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Once upon a time there was Edward and Bella kissing along in the woods. They loved kissing in the woods. They belonged there.

Bella was giggling because they were kissing and she remembered that they needed to go pick up their baby. She didn't belong in the woods so they couldn't bring her there.

They walked in the woods to kiss some more but Edward needed to suck some more blood but Bella told him 'no' that he'd had enough.

Bella got mad and called a phone number for help. Edward got mad and deleted the phone number from the phone.

Emmett came and told them that their baby was with Jacob. Edward liked it because Bella got mad and beat up Jacob. Jacob made Edward mad because he called him Dad.

That mean vampire tore off the dad's head and everyone cried. Then Alice woke up from her dream and ran away with Jasper.

Edward and Bella's baby wanted to go live with the mean vampires that killed people but Jacob said no. He and Edward were friends after that.

They were all tired so they went to bed in their new cabin.

The End.

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