I know all of you have been waiting. :D At least Katia has. Alright, here it is. The new (and final) story.

Hi, I'm Kailegh (pronounced kay-lee). I'm a Rutain Twi'lek. I'm a tealish color but closer to green than blue. I'm 15 standard years of age almost 16. Me and my friends are Jedi. We have grown up together and are still very close. Jackson and Jayleen are the oldest at 18. Then it's (in age order): Me, Shani, Katia, Merrily, Kylii (Kylie), Jaina, Jacen and Anakin. Shani and Katia are my age. Merrily and Kylii just turned 14. Jaina and Jacen are twins, a few months younger than Kylii. Anakin is around 12. There are more but this is my gang. Anyway, we were hanging around the fence when Jackson came up with an interesting thought.

"Do you ever wonder what exactly happened in the Clone Wars?" Everyone turned to look at him except Jayleen.

"Oh, come on Jackson, Grandma Tachi refuses to talk about it and Grandma Canachi gets that sad, hurt look in her eyes when we ask. They're not telling and neither is Grandpa," Jayleen said.

"I know!" he said annoyed with his sister. "I didn't say that we should ask them about it, I wanted to know if you guys ever thought about it."

"Of course we do, who doesn't?" Shani asked. "Even mom wonders what happened."

"But all we'll ever get out of them is... 'it was a war between the Republic and the Separatists. Right before the Separatists were defeated the Sith had the Jedi killed'," Merrily said.

"And that's all we'll ever get out of them," stated Jayleen.

"I wanna know how they killed all those Jedi," Katia said. "There must have been a lot of Sith."

"There were only two Sith," I interjected. "That's the only information I managed to get out of Grandmom."

"Then how did they do it?" asked Jacen.

"It had something to do with Mr. Fett," Shani said.

"I love how you call Katia's Grandpop Mr. Fett." Kylii said.

"What am I supposed to call him? It wouldn't be proper to call him Grandpa Jamando."

"We're getting off track. I can't see what Katia's Grandfather has to do with this anyway," said Jackson.

"If you're so interested in the Clone Wars, why don't you look up all the information you can about it?" asked Jayleen.

"She's right! We go to the library on Fridays; we could use our time there to get all the information we can," exclaimed Kylii.

"Yeah! and then we could meet up and tell each other about it later," I suggested. We all turned to look at Jackson.

"Sounds great," he said. "But where to start."

"Why don't you look up old holo-clips from newscasts? They're sure to have something," Jayleen said.

"Why are you being so helpful? I thought you didn't want to know about the Clone Wars," said Jack.

"It's not that I didn't want to know about it. It's that I'm tired of bringing it up all the time and getting nowhere. Obviously our grandparents aren't going to tell us anything about it. We only know a little bit from the instruction manual Master Kenobi left for Uncle Luke."

"Sounds like a plot!" said Shani.

"Plan!" they all yelled back.

"Sorry, sounds like a plan."