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Chapter 15 Sweet Nothings

When Sasuke entered the cottage, carrying a few scraps of dried preserved meat, he found Sakura on the floor beside the still sleeping Eiji. She was doing her routinary checks on him, awkwardly at that as she was still wrapped in thick blankets, hindering her from moving easily.

Sasuke cleared his throat. "Why don't you uhhh, start with your morning absolutions, Sakura while I prepare our meal? At the back of this cottage you would find the lavatory. There are two poles on there where you can hang some blankets, to provide you some privacy."

She stood, clutching the blankets more tightly around her. "Uhhh- Sasuke?"


"I- don't have clothes anymore. I- You-" She looked at the torn material which used to be her robe. Her cheeks were pink from embarrassment. She figured it was easier to be bolder in the comfort of the dark. In the morning it was harder to face Sasuke while remembering the wild things they did last night.

Sasuke looked at her torn robe as well. "Uhhh…" His hand went to the back of his head, in an awkward manner, knowing it was him who totally destroyed her garment. "I'll look for uhm… fresh clothes. You don't mind wearing mine, do you?"

She shook her head vigorously. "A-anything's fine, thank you!"

Sasuke nodded his head, left the meat in an open pot by the fire and rushed outside to get some spare robe. He figured she should wear his pants as well. He remembered tearing her skirt apart last night in his haste to touch her. Damn, what a stupid move on his part. He acted like a totally unschooled virgin. Then he softly chuckled to himself. He had been indeed a virgin last night.

He came back and handed her a set of robe and trousers.

Sakura accepted the clothes with one hand, bowing slightly to him in thanks.

Sasuke told himself he should step aside to allow her some room to leave but he found that he couldn't move away, that she definitely looked lovelier in the morning, fresh out of slumber, her hair looking like a bird's nest. No wonder it was because she moved her head too much from side to side as he was pleasing her.

The erotic memories of how she writhed in passion made his blood rush to his loins until it felt painful. He needed to be inside her. Now.

He stepped closer to her until his chest was almost touching her face. He looked down at her. She was so small, so soft. So mine.

He planted his hands around her waist and licked his lower lip. It was as if there was magnet between them and it wouldn't let him move away from her.

"Sasuke…" Sakura gasped breathlessly. She dropped the clothes she held on the floor.

She gripped him by the front of his robe, looking up at his eyes. There was no mistaking the hungry look there. Like he wanted to eat her up. Her knees shook, feeling electricity shoot up all the way down to her secret womanly place.

"Sakura…" Sasuke leaned down and claimed her lips in a bruising kiss. She held onto his shoulders tightly, accepting the tongue he pushed into her mouth. She sucked on him greedily, as if this was the first time she would be tasting him. She would never ever get enough of him.

The kiss was brutal, carnal, as if the passion they had was never slaked during the numerous times they made love last night. They still wanted more. Sasuke gripped her tightly and pushed her towards the wall, careful to cushion the impact with his arms. Sakura held onto him, kissing him ardently.

He reached inside her blanket and lifted one leg, draped it across his hip. He struggled to open his pants with another hand.

"Sasuke, please…" Sakura begged.

"Hai," he replied roughly, plunging deep into her with one quick stroke.

At the contact of their flesh, Sakura whimpered into his ear, clutching him firmly, digging her nails on his back. Sasuke, determined, pounded into her as brutally as he could, with her even urging him on.

The noise she was making at the back of her throat was driving him insane.

"I love you… Sasuke…" Sakura moaned as she reached her peak, wrapping her leg even more tightly around him. She shook with the force of her climax as she buried her face on his chest.

Sasuke let out a hoarse groan as he emptied all of himself into her.

They were not able to move for a few minutes, just clutching each other, the scent of their passion lingering in the air.

Sakura hugged him and said in a muffled voice, "I loved our breakfast."

He chuckled, kissing the top of her head. "I will never stop wanting you."

"I didn't know you have this passionate nature in you. I thought… I thought you're the type of guy who just grunts during sex, leaves his partner unfulfilled and rolls away."

