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It was quiet for several, too-long seconds.

The echo of Blaine's words rang in Kurt's head like static. The submissive's face was blank, processing, and Blaine wasn't quite sure he remembered how to make his lungs take in a breath. He panicked at Kurt's shocked expression and instantly began to think of how to salvage the situation before it got any worse. He should reassure Kurt that he didn't need him to reciprocate—that he knew it was so out of the blue—it was okay if he didn't feel the same way. How stupid did he have to be to land such a bombshell on his unsuspecting submissive? What kind of Dom was he?

Before Blaine could connect his brain's panic and his mouth's function, however, Kurt was responding, his voice very, very careful and each word spoken with calculated care, "I… love you, too, Sir." It didn't slip past Blaine's notice the way he tacked on the respectful title to make sure his decidedly non-romantic meaning was understood. It was an endearing sentiment, but it screamed a need for clarification.

"No, Kurt, beautiful," Blaine spoke again, too far in to turn back now, "I'm in love with you. I love—I love you the way Cooper loves Elise," he tried to explain by way of comparisons, "The way Snow White loves Prince Charming."

Kurt stared at his Dom with wide-eyes, so stunned his expression was otherwise hard to read, and instantly, Blaine's worry resurfaced, afraid that he'd ruined something. Backpedaling in a rush, he blurted, "Of course that doesn't mean I need you to reciprocate, though, sweetheart. I—I don't mean to make anything awkward o-or strange. I'm sorry—God, that was so out of the blue, wasn't it? Kurt, I didn't mean to imply that-"

His flurry of nervous words was cut off by a firm kiss. Kurt cupped his face in his hands, using more control than he had in memory to hold Blaine in place, kissing him long and slow. Blaine's hands were still gripping onto Kurt's from when he'd reached for them several minutes before, now pressing their conjoined fingers and palms against Blaine's cheeks. The submissive made the contact last as long as he could, partly because he felt the sudden and desperate need to kiss Blaine silly, but just as much from a need to have enough silence to put his thoughts together. Though why he'd assumed kissing Blaine would help clear his thoughts, Kurt wasn't sure. It usually had the opposite effect—leaving him a little incoherent.

They each took a few gasping breaths after they pulled apart, and as Kurt opened his eyes again, Blaine saw that they were filled with tears and sparkling with a radiant, joyful fire he had never seen burn so bright.

"I love you, too, Blaine," Kurt whispered, still panting from the searing kiss, "I love you, too. For- For so long." The Dom's sigh of relief was almost a laugh, carefree and equally overwhelmed, "As soon as you started dating Se— s-someone else, I realized it, but… I- I'd given up wondering if you'd ever see me that way."

The confession made Blaine's heart ache. He hadn't even noticed despite the fact that it was his job to pick up on Kurt's discomfort, regardless of the cause—but especially if he was the cause. It hurt to be reminded once more that he'd been winning a competition for world-record obliviousness the past few months, but knowing apologies were futile and not what either of them wanted to hear, he moved in to kiss Kurt again, murmuring, "I love you," just because he could, hoping it could make up for everywhere he'd gone wrong. He tugged Kurt in close, supporting him against his chest.

How they ended up horizontal, Kurt straddled over Blaine's hips, neither one of them were fully aware. Blaine was still babbling a chorus of "I love you" anytime their mouths were far enough apart that enough space remained for the three syllables to fit. They finally pulled apart with a quiet, wet sound between them. Blaine couldn't get enough, though. He chased after Kurt's lips as the sub sat back up on his knees, dropping pecks against his lips until Kurt placed a hand on his chest, easing him away.

"What is it?" Blaine asked. His hand moved in to squeeze Kurt's thigh, always maintaining contact as if he was afraid the moment would shatter without it.

"I was wondering if I could take this off," Kurt said quietly, his fingers toying with the band of leather around his neck. It was a polite request. He was always so careful to behave, even now when Blaine would be perfectly content to see him throw every shred of caution to the wind. He understood, though. It wasn't that Kurt felt afraid to loosen up; it was simply in his nature to seek guidance from those he trusted. Blaine would always do his best to steer him right. "Just for tonight, Sir. I… I want to be with you. I want us to be the same together. With your permission?"

