so a new story is up because it been buggin me for a while. some good news MaiXNaru fans, i looked on the wiki they have and according to the author of the series, Mai and Naru were alway suppossed to be a couple but because they'd rather write horror than romance it never happened leaving it to us to do the work for them.

disclaimer: i own absolutely nothing, not even this plot. this comes from an author that wrote for another show. i really liked the story but they never finished it and haven't touched their account for at least four years now. so i wanted to try my hand at making a NaruXMai story out of the plot though i tried to deviate from their plot and reword things so it didn't sound so similar. Consider it my tribute to the author since i'm a big fan of their work. anyways enjoy

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Mai groaned before smacking the alarm clock on her nightstand. Instead all she felt was the pain of slapping her hand on the hard oak surface. Grumbling in pain, Mai sat up and rolled out of bed, eyes scanning the room for her still beeping alarm clock. Finally locating it on her desk at the far side of the room.

Scowling Mai went over to the spot and smacked the alarm clock so hard, not only did it stop beeping, but the neon numbers died out too. Mai rolled her eyes; this was the sixth alarm clock she'd broken in four months. Looking once more at the clock on her desk Mai noticed a note addressed to her.


I know you're probably going to be mad at me, but you really need to get your behind in gear and get going on your thesis, the thing you should have decided on months ago. Anyways I have some things I want to talk with you about so if you could meet me on campus at around 12 o'clock I'll take you out for lunch. Until then you can find me on the campus library. Let me know if you can't make it.


p.s. we're out of coffee mix, please try and get some while you're out and about today.

Mai sighed; she should've expected that Yasu would pull something like that. She knew that he was just trying to help her, but sometimes he could be a real pain in the neck. Yasu had long ago decided to study psychology and the criminal mind. But for Mai there was just too much she was interested in. At first, she wanted to study classic literature, but then again she also liked theatre, and then of course there was always something to be said about the field of paranormal research, a growing field of industry so the school had opted to include it. Mai shook her head, every time she thought about this she always ended up with a massive headache.

'And besides,' Mai thought, 'they never go anywhere productive.'

The twenty one year old sighed again; well at least with him gone she could get ready at her own leisure. Mai started the kettle and took out her secret stash of tea leaves and placing it on the counter. Then she headed into the shower. She checked her cell phone clock, 7:30 am, not too bad for time considering how much of it was always eaten up by trivial things.

A man sat behind a large wooden desk, checking over multiple files. None of the latest cases from the police were nothing that animals couldn't explain yet they kept sending them so they'd have less work to do. The man sighed, such a waste of time. Suddenly a pink-haired woman stepped into the office.

"Hey Lin," she said with a big bright smile, "any new cases yet?"

"There's always plenty more cases Madoka." Lin answered, "But none of them are anything more than animal related phenomena. Noll wouldn't want something like that now would he?"

"Ah, nothing like a hot cup of tea after a nice warm shower." Mai mused as she moved about in her bathrobe. Mai was deliberating the merits of making some sunny side up eggs and bacon or just having a bowl full of cold cereal before heading out when a large manila envelope by the door caught her eye.

'Hmm, I don't remember seeing that before.'

Mai thought as she bent over and picked it up. The folder/ envelope might have been Yasu's, but he didn't leave anything behind that might be of any importance, that's how focused on his work he was. It didn't seem too menacing, but Mai's thoughts took a turn for the worst when she saw the name scrawled across the top. Her thoughts went to her "family" back in Tokyo.

Five years ago, Mai had left Tokyo to attend college in America. She wanted to be fully independent, her "father" insisted paying for everything but Mai protested against it and only allowed him to pay for her tuition. She even stopped using Taniyama as her last name, granted that she was adopted and her adoptive father's last name was Takigawa, but in Japan she was known as Mai Taniyama, daughter to Hoshou Takigawa and heir to the Taniyama electronics company. Of which her adoptive father was director. Mai just wanted a normal life and to be able to make a name for herself without the help nor prestige of the Taniyama name.

