A/N: I've been wanting to write a Brady Bunch story for a while now and when I heard about the sad passing of Davy Jones, I thought this would be a perfect episode to expand on. It's definitely one of my all-time favorites! It's been a long time since I've watched The Brady Bunch so hopefully I have the characters down, but at least I had a lot of fun writing this. And I am dedicating this to the memory of the talented Davy Jones. He'll be missed.

Marcia Brady could hardly keep her mind on her Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Walsh who stood at the front of the room, demonstrating how to properly cut a piece of fabric.

"All right girls, are you ready to try cutting for real?"

Marcia's classmates nodded eagerly.

"Now, with a steady hand, I want you to insert the fabric between the scissors and slowly begin cutting along the line that you've drawn with your pencil." Mrs. Walsh was saying.

The girls held the scissors in their hands, poised to start cutting the colorful fabric that lay before them.

With a smile on her face, Mrs. Walsh walked around the room, glancing at her students to make sure they were doing the task correctly.

Marcia held the scissors in her hand and stared at the faint pencil line.

"When is your prom?"

"Friday night?"

"Okay, Friday night it is!"

"You'll really come to the prom?"

"Well there is one little problem."


"I don't have a date! Do you know a girl who would like to go with me?"

"Do I?"

"Well... How about the flip side?"

"Marcia Brady!"

Marcia looked up, startled to find Mrs. Walsh glaring at her with her arms crossed.

"Um... Yes, Mrs. Walsh?"

Her teacher eyed the piece of fabric that Marcia held in her hand.

"That's not at all what I asked for! I specifically asked you to cut a simple straight line."

Marcia looked down at the pink fabric, dismayed to find that the scissors had veered far away from the faint pencil line she was supposed to be following.

"This isn't like you, Marcia! You're one of my brightest students!"

Ashamed, Marcia looked down at her shoes.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Walsh. I guess my mind was somewhere else. I promise I'll do better."

Mrs. Walsh smiled. "All right, then. Now look, I know you're anxious about the prom but please keep your mind on your work and off of Davy Jones!"

The class erupted into laughter but Marcia knew she wasn't the only one...

For the past four days she could think of no one BUT Davy Jones!

How could she, when he had not only agreed to sing at the Fillmore Junior High prom, but also agreed to be her date!

Ever since he agreed to perform, Marcia had become the most popular girl in school.

She could barely walk down the hall without a mob of girls stopping her with endless questions about Davy Jones, but she answered them the way she'd answer anyone;

Yes, he was even dreamier in person. His hair really is that dark and he smelled like talcum powder and spicy aftershave.

But there was one thing that she kept to herself; He'd practically invited her to her own prom!

And no matter how many times she pinched herself, she still couldn't believe it was true.