Sasuke laughed harder. "I have never had any other sexual partner. Aside from you."

"And that makes me so happy. I'll be the only one you will ever know."

His voice dropped to a solemn whisper. "You always have been. The only one."

"Oh Sasuke…" She reached up and kissed him tenderly.


Later, after they had cleaned up and dressed, they shared their breakfast in front of the fire, while Sakura watched the sleeping child.

Sasuke ate quietly, his thoughts centered on their destination as soon as Eiji was fit to travel. He knew Sakura was right. The Anbu might be looking for them.

"Sasuke? Is there something wrong? You've been a little pensive," she asked.

He shook his head, reached out and covered her hand with his bigger one. "I'm just thinking of the route we will follow once we can get out of here."

"Are the Southern colonies that far?" she asked.

Sasuke frowned, confused.

"I thought you said you'd try living in the Southern colonies. I assumed that's where you're taking Eiji and me. Right?"

A wolfish grin appeared on his face. "Of course."

"So how long is the travel time?"

He shrugged. "Roughly two weeks. With only two horses and the amount of load they carry, it'll take that long. Are you prepared to sleep on the road?"

Sakura rolled her eyes heavenward. "You insult me, Sasuke. You forget that when I was still a shinobi doing missions I was used to any living condition."

He squeezed her hand lovingly. She smiled cheekily at him.

Then he asked, "How about you? When will you say goodbye to your family in Konoha?"

She squared her shoulders, gazing at his beautiful eyes. Aah. Konoha. The land of her birth. All her life, it was the only place she considered a home.

"I will need to get back as soon as possible, so that I can say goodbye to the Hokage. My friends. And to my family as well." Her voice was firm, no underlying regret or apprehension.

"Are you really sure about this, Sakura?"

"Hai. I respect your decision to not live in the Leaf, I truly do. I understand why you cannot. I can always go back to visit. It's not a big deal. I have a family to take care of now."

"Do you think Tsunade will let you go without any fuss?"

"She has to. She has no choice."

Sasuke laughed quietly. "I have never known you to be so definite about anything. You used to mope and cry in the past when you couldn't get your way," he teased. "You were such a weakling."

Sakura swatted his arm playfully with her free hand. "I'll show you who's a weakling when I make our home for us. Your dwelling is such a lousy place. Don't worry. I'll take care of everything."

"So now you think you will always have your way between us?"

She smirked. "I do know I will always have my way, Sasuke. That's what wives do; make sure their husbands don't get into trouble, and their sons grow up to be brave men. I have prepared for that."

"You, Sakura, have turned out to be the most egotistical woman I have ever met," Sasuke announced, grabbing her to him. "Do you mean to tell me you will not submit to me when we get married?"

"Of course not!" she barked haughtily. "I'm a Jounin and you - what are you again? You've never passed beyond the Chuunin level have you?"

"Really now?"

The two lovers spent their time wrestling on the floor and laughing at their games. They made love, ate some more and made love again, all the while waiting for Eiji to wake up.

Life was good.

That night as they lay side by side in front of the roaring fire, Sakura told Sasuke she would be leaving in the morning to go back to Konoha and also to get some of her stuff. "I can probably get one more horse so as to ease of the burden of the ones we have right now."

Sasuke held her close to him, rubbing the soft skin on her shoulder. "You're right. The Anbu shouldn't find us. It'll be harder to escape them since we have Eiji to think of."

"I know. I'll be as quick as I can, Sasuke. I'll come back right away. And I'll make sure no one can spy on me," she vowed.

"It's alright. I know you can," he said to reassure her.

"We'll be a family now, Sasuke. We'll build a home and make our new beginning." She sounded so happy, so optimistic that he had to smile against her hair. Sakura indeed was the only light missing in his dark world.

"Go to sleep, princess. You have to set out early tomorrow."

"Uhh huh… Goodnight, lover."

They continued to hold each other tight until sleep overtook both of them.

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