So instead, Mai had taken the maiden name of Hoshou's wife Ayako. Now in America, where the Taniyama name was rarely known, she was Mai Matsuzaki. Though her father had only let her come because he had contacts in New York so it would be easy for her if she ever needed help. Mai shook her head once more.

'That's silly' Mai thought, 'I'm just worrying too much. They'd call if anything was amiss.'

Yet that didn't ease the feeling of apprehension coiling in her gut by just looking at the ominous packaging piece she held in her hand. Though why it was so ominous, she had no idea. She knew it just couldn't be a simple case of Yasu dropping it on the way out.

Mai's suspicions were confirmed as she turned the envelope over to find her name neatly scrawled across the top. However, it wasn't the fine print that caught Mai's eye. It was the fact that this was addressed to Mai Taniyama, not Mai Matsuzaki. No one, not even Yasu, knew her real last name in this city. She had a separate mailbox for all of Mai Taniyama's mail while the one downstairs in the lobby had the name of Mai Matsuzaki as its label. Mai knew that when mail got switched it would be slid under the door, but this had neither a send nor return address on it. Signifying it had been hand delivered.

Mai suppressed a shudder at that realization, someone knew who she really was and where she was living, had been living for the past five years. Chewing her bottom lip Mai decided to grab a butter knife from the drawer of silverware and open it. Contained within were numerous packets and other files, as well as a small envelope with a name other than hers written across it. Mai picked up a piece of paper and read through it carefully. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped in surprise. She fell to her knees, the previously warm cup of tea now lay cold and forgotten on the counter.

A gaunt and cadaverous looking man watched a wall of monitors while his female companion looked on in disinterest. A knock at the door alerted the two that their presence was being called for. A lackey hesitantly stuck his head through the door and deliberated whether or not to continue going in.

"What is it?" the man asked, his voice sounding cold and, for lack of a better word, completely terrifying. In other words a voice that was used to being obeyed.

"Um I was sent to confirm the package's delivery." The lackey mumbled out.

"Oh very good!" the woman cheered sarcastically, "Now tell us, has the tracker been activated yet?"

"No." the messenger replied fearfully while rapidly shaking his head.

"Well than why are you still here? Go and only return when the tracker has been activated." The man ordered solemnly.

"Y-yes sir." The underling cried while rushing out the door. The man let out a sigh.

"How pitiful." He remarked while his large yet rather narrow eyes scanned the monitors once more.

"You really need to learn how to lighten up." The woman commented as she slid off the desk she had previously been laying on.

"You're the one complicating things on me and yet you expect me to lighten up?" the man mused.

"Hey, the players will meet eventually so I wouldn't stress over it. Besides, when this is all over it won't matter if they'd never met or if they were the best of friends. You know that as well as I do." She pointed out.

"Yes, but you and I both know we're just openly using one another and that once this is through one of us will most assuredly be dead." He countered.

"True, but I always did enjoy a challenge." The woman said with an evil and slightly maniac glint in her eye.

Almost an hour later; Mai was still in her bathrobe, albeit now she was in her bedroom, still rereading the letter and all its contents. Sure enough, every time she read it the words stayed the same. But what could she do about it? She'd already tried calling the private numbers that her "parents" had and on both accounts all she got was dead air. Impossible seeing as they were the only three that knew those numbers and Takigawa always made sure they were never disconnected. Chewing her bottom lip was the only way that Mai could think at the moment. Yet as she looked at the letter one more time, she crashed forward onto her bed, tears flowing rapidly though she knew they were useless at a time like this.

