~

Chapter 02: The Price Given.


That was the only word that was running in Oz's mind. The Abyss he knew looked like an endless space of darkness and water, and sometimes broken toy box. But… this Abyss, even if it was still dark, looked like some kind of town. It was packed with chains, which devour one and another. It was a disgusting sight, but Oz convinced himself that he was also a chain, and it was normal. He, after all, was very proud of his adaptability.

"At this rate it'll be difficult to find Elliot Nightray…" Dumpty said as he looked around. Oz wanted to flee from this place, but he kept on trying to keep up with Dumpty's pace. "Hey, Dumpty, why aren't we with Humpty?" Oz asked. He was genuinely curious. Dumpty looked at him with his unforgiving pitch-black eyes. Oz didn't flinch or back away. It was scary, yes, but he felt like he'd dealt with this often. "Someone needed to guard the toy box, no?" Dumpty answered, but Oz stopped grabbed his sleeve.

"That wasn't what you wanted to say." The red-eyed boy said with much bravery. Dumpty seethed, but immediately let go of Oz's hand. "I hate Elliot Nightray." Dumpty said with a growl. "He… is an idiot. He didn't know how much Humpty had to suffer for him. How much Humpty sacrificed herself for him. And in the end, he rejected us when he knew nothing at all." Dumpty looked very… inhuman when he said it. Oz only narrowed his eyes.

"If so… why are we looking for him? I want to save Elliot, he's my friend, but… why would you?" Oz asked. The bloodstained-haired boy only looked at him with a sad and irritated look. "It's the price of Humpty's wish… and for Humpty; I'm willing to do almost everything." Dumpty clicked his tongue and marched forward. "Hey wait!" Oz ran after him.

Suddenly, the dimension distorted and they were in another place. He knew this place. It was where he met Alice for the first time…

"Oz, don't be distracted. This place is unpleasant." Dumpty said coldly. He went around the place and looked around. "Oz…? Oz… Vessalius?" Oz gasped when he heard a tired-sounding voice. It never lacked the pride and mocking. It was definitely…

"Elliot?" Oz asked as he looked at one of the toy box. Dumpty opened the toy box, but refused to see what was inside. "Huh?" Oz could only jump at the brown-haired and pale blue-eyed boy. "ELLIOT!"

Dumpty could only click his tongue.

"Oz? Dumpty? That was fas—"

"Hello, Humpty."

Humpty could only flinch as he heard the cold voice. She wanted to slam the door of the man's face, but, the man was already inside the toy box. "Are you thinking of banishing me? Bad Humpty, bad Humpty." The man intruded like it was nothing. He sat on Dumpty's chair and served a tea for himself. "U-um, is there any reason you're-?"

"Can't I visit my mate's house?"

Humpty flinched and shivered. "I-I'm not…" Before she could continue, the man was already in front of her, clamping her mouth shut. "I will not hear rejection from you. Is that clear?" Humpty could only nod when the man partly-transformed into his chain form. "You should be happy, Humpty. If it weren't for me… you would have died." The man yawned and he returned to his seat.

"Mad Hatter-san… could you please leave? Oz and Dumpty might return soon, and… aren't you contracted?" Humpty asked meekly as she poured a tea for herself. She was shaking with fear. "Oz? Oz the B-Rabbit? He's back?" Humpty gasped, but, with one sharp glare from those fearful red eyes, she receded. "Y-y-yes…" Humpty said fearfully.

Mad Hatter laughed out loud as Humpty shook uncontrollably. She feared this chain the most. It wasn't the Jabberwock-san, Dodo-san, Raven-san, or any of the other chains that was once Glen Baskerville. It was this man. The Mad Hatter.

"I should kill him, shouldn't I? After all he's the chain that the Will of Abyss seemed to favor…" Humpty was still shaking, but she gathered her courage and spoke up. "D-don't hurt him! He's just returned to Abyss!" She exclaimed loudly.

That seemed to make Mad Hatter angry. He reached for Humpty's thin neck and pinned her to the floor, strangling her. "Who do you think you are? How dare you tell me what to do? Because of the price you paid to the Will of Abyss for reviving that puny human, you're nothing, nothing without Dumpty. And that was why you couldn't step out from this toy box, no? Without Dumpty, you're just a weak chain who couldn't do anything!" Mad Hatter burst out. "You're even weaker than March Hare! That's why, Humpty, that's why I decided to protect you! Finally there's someone else who needed me beside March Hare! C'mon, Humpty let me-!"

"Get your hands off of Humpty." The calm, cold, yet deadly voice shocked both Mad Hatter and Humpty. There were three of them, although one of them looked unconscious. Humpty gasped in relief. "…Break?" Oz asked. The man who strangled Dumpty really did look like Break. Only both of his eyes were present and he wore a long black robe with a metal chain on his neck and a top hat with various accessories. "Were you calling for my contractor, B-Rabbit? Certainly I'm not named Break."

Oz wanted to flinch when Break's chain called him 'B-Rabbit' so casually. He wanted to shiver, but kept in mind that he was holding the horribly weakened Elliot. "Have you turned deaf, Mad Hatter? I said, get off of Humpty." Dumpty transformed into his chain form. It was completely black, but still retained its long tongue. It looked like the replica that Oz once slaughtered in Isla Yura's mansion. Mad Hatter also turned to his chain form and subdued the smaller version of the original Humpty Dumpty.

"Let Dumpty go!" Humpty screamed. But, oddly, she didn't transform into her chain form. "What are you doing, Humpty? Hurry up and change to your chain form!" Oz shouted without thinking. Humpty immediately recoiled. "DON'T!" Dumpty shouted with distorted voice. He was still in his chain form. "You think she can…?" Mad Hatter turned his bright red eye to Oz. He changed back into his human form and pointed to the shivering Humpty.