"Of course, sweet boy. Of course." Blaine's reply came in a breathless whisper, honored that Kurt would even consider it. He knew how much his submissive cherished the symbol of their bond. Baring himself to Blaine without it was something Kurt had never done, and he had to force himself not to praise him for being so brave. If Kurt wanted to level their dynamic tonight, then Blaine would have to work just as hard to remove his own attachments to his role. "Let me?" he offered.

Kurt nodded slowly and inched a bit closer, a soft smile on his face when Blaine's hands detoured on the way to the back of his neck, stroking over the sub's cheeks and thumbing gently at his temples before edging down to the clasp on the warm leather collar. He removed it with a reverent patience, carefully pulling the sturdy mechanism apart and lowering it away from Kurt's body, into his hands.

Almost reflexively Kurt scratched at the exposed skin, feeling it tingle against the open air, and after Blaine had gently set the band aside on the nightstand, still in plain view, he returned to gently nose his way between Kurt's chin and collarbone, kissing his way around the side until he was tucked against Kurt's shoulder, following the pale stripe and covering it with sweet, soft presses of his lips to recollar him with love.

"You're so beautiful," Blaine's hushed tone bubbled up quietly against Kurt's skin. The sub trembled with a brief chill, "What do you want, sweetheart? Tell me, please."

Kurt's hands roamed across his Dom's back, fingers pushing the fabric of Blaine's shirt into the indention between his shoulder blades. He moaned when Blaine took it as an invitation to press himself even closer, nearly knocking them both off balance while he continued to kiss at Kurt's neck and jawline, anywhere he could reach. "Make love to me, Blaine?" Kurt asked in a small voice, head spinning, "I just want you."

"Anything for you," he whispered in return, "Lay back for me."

Kurt didn't argue. He reclined back against the pillows with a quiet sigh, blue eyes focused on Blaine with a cool, calm expression. He was beautiful—open and eager, but in no real rush. They had all the time in the world; they had forever. Blaine pressed his palm between Kurt's legs, teasing him with a bit of pressure, squeezing the outline of the sub's cock and pressing down against the fabric that surrounded it.

"Ah-Ahhh, t-too much clothing," Kurt's groan morphed into a soft complaint.

Blaine chuckled in quiet agreement, "We'll have to fix that, hm?" and pulled up on the edge of Kurt's shirt, playfully rough and eager. The sub hadn't seen his Dom this excited in quite some time. There was a new sort of sparkle in his eyes, and Kurt couldn't help but feel lightheaded realizing that he'd put it there—because Blaine was in love with him, of all things.

He helped Blaine pull the shirt off, shimmying out of it with a complete disregard for the way it ruffled his perfectly coiffed hair. His pants followed quickly, and Blaine didn't waste any time in settling between Kurt's legs, one hand on his thigh, the other on his hipbone, as he bent his neck to mouth at Kurt's briefs. He purposefully took in large gulps of air to breathe them back out, warm and moist against the sensitive skin beneath the fabric.

Kurt whined, the sound gravelly, impatient, and hissed out Blaine's name, begging for more.

"We've got all night, beautiful," the Dom whispered back, curiously pressing his tongue in against the bulge. Everything there tasted so completely of Kurt. It was almost intoxicating, and even though Blaine wanted to be patient and draw out their lovemaking, he was just as eager to be close. His resolve failed a few seconds later when Kurt moaned again, and Blaine opened his mouth to leave a gentle nip on Kurt's abdomen before he closed his teeth around the waistband of the underwear separating their touch.

He tugged, using his hands to help expedite the process, and soon Kurt was bare, his cock hardening, arched up toward his stomach. Blaine licked his lips, feeling a rush of heat burn across his skin, and Kurt sat back up for a few moments to help him undress as well, wiping the sweat from Blaine's brow with the sleeve of his discarded shirt and kissing him firmly before he reclined once more. Against the blue of his irises, the pupils of his eyes stood out in sharp relief, dilated and dark with lust.

"Gonna suck you," Blaine informed. It wasn't a question or request, just a plan of action. Kurt nodded in eager agreement, whispering, "Please," and "Blaine," and "Need you."