Standing quickly, Mai threw open the door to her closet and pulled out a sapphire blue tank top and a pair of black jeans. Then she threw on a pair of white ankle socks before pulling on her black high-tops. Not exactly as fashionable as she would have liked, but today practicality took precedence over style and Mai knew that she didn't have time to waste. She then pulled out a black messenger bag and grabbed her laptop off its charger and tossed it in along with a mini hairbrush she kept in case of an emergency. Mai looked at the bag she was currently stuffing things into, not as fashionable as her Gucci handbag, but it was durable enough not to rip when it was tossed around. She pulled the specific sheet she needed from the envelope before shoving it in the bag. And she then pulled a pair of thick-rimmed, black plastic glasses out and placed them on her face. Mai had perfect vision, but the lenses were plastic as well and helped shape the image she'd created upon coming to America in order to deceive any Taniyama electronics fanatics out there.

Mai debated on whether or not to leave a note for Yasu, but decided against it since knowing him, he'd get involved and that's the last thing Mai wanted. Deciding she'd stalled enough Mai grabbed a black denim jacket off the nail anger on the back of her door and headed out.

"Kazuya, do you think you could help me move this box of books someone donated to the children?"

No response came. The young man tried again, "Kazuya?" still no answer, "Kazuya!" by this point he was practically screaming in the other man's ear.

"What is it?" Kazuya asked calmly though on the inside he'd snapped in irritation.

"I asked if you could help me move this box of books someone donated to the children." A young blonde man with an Austrailian accent replied.

"Alright then John." Kazuya said as he lifted up the other end of a rather large box that when filled with so many books was difficult to carry alone.

"So what's on your mind?" John asked when they set the box down in the makeshift library the church's orphanage had. "You seemed like you were a million miles away just then. Is everything alright?"

Kazuya internally hesitated, "It's nothing." He answered.

John smiled sadly, "You miss him, don't you Kazuya." John said.

"I suppose so." Kazuya answered vaguely.

By this point the two men had made their way back to the front walkway of the church. At the gates Kazuya saw a young girl; at least she looked that way from the way she was peering in through the bars of the gates. Now this church was still in the city but in a quiet part of it that no one really came by. That's why she stood out to him. She was lean, and her eyes bore into him and John intently, he was surprised to see that even from far away he could see the warm cinnamon colored eyes.

"Someone finally catches your eye?" a voice in his head asked cockily.

"Shut up Gene." Kazuya growled back mentally, "She just looks lost. That's all."

"Right…" the voice said before disappearing

"Like what you see?" another cocky voice asked. This one belonged to Hinata Hiyasaka; a man who often volunteered at John's parish. Kazuya never could tell if Hinata annoyed him or if he just flat out hated the man. Kazuya decided just for the moment, he hated Hinata with enough of a reason to wish for his untimely demise.

"She just looks lost." Kazuya replied coolly.

"Maybe we should offer some assistance?" John asked.

"Oh definitely." Hinata said with that tone that indicated he'd offer more than just directions.

But before any of them got the chance to move, the girl surprised them by coming through the gates with a somewhat scared, yet still determined look on her face. They noticed her eyes flickered over the grounds before settling on the three men standing by the church entrance. The hand she held on her black messenger bag tightened as she strode towards them.

"I'll take care of this one" Hinata said with a wink. He sauntered over to the girl intent on grabbing her for his own.

Kazuya sighed, "Why on earth do you let him near the kids?" he asked.

John shrugged, "He needed work and you know father Tojo; he likes to see the best in everyone."

The two resumed watching Hinata try and flirt with the girl. at first she just brushed him off; but when he kept bugging her she calmly took him by the arm and flipped him over her shoulder. She then whispered something in his ear before making her way to the other two men.

"Um excuse me," she asked, "I'd like to say sorry about that, I don't particularly like people who just can't take a hint." She let out a small laugh.

Kazuya found himself liking the bubbly laugh that trickled out of the girl's mouth, like it mattered since he was never going to see her again.

"No, that's quite alright." John replied, "I agree, Hinata does really need to learn the right way to treat a young lady like you. His manners aren't exactly," he paused, "the best."