Oz instinctively looked at Elliot, who stirred weakly. Humpty looked stricken, but she nodded weakly. Mad Hatter cackled evilly. And Dumpty changed back to his human form. Humpty looked at Oz with apologetic stare before her pitch-black eyes drifted to the boy beside him. "O-Oz…? Is that…?" She asked, covering her mouth. The black-haired boy looked to Elliot before nodding.

"Yes. He is Elliot Nightray."

"I want you to revive Elliot Nightray for me!" Humpty cried. Her voice was shaking and she didn't like it at all. Tears streamed down her face, but she didn't care. She hadn't even found Dumpty. But… this wish… this wish is even more important than Dumpty. Than her own life.

The Will of Abyss put her cup of tea back to the saucer. She then stood up and threw herself to the sofa in the middle of the room. "If it isn't my favorite chain… after Cheshire of course," She smiled sweetly as she hugged the white rabbit doll. "Please… A-Alice!" Humpty was nervous to call the Will with her real name. She never told her about the truth. About Lacie Baskerville. But… she called her anyways.

"Why?" The Will asked. Humpty clenched her fists. She was unable to say anything. Why? Why did she want to save Elliot? "I… I-I…" She was speechless, but the Will was smiling like crazy. "Could it be that you feel the same way I feel to Jack to Elliot Nightray?" Humpty blushed. But, she didn't say anything. "It is! It is! Then… are you willing to pay the price?" She asked sweetly.

Humpty trembled. But, she didn't budge. "Yes, I am. Tell me your price." The Will of Abyss laughed eerily, but then she looked at Humpty with crazed stare.

"Very well, the price would be…"

The white-haired girl trembled furiously.

She looked towards Elliot with mixed expression of joy, sadness, relief, and guilt. But then, she looked towards Mad Hatter with anger. "Leave…" She seethed as she approached her counterpart and got on her knees. She touched Dumpty's hand and looked at Mad Hatter with sheer anger. "I won't leave until you come with me to the human world, Humpty. I need to protect you, right?" Mad Hatter answered. "You're going to disturb Elliot's sleep. So leave." She said once more.

"First, you cannot use your power unless it is for Elliot Nightray. This goes only for you, Humpty, but… the chain Humpty Dumpty can only be contracted by Elliot Nightray, no one else."

They both turned into the Humpty Dumpty that Oz knew. A big, monstrous egg-like chain. Their tongue danced wildly, as if to drive the Mad Hatter away. "It can't be! You lost your ability to change back to your true form!" Mad Hatter exclaimed. Humpty Dumpty growled. But, Oz could feel the sheer determination that belonged to Humpty. I want to protect Elliot!

When their tongue was about to reach him and Elliot, it stopped abruptly.

"Second, your life, Humpty, is connected to Elliot Nightray's. Meaning that if Elliot Nightray dies, you will disappear as well."

Mad Hatter used the split second Humpty Dumpty stopped its tongue to transform into his chain form. He tried to destroy Humpty Dumpty's tongue, but another chain appeared to stop him. "Hatter! What are you doing? Why are you killing Humpty-chan and Dumpty-kun?" Oz widened his eyes. "Liam-san? !" He shouted. The Liam-san with a top hat only looked at him with a warm smile and shook his head.

"Ah, no, B-Rabbit, I am not my contractor. I'm March Hare." He said with a smile that looked exactly like Liam-san's. "Hare! What are you doing here? !" Mad Hatter groaned as he returned back to his human form. "I ask you to come here so you could get me some tea from Humpty Dumpty's toy box, not to kill them! Troublesome, troublesome." March Hare sighed.

Mad Hatter looked utterly embarrassed. He shouted some threats and marched away from the toy box. "I'm sorry for bothering you, Humpty-chan, Dumpty-kun. But, can I please have some of your tea?" Humpty Dumpty turned into their human form. Humpty looked exhausted and she collapsed, but Dumpty took a long glance at her before sighing. "I will get it. Oz, can you help putting those two to bed? Put that guy on your bed, will you? I can't stand him." Dumpty said coldly.

Oz spluttered a 'yes' and proceeded to take Humpty, but, the Liam-san-lookalike smiled and carried Humpty. "I will help. B-Rabbit, no, your name is Oz, isn't it?" Liam-san, no, March Hare smiled warmly and called him by his name. "Yeah…" Oz answered. After they put Elliot and Humpty to bed they returned to the messed-up living room. "I'm sorry, because of Hatter; it had to be such a mess." He apologized. Dumpty muttered a quiet 'never mind' and handed the teabags to the brown-haired man. March Hare thanked them and handed Dumpty some sort of key. "If you use this key, you'll be able to find a door to the human world. I'm contracted, so I don't need this. But, I'm sure that you, Humpty, and Oz will need it, right?" Dumpty nodded. He then muttered a very quiet 'thank you' before sending March Hare off.

"Goodbye. And tell Hatter to not show himself in front of Humpty anymore." March Hare didn't answer, but only smiled and left. Dumpty looked horridly solemn, but he asked Oz to sit down. "You have questions, don't you?" Dumpty asked as he poured the cold tea that Humpty made before. "I do…" Oz answered. "I will answer them. Please, take a seat."

When both of them are seated, the curtain that led to the beds was opened. "Humpty? You should be in bed." Dumpty said with worried tone, but he didn't help the quivering Humpty to stand. "No, I'll join in too." She stated stubbornly. Dumpty nodded and asked her to sit as well.

"Well then, Oz, ask your questions."