Kurt was heavy in his mouth, growing fuller and longer with every stroke of the flat of Blaine's tongue. He loomed over Kurt's hips, hands planted on either side of the bed, occasionally lifting to caress a jutting hipbone as he worked him over. He wasn't as incredible at this as Kurt was, understandably, as Kurt had had far more practice, but Blaine took his sub as deep as he could manage, desperate to do anything he could to prove his heart's declaration.

With lips parted to let out a constant stream of gasps and whimpers, Kurt watched the bob of Blaine's dark curls traveling up and down the length of his shaft, engulfing him in wet heat time and again. The rhythm of the motion pulled at every nerve ending in his body like a string tugging from his abdomen, drawing warmth in to pool low in his belly. His face flushed, sweat beading on his forehead, and Kurt could feel his heart racing, beating against his ribcage with adrenaline-spiked arousal and the lofty weight of love he was finally free to acknowledge rather than fight to banish from his mind. It was the best blowjob he'd ever received, despite Blaine's minor struggles.

He went down, pushing too far, gagged and pulled back, then tried again an instant later, groaning with want and solid determination. A few breaches of his throat were all Blaine could ultimately handle, however, and coming up with a string of wet coughs, Blaine wrapped his fingers around Kurt's length and pumped his fist in place of his mouth, the drag slick with his saliva. He changed focus and spent a dutiful time worshiping the perfect head of Kurt's cock, tracing every curve and ridge and sucking lightly at the tip while he watched Kurt's face contort from the overwhelming sensation.

"Too close," he breathed, "B-Blaine."

Blaine pulled back, "Okay, okay," slowing his movements and catching his breath. When Kurt reached for him Blaine slid back up the bed, settling close and pressing a kiss to his cheek. They lay still for another minute, Kurt's hand running back and forth down Blaine's ribs while he caught his breath.

"Kurt?" the Dom whispered after a minute of silence.


He swallowed. "Um. I was wondering…"


Blaine turned his eyes away, looking down pointedly at the pillowcase, avoiding Kurt's gaze. His voice came out tentative and a bit shaky, but he forced the question out. "I was wondering what you think about topping?"

"…I haven't," Kurt replied flatly. "Thought about it, I mean."


"I mean, I don't think I'd be opposed to it," he added quickly, "but… I haven't thought about it."

For once Blaine was the one asking for permission. "Could we try? Maybe?"

"Have you ever—I mean, did you and Se—?"

"No," Blaine interrupted, "Never, Kurt. We…" he sighed, rubbing agitatedly at his nose, "There were a few blowjobs," he admitted, furrowed eyebrows showing clear regret, "but I could count the number on one hand. That's it. I swear."

"So I would be your first?"

"My first, and my last," Blaine told him, "I only want you, beautiful."

Kurt smiled. "Okay."

Blaine almost couldn't believe it. "Okay?"

"I trust you," Kurt pecked him on the lips. "I want to make you happy."

Blaine brushed his fingers along Kurt's chin, nodding. "I trust you, too."

They'd been with one another enough times to know their way around as they adopted reversed roles. Blaine shed his clothing and leaned back against his pillow, breathing methodically to relax while Kurt loomed over him, looking only a little uneasy.

"You're fine," Blaine told him, "We're good."

Kurt nodded, "I know we are… This is just. New."

"We've had a lot of firsts together," Blaine reminded him gently, "This is just another one of those, right? Nothing to worry about."

"Yeah… Yeah, you're right. O-Okay." Kurt licked his lips, still appearing uncertain, "Blaine?"


"Would you, um— Could you still talk me through it?" he asked, "I feel better when you're guiding me."

"Of course I will, beautiful. Come here." Blaine beckoned with a hand, settling Kurt against his chest and giving him a slow, sure kiss. "It'll be alright," he promised, "I just… want to give myself to you in that way, Kurt. You're mine, but I'm yours, too."

Being fingered open by his submissive was an overwhelmingly arousing experience.

"Ah—god," Blaine winced, cursing under his breath, and the submissive jolted, eyes wide. Buried three-fingers deep, Kurt came to a standstill.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he tried to say, but Blaine shushed him.