The girl let out a chuckle in response that was just as, if not more, cute as her laugh. "I think that's putting it lightly." She replied. "But back to why I'm here," she paused as if trying to figure out how to word what she was going to say. "I was told I could find a Kazuya Shibuya here."

Her eyes flickered back and forth between the two men, but Kazuya noticed her gaze stayed locked on him more than John even though she didn't know who was who. Kazuya couldn't tell if that was because she thought he was attractive –a fact which he was already well aware of- or if she had this gut feeling he was who she was looking for.

"That would be me." Kazuya replied after a brief moment of silence. He crossed his arms in a businesslike manner and noticed her eyes held some sort of relief in them.

"Um is there any way that I could talk to you," she paused once more, "Privately?" she asked as she looked over at John.

"Do you think you could introduce yourself first?" Kazuya asked. He then saw her make a face equivalent to smacking oneself in the forehead; apparently she was doing it for forgetting something as simple as introducing herself.

"Uh right." She said with a sheepish smile as she put one of her hands behind her head. She then stuck out the other one. "Mai Matsuzaki." She said with a smile.

"Kazuya Shibuya." He replied emotionlessly. Mai found it a bit odd but she wasn't one to talk with the way her day had started out.

"Now, back to that private place to talk." She said getting back to the point.

"May I ask why you wish to speak with me?" he asked.

"You may, but I will not answer until we are alone." She insisted.

"Well, you could always use the sacristy." John offered, "There's no mass currently so I doubt Father Tojo would mind." Kazuya nodded and then looked to Mai. She nodded and he led her there.

Once inside the room Mai used the table that was there and started to pull out a packet of papers. Kazuya looked on with slight interest, though she was interesting enough. For now at least.

"Shut the door please." She ordered, Kazuya almost fought her; but then decided revealing his identity in a fit of arrogance wouldn't exactly help him get over things any quicker; it would just make matters worse, so he shut the door without a word.

Mai was now looking at something she'd pulled out. He noticed that Mai seemed a bit uneasy with whatever it was she held because she was biting down on her lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood. Her eyes seemed worried about what she was looking at.

"Ms. Matsuzaki?" he questioned cautiously, though he'd never had a girlfriend before past work experiences taught him that women were very unpredictable creatures. One wrong move and your life was pretty much over, metaphorically speaking though he did have a few crazy stalkers that had needed to be jailed for attempts on his life.

Mai turned her head at that, "Ms.?" She questioned, "I'm only twenty one, and besides if this goes the way I think it will you're better off just calling me Mai."

That lifted a warning bell in his head, "Are you implying something I should be cautious about?" he asked.

Mai looked at him for a moment, then she snorted, "Sorry" she said placing a hand on his shoulder, "I don't know how good looking you think you are but I'm not interested no matter how you think otherwise."

"I'm surprised," Kazuya commented, "most women are on their knees begging for me by now."

Mai scoffed again, "Well that must be a big inflation to your already overly-large ego Mr. Shibuya."

"Not as much as you think it would be Mai. Now what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" he inquired.

"I'm not really sure," she admitted, "but I don't want to chance anything by not coming to you."

"Meaning what exactly?" he asked apprehensively.

Mai bit her bottom lip; she knew she was going to sound crazy because she hardly believed herself. But no matter what he said, she was going to take this on, though it would be nice to have some company to reassure her.

"Mai?" he asked breaking her out of her reverie.

"Oh, right. Well this morning I got a, for lack of a better word, letter when I was taking a shower. So I would put it between 7:30 and 7:45 this morning." Mai started. Kazuya had to banish the sudden shower image his mind conjured up.

'Where did that come from?' he asked himself. Then he heard the snicker. "Gene, stop it right now." He mentally ordered.

"Whatever you say Noll." The voice replied in a singsong tone. Kazuya went back to paying attention to Mai.

"When I came out, it was sitting by my door. And in it was, well, everything."

"Everything?" Kazuya asked.

