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Never have I ever

Chapter One


Olivia Dunham's Apartment

748pm Friday

"Come in!"

Olivia's voice filtered to him through her closed door at his knock. He opens it ready to chastise her about inviting strangers into her apartment when he catches sight of her from the living room and the words die on his tongue.

Peter Bishop's FBI Partner, one deliciously forbidden Olivia Dunham is dressed in dark wash jeans that cling to her curves in all the right places, and the black tank she wears shows off far more skin then he's used to seeing in a normal day with her, making his heart race.

Of course that was kinda the point of tonight; not to work, to relax and kickback.

They'd managed to make it a loose tradition over the last 4 months, meeting like this after a case was closed or on a quiet evening when they weren't out chasing monsters.

God knows neither of them got out enough between work and….well, work. (and Walter-sitting) Peter silently reminded himself; there was a full time occupation if there ever was one. Dating had been out of the question for Peter for longer then he wanted to really analyze and since he really didn't need any excuse to want to see more of his gorgeous partner when she'd half heartedly mentioned a movie night months ago Peter had practically foamed at the mouth.

Anything to see more of her; especially This part of her; the part that relaxed around him a little; and smiled more often and more genuinely when he cracked jokes. Peter thought it made their working relationship better as well; they knew each other so well by now that Peter could almost anticipate anything Olivia need to tell him in the Field; and she'd relaxed enough around him that Peter was starting to wonder if maybe there might be a small chance for something more between them.

He'd fantasized about her often enough; he would jump at a chance to make his dreams a reality, any chance.

He'd take whatever he could get from his sexy and pragmatic partner; as much as she was willing to give; Which is what had brought tonight's particular activities to mind when Peter had heard the rain pounding against his window when he exited the shower earlier that night.

There was no way either of them really wanted to drag themselves out of her apartment and into a taxi in the pouring rain to visit their normal bar hangout.

And If Peter played his cards right he could potentially uncover far more information about the private life of One Olivia Dunham at home in a more familiar setting when she was relaxed then he could when they were out on the town and she still remained guarded to their surroundings if not as much to him as she used to be. Peter loved those little glimpses when they came; the snapshots of what life might be like with her; what she liked to eat; her favorite music; where she liked to visit, or go to relax; he'd snatch every morsel of information from the end of her fingers and hungrily await more.

Leaving the Entryway of Olivia's apartment having nudged the door shut with his boot and hearing it click Peter approached the coffee table to set down his bag of goodies eyes never leaving the visage of his Partner half visible across the apartment. She was putting the finishing touches on her makeup, no doubt expecting that despite the torrential weather they would follow the same pattern they had on previous occasions and head to Mickies for dinner and a beer, maybe some pool or darts.

Tonight though; Peter had a different game for them to play.

Finally abandoning the mirror over her dresser and heading towards the living room Olivia grinned upon seeing him. Eyeing the bag he'd set on the table she quirked one eyebrow at him in question.

"Don't know if you noticed, but it's raining cats and dogs out there."

"So you brought over supplies to build an Ark?"

Peter grinned at her, pleased that she was in a relaxed and playful mood. It used to take an hour or two of them hanging out before she would relax this much around him; now it seemed the second he stepped through her door she let some of the weight off her shoulders and relaxed; at least for a little while.

"Close" Dropping one hand into the bag Peter pulled out the first box and presented it to her.

"Battleship?" Olivia laughed.

"And," Peter held up a hand to stall her "Chinese food."

"Is there Beer in that bag?"

Peter did his best to look wounded. "Is there beer in the bag." Pulling out the last thing in the bag and the heaviest he tilted it towards her for inspection.

Not bad Olivia mused; the same bottled beer they usually got on tap at Mickies, he must have stopped special to pick it up. "So We're staying in to practice Naval Warfare tactics"

"Never know when they might come in handy; maybe you can sink my battleships with your mind"

"Ha ha." Olivia left with the beer for the kitchen returning with two already cold beers though not of the same brand and set them on the coffee table settling herself against the couch cushions as Peter began popping open Chinese containers and chopsticks.



Six Beers, Lo Mein, and several games later Olivia had slid to the floor between the coffee table and the sofa and Peter was sprawled opposite her, back propped to the armchair making mindless conversation about anything that comes to mind. The rain still pelted the living room window but the two agents were nearly oblivious to its steady hum by now.