"Just need m-more lube, Kurt. I'm okay." He smiled reassuringly, though his face was tense. Kurt nodded along and reached for the bottle, squeezing out just enough to coat on more of the slick liquid. The lessening of the friction was noticeable when he eased back in, bit by bit, stretching and tugging against the resistance that he met. By the time Blaine was nodding, "That's enough. Okay, beautiful," Kurt was so anxious, in a nervous andexcited mix, that he could hardly keep his hands steady to slide the condom into place. Blaine observed while he did so, then leaned back and spread his legs again.

"Ready?" Kurt asked.

"Yes, Kurt. Are you?"

A silent nod was his only reply, but the soft smile on his face was the true answer.

"Then go ahead and relax," the submissive whispered, "I want to take care of you tonight."

Blaine closed his eyes. Laying there exposed, vision shadowed in darkness, he noticed every touch—from the intentional flex of Kurt's muscles as he moved into place and adjusted Blaine's position, to the incidental brushes of soft skin against his thighs. As soon as the tip of Kurt's cock was pressing against him, however, all other tangible things seemed to blur at the edges, and Blaine's focus fell entirely on the way it felt to be opened up. The sensation was so intense he was almost certain he could feel every muscle in his body begin to quiver in response. For a long moment he couldn't help but think back on his first night with Kurt, finally realizing and appreciating how brave his boy had been to take this from a near-stranger, back when their claim was in its infancy and Kurt knew so little about pleasing his own body, much less Blaine's own.


Breathing open-mouthed and loud, he opened his eyes, "Huh?"

"Are you okay?" Kurt asked, tone clear that he was repeating a question that had fallen on deaf ears the first time, "You're really pale."

"I'm—Yeah, I'm fine, I think? God, this just feels so… " He didn't even know what to say.

Kurt smiled, looking a little overwhelmed himself from where he hovered between Blaine's legs. "I know what you mean."

"Full," Blaine's voice was tight. "Different."

"But good?"

"Yes. I'm sure it will feel even better once I've—ah," he winced as Kurt shifted his weight, causing the end of his statement to come out in a hushed gap, "—adjusted a bit more."

Kurt moved slowly, taking all the time in the world to gradually push and pull their bodies apart and together again, the heavy drag of Blaine's tight muscles making it hard to focus on anything but the pressure of heat already building up again in his abdomen. Blaine let out of a soft groan, another curse, and Kurt paused, lowering himself down against his Dom's chest and working to wrap his arms snug around the other boy's back.

With a kiss to his cheek, Kurt murmured into Blaine's ear, "C'mere," and gave his torso a gentle tug. Blaine worked with him as they moved, letting Kurt take the lead and guide him into a new position. He settled down in Kurt's lap once his submissive was sturdily sitting up on the mattress, and Blaine found the different angle equally more pleasurable and filling, though teetering on the edge of pain. Kurt's touch kept the ache just this side of bearable, however.

"Kiss me."

Blaine did as he was told, the first of a series of whimpering moans muffled by their colliding lips as Kurt thrust upward, pushing in. The Dom lost all semblance of time somewhere in the rhythm of their movement, but he stared into Kurt's eyes, even when they fluttered shut every now and then. He kissed Kurt's cheek, chin, nose—anywhere that he could reach—and held on with his hands flattened over a pair of jutting shoulder blades while his submissive claimed him just as much as Blaine had ever done in return.

"Why are you crying?" The question, and the tears themselves, came as a surprise to the Dom. Kurt's voice was weak, high with concern, his hands cradling Blaine's face, and he slowed to a halt to let his lover settle back into his lap. "Am I hurting you?" The Dom's mouth opened while he tried to find words, still managing to shake his head. "Then what is it?" Another blink of his eyes sent another roll of tears down Blaine's cheeks.

"I don't know," he breathed gaze downcast, "I don't know, Kurt."

"You're okay? Right?"

"m'fine." Blaine tilted his head up, and Kurt pressed a willing kiss to his lips, moving his thumbs to wipe the tear tracks away. Blaine spoke again when they paused to take a breath, voice fanning out across Kurt's chin, "I just wish I'd figured all this out sooner. I wish—"

"No," Kurt hushed him, gently rolling his hips to make Blaine moan, "Shh, no regrets tonight."

"Just love."

