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Chapter 1

Bella was currently tossing and turning in the bed, desperately trying to get back to sleep. However, ever since she hit this god damned country she had been haunted by a pair of deep crimson eyes and she had no idea who's eyes they were. She groaned into her pillow and rolled over again only to be met with the sight of her mother.

"C'mon Bella, time to get up or you're going to miss lunch." Said Renee.

"Lunch? What ever happened to breakfast?" Asked Bella.

"It finished three hours ago and if you're not quick lunch will be finished too."

Bella groaned and rolled over in her bed before slipping out of bed and into the bathroom. By the time Bella left the bathroom her mother had dissapeared and left a note on the bedside table. 'Bella, if you miss lunch at least get something to eat from somewhere so I don't have to worry about you getting too thin. I've went shopping and won't be back till around dinner time so I'll see you then. Love you, Mom. X' Bella poocketed the note and quickly chucked on a pair of jeans and a tank top before rushing downstairs and just catching the end of lunch. After her hasty lunch, Bella goes back up to her room and ponders what to do for the day. After a few minutes she decided to rent a car and check out the nearby city.

Bella was stood at the car hire desk filling out the forms to hire a car for a day. She handed the sales rep the forms and he puts them through a fax machine, while the fax machine was whirring away the sales rep said "what do you plan on doing with the car for the day?"

"I thought I might go check out the city." Replied Bella.

"It's a beautiful place, have you tried a castle tour?"

"Don't you need to pre-book that?"

"Nah, just turn up at the meeting point just inside the city walls by 3pm and you'll be fine."

"I might just do that, thanks." Bella said before walking to the car she had hired. On her way, someone stopped her and said "going into the city?"

Bella nodded.

"Park outside the city walls, parking inside is atrocious."

"Uhm, thanks." Bella said before getting in the car and heading off in the opposite direction of the city, about a mile and a half down the road Bella stopped and shouted a few expletives before spinning the car round and going in the right way.

20 minutes later, Bella pulled up in a parking space outside the city walls and upon seeing she only had 15 minutes to catch the tour so she rushed into the city pausing momentarily to look at the sign above the gate which read 'Benvenuti a Volterra'.

After 5 minutes of aimlessly wandering she overheard an elderly couple talking about a tour round the castle so she figured it was the same tour she was going on. After following the couple for a few minutes she came across a small square with several people standing in it beside a sign that read 'Volterra Castle Tours' so she figured she was in the right place. After a few minutes a rather bouncy young woman came up to her.

"Hi I'm Heidi." She said.

"Uhmm, I'm Bella." Bella replied.

"You here for the tour of the castle? It's a great experience you'll never forget!"

"Yeah I am. How long does it last?"

"It last about and hour and a half, why is that a problem?" Bella very nearly never heard the woman as she noticed the crimson eyes that were so like the ones that had been haunting her yet so different. After a few seconds Bella realized she was staring and quickly averted her gaze before replying "no, shouldn't be a problem." Heidi beamed before bouncing off to the front.

A few minutes later Heidi's voice was heard over the hubbub of the crowd. "Welcome to Volterra Castle Tours, I hope you all have a very enjoyable experience and I must ask you not to get detached from the group when inside the castle as even she got lost in that place" The last part earned her a chuckle. "Without further ado, let's go!"

Everyone followed Heidi like sheep and after a few minutes of walking and taking in the local scenery, they entered a large castle. "If you look over to your left you will see a painting of the three kings who resided in the castle several centuries ago, it's rumored that their ghosts still wander the castle's corridors. Now, if you look to the right you will see an old tapestry which conceals one of the castle's many secret passageways. There are over one hundred known passageways and estimates say that that is less than a quarter of the secret passageways actually in the place."

Eventually they cam to a large set of double doors where Heidi stopped everyone outside before slipping into the room beyond, a few seconds later she reappeared and said "the show is ready. I must ask you not to use flash photography as it distracts the actors during the play." With that, Heidi pushed open the double doors and everyone stepped through with me bringing up the rear. Something told me that this place was bad and I wasn't reasured by the sound of the doors closing behind me.

Next Time: Bella finally finds out who the eyes belong to, and Aro gets a little more acquainted with his throne courtesy of Jane.

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