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"For all I know, Audrey could be recruiting my crush for yoga right now."

The orange mug nearly slipped from Cami Q's hand as she laughed. "Back up, Tara. What are the rules of this dare again?"

Tara didn't bother to look around the longue, despite how nervous she was to go into detail. Cami already knew she was shy schoolgirl by day and rockin' radio DJ by night, it wasn't like there was a bigger secret to tell.

Tara realized what she felt wasn't fear, it was guilt. She should have been talking about this with her real best friend, the one who came up with the dare. She responded regardless. "Audrey thinks we should listen to Radio Rebel and not let our differences divide us. She wants us to be ourselves with people we normally wouldn't be ourselves with. People we wouldn't normally even associate with."

"Like... Gavin?" Cami supplied, trying to persuade Tara to rethink a decision she'd already made. She was sure Audrey would understand if Tara wanted him for her partner. He was her crush after all.

"No." Tara said softly. (As if she was ever loud.) "I've... talked to Gavin."

Cami couldn't help but roll her eyes playfully. "Only because you have to; you're paired up on a project together."

"Yeah," Tara agreed. "so we don't have to be paired up on this dare together too, right?" She was looking at a strand of auburn hair she twirled around her finger lazily, rather than Cami. Her nervousness was slowly dissolving, though. She was more focused on making up with Audrey after ditching plans with her to do her first show at SLAM. (And not revealing her secret identity to her Best Friend For Totally Like Ever, Without Exception.) Tara saw this dare-a friend related thing-as her second chance.

With a sigh, Cami replied: "I guess not. Well, what are your other options?" She put her finally-empty mug down and stared directly across the table, giving her full attention. She was determined to get Tara to break out of her shell, and this dare was the perfect way to do so.

"Well, Barry said he's gonna go the extra mile to get Stacy to do this. Which doesn't surprise me. He goes the extra mile with everything, even class participation." Cami chuckled, and Tara went on. "I'm actually really excited to see if he can pull it off." She was also glad the queen bee wasn't a choice for her. Stacy already hated both sides of Tara. "Larry thinks he'd be best off with Kim. He says they can relate because they're both sidekicks. But... I don't agree with that. Barry and Larry are a team. Kim is... she's a lackey."

"Sad." Cami commented. Tara nodded slightly, while something crossed her mind. Cami watched her brown eyes go wide in realization.

"I must be crazy..." Tara mumbled. Cami caught that, too.

"Girl, quit telling me about it. Just... go with your gut." Tara still looked unsure of whatever she was thinking, which came as no shock. Cami shook her head, but not in pity. She knew this was overwhelming, but that didn't mean something good couldn't come out of it. "Look, I'm not gonna lie. This dare could... be a total disaster. But you'll never know... 'til you try."

A smile spread across Tara's face, and she got up from her chair. "Thanks." Cami didn't have time to answer, with how quickly Tara shuffled away. Still, she couldn't help smiling to nobody as the longue door closed.

"No problem."

Tara kept a mantra on repeat in her head as she ran full speed toward a certain someone's garage. I owe it to Audrey. It helped calm her nerves to have something else in her ears the whole way: the music of You First. This was something she had to do alone, but if she didn't have her mantra and her music, Tara knew she'd be absolutely lost. And this dare would be a lost cause.

"Hi." Her greeting was rushed and shaky, since she forced herself to do this.

Immediately, the guitar strumming stopped. Tara did her best to hold back a strange gasp-gulp hybrid.

With the garage door wide open, the so-called superstar had himself on display. And there was no 'Do Not Disturb' sign in sight.

"Hi." Gabe said, not even bothering to look up from the green chair he sat in. He phrased the echo as a question, to voice his confusion. This didn't surprise Tara. She hadn't exactly made a point to be noticed by anyone, let alone a newborn pop. She could bet he had no idea who she was. (Even if the band t-shirt she was wearing made her look like a groupie, it certainly wasn't for the GGGG's. There was really only one G she was interested in.)

Gabe was looking aloof as usual, and Tara realized she was unintentionally taking her sweet time explaining why she was standing in the middle of his garage after dark. She spoke up before his aloof-ness turned into annoyance, which she knew wasn't a long shot.

"Listen, Gabe... I know you don't know me and... this is probably gonna sound insane," (In the back of her mind, she wondered if it was even audible.) "but, I wanna... make you a deal." She figured she had to make it interesting if she was going to have any chance of going through with this dare.

Gabe wasn't catching her drift. "What kind of deal?" He had an eyebrow raised, and was barely looking at her. Which Tara figured was for the best. Having two eyes on her made her feel like the world was watching.

"I-If we... hang out... I'll find ways to get the band more exposure." Gabe couldn't say 'no' to that, but he didn't see what was in it for her. Not that he really cared, but he asked anyway.

"What are you getting out of this 'friendship'...?" He used the term very loosely, but the way he let the question hang there suggested he was looking for something.

Her name.

"Tara." She supplied, still feeling cornered. No word sounded smooth coming from her mouth.

"Tara." The way Gabe repeated her name made it sound disposable.

Tara tried to ignore that, and contemplated his question quickly. There was really nothing she wanted, other than to make Audrey happy again. She knew there was something she needed, but that made her debate whether or not Gabe was good at keeping his mouth shut. There were really only two things he talked about: the band, and himself. The latter, mostly.

"Well, I could really use a, um, secret-keeper."

Tara expected Gabe to question what that meant, the way she questioned why she even considered giving away a role that rightfully belonged to her BFFTLEWE. But he only spoke one word. Most likely, it was to get rid of her. Even though Gabe gave the answer Tara was looking for, it didn't exactly make her happy.


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