"You're gonna quote Katy Perry at me now?" Kurt giggled. The flirty joke immediately lightened the mood, and Blaine let out a watery chuckle.

"I was being romantic," he insisted.

Kurt gave an amused roll of his eyes and ran a hand through Blaine's sweat-damp curls, laughing again. "Well. It needs a little work," he teased, "You need to watch more Disney movies. Romance 101."

"Whatever you want, beautiful. Anything you want." He shifted his weight, making both of them shiver as their bodies moved together. Blaine rolled his hips up gently, pulling Kurt down to meet him and groaning low in his throat. "Just—please don't stop..."

"God, that was amazing."

Kurt rolled to the side, keeping one arm securely draped over Blaine's stomach to hold him close. He smiled against his Dom's shoulder, pressed a kiss against the skin, and let out a little hum of contentment as he dropped his head back a few more inches to focus on Blaine's face. They watched each other, separated only by the tiny chasm between two pillows.

"Do we need to shower?" Kurt asked.

"I want a bath," Blaine decided, his words nearly slurring from relaxation, "And bubbles. And champagne."

Kurt smirked. "The bath and bubbles I think we can do. Champagne, probably not."

Blaine's pretend pout only lasted for a moment. "Sparkling water, then."

"Not just yet, though," Kurt told him, "I wanna stay here for a while."

"Then we'll stay."

As they cooled off from the heat of their activities, the pair wiggled underneath the sheets and tangled back together. Blaine felt his eyelids drooping, but he forced himself to stay alert, tracing his gaze carefully along Kurt's upper body to take in every detail as an incentive for his open eyes.

"Your neck is so gorgeous."

"What?" Kurt's eyebrows lifted up on his forehead, confused and a little entertained by the odd statement.

"Your neck," Blaine repeated with a shrug. The motion was awkward and stunted from his horizontal position on the bed. "I just haven't seen it very much, under the collar." He reached a hand out to brush his fingers there, "That's all."

"I—" Kurt let out a breath, "Sir?"

Blaine took notice of the formal title, the dynamic shift, and he watched Kurt attentively. "Yes, beautiful?"

"I just… um. I loved this," he gestured vaguely with a hand, suggesting everything they'd gotten into over the course of the evening, "I really did. A-And I love you. I do," he assured.

"But?" Blaine could feel it coming. He filled in the gap, putting Kurt at ease by opening the channel of communication.

"But I don't want to stop being yours. I want to wear my collar, Sir. I love my Dom, too. I want him—I want you to still be that for me. I want my subspace and kneeling and I still want to serve. I don't want love to change that."

Blaine nodded once, brief and understanding, and he sat up to reach over Kurt's body toward the nightstand, pressing down just enough against his submissive's body to exert his own control. Collar in hand once more he moved back to his own pillow, resting the leather on Kurt's throat, loose but present. "Listen to me," he whispered, "Okay?"

Kurt nodded.

"You will always be mine," Blaine told him. He spoke slowly, punctuating every word, "for as long as you want to be. I don't care if you choose to not wear this. I don't care if the laws change and we decide to get our registration removed someday. I don't care what happens. None of that matters to me. What matters is us. And as long as you want me—as long as you want to trust me and serve me, and as long as you allow me to guide you—I will be here to give you those things. I promise."

"You're always my Dom first," Kurt said, "No matter what kind of love we get into. You'll always be my Sir."

Blaine smiled, reaching over to slide his fingertip across the outline of Kurt's lips, feeling them turn up to kiss against his skin. "And you will always be my beautiful—my sweet, good boy. No matter what, I'll take care of you, Kurt. You never need to worry."

"I like that," he murmured.

"I'm glad. You're precious to me, you know?" Blaine's whisper was soft, sincere, yet laced with a fierce affection, "You're everything."

"Do you think we were meant to be?" Kurt wondered then, "Meant to be each other's?"

Blaine didn't know for sure. His parents had arranged this bonding, after all… but then again, who was to say that fate wasn't behind it all, even then? He blinked thoughtfully, reaching out with his palm open, "It sort of feels that way, doesn't it?"

Kurt slotted their fingers together, nodding with simple acceptance. "Mhmm. I believe it."

"Then I do, too."