Olivia Frowned grabbing another peg from the sideboard and placing it on her board. "You're cheating; you have to be!"

"Never have I ever; Cheated at a Board Game." Peter cocked an eyebrow at her.

Without saying a word Olivia raised her beer and took a swig. Peter leered at her in triumph.

"Oh Really?"

"Well I definitely have, how else am I supposed to beat a freaking genius?" Peter's shoulders roll in silent laughter at her put upon voice. Craning his head to the right around his board he asks "Are your battleships are even on the board?"

Shoving him with one hand back towards the setae and tilting her game board away from him Olivia laughs. "There on the board, you keep sinking them!"

"Maybe you should cheat harder," Peter is laughing again and his grin is infectious.

"Maybe I should use my mind control to make you think I'm winning."

"That's how you play the game my dear,"

"Well, Never have I ever Beaten my partner five times in a row"

Peter took a swig, and then another while she laughed out loud.

1:05 am

"I am not answering that!"

Olivia is laughing again, and Peter can't remember how many Beers he's had, was it 8 or 9? He' knows Olivia's had a fair few; not as many as him but close she's no slouch when it comes to drinking and he's brought their favorite beer on purpose.

"Don't blame me I didn't invent the game! You can't play without asking strange questions."

"Fine." Olivia took a swig and set the empty bottle on the coffee table, pulling herself up to grab another from the fridge.

"You want?" She called over her shoulder as she padded barefoot into the kitchen.

Peter watched her go, fascinated by the way the denim clung to the fantastic curve of her ass. Mouth suddenly dry he swallowed several times before answering. Oh he wanted all right, just not what she was offering exactly.

When Olivia returned with another frosted beer bottle Peter gratefully accepted it as his consolation prize as she slid into the armchair behind him instead of returning to her regular seat across from him.

"Hey, Now you can really see my board"

"I thought we were playing a new game?" Her voice is playful and relaxed; teasing almost and Peter feels his groin tighten in response.

A heady mixture of too much alcohol and overly close Olivia proximity, when her fingers drop to touch his shoulders he nearly freezes then remembers that he has to stay relaxed so that she will. Olivia can detect tension like an earthquake meter reads seismic activity; and when her thumbs press into his neck muscles and draw slow circles almost mindlessly that is the last thing he wants.

"Never have I ever gotten a happy ending massage." The words are out of his mouth before he thinks about them, and Peter holds his breath expecting her to pull away from him and tell him to leave.

"Ha, I don't believe that for a minute," she scoffs at him, her fingers still working at his shoulders and the small part of Peter's brain that isn't spinning wildly out of control at what this might all mean wonders how much beer they've really had.


3:15 am

"Never Have I ever deflowered someone."

Olivia is practically poured into the armchair now, one leg thrown haphazardly over the armrest the last of her latest beer held loosely in one hand. She gives him a triumphant look over the coffee table where he's now sprawled on the couch after getting them the last beers in the fridge, the rain has stopped outside and Peter's sure it must be edging towards 3am, not that he cares one bit.

Somehow the latest game seems to have boiled down to who can make the other finish this last beer faster, and She expects that she has gotten him with this one.

And she has, Peter looks put-upon as he takes a sip, trying to savor this night as long as he can.

They are both barely drinking now, only sipping in the pretense of continuing this teasing banter back and forth like two teenagers.

"Who was it?" She asks; as they've been doing; no longer is it simply yes or no questions; now they are elaborating on them as well. He's not sure how that got started exactly.

"High school, some girl at a party. I don't even remember her name, probably makes me kind of a bastard." He shrugs one shoulder almost apologetically.

"Just the one time?"

Peter gives her an odd look. "I thought that was the definition, or am I missing something?" He was after all quite certain that he was sliding heavily towards drunk.

Olivia rolls her eyes at him. "I mean just one girl, I'd have figured with girls throwing themselves at you left and right it had to be more than one…"

"Girls do not throw themselves at me left and right." Peter scoffed.

"and In my experience virgins have no idea what they're doing and it's not worth it. They can't even give a decent blowjob." Peter could have smacked himself were they really having this conversation?

She'd probably kill him tomorrow morning.

Olivia went very still. "Never have I ever had any Complaints."

To Be Continued….


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