Twelve years after Aizens death

The thumping of heavy boots echoes through an empty hallway, a long, dark coat wafts around long and lithe, but strong legs and covers just a part of a muscled bare torso that has been build over years of training.
A tattoo sits on the left chest of it and orange hair makes up an unruly mop of spikes atop a head with ember eyes who sit on a face that hasn't aged a day, since the person reached adulthood.
In the back of the coat sits a Katana with a black hilt and sheath.

Ichigo Kurosaki was heading to Shiro Kizukis office in the council headquarters.
He had been called by his mate in the middle of his patrol and the albino had sounded really serious and a bit sour on the phone.
The orangette wasn't surprised, today was their anniversary and they both had to work, rather than just enjoy the warm summer sun together in their favorite place.
He could imagine that his albino lover wished to sit on that white park bank, where they crossed paths for the first time, just as much as he himself and watch the people passing by while eating chocolate and vanilla flavored ice.

Ichigo sighed before he finally he reached the office and found the albino sitting on his desk, singing some papers.
"So, what did you call me for?"
Shiro didn't look up from his papers but said.
"The judgment on case JP-201 has been made."

JP-201 that was a Vampire who had caused havoc for over a month, right under both, Shiros and Ichigos nose and which Ichigo really had struggled to get.

"He's sentenced as S.I.N. Stage 3. So a null. He has to be starved for seven days to drain his strength and get executed at dusk of the eights day. Though the starving days are already over and today is the eights day."
Ichigo nods and turns around.
"I'll be going then."

Shiro lifts his head and calls after his mate.
"Wait, Ichigo."
The orangette turns back around, coming face to face with Shiro and gets a quick kiss.
After it, Shiro smiles lovingly at him.
"Happy anniversary. Don't take too long ok?"
"Don't worry. You'll get your present tonight."
Ichigo tells with a slight smile of his own and after he pecks Shiro again on his pale lips he heads off.

Shiro smirks as he watches after the retreating form of his mate and says.
"Can't wait for it."

Angeli Sanguis

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