"Rules and stipulations, instructions and guidelines, and the threat." Mai clarified feeling happy that this was the man she was instructed to find. She hadn't figured it'd been the idiot she'd had to teach a lesson to but she was worried it'd been the priest. She didn't want anyone involved with the divine to be at risk and that's exactly what this was, one giant risk.

"For what exactly?" Kazuya asked. "Why are you of all people being threatened?"

"Inside was a letter threatening people close to me so I guess it's a threat for me. But, they asked me to get you involved, though I have no idea why. I'm not exactly one to just give my trust away so I have no idea how I can trust you. However given the circumstances I have no choice but to trust you."

"Okay," Kazuya said calmly, "what exactly are we dealing with here?"

"I'm not sure but they have my family and according to this, they have your cousin." Mai looked away, she didn't want to see the look on his face when he laughed at her and brushed the whole thing off.

Kazuya on the other hand, was shocked for once in his life. This girl, was she lying to him? He doubted it, and not just because he was trained to tell when people were lying. This girl was an open book. He knew the type, emotions always on display for all to see. But better to be safe than sorry.

"Sounds like some kind of sick joke to me." Kazuya said detachedly.

"Look you can choose whether or not to believe me if you want to. I honestly don't know who's behind this or why they're asking me to get you involved with this. Decline this if you want I really don't care. I've done my job by delivering the news. If you want to check you can. That's the only reason I know this is real."

"How?" he asked, okay this was just a little too much for him at the moment.

"I called both my parents on their private numbers, I got dead air. They never ever disconnect those phones so I know they've been kidnapped." She looked at him for a moment before something dawned on her.

"Oh wait," she said as she rummaged around in her bag for a minute. She pulled out a slightly smaller envelope. "They told me to give this to you, said it would clear any doubts a naturally skeptic man such as yourself might have." She handed the envelope to him.

Kazuya took it without much hesitation. He weighed the envelope in his hand; something else besides a letter was in there. Wasting no time he ripped it open and out fell a silver heart shaped hair barrette, the same one from a set of them he'd given his little cousin Kasai on her most recent birthday. Kazuya looked at for all of a full minute.

Mai peeked over his shoulder, "What is it?" she asked.

He spun around and tightly gripped her arm, "How did you know?" he asked icily.

"Know what?" Mai asked as she struggled against his grip, "I don't know anything about you. I swear on my father's grave."

Out of confusion and curiosity, Kazuya let her go. "I thought you said your parents had been kidnapped." He stated.

"They are." Mai replied rubbing her sore arm.

"Then why did you swear on your father's grave?" he asked.

Mai's mouth formed an 'o' in realization. "My birth father's grave I meant. When I was four years old there was an... accident. So I was adopted, the people who raised me became my parents. They're the ones who were kidnapped." She admitted.

Kazuya was interested in what happened, but from the way she talked about it he decided it would be best to save that conversation for another day. His attention returned to the barrette he held in his palm. Pulling out his cell phone he called and started speaking very rapidly in a language Mai recognized as Chinese.

Feeling a little hot in the room because of all the tension Mai slipped out of her jacket and thought about what to say next. She didn't notice Kazuya's gaze returning to her until after she turned around.

"Well, it looks like you're right. They can't find her anywhere." Kazuya explained, his voice sending shivers down Mai's spine.

"I'm very sorry." Mai said sincerely, "But as I've said before you can choose not to get involved with this game these people have set up. You could even go to the police if you want. I'm not allowed to because if I do, both my parents and I will be terminated effective immediately." She looked down at the floor.

"Look, I don't know if this is real or just a case of bad coincidences. I want to believe it's that, but I can't. I understand completely if you don't want anything to do with this. I don't even know why all this is happening, but I do know one thing. I lost my parents once; I don't intend to let it happen again."

Kazuya looked at her for a minute as she stared at the floor; he noted the blush rising on her cheeks as she had realized the look over he was giving to the freshly exposed parts of her upper torso. He ruffled her hair and when she looked up in question he said,

"You idiot. Like you could do this on your own."

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