Edward and Bella in Love ch1

A/n: This is not beta'd...it's completely from the mouth of my 4 yr old daughter;)

Written by Minime of TOK

Edward has hair and he is a boy. He is a vampire. He doesn't drink blood. He only bites Bella and makes her a vampire, too.

Bella has girl hair. She goes into the woods and sees the monsters. So she walks into the bears cave. And then she dies.

But, Jacob finds her when he sees the bears and he turns into a werewolf and saves her from dying.

Then he tries to kill her because she loves Edward and not him.

Bella tells him that he's a monster but that Edward is pretty.

Then Jacob tries to get rid of the bears but Emmett comes and drinks the bears because they are his favorite.

Emmett can fight monsters, too. He fights vampires and werewolves too cause he's strong.

Bella goes back to Edward when she wakes up in the morning in the cave.

Then she falls in love with him but she's about to get killed again by a different monster. It's a green and blue monster and Edward doesn't think he can kill it.

Emmett can kill it though. Emmett hates girlfriends but he likes Bella so he tries to kill the green and blue monster so Edward and Bella can get married cause they kissed.

Bella ate a bug and it made her throw up in the bathroom. So Edward gets mad and tells her that he won't let it kill her.

So, they decide to get married and then Bella is outside and decides that she wants to go on a field trip. And she whispers to Edward that there is a Tiger and Bear outside their room before they can leave.

Edward laughs and says they'll invite them in for a tea party. Bella likes to have tea parties and was excited about having the Tiger and Bear join them.

Then they heard Indians doing a chant really loud outside their house.

Then they kiss again and take a nap.

A/n: She's already told me that she's working on chapter two, LOL.

So, we'll see what she comes up with next!

Thanks for reading and enjoying this little piece of my precious daughter